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the Infamous Shoutbox
Zanzibar | My week has been insane
Several all-nighters, disasters, etc. But not too bad.
AmbyrJayde |
Pretty decent. Got a handful of book sales this week and that was aweomse! How about everyone else?
dannixfresh | Hi guys
How has everybody’s week been?
randomjunk |
Hi AmbyrJayde.
AmbyrJayde | hello
hihi everyone
randomjunk |
Yeah, it*s horrible. :(
undecided |
cant. comment. on. anything.
Unicornasaurus | Holy unfinished shout, Batman!
randomjunk |
Holy what?
Ravennah | Holy
randomjunk |
Hasn*t been too much of a break for me since I*ve still had a fair amount of schoolwork to do. :|
middaymoon | How*s everyone doing?
Anyone do anything for Spring Break?
randomjunk |
Probably something fascinating as usual.
Zanzibar | Hmmm.... I wonder what they were
randomjunk |
Yeah, I was pretty sure there were some within that timeframe...



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