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the Infamous Shoutbox
middaymoon |
Yeah about five minutes after I poste that I was back in the top ten. Guess it doesn*t take much, haha.
Zanzibar | Nice work, Middaymoon--
Back in the Top Ten after all this time. ;)
randomjunk |
You*re in the Top 10 as far as I can see.
middaymoon | Whoa!
I was finally pushed off the new entries list and the top 10. Exciting!
randomjunk |
I*m good! Visiting home for the weekend.
Zanzibar | Utah was surprisingly cold
But today the weather was better. I am at a sand dune conference. How are you?
randomjunk | O hai Zanzibar
How*s Utah?
Zanzibar | Hi Errrrbody
I am in Utah
randomjunk |
If anybody came back because of that, they didn*t say, so I don*t know. It*s been pretty quiet here as usual.
sagittariusmoon | LJ
Have you guys had an influx of people moving here bc of LJ? I returned bc I was bored.
randomjunk |
I don*t actually have The Sims 4, but I know it exists.
Xboyz | Yes it is,
I*m surprised you still follow on The Sims progress, though I do also have sims 4 myself. hahha
randomjunk |
I*m certainly surprised, Xboyz. Your icon is a blast to the past, considering we have Sims 4 now, haha.
Xboyz | WOW
2011 being the previous blog post, I think Nuttz would be surprised I did a shout
randomjunk |



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