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the Infamous Shoutbox
Zanzibar | Dave is the best.
Though I should probably back up my entries, also.
Silver-dot- | Yup me too
Then again I also missed a lot more
Nuttz |
Looks like I*ve missed something whilst I was gone
LostSoul13 |
It seems that way. I contacted Dave shortly after leaving that message. He had it fixed by the end of the day. =) he*s awesome.
randomjunk |
Is everything fixed now?
LostSoul13 |
None of mine are in the edit entries list either. Does anyone know if Dave knows anything yet ?
Midnight | Hm....
My entries are showing. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!
middaymoon | Mine are still there!
randomjunk |
If you guys look at your entry edit list you should be able to see your entries still. They just don*t show up publicly.
renaye |
OMG. all my entries r gone too!!! my 6 years of blogging with lots of stories idea in there!!!! my
Zanzibar | Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave!!!
randomjunk |
Most of mine are gone as well wtf wtf wtf
Snapdragon | Holy crap, all of Zanzibar*s
entries are gone, too. Except for one. O-o
Zanzibar | Wait what?!!? All of your entries
are gone?!?! Why???
LostSoul13 |
..... all of my entries are gone....



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