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tired & sore, but okay {edit}
Friday. 5.16.08 4:42 pm
Yesterday started out crappy, but I was in a good mood because I knew that I'd be seeing Jake.

The truck was supposed to be less than half full, but instead it was completely full. And it was only Tammy, Cindy and I there to start unloading it. Bullshit. Oddly enough though, it only got worse when the rest of the help arrived. The guys just got in the way.

Once the truck was done, I was out on the floor working on ... I don't even remember. Just ... anything and everything. I ended up staying for a full 8 hour shift, though. Add that to today's extra 6.5 hours, my next paycheck will actually be decent.

I was incredibly happy to see Jake when he got to work to pick me up. It made it so much better too, because he's mostly recovered. He still tires somewhat easily, but you can definitely tell he's better.

I quite enjoyed the day with him. One of the things I had to do for him, though, was sit at home while he went to work so that someone would be home when the cable tech got there. Their internet is still not working though. It's lame.

We're supposed to be going out tonight after he gets off work. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not as excited as I was yesterday because I'm pretty damn tired. But believe me, I'm excited.

I don't have to be at work until 7am Sunday, which is nice. I was expecting to have to go in at 3am. I'll be able to sleep in a few extra hours.

I went shopping today. I needed to buy new pants and shirts. I got two pairs of capris and three shirts. It's kinda funny because none of the shirts I bought are black. A strange occurance for me. I did spend more than I was wanting to though. But, I needed the stuff I bought. I wanted a few other things, but it wasn't a necessity so I'll be waiting. Hopefully by the time I have the money, the things will still be there.

Okie doke, I'm done for today.

{EDIT} We're not going out tonight. Sadly, I had a feeling this was going to happen, though I couldn't tell you the reason. I just had a feeling things weren't going to go as planned. It felt that way all day. I guess it's a good thing I never got dressed.

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Wednesday. 5.14.08 5:28 pm
I'm debating whether to still start The Host today or not. I have to work tomorrow, when originally I wasn't scheduled. I'm happy about it though. It means more money on my already pathetic paycheck. I'm okay with waiting on the book.

I also won't be home tomorrow once I'm done with work. Jake is going to be picking me up straight from work, I'll be coming home long enough to change my clothes and take my hair down, pick up a few DVDs and head back out.

I haven't seen him since Saturday night and I miss him. I enjoy whenever I'm with him, but the last few times I saw him, we really didn't spend a whole lot of time together {a few hours last Sat.; a couple hours last Fri.; a few hours Tues. before last.} I want to spend the whole day with him. Tomorrow is that day.

I'll be dead tired by the end of the night, though, seeing as how I have to be at work at 4am and I won't be napping when I get home. But that's okay. It'll be worth it. I can come home and just crash tomorrow night.

It was nice out this morning {4:45am} on my way to work. Dark and cool. Just the way I like it. Then the sun came out and just ruined it.

I've been watching TV a little bit more, but not much. It doesn't seem to hold the same interest as it did a month ago. Whenever I got home from work, I'd immediately reach for the TV remote. Even if there was nothing on, I'd find something I'd watched a bunch of times and keep it on as background noise. Now? I turn my stereo back on when I get home and either listen to the radio or put my CDs on. I guess it's good that I'm not watching a ton of TV, but it's weird how I just suddenly lost interest in watching it.

I have to buy a new pair of jeans. There's a hole in one of the legs on the inner thigh area that I just can't fix. It's not along a seam so I can't even attempt at sewing it up. I needed to buy more pants anyway, but I wasn't expecting to have to buy them this soon. Oh well.

Blah. Okay, I'm done writing for today. I'm not sure if I'll be writing tomorrow; if I do, though, it won't be until late.

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money spent, time to stress/relax
Tuesday. 5.13.08 5:54 pm
I'm aware my title contradicts itself so let me explain. I've spent money I really didn't have to spend so I'm stressing about not having money. But I'm relaxing on my new mattress {which is comfy, btw} with my mini fan pointed at the bed so I can cool off.

The truck was normal. It sucked. A lot of it was big, bulky items. Which, I guess, is better than a ton of small boxes, but with the larger boxes you run out of space a lot faster. We have a fairly large ad coming up this weekend. It means I have to work on Sunday. Blah.

