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Exit sandman, enter Nyquil
Tuesday. 10.3.06 9:42 pm
Due to the lack of sleep I got last night, I decided to actually buy the Nyquil today and hope that it takes effect. I went to bed at midnight and I didn't get to sleep till like 3 cuz I was coughing. I hate this stupid cough. It sucks. I mean I could probably get surgery to fix it, but I don't want to. I don't trust doctors. But I do trust Nyquil. And since Mr. Sandman isn't really doing his job, I need the aid.

Work was normal. I have to be there early tomorrow. But I get to work with Gary and not Erin, so I'm happy about that. I noticed today that I've been flirting a lot again. I kinda put it on hold for a while, but I'm doing it again. There's nothing wrong with it though. Oh well. As long as it doesn't get me into trouble then I should be fine.

Employee of the Month comes out on Friday and I'll be going to see it with Katie. I can't wait. It looks so funny and the cast of characters are great. I'm gonna try and get off work early this Friday so that we can go to the movies before it gets too late. I'm not sure how its going to work. Alright I don't know what else to say. I'll write later.

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I'm one day ahead of myself
Monday. 10.2.06 11:26 pm
Thanks to working yesterday {which I'm not used to} I kept thinking that today was Tuesday. I had to keep reminding myslef all day that it was Monday. I hate having to work on my days off. It screws up my week. But oh well. I might actually get overtime this paycheck. Which will definately make up for the lack of hours I had on this last paycheck. This whole week I'm gonna hafta keep reminding myself that its a day earlier than my mind keeps telling me. Oh well.

Anywho, I had a pretty decent day. It wasn't too busy and the high school kids stayed away. And Erin wasn't too annoying today. Although since Gary undoubtably spelled 'cheesecake' wrong, she decided to elaborate into a pretty well detailed uhm... well it was something I definately didn't want to visualize. He spelled it 'cheescak'. Now I didn't notice the 'e' missing at the end of cheese right away, but I noticed that it looked wrong. When I pointed it out to Erin, she turned it into this whole weird ass thing that didn't need to happen.

Although I have three names on here, I still have like, a notebook that I write stuff in. And as much as I like to type I still write in this notebook every now and then. Its usually the extremely personal shit that I write about; either that or its cuz I've already turned the comp off for the night and I have to write about something.

Alright I think that's enough for tonight. I'll write again whenever.

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Yummy, yummy food
Sunday. 10.1.06 8:58 pm
One of the perks of working at a restaurant is that you can pick at the food. Although I'm not technically supposed to be getting free food, I just take what I please. Today was extrtemely busy for a Sunday, but I still managed to get everything done and still have time to eat. Now, I know that I've been talking about not having an appetite over the past couple weeks. Well today it returned. I was mooching on food all day. I didn't actually sit down and have a meal, so to speak, but I kept picking at different things. Anytime I had an order to make, I would pick at the food products that went into it. For example, mozzerela stix was a common order today so I had a handful of those. I guess I was just being a pig today. But whatever; I haven't been eating hardly anything the last couple weeks so I'm allowed. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some pizza that John makes. I'm not sure though. It depends on how my appetite is. I've been eating chocolate, but that's a given. I can't live without chocolate. Its like my drug, my addiction. I guess today was a pretty good day. I can't really think of anything that went too terribly wrong. My mood was decent, though I can't say the same for my coworkers. But oh well.

Anywho, I have this minor problem. I'm jealous. And its kinda pissing me off. I know who I'm jealous of, but I'm not sure why I'm jealous of him. I'm not sure if I'm jealous of something he has, of something he's doing or has done. I don't know. That's why I'm kinda pissed off about it. I'm pissed that I don't know why I'm jealous of him. But its not to the point where its bothering me too much. I just think about it every-now-and-then. Oh well.

I've put some plans into action. Now all I have to do is make sure that nothing happens to fuck them up. I talked to Dylan today and asked if he could take me out for my b-day. I basically, in a roundabout way, told him that he was taking me out, but I decided to make it his choice where he takes me to eat. I mean within reason of course. After we go out we're supposed to be going to the movies to see Jackass: Number Two. I made a kind of deal with him. Since he's taking me out, he's gonna pay for the food, but I'll be paying for the movies. I just hope nothing happens to screw it up. I really wanna go out. He has Thursday off too so it should work. I just have to call him Wednesday night to arrange the time.

