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Wednesday. 10.23.13 9:29 pm
Wednesday, February and beautiful. Those are the three most common words that I can't type or write down without sounding them out. I have no idea why. It's kind of annoying.

The fog is back tonight, but it's patchy. The sun came out a bit earlier in the day and it was nice having it warm up a couple degrees. It was almost warm enough to take off the jacket. I'm sure if it had broken 55, a jacket would not have been necessary.

Tomorrow is finally my Friday. I already can't wait. I also am wishing that I hadn't agreed to go to the union office tomorrow, but I said I would this time and I even got my schedule arranged so that I could attend. Doesn't make me want to go any more. Oh well. It's for a good reason and hopefully something will actually be done about it.

My only plan for my one day off this week is to catch up on Hulu shows. I won't have any money to spend on anything so I'm going to take advantage and stay in my pajamas all day. I'll cook up some of the couscous that I have and chow down on that throughout the day. I will not be leaving my place at all, other than to access the kitchen of course, but since it's right outside my door I really don't count that as leaving.

Alright, perhaps YouTube will be more cooperative tonight. I didn't get any videos watched last night because they weren't buffering. If anything it just means I'll get to bed at a reasonable time again. As long as I'm in bed by 11.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Slight clearing
Tuesday. 10.22.13 9:42 pm
The sun finally made an appearance for about 6 hours. It didn't take long at all for the fog to come back and it was rather thick in the North Seattle area. It's kind of surreal, knowing that you're technically driving/walking through clouds. If I have to choose, I'd rather go with rain, but if I have to have fog, I'd rather have regular fog than freezing fog. That shit can kill you if you're not careful on the roads.

Anywho, that turned in to a slight ramble. My brain needs some rest. Or something. I've been out of it most of the day, but I guess that comes with the territory of working two jobs. Only 6 more weeks. Hopefully that time flies by and my vacation will be here in no time. I'm sure the vacation will fly by way faster than it should, but at least I'll have two weeks rather than only one. That should at least help make it feel slightly longer.

Yeah, I'm gonna go watch mindless YouTube videos. There's been way too many typos for me to backspace and correct to continue on typing.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Monday. 10.21.13 9:18 pm
The last few days, or weeks, {I don't know anymore at this point} the fog has been so thick that it hasn't burned off at all. It's lifted, some, but never cleared. I think today was the first day since it all started that it lifted enough where I could see the top of the Columbia Tower. However, it was short lived because the next round of fog moved in just as the sun was supposed to be setting so now it's probably going to be super thick tomorrow morning.

Going back to work today, despite the fact that I felt like I got a decent night's sleep, just completely drained my energy. I was dragging just like any other day of the week. It didn't feel like I had just come back from a 3-day weekend. Or maybe it did and it's just been that long since I've had any time off I didn't know what to expect when I went back to work. If that's the case, I'm going to be fucked the first day back after my vacation lol.

I'm hoping to be in bed before 10, but I'm more aiming for 10:30 since it's already almost 9:30. Hopefully I sleep well enough tonight.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Much needed
Sunday. 10.20.13 7:59 pm
This weekend was exactly what I needed. Friday I spent running errands. Yesterday I got my laundry done, hung out for a while and went to the party. I had a great time at the party last night. We went to breakfast this morning. I came home and napped for a while before going out to dinner with a friend. It was a weekend of rest, low stress, good times and good food with good people.

This weekend is also the last weekend that I'll have like that until my vacation. I'll be attempting to get some overtime over the next month and a half so that I can save up just that little extra. I'm not sure how much I'll actually get considering I'm at the other job 5 days a week, but I'm sure something will be available that I'll be able to take.

I kind of feel like I'm sucking at being able to keep up with these daily entries, but out of the entire year I think I've only missed maybe 5 days so I guess I'm not doing too bad. I know I said I would try to remember to write something up before I went out last night, because I knew I wouldn't be home, but I clearly forgot. Oh well. I still think I'm going pretty strong on sticking with the challenge.

Alright, I need to get some sleep before I go back in full force. I'll probably be asleep in the next hour or so. Hopefully I'm relaxed enough that I can sleep through the night.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Friday. 10.18.13 8:43 Pm
I got some much needed sleep last night. I laid down sometime shortly after 10 and I was asleep before 10:30. I slept straight until just before 7:30 then laid in bed until I eventually fell asleep again. I woke up again around 11 and finally decided that I needed to get up for the day. I finally worked up the motivation to get dressed and head out around 1:30ish and was home around 5 or so.

I stopped at the coffee shop, spent more than I planned on there. I also made a trip up to Sam's so that I could buy a few things for tomorrow night's party. I also spent more there than I planned, but that's okay. Some of the things I got I kind of needed; ie: pillows.

I'll be transferring some money out of my vacation stash so that I can buy new pants for work tomorrow, since the ones I have are pretty much spent. The hole I patched held up for a couple months, but now the fabric is rubbing too thin and there's not much I can do when it's not on a seam. Hopefully they still have the same pants. Or, what would be nice is if they have the same pants from before that I could go back to. Those were a little cheaper and lasted just as long. Either way, I'm hoping for something a little less than $40.

Tomorrow morning, whenever I wake up, I'll get my laundry done. I'll probably spend most of the day catching up on Hulu shows before heading to my friend's place. Last time was fun, but awkward so hopefully this time will just be fun. I'm really wishing that my manager would be more open to coming along, but then it might have just been awkward. I'm also hoping the reason why it didn't work out makes itself known, but you know how these things work out. You never seem to know the reason why something does or doesn't happen until much later on down the road and more than half the time, you don't even figure out the reason. Or you make one up just to make yourself feel better. Either way, I'm hoping for this to be one of those times where it makes itself known.

Anywho, I think I may watch a show or two before heading to bed. I kind of want to stay up later tonight since I know I don't have to be up in the morning. We'll see what happens.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Gone crazy, be back later
Thursday. 10.17.13 9:22 pm
I'm not done writing these daily entries, but I'm giving myself a 3 day weekend so the entries might be coming rather early in the morning so that I don't miss them later in the day.

I'm driving myself crazy over this crush I have. I wish I could just turn off a switch and it would all stop. Or he could just work all mornings so that I wouldn't have to see him, ever. However, that would be too easy. I want to just go for it an ask him out on a date, but I know how he would react to it right now. It's just too soon. I need to wait for the right timing.

Tomorrow is payday so I have errands to run. Sleeping in is the first thing on that list. Saturday I have laundry to do and I'll be hanging out with my friends later in the evening. Sleeping in is still first thing on the list. Sunday I'll be sleeping in and taking it easy then going to dinner with the friend I lost the challenge to. You notice the recurring theme? Yeah, it's a recovery weekend. After this it's back to work, work work so that I can save up on the final few weeks before my trip.

Until tomorrow. . .

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