I miss my boyfriend. I mean sure, I saw him on Saturday, but still. I'm very glad he's got his phone charger. Now I don't have to go completely out of my mind. We've made plans for Thursday. They're not set in stone because I don't know yet if I'm working, but I will be seeing him. I'm looking very forward to it.

Uhm wow, I've got nothing coming to mind right now. I guess I really didn't have anything specific to talk about to begin with.

Oh, I got a bunch of Twix PB. I still don't want chocolate, but I've been wanting Twix PB for quite some time now. When I saw that we got them in stock I knew that I had to buy some. So I did and now I have them.

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there's nothing like thinking to pass the time
Monday. 5.12.08 6:18 pm
That's basically what I did all day. I thought. About anything and everything. The good, the bad, the annoying, the fun.

I'm still debating whether to buy a new futon mattress or to just continue waking up sore as hell from sleeping on bars. At the present moment I'm leaning towards the new mattress. The thing stopping me? A complete lack of money. I mean, yeah, I do have the money, but then I won't have it for other things. Such as food, bills and the clothes I'm in desperate need of.

I'm going out of my mind thinking about everything. Part of what helps me keep my sanity is talking to my boyfriend. Something I can't do at the present moment because I have no way of contacting him. It's driving me crazy.

I don't feel like myself lately. You know how I'm a chocoholic? Well, I've gone I don't know how many days without and I'm not having any cravings. Every time I walk past chocolate I actually don't feel well. It sort of makes me a little sick to my stomach.

I'm not upset, exactly, but I'm not ... I'm just not feeling like myself.

It's hard to explain.

I did have a weird dream last night. I wasn't quite asleep yet, or at least I didn't feel that way, but I was definitely dreaming. I was in the car with Jake. I don't know where we were driving to, but it was night out. We were laughing and joking about the events of the day when all of a sudden it was dark. Like, there were no street lights or car lights or any light of any kind. Even the lights in his car were off. All I could see was the sillouette outline of Jake in the drivers seat. Next thing I know, he's laughing and I can't move. I try moving my arms and nothing. I'm being pinned down.

I get jolted out of the dream and I still feel like I can't move. Like I was still being held down. It scared me a little bit, but after I slowed my heart back to a normal beat I was able to turn over and fall asleep again.

Alright, I think that's it for today. I've got nothing else.

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what the ...?
Sunday. 5.11.08 7:31 pm
My IE just randomly closed. Right in the middle of me writing up an entry. I guess it's a good thing I didn't have a whole lot done yet. That would have sucked and it would have made me pissed.

Anywho, today was quite boring. I didn't really do a whole lot at work; I just wasn't feeling it.

I have to go to UPS tomorrow to get my package. Mom's Mother's Day gift is in it as well. I got her the next book in the series she's been reading {if I've already said that, then oh well. I'm sayin' it again.} I just hope they'll give it to me with just the tracking number because I don't feel like waiting for the notification card thing to come in the mail.

I'm thinking about not starting The Host until Wednesday. I have to work Tuesday and Wednesday, early morning, so I don't want to get involved with the book and end up not sleeping for work. I'm off Thursday - Saturday. That'll give me plenty of time to start and complete the book.

Uhm, I suddenly lost my train of thought. I guess I'll write again whenever.

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*le sigh* {with an emphasis on sigh}
Saturday. 5.10.08 10:33 pm
Jake was able to come home from the hospital today. He's still not completely better, but he can at least swallow without being in immense pain. He has to take antibiotics and pain meds for the next 10 days, though.

With the crazy work week starting up again I don't know when I'll be able to see him since I won't be able to get the car, nor can he drive on his medication. His phone is still not charged and he can't find his charger so I don't know when I'll be talking to him either. You may be saying "but what about the internet?" Yeah, that doesn't work either. Lame.

I still have a headache. I'm pretty tired too since I couldn't seem to stay asleep last night. I was tossing and turning and awake every couple hours. I have no idea why I haven't been able to sleep lately. It's probably stress-related, but whatever it is it's annoying. Whatever.

Maybe tomorrow after I get home from work I can pass out and not have to worry about leaving the house until Monday when I turn into a chauffeur again. Joy.

Meh. I need to go to bed.

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