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Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Saturday. 9.30.06 3:59 pm
Work (n):1. use of bodily or mental power in order to do or make something

Laryngitis (n): inflammation of the larynx; Larynx (n): part of the throat containing the vocal cords

When you combine going to work and having laryngitis, you don't get a very good outcome. Due to this cough that I've been suffering since I was a young child, it has definately taken its toll on my vocal cords. I used to just get the cough, have a sore throat and deal with it for a couple weeks. However, in the last two years, everytime I get this stupid chronic cough, I lose my voice. I can tell when its starting to go cuz my voice starts to change. Then the next morning I'll wake up barely being able to talk above a whisper. If I'm lucky I'll get the use of some of my voice during the day. Like today. I'm going to need it for tonight since I have to work directly with people.
Now I wasn't expecting to go in to work until tonight, but I get a phone call at 10:30 this morning and it was Joey asking me to come in for a couple hours max and he'd pay me cash. He told me that I'd have to make dough, sauce and grate cheese. Nothing else. When I got there, it became 'hey I need you to do all this other bullshit that I don't want to cuz I'm Joey and that's the only excuse I need.' He wanted me to do all this other stuff because he didn't want to work. So while I was working he decided since he didn't have to he was going to cook some food and just sit talking on the phone and eating. I wanted to cut his fucking balls off. The hatred I have for him right now is so completely opposite the feelings I had for him this time last year. I decided not to give him that big of a deal about it since he was paying me cash. And it was more than I would have been making had I clocked in. That didn't stop me from ranting about it to Stephanie and David though. I have to be back there in just under 4 hours. I was fine with working tonight. Its the fact that he called me in first thing in the morning to do work that he could have easily done. Whatever. I fucking hate him right now. He could .... I don't even know; I just know that I wouldn't care.

Anywho, I'm not looking forward to tomorrow either since we have two pretty big catering orders to do before we even open. I wouldn't have to worry about it under normal circumstances, but Erin needed off and I offered my time. Go fucking figure. So tomorrow's entry should be full of bullshit that either went wrong or that pissed me the fuck off.
I'm doing laundry right now since I need clothes for tonight {and the rest of the week.} I don't really have anything else to write about right now so I'll probably get on and write later.

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ehh, weird. . .
Saturday. 9.30.06 12:03 am
Today was kinda weird. I woke up kinda early and rather than staying in bed till I had to get up, I got up about 15 minutes early. I had a specific lyric stuck in my head from last night and I figured if I got up early I could look on the comp and see if I could find it. Well I did and I was like 'duh' when I found out who sang the song.
Anywho, I was in a pretty good mood this morning. I was very awake for some reason. Although, I was pissed. It sounds weird, but I was in a good mood and pissed at the same time. I know why I was pissed, but I'm not going to try and explain it cuz it was hard enough to try and explain this morning. So I'm not going to attempt it again. For the first few hours I was at work, I was in a good mood. Then the day went on and it was really long. Nothing too interesting happened, but the fact that it was taking forever kinda ruined my good mood. Also as the day went on I became less and less pissed off. By the end of the day, my mood went from good to kinda ehh. And I was no longer pissed. I was just mildy annoyed. Then when I got home, I got a reminder as to why I was pissed. So now I'm annoyed. But I guess it doesn't matter.
My cough is annoying me. My throat is sore from coughing. And I think I'm losing my voice. That should definately be interesting considering I need my voice tomorrow at work. I'm not quite sure how its going to work, but I'll figure something out. My ear didn't really bother me a whole lot today, but I don't wanna jynx it so that's all I'm saying about it for now. The sunburn itches, but its going away so I'm not worried about it anymore.
Alright, I don't really have anything else to say. So I'll write later on.

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Blah blah blah
Thursday. 9.28.06 8:12 pm
I didn't sleep well last night again. I'm not sure why.

Today was not a good day, but nor was it bad. Actually, nothing happened today. At least not out of the ordinary.

High school kids are annoying. Jose continues to prove how dumb he is. David is his normal funny self. And Joey is just Joey.

My throat is sore; my ear is kinda sore and my sunburn is peeling and itching like crazy.

My Name is Earl and The Office is on tonight. Also, Dane Cook will be on Letterman. Other than that, there's not much else on worth watching.

Maybe tomorrow something will happen that'll be worth writing about. Something interesting always happens on Fridays.

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