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Wednesday. 10.29.08 1:13 pm
Lack of motivation much?

The last two nights I've felt very drained. I would wake up and feel like I had absolutely no energy. Last night was a little better, energy-wise, but not by much. {Tuesday-night-into-Wednesday is our free food night; last night it was pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, baked beans, corn on the cob and a strawberry cheesecake-like dessert. this time the food was actually pretty good; that's basically what made the night better.}

However, because I've had no energy, I've been feeling more tired than usual. I mean, sure, I'm always tired, but sleepy? Not really. Especially not like today and yesterday.

I guess it's a good thing I got some sleep this morning though. I'm having my boyfriend actually get me up for dinner tonight. I've missed the last two weeks' dinner with him and his mom, I'd rather not make it a third.

Anywho, in other news, I might now have plans for Halloween. I might be going to this costume ball {I have no costume yet and I'm clueless as to what I should be} in this haunted town a little ways outside the city. They've transformed the whole town into a haunted ghost town, yet they claim it was already haunted before the transformation. I know none of you live in Vegas, but here's the link - Bonnie Screams Ghost Town - if any of you are interested in looking at what they have. Because we only found out about it today, we've missed quite a bit of the extra attractions because they were earlier in the month. It's fine, though.

I wanted to go drinking Friday night and this would definitely give me the opportunity.

Alright, I'm gonna get some more sleep. I've only got a few hours before his mom gets home.

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a place called nowhere
Thursday. 10.23.08 11:31 am
Wouldn't that be great if there were actually a place called Nowhere? It would give people who want to get away to nowhere an actual destination to reach.

Such as me right now. I want to take a long weekend and just get away. I really have nowhere in particular I'd like to go. Maybe a specific geographical location, but not a specifically named place.

Or maybe just take a flight to nowhere. Just plane hop until I eventually end up back in Vegas. I'd take the cheapest flights I could find, one way, until eventually I find one back to my original location.

The biggest problem with both of those scenarios is money, or a complete lack of. Driving to nowhere would require gas in my tank and agua to keep hydrated. Flying to nowhere would require me to be able to afford the airline tickets, regardless that I'm finding the cheapest ones available. I have money for neither.

Technically I don't even have the money to eat the food that I am or buying the one game card a month that I have been. I can't afford my bills. I need to make a lot of money fast. How to do that other than stripping or being lucky at gambling? I haven't a clue.

Anywho, I'm getting off subject. Back to Nowhere. At least I wish I were on a trip with no titled destination. At the current moment, I'm wanting to either end up on an undisclosed beach location where I won't be disturbed by any passers-by. Or on the top of a snow-blanketed mountain where, when I look down, all I see is clouds.

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chilly much?
Monday. 10.13.08 12:04 pm
It's finally cooler outside. It would be even nicer if it wasn't windy.

A few days ago {around Friday-ish} a cold front moved through and temperatures plummetted about 30 degrees overnight and never really rose again. That and the wind was hovering steadily at 25-35mph. Yesterday's high was 55. Last night's low was 39.

Did I remember to grab my hoodie? Nope. I went through a few shivering spells during my 9 1/2 shift. I actually turned on the heat in my car on my way to work and in the short drive during my half hour lunch. Coming home I kept it off because the sun was out and it kept the inside of my car warm enough.

Am I going to wear long sleeves tonight? Yes. It's not cold enough yet to break out the 'winter' clothes, but it's enough to need long sleeves at night. I'm a little weird though; I like the cold. I'll complain about my hands being numb, but I'd rather be that way than having beads of sweat drip down my face and neck.

Unfortunately it's not going to last very long. It'll be back up in the upper 80s by Thursday.

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quick update
Friday. 10.10.08 2:43 pm
Let's just say that my 22nd birthday will not be going on the list of birthdays to remember forever. Sunday was not a good day.

However, yesterday Jacob took me out to celebrate it because we actually had money. I had a very good day yesterday. It was a lot of fun.

First he took me out for sushi. It was delicious, as always. Then we headed down the Strip. Instead of going on rollar coasters, like he had planned, we went to the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium and the Bodies Exhibition.

I really enjoyed the Bodies Exhibition. I want to go again when we have more time. Not sure when that'll be ... perhaps if we just went earlier in the day. *shrugs*

It was fascinating. I learned some things I didn't know before; certain stats about the human body. Seeing intricate details about what is actually beneath the skin was cool. I'd recommend it to anyone ... unless you have an incredibly weak stomach.

There's only one part of the Exhibition where they give you a warning: if you'd like to skip the following area enter through this door. They have a fetal development section and it tends to make people uncomfortable seeing the fetuses in that state. Mostly because they were all real at some point.

Everything in that place was, at one point, either a real, living, breathing person or came from a real, living, breathing person. The people/parts were all donated. They donated themselves to science in order to give average people an insight and to help doctors and such better their own research and development.

Incredibly fascinating and interesting, but not for everyone. Still, it gets my full recommendation.

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Tuesday. 9.30.08 9:42 pm
Plain and simple. But it doesn't even come close to clarifying how I feel. It's just the easiest way to sum it all up.

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off & on plus the inbetween
Friday. 9.26.08 8:34 pm
Working security is okay. Working a grave shift? Not so much. Lemme just give some quick advice: If you are ever given a choice to work grave shift or something else, choose the something else. Unless you have no choice, I'd not reccomend working an overnight shift. Sure, it's all fine and dandy if you do absolutely nothing at night and have no plans for half/most of the next day and, oh yeah, you are okay with only sleeping a few hours at a time during daylight hours. Then, yes, by all means work the grave shift. Otherwise, don't. It's not really worth it. I needed the money and although it's still not enough, {mostly because I'm catching up on bills and whatnot} it is a paycheck and that's what I need. If the opportunity came up where I could switch over to days, I would.

Anywho, due to Jake and mine's conflicting work hours, we don't get out much. Sure we hang out at home for a few hours between when I get home and when he leaves for work, but if either of us is tired, we sleep that time away. I get home right around 7:30am and that's usually still too early for Jake to get up. I'll stay up for a little bit, but eventually I start to fall asleep and it's usually right around the time he's getting up.

We were going to go out for dinner and see a movie yesterday, but due to me not getting much sleep over the last week, I was too tired to stay up, even when I tried to force myself to stay awake. Plus I had to work last night. We ended up not going anywhere. Then we talked about going this morning before he had to work, but again we were both tired and he doesn't like doing things like that before work because the movies don't open till later and by the time the movie gets out, he usually has to rush to be ready and on time for work. It would be slightly easier if we had the same days off, but that would be too easy.

The moods in this house like to change on a regular basis as well. That's where the title comes in. We have our good days and our bad, but mostly they sit at the inbetween. One of us will be in a decent mood, but the others will not. Not an easy task to stay in a good mood when the people around you aren't.

The game wedding finally happened. Jake wanted to surprise me by doing the engagement while I was sleeping and then when I woke up he'd be all "you still want to do that wedding?" However, the screen got stuck and he had to wake me to figure out how to get out of it. It was still a nice surprise, just not the one he had in mind. It was pretty quick and I forgot about taking screenshots to show you guys. Ha, sorry.

Alright, so that's the mostly vague update. I'd go into more details about my job, but I don't feel like it. Maybe next time.

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