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July 11
Thursday. 7.11.13 9:08 pm
Yes! Tomorrow is finally Friday. I've been waiting for this all week. My paycheck isn't quite as much as I thought... thanks to the Union dues being taken out. I can't complain too much; they've done some fighting for us recently and it got the client to take notice so it's actually kind of worth it this time. This time.

Alright, so that I don't forget anything, here's the list of things to do tomorrow {in no particular order}:
1. Pay car/insurance, cell phone, credit card.
2. Register for Torchlight 5K.
3. Put gas in car.
4. Go to the bank.
5. Stop by Jasmine's.
6. Get car emissions tested.
7. Register car.
8. Go to Target, buy at least one new bra.
9. Get hair cut with Meko.
10. Get oil changed.
11. Stop by AT&T to discuss new phone options. {This is optional ... if I remember to do this while I'm at Target, I will. If not, it can wait until another time.}
12. Go grocery shopping. {Also optional; I may put it off until Saturday.}
13. Set up monthly payments with Legal Shield.

I'm leaving number 14 open in case I forgot something and need to add it. I'll be checking this in the morning so that I can write down a physical list and actually get things crossed off. If I try to remember to do all that stuff, I know I'll forget something. I even forgot to include some pretty basic stuff on this lest as I was writing it so you can imagine how much more I'll forget if I don't have this written down.

I took a late nap today and thus woke up late so my shower was later than I wanted it to be. It's not that big of a deal because I don't have to be in bed at any specific time, but I was hoping to shave my legs with the daylight. It's a little easier to see the hairs with natural light rather than the dull light from the overhead. That's okay, taking a shower is on the list of things to do tomorrow; it's just one of those things that is kind of for granted and doesn't need to be written down on a list.

I finished the jigsaw puzzle and put the picture up on Facebook. I never did get the demo derby pictures up ... I'm sure they'll make their way to Facebook eventually.

Alright, here's to tomorrow being one of the most productive days of the week/month/I don't remember the last time I had a day with that much productivity on the schedule. I'll write tomorrow about what I actually got accomplished.

Until then. . .

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Wednesday. 7.10.13 7:57 pm
This is either entry 187 or 188. . . I counted last night, but forgot the number that I stopped at. Oh well. I'll probably count again in a month or so.

Tomorrow is my Friday at work. As much as I look forward to that day every week, I am actually looking more forward to the actual Friday. That day will be filled with productivity! I have so many things I need to do that day and hopefully I'll get most of it done in the morning. I'll list off everything in tomorrow's entry.

The jigsaw puzzle didn't get finished today. There's quite a bit of cloud cover, which is more difficult to work in than sunlight, however, I'd rather have than cloud cover than blazing sun so no complaints there. I will be able to get the puzzle finished tomorrow, probably; the last 50-75 pieces. I have a lamp that I can use, but it's on the other side of the room and when I stand in front of the table, it blocks the light so it's kind of counterproductive.

Man, someone is brewing some coffee ... some really strong coffee if I can smell it in my room. I like the smell of coffee, just not the taste, so that's fine with me. Even if it wasn't fine, that probably still wouldn't matter.

Nothing really too interesting happened at work. A homeless guy decided he really needed to sleep inside the buildings, which is annoying when they keep coming back. I don't give a shit where you sleep, just don't do it on the campus while I'm on the clock.

There's a few more videos I want to watch on YouTube before I call it a night. I'll be getting up early tomorrow morning so that I can wash my hair before work. I want to wash it twice tomorrow so that it's super clean for Friday. I know it's better to wash it at night before you go to bed, but when it takes as long as it does for my hair to dry completely, it's a little too late at this point to wash it. Two hours from now it would still be pretty wet and I dunno about you, but sleeping on wet hair is rather uncomfortable.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Up and down
Tuesday. 7.9.13 8:19 pm
The temperature can't make up it's mind whether it wants to be in the 70s or in the 80s. I'm not complaining too much because the last few times it's been in the low 80s and the fan on the lowest setting has pretty much kept me cool enough. On nights like this, however, I'll be sleeping with the fan on under just a sheet, rather than with a blanket.

I'm nearly done with the puzzle that I started working on about a week ago. There's maybe 100 pieces left, but the daylight is nearly gone so it's hurting my eyes trying to focus on the pieces. I'm down to the hardest part: all the people mixed in together. It's kind of like a Where's Waldo type of design, except there's no Waldo.

