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in shock
Monday. 1.26.09 2:43 pm
Something happened today. Not bad. Au contraire ... it was rather good. But due to past conversations and recent happenings, I'm not sure how exactly to react.

At this point in time, I'm in absolute shock. It's a lot to take in all at once, but I have time to think about it and consider the pros and cons of a very big decision I need to make.

I'm going to talk to my sister about it hopefully on Friday if not sooner.

I know none of you have any clue what I'm talking about, but trust me ... in a week or so I'll definitely fill you in. Be patient though. It might be a little longer.

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in the last few days
Saturday. 1.24.09 11:21 pm
Wednesday I worked an unexpected double. 3am-6pm. And then had to be back at work at 3am the next morning. It was not fun. But the pay will look nice on my next paycheck.

Slept half of Thursday trying to catch up on the lack of sleep between Wendnesday and Thursday early morning.

Went to the gym yesterday. The spinning class was not as hard on my legs this time, but working out on the machines afterwards with Jake did a number on my upper body. Still pretty sore.

Jacob is in a mood today. I'm not sure why and he's not telling me. So instead of going out after he got off work, he's spending the time at the gym. Who knows how long he'll be there. And even though he said he'd be awake to watch a movie afterwards, I know that as soon as he lays down, he'll fall asleep. {granted I didn't exactly know where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do ... still. I'm not the only one who can plan for things.}

I can only hope tomorrow is better.

Also, went to my first passion party tonight. It was a lot of fun. So much so that I'm going to be hosting my own in a few weeks. I told Jake he was going, but because of his mood he did not seem thrilled. Not even pretending to be happy about it or for my decision in doing it.

I hate when he's like this. It makes being happy hard for me. My good, happy mood that carried over from the party dropped almost immediately when he walked in and I saw nothing had changed from before.

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I present to you ...
Tuesday. 1.20.09 6:26 pm
The Man Song:


The Toast Song:

This is all randomjunk's fault. She mentioned toast in her entry and I thought of the toast song.

Anywho, my leg doesn't hurt much anymore. It's still sore when I flex it a certain way or put too much strain on it, but otherwise it's fine. Ha, just to kill it again tomorrow in the same class.

Talked to Jacob. I knew I hadn't noticed anything upsetting him. His mom just happened to catch him when he was more tired than usual. Everyone is cranky when they're tired and all they want to do is sleep.

I don't know if I'm back yet or not. . . I won't make promises just in case I disappear again for a while.

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still sore, but ready for more
Monday. 1.19.09 4:54 pm
My thigh is still in a bit of pain. Moreso my right thigh than my left one. Squatting down hurts pretty bad and stairs aren't fun. Luckily we live on the bottom floor.

I know the pain won't be entirely gone by Wednesday; it's not going to stop me from going to the gym and doing that class all over again.

I'm a little concerned right now. Either I haven't been paying attention or he's hiding it from me, or there really is nothing there, but his mom asked me today if I've noticed anything wrong with Jacob. She told me that he's not been in a good mood lately and that something is upsetting him. I'm really hoping that it's because it's not there or that he's hiding it from me. I'll feel pretty bad if it's because I haven't noticed.

I'm debating whether to say something to him later or not. I probably will. Make it sound as casual as I can.

I am aware that my cursor-following eyes don't work anymore. I'll eventually get around to deleting the code.

I've added a few new pictures to my gallery. You should check them out.

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starting {and hopefully sticking to} a routine
Sunday. 1.18.09 4:10 pm
Not even a week after I cancel my gym membership, I renewed it. Luckily it's a slightly cheaper price and I have access to a more exclusive gym, as opposed to before when I could only access certain ones.

I renewed it on Friday and today was the first day I went. I only went to one class, but it was more than enough of a workout.

It was an hour-long cycling class. Non-stop spinning for one hour with seated and standing switch-offs. The standing was what got me. I couldn't do it for the whole time they were, but I didn't have to if I couldn't do it. We were told to push ourselves, but work at our own pace and not to over-do it. Towards the end, I finally worked it out so that I could stand and pedal for the whole 30-90 seconds that they were doing it.

My thighs are what hurts the most; that's what you work out when you're doing the standing pedalling. I'm sure after a while, it'll not hurt as much when I'm done with the class.

I'll be going to this class three times a week: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It's a lot of fun and well worth the pain afterwards.

Jacob signed up for a membership also so we'll be working out together on certain days.

I'll be sticking with it this time. Unlike last time when I initially got the membership; I only used it maybe 5 times. For some reason, I'm more motivated this time than I was a year ago. Not sure why, but it's a good thing and hopefully it sticks.

I have two days to rest and recoop before I get back on the bike.

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last night's Blues
Saturday. 1.10.09 4:07 pm
So Jacob and I went to see the Blue Man Group last night. It was still {and will probably always be} just as fun and awesome as the first three times I went. What made it even better was that, since he had never seen the show, he had a lot of fun with it too. Just like I said last time, it is well worth the price. If you're ever in Vegas, that is definitely one of the shows you need to see.

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