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the Infamous Shoutbox
randomjunk |
Is that what we were taking about?
undisputed | >_> adele and ariana grande?
the shoutbox is a tween
LostSoul13 |
The expression "sweet and salty" would have to be changed if the salt tasted sweet.
randomjunk |
I wouldn*t want salt to taste like sugar, that would ruin every food for me.
middaymoon | Wow classy, such tact
I don*t think salt ever tastes like that...are you OK? :)
Zanzibar | I went to my friend*s wedding and
she was like, "Oh, everyone from our freshman year is married now... except you- what*s wrong with you?" I was like.... thanks for that, FRIEND.
renaye |
when u r in love u will find salt taste like sugar
Nuttz | Almost, almost is never enough
So close to being in love~
LostSoul13 |
I*m with Zanzibar ...
middaymoon | Everyone is dating
except Zanzibar. She*s above all that.
Zanzibar | nevermind I*ll find someone like
you- I wish nothing but the best for you two. Don*t forget me, I beg, I*ll remember you said "Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts inste
undisputed | <3 love all y*all
antonia, the girlfriend, is actually on nutang.. or she was.. toni . nutang . com
Silver-dot- | Hello!
Happy belated, didi~ =) It*s awesome random & muffy met up!
middaymoon | Happy belated
This is his facebook wall.
Zanzibar | Happy Birthday Didi!
Despite the fact that you love another...



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