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Saturday. 3.15.08 8:23 pm
Worked today. It was kinda busy, but I was able to get a good amount of work done, considering I wasn't working in my usual department.

I work tomorrow. Ad starts tomorrow. Fun times.

The slot tournament continues tomorrow. It's the second to last day. The last day is on Easter Sunday. I'm hoping to win at least something on one of those two days.

I'm watching Human Body: Pushing the Limits. This episode is on strength. There are four different episodes that have aired so far; each one of them fascinates me.

That's all I have for today. Maybe I'll have something more interesting to write about tomorrow. Or Monday. Or perhaps both days.

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the good, the bad
Friday. 3.14.08 7:28 pm
The good:
~ The car is driveable again. It still needs a tune-up.
~ My mom got the job; she starts on Tuesday.
~ I got to sleep in today and I did just that.
~ I've got more hours this week.

The bad:
~ I'm broke. Like, I'm worried about my bills broke. Like, I can't afford food broke.
~ Steve is still unemployed. The job offer he got has not called him back yet.
~ I'm getting more and more sick of living with my family, due to recent events and attitudes that came with those certain events.
~ My sister got RPC'd. Which is like a suspension, only my mom has to go up to the school after my sister's mandatory three days home in order to get her back in school.
~ My mom is complaining about not having money for food, yet she can still afford to by cigarettes? Something doesn't make sense.
~ There's more, but I can't think of it right now. My list was a lot longer earlier today.

In other news ... well, there really isn't any other news. I was going to write about someone that I've been talking to recently, but I decided I don't want to tonight. I promise I will write about it ... at some point ... sooner or later.

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two can play that game
Friday. 3.14.08 12:24 am
My mom just came and knocked on my door bitching at me that she didn't care whose clothes were in the dryer, she shut it off. I asked her why and she got even more pissed telling me it was too loud.

WTF?! My sister can do laundry in the middle of the night, but I can't?! I'm sorry that I wear clothes with more buttons on them than my sister's. I'm sorry that I wanted to do my laundry tonight so that in the morning I wouldn't have to wait until my clothes were clean to go out.

Now my clothes are going to sit in the dryer, soaking wet because my mom happened to have gotten woken up.

Alright, two can play that game. If I need to get up for work at 2am {or any other early hour as such} and they have the living room light on, I'm going to get up and shut it off, being just as much of a bitch about how it's "keeping me awake." If I can hear the TV over my radio, I'm either going to turn my radio up or go out and turn the living room TV down.

I fucking hate living with my family.

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gah! it's hot
Thursday. 3.13.08 7:41 pm
The high today was 81. I was able to walk outside at 2am in a short sleeve shirt and capris and be comfortable. It was a little on the cool side, but if I put on my hoodie, it would have been too hot.

Right now, it's really hot in my room. I have both my windows open and it's still hot.

Two days from now, however, it'll be back down in the 50s for the high. Two days after that, it'll be back up to the 80s. Damn desert weather.

Yesterday's entry was the first in a while that didn't get any comments. Oh well.

I'm off work tomorrow. The car is fixed ... well, it's driveable again. It still needs a tune-up.

Uhm, that's it for today. I really don't have anything interesting to blog about.

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I can't see the light
Wednesday. 3.12.08 8:41 pm
You know how when things start to look up and you can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel, so to say? Well, not in my case.

Just as I start to see a hint, a glimmer, something else happens. This time, it's the car. The only vehicle we have to use right now because the other car doesn't have insurance.


I don't know what to do anymore. I just don't know.

Very few things have gone right since I moved back to Vegas. I'm just ready to leave. I'm not running away; I would have been making this upcoming move regardless if I had moved back here or stayed in Tucson. I really need to get out of Vegas. I don't like living here and apparently the feeling is mutual, with my run of issues I've had since July.

*le sigh*

My sister had a concert tonight. She had a solo I didn't know about. It was really good. With the exception of one solo, the whole first part of the concert was not very good. The second half was much better.

I have to be at work at 2am again. I have no idea how I'm going to get there. If nothing else, I can call and have my manager pick me up.

Ugh, I was in a decent mood. Not anymore.

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napping the day away
Tuesday. 3.11.08 6:39 pm
Last night was one of those nights were I got 4 hours of sleep, but when my alarm went off, it felt like I had just layed down. I was still very tired. I managed to get through work alright, but when I got home I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

I was planning on only sleeping for a couple hours and ended up sleeping for 4 hours. I guess I was more tired than I originally thought.

We had two trucks today. The second one was very easy to unload, but it's going to be a pain in the ass to get it out on the floor tomorrow. Which is also why I'm going in early. My original time to go in was 4am, now it's 2am. I was also scheduled off on Thursday, but we're getting another truck in, so I'm needed to work. It'll be a full 8 hour shift, which means I'll be working almost 40 hours this week. I'm hapy about that.

Although I'm happy about the extra hours, it's annoying that we're getting a good chunk of the Rite Aid stuff. The stores, in at least Nevada, have closed down so they're seperating the merchandise up between us, Wal-Greens and probably Wal-Mart and other such stores. We hardly have enough room for our own stuff let alone any other store's stuff.

Anywho, I sent out the self-addressed/stamped envelope yesterday. I'm seriously hoping I have it by Friday. I want to be able to do my taxes this weekend. I probably won't be using my return for anything before the move, but I still want the money in my account. The more I have in my savings account, the more interest I earn. The other check we're all supposed to be getting, the refund check from the government, will also be going into my savings account. Although, that one I might use some of the money before the move.

Alright, I think that's it for today. I'll probably write tomorrow at some point.

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