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Alcohol is great
Thursday. 3.15.07 11:14 pm
So work tonight was pretty busy. Nothing we couldn't handle though. I got to work with Erin again and it was decent.

I had something new tonight. I had a mamosa. Actually I had three 25 ounce mugs of mamosa. I wasn't supposed to cuz I was drinking underage out in public... at work none-the-less.

They're yummy! But I have a small promblem when I drink. I have trouble stopping. That's why I had three. I was only supposed to have one. But when I was done with the first one, I poured myself another and then I had a third. Then when I got home, I had a 12 oz Smirnoff Twisted. But that's it {cuz I don't have any more alcohol} I should have no problem sleeping tonight.

I'm pretty buzzed right now. Its awesome. I haven't had alcohol in me since Thanksgiving so this is nice.

Alright, I don't have anything else to say. I'm in a pretty good mood right now, but its mainly cuz of the alcohol. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be that happy if it weren't for the alcohol.

Alcohol is a great thing.

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Wednesday. 3.14.07 7:32 pm
Heh, I actually have nothing to write. My mood was off and on today, but it never became too sour or too happy. I guess it was just the usual for me.

After work, I stopped at the dry cleaners {its on my way home} to chill out with Allie and Brittany for a bit. Then Davan showed up and I was like 'I'm out!' Davan wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't a drug addict. But whatev. That's his choice. And I choose not to be a part of it.

For some reason I'm in a decent mood right now. Maybe its cuz I can sleep in tomorrow. I work tomorrow evening with Erin. It should be a pretty decent night.

Haha! I'm all kinds of 'stay the hell away from me' right now. I'm wearing a shirt that says 'Practice Safe Sex. Go Fuck Yourself,' and I've got Pink Panther pajama pants on that say 'Paws Off' all over them. I just thought that was pretty funny.

Alright, I'm out of stuff to say. So I'll write again whenever.

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Damnit! I missed it!
Tuesday. 3.13.07 11:32 am
Last night {er, rather very early this morning} at 2:30am, the StarDust Hotel/Casino was imploded. That hotel was one of the original Hotel/Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. It had been there for 48 years.

And I missed the implosion! Damnit!!! I found a YouTube video of it and the countdown looks pretty damn cool. Now I have to watch the news to see if they show any kind of live video from it. I wanted so badly to be there and witness it live. Grr.

Here's the video:

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Monday. 3.12.07 9:06 pm
So I wasn't going to post anything, but I changed my mind.

I have been exhausted all day. I think I'm still worn out from this past weekend. But I had a fairly good weekend. It ended kind of sourly, but the whole rest of it was pretty good.

Last night when I got off the comp I turned my stereo on and layed down to sleep. A 3 minute song came on and I don't remember it ending. I passed the eff out. Even though I slept through the whole night, and I didn't dream, I felt like I hadn't slept at all. I woke up this morning still tired. I worked all day, tired. Not even the sleepy kind of tired, but the exhausted kind of tired.

Since I'm off work, I'm not going anywhere tomorrow. I might {and that's a big maybe} check the mail, but other than that, I'm staying inside all day. I'm not even going to get dressed. I'm stayin in PJs all day. The only way I'm going to get dressed and go out is if Stuart were to call and ask if I wanted to go out. But since I doubt very much its going to happen {entirely possible, but not probable} I'm stayin in tomorrow to catch up on rest.

Even though I have my doubts, I still can't help but smile whenever I think about him. If someone were to ask me about him or our date the other night, a big, huge ass grin appears on my face. I really like this guy. I feel about him in a way that I haven't felt about anyone in a good long while. And honestly it feels good. I just wish that life were a little easier than it actually is in situations like this. But since life doesn't work that way all the time, I just have to deal with what I've been dealt.

Anywho, I guess my last entry was so exciting that no one even knew what to comment. Haha, sorry. I was extremely tired and I wasn't thinking clearly. I was upset about something; I don't even remember what I was upset about. But its mostly gone now. I'm just very tired-exhausted now. And I'm also out of stuff to say so this'll be it.

BTW, y'all should go check out Ikimashokie's latest blog about the Nutang TOS. Its a good one.

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I don't feel up to it
Monday. 3.12.07 12:01 am
I don't really feel up to blogging tonight, but I'll write a bit just for the hell of it.

It was fairly busy and we started to get behind at one point, but no one complained about anything, so that was good.

Stuart tried to call out, just like he said he was going to do, but Gary managed to convince him to come in. He was there for 3 hours. As much as I wanted him to stay, I knew that he had his other job in the morning and he needed to go home and sleep {after staying up as late as we did last night}

I won't see him again until ... whenever, I guess. He said something about needing Friday off and I'm probably not going to be working Saturday and who knows if he'll still be employed there by Sunday. I'm not gonna think about it. I have his number so I can text or call him whenever I want. I can only hope for the good things right?

I'm so tired right now. I'm not thinking clearly enough to write much either. I have so many things racing through my mind right now, its giving me a headache.

I need to sleep.

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Last night
Sunday. 3.11.07 10:32 pm
So ... I ended up going back up to work. Gary and Erin left without leaving their keys to Tori so I had to bring mine up to her so that she could close. I got to see Stuart.

I ended up staying for a bit and helped out with drinks and such. Then Tori let him go early to 'help me out'. I asked him what he was doing and we ended up going to the movies last night instead of waiting till Monday.

The movie 300 was awesome! And I got to see it with Stuart. Just like everyone was saying, the visuals were sweet. It was nice and bloody. I loved every minute of it.

Afterwards, Stuart brought me home {considering he was my ride} and we hung out at the bottom of the stairs for about half an hour. Suddenly a cool breeze picked up and we both got cold so I invited him upstairs to my warm apartment. That was about 1:30am.

We sat and talked for a while. Pink Panther was still on the TV. When Pink Panther had ended I turned on Dave Attell's Insomniac Tour, we cuddled the whole time that was on and he left at 4:00am when it ended. I didn't want him to leave, but I didn't want to push my luck so I let him go without a fuss. At the door I kissed him. Then he kissed me back a second time. We didn't make out or anything, but I would absolutely love to next time.

I had a good night. I wonder when it'll happen again. I hope its soon.

I have to work tonight, and Stuart is supposed to. He kept saying that he wasn't going to work today; I hope that's not true. I wasn't sure if he was talking about altogether {cuz he has two jobs} or if he was just referring to one of the two jobs. i guess I'll find out later.

Alright, before my good mood is gone I'm gonna end this entry here. I'll probably write more after I get off work tonight.

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