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Day two
Wednesday. 12.4.13 10:50 pm
I've spent two days at my sister's and it's been really nice getting to spend time with the family. I'll probably be seeing my mom tomorrow, but I'm not sure. She's going to be heading out fairly early in the morning and I don't know if I'll be awake then. She's going to text me when she is heading out so that if I'm awake I can go meet up with her.

I've booked the tickets for the show I'm taking my sister to on Friday. She knows we're going out to dinner, but the place is a surprise. I'm sure she'll enjoy it very much. I'm already looking forward to going. It's going to be a long, but fantastic night.

Things with a coworker of mine has progressed rather rapidly and it's kind of interesting how I'm perfectly okay with it. I mean, I still kind of want to date my manager, but at the same time, I'm kind of sick of waiting for something to happen that probably never will. Perhaps this distraction with my coworker is what I need to get me off trying to pursue my manager and getting upset when it goes nowhere. Hey, he might even notice me more when I suddenly stop paying so much attention to him. The problem with that logic is that he's just too cute for me to resist looking at. I guess I'll have to see what happens when I get back. Who knows how things will play out.

Anywho, I'm gonna get some sleep. I'm hoping to sleep in a little longer tomorrow. I was up at 7:30 this morning. I was also up at 4:45 this morning, which is when my alarm for work would have been going off, but luckily I was able to fall back asleep pretty quickly. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen again.

Until tomorrow. . .

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From the phone
Tuesday. 12.3.13 10:27 pm
So because I don't feel like figuring out the in room wifi right now, I'm just going to type up a quick entry from my phone.

The flight went well. I got about 3 hours of sleep total. It's been a really long day. I saw both my mom and sister. My nephew was shy at first, but has since warmed up to me. I think after a few days of getting settled in and refamiliarized with the city, it'll be fine. For now, though, I need sleep.

Until tomorrow...

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T minus 7 hours, 39 minutes
Monday. 12.2.13 9:21 pm
My plane takes off from the airport at 6am ... I'm pretty much all packed up. There will be a few last minute things that I'll need to throw in my bag before I leave, but those items will be used to assist in my dressing in the morning.

I really need to get to bed soon because my alarm will be going off in about 5 hours. I'm actually starting to get nervous about the trip. It's been years since I've been on a plane. I'm sure nothing has really changed too much, but I'm still always afraid I will somehow fuck things up and get detained. I'm sure it'll be fine.

I'm tired and excited, just as I predicted. Hopefully this excitement doesn't prohibit my ability to sleep. Work actually went by a lot faster than I anticipated and they let me leave early from Sam's so that was pretty awesome. I stopped at Best Buy and got a cheap bag for my laptop so that I can carry that on to the plane. It'll fit under the seat in front of me and the suitcase will be in the overhead compartment.

Alright, my next post will be from Vegas.

Until then. . .

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Sunday. 12.1.13 4:46 pm
So I didn't get to hang out with my friend today. She said her dog got sick so she needed to stay home and take care of him. It sucks that I won't get to see her, but I can understand needing to take care of the animals.

I didn't get nearly as much cleaning done as I was hoping before I left. And when I say nearly as much, I pretty much mean I haven't cleaned anything. I took out some of my trash, but not all of it. The recycling still needs to go out. Most of it will probably just sit in my room the entire time I'm gone. Although this sounds bad, it probably would have sat in my room even if I stayed here the next two weeks. Oh well. It is what it is.

I'm going to attempt to get to bed early tonight, but we all know how that usually turns out so I'm not getting my hopes up. I guess as long as I'm in bed by my normal time, then that's all that matters. Tomorrow will be busy enough that I shouldn't have any trouble napping before I get up to leave for the airport.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Paid off
Saturday. 11.30.13 7:19 pm
My risk taking paid off. The washer and dryer were free when I got home so I rushed to change in to something else so that I could get my stuff in before anyone else got to it. I'm now simply waiting on my stuff to finish washing so that I can get it dried. I will probably pack a good deal of stuff tonight so that I don't have to rush to get it all done at the last minute. Especially since I can pretty much plan out everything I plan on wearing over the next couple days and half of it will be uniform.

Work was crazy busy today and that was mostly due to the fact that the computers decided to freeze up all at the same time causing massive lines to form and it took a while to get the lines back to a normal, non-chaotic length.

I have work tomorrow then plans in the afternoon. Monday I have work in the morning and I will be bringing a change of clothes with me so that I can go to Sam's an hour early for mandatory training so that I can keep my job. Monday is going to be an even longer day than I anticipated. I will be getting up at 5:00am, working from 6a-2p then from 3p-9p and getting home around 9:30pm, packing up my last minute crap before, hopefully, getting some kind of sleep in before my alarm goes off at 2:30 so that I can meet my coworker at work at 3:30 so he can have me at the airport by 4am.

It's so close yet there's so much to still do! Time to put my stuff in the dryer.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Risk taking
Friday. 11.29.13 4:36 pm
I'm taking the risk of having to fight over the washer an dryer on Sunday. I really want to wait until tomorrow to do my laundry, but I'm risking that the washer/dryer will be in use by the time I get home from work. I'm anticipating being home around 7-ish and as long as my stuff is in by 8, I'll be done before the 10pm deadline for quiet time. With the washer/dryer being right next to someone's unit, I don't want to be the jerk who keeps them up by doing my laundry past the time for noise. If I get home and don't get my stuff in by 8:15, I'll have to take the risk of hoping it's free at some point on Sunday. Which sucks in and of itself because I have plans with a friend after work on Sunday.

I was able to sleep in today. I was awake at 8, but I didn't feel like getting up so I stayed in bed until I fell back asleep then got up around 11:30. I left the house shortly after 1, stopped at FedEx to pick up my packing cubes that have been on hold there since Monday. They look pretty nifty. Next stop was the bank for quarters for laundry and then I stopped at Subway for a sandwich before coming back home. I wanted to nap again, but it's too late in the day for that. I'll probably just go to bed early tonight, if I'm tired enough.

I'm really not wanting to go to work tomorrow. 8 hour shifts at Sam's are always hard. At least I'm not opening so I will actually be able to sleep in two days in a row. And this should, hopefully, be my last 8 hour shift that I work there. My change in availability was put in and even though I am still technically available the whole day, my preferred hours are in the evenings. Hopefully he'll keep that in mind when scheduling me for future shifts.

Alright, I'm gonna get the last two shows on my Hulu queue watched and then see how I feel about going to bed. It's not even 5 yet, but with it completely dark outside, it feels like it should be much later.

Until tomorrow. . .

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