Depending on how much money I have on this coming paycheck and how much I have left over after I pay all my bills and get my vehicle registered and crap, I may get a new phone. I'm eligible for an upgrade, even though it's been less than two years. I've been with AT&T since 2007 so they like to give me early upgrades as an incentive to stay with them. Until I have a major issue with them, I'll keep signing new contracts. The first moment something gets screwed up, I'll be switching carriers. It'll cost me about $100 for the new phone, so it really depends on how much I have left over.

I can't wait until Friday. There will be 16 hours of overtime on the paycheck along with 8 hours of holiday pay. It'll definitely be a nice paycheck.

Today was fairly uneventful; just a lot of walking around, which is pretty much a majority of my job. A call here and there, a code every once in a while, some crazies, but nothing too major too often. Every once in a while something more serious will happen and everyone will talk about it for a while before it becomes old news.

After my stomach rejected what I put in it yesterday, it's been rather grumbly today. Luckily nothing was rejected so that's a plus. Hopefully I won't have to deal with that again for a while.

Anywho, I am going to watch some more videos on YouTube. Until Netflix gets season 3 of The Walking Dead, I'll pretty much be entertaining myself with YouTube videos. Hopefully they'll get it soon. I'm kind of getting sick of waiting.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Monday. 7.8.13 5:09 pm
I'm having a harder time trying to think of different titles than I am thinking of content to write about. This challenge has become such a habit now, it's rather easy to come up with something type. However, titling the entry is becoming the challenge.

I laid down for sleep around 6 last night and I am pretty sure I was asleep by 6:05. I slept until about 10, fell back asleep around 11 and woke up again around 3:30. From then I dozed off an on until my alarm went off at 5. It felt good to get some sleep. I could have slept for another hour or two, but I had to get up for work. Three more days of waking up to an alarm . . . joy.

I'm contemplating going to bed early again tonight, although now that I've said that, it probably won't happen. Sunday and Monday are usually the most boring days of the week because there's nothing in my queue or really anything new updated from my subscriptions. During the rest of the week, stuff gets regularly updated and gives me something mindless to do to pass the time.

I didn't nap when I got home today, though, so I may actually be in bed before 10.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, the worst day of the week for my patrol order. I will never get over it. Or I'm already over it and I just like bitching. Yeah, the former is probably a more accurate statement.

I need to get more plastic bags. I'm running low; I may have to buy some from the store this weekend. Someone told me I can buy plastic grocery-style bags from the store for like $3. It's cheaper than driving out of the city to a store that still carries them. I will definitely be stocking up on plastic bags when I take my vacation in December.

Alright, I think I'm going to work on my puzzle some more. At least until I can't take looking at the pieces ... or my back hurts from standing up too long, which will probably happen first.

Until tomorrow. . .

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So sleepy
Sunday. 7.7.13 5:06 pm
I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night before going in to work this morning. The show didn't start until late which means it got out late and I wasn't getting home until around the time that I had originally assumed I'd be in bed by. The show was definitely worth it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, but for now, I'm super tired.

I will probably be going to bed soon, despite the fact that it's just barely 5. I was oddly alert at work today. I didn't feel awake, but I didn't feel like hiding out to doze off. I still felt that way when I got home from work so I skipped the nap, which could also contribute to why I'm so sleepy now. I'm finally crashing from the first and second winds that I had just in order to get through the day.

Tomorrow should be better. It's Monday so all the staff will be back and my hiding options will be limited, but that's okay. If I get more than the 3 hours of sleep last night, I'll be good.

Until then. . .

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Somewhat early
Saturday. 7.6.13 5:30 pm
Since I'm going out tonight and have to be at work tomorrow morning, I am typing up a quick entry now.

Today is my one day off for this weekend. I picked up the extra shift yesterday and even though I had the afternoon available to me, it still didn't feel like a day off.

I took full advantage of it being my day off today. I woke up a bunch of times this morning, but I didn't actually get out of bed until sometime around 10. I had to wait a while before doing my laundry because someone else got to it before me; a minor setback for sleeping in since usually I'm up early enough to be the first one to use the washer/dryer.

I'm actually about to take a quick nap before I got out tonight. It should be fun. I'll be getting kind of dressed up, but I know I won't be the only one. It feels kind of weird going to these kinds of shows in jeans and Vans, but since that was all I had at the time, that's what I wore.

Alright, I'm going to end this here. Time for a nap.

Until tomorrow. . .

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