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my first blog of the New Year...
Monday. 1.1.07 6:23 pm
This would have been much much earlier had my wireless connection for my laptop not gone all screwy. It decided it wanted to stop working around 11:30 last night. I was so pissed I almost threw my computer. But since I have some control, I just dropped it onto a bunch of blankets and pillows. I finally managed to do something {not sure what} to get it working again. Now I'm almost afraid to leave it for too long.

Anywho, the plans I have today are simple. I am gonna be going apartment hunting. I won't be able to move back out here till my lease is up at my other apartment {lease-breaking doesn't look good on other lease apps}, but I'm sill going to be looking into what I have to do and have to get an apartment out here. I'll also be filling out applications online, or at least looking through to see what's available and certain requirements needed.

I really really want to work at the Venetian in the Blue Man Group theater. Mom casually asked the other night and found out that you have to be 18 or older {I'm 20} to get a job there and most of the people working are college aged kids. So that's sweet news. I just have to have luck.

Other than that not too many plans are going into affect for today. My vacation is coming to an end only too quickly. I don't want to think about it. It depresses me.

Well, I have to take a shower so that when my mom gets home from picking someone up, we can go out. I'll be back on later tonight {granted my internet is still working}.

Happy New Year Nutang!

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8e ... futher explained in blog :)
Sunday. 12.31.06 5:06 am
My Blue Man Experience: Part Two

We went to the Blue Man Group performance again tonight. This time, we were in the 2nd row. I thought it was amazing last time. There are not enough words to describe how much better it was this time. It is so much better sitting up close and personal. You can see their expressions {which get so funny at times}. You can see much more detail to certain acts that they do. Its great. They also like to keep looking down into the crowd and interacting at some points. The show was almost exactly the same. There were only slight differences. But nothing that differed too greatly. It was truely an amazing experience. If you are ever in Las Vegas, you must immediately reserve tickets to see the Blue Man Group. Its so beyond worth the price of the tickets. Its a must see for anyone.

It was more than worth it spending the money to go again. Next time I come out to Las Vegas, I'll be spending more money to go see them again. I think that once I move back, I'll have to make this a monthly thing. I do believe that I'll be applying at the Venetian as well. Maybe I'll be able to get behind the scenes. One can hope right?

Here are some of the pictures taken from this evening:
~ This is the same guy I took a picture with last week {Blue Man #1}~

~ This is a different guy {Blue Man #2}~

~ This is a pic of Blue Man #2 with my sister {left} and me {right}~

~ Blue Man #1's kiss~

~ Blue Man #2's kiss~

There is a third Blue Man, but we didn't notice him until we were already on our way out. So definately next time I will get a pic taken with all three. My sister got a pic with a couple members of the band as well, but they're on a different camera and haven't been uploaded to the computer yet.

I most greatly enjoyed being kissed by the Blue Men. They smell so damn good. It could be their cologne or just the paint, but they smelled wonderful. I still have the blue paint lipprints on my cheeks. I plan on staying up all night so that I don't have to worry about the paint smearing. I'll most likely wash it off tomorrow morning so that this way Jean and Steve will be able to see it as well. {they're sleeping right now since its 2:32am}

Prior to the Blue Man Group performance, we went down the Srtip a bit and wandered around the Caesar's Palace Forum Shops. We went into FAO Shwartz while we were wandering throughout Caesar's Palace. They had a life size plush Mammoth, that had already been sold! It must have been worth quite a few thousand dollars! The person who bought it is definately rich and has to have a giant house/mansion in order to fit the animal into it. There were other life size plush animals, such as horses, a cow, a pig, a buffalo, some kangaroos {with their Joey's}, baby giraffes, etc. It was a three story store {1st floor: mostly stuffed animlas, 2nd floor: baby/toddler items, 3rd floor: hands-on, interactive games and such}. I like the 1st floor best, with the stuffed animals.

Lastly in tonight's entry {I do belive I've made it long enough and I should probably end it soon} an explaination, as promised, about the title. The Venetian parking garage has 8 levels to it. Since the Blue Man Group is at The Venetian, it only made sense to park there. For about 30 minutes we drove around the 5th level, the 6th level and the 7th level of the garage and found no empty spots. So we made our way up to the 8th and final level of the parking garage. We drove around for about 5 minutes up there only to find one spot open in the back of the section, completely opposite the elevators: section 8e. I started to mention about what I was going to write about in tonight's blog, and she joked saying I should title it 8e. So, thinking it was a pretty funny idea, I did. Sort of dumb, but funny none-the-less.

Tomorrow {technically its already Dec. 30th since its 2:47am} is the last day of the year 2006. We'll be going shopping for party items {otherwise known as alcohol}. And I'll write more later in the day. G'night Nutang!

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Night at the Museum
Saturday. 12.30.06 1:21 am
We went to the movies like planned. My sister and I saw Night at the Museum. Unknowingly, Tony, my sister's boyfriend, showed up completely randomly about 2 minutes into the movie. Neither of us knew he was going to be there. It was a pleasant surprise for my sister.

The movie was really funny. I recommend seeing it. I knew it was going to be funny just from previews, but they had much more than I expected. Its one of those I'd like to go see again, but probably won't.

Afterwards, we went to Santa Fe Station to go to the buffet for dinner. I had never been there. The food was pretty good. I am way beyond stuffed. I thought I was stuffed the other night after Buffalo Wild Wings, but that was nothing compared to how stuffed I am right now. I had like 3 plates of food {one of which was salad}, and then 2 plates of dessert items. I can't move right now. Well, now I can move but barely.

Once we left the buffet, we went to Wal-Mart so that I could buy more gauged earrings and I ended up buying a couple more belly rings as well. I still have $8 left on my gift card. Mom bought me my own copy of New Moon so that I can give my sister's copy back to her. After that, we came home.

Tomorrow is the night we {my sister and I} go to the Blue Man Group again. 2nd row seats baby!!! I'm really excited. We supposed to be getting up early tomorrow so that we can go to Barnes & Noble and then wander the Strip before we go to the show. Last time, we got out of the show late and it was past curfew so most of the shops and whatnot were closed. We ended up sitting in front of a giant fish tank in Caesar's Palace for an hour.

Alright, I got up to do something and I lost my train of thought. So I guess I'll write again whenever I have my train of thought back.

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The Mall
Friday. 12.29.06 12:53 am
We finally went to the mall today. I am rather quickly running out of money.

I bought a cool looking lighter from Spencer's. Its a coffin with a neat ass cross/flame design on it. When you light it the flame turns green. I think its cool.

I also bought my mom and sister a few more books. {Mom is going to be buying me my own copy of New Moon so that I can give my sister's copy back to her}. The other thing that I bought was about $100 worth of those Magnetix things. Mom saw them on TV and liked them so I got some for her and some for myself and my sister. The magnets are strong and it can get pretty frustrating, though. Oh well.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings again tonight. This time I didn't over stuff myself. I took some left overs home for snack later or lunch tomorrow. I think my sister and I might go back one more time before I leave. Although, it all depends on how much money I have left. We still have a bunch more stuff I want to do.

Tomorrow my sister and I are going to the movies again. This time we'll be seeing Night at the Museum. It looks funny so I'm going to take advantage of having the availability and the money. Other than that, we really don't have too many plans for tomorrow.

I realized today that I now have 4 different size earrings in one of my ears. I have an 18g, a 16g, a 14g and a 12g. {In my other ear I only have 3 ~ 18g, 16g, 12g} I thought it was pretty funny. I am debating going one size bigger on each {except for my industrial, ,the 14g; its staying right where its at}, but I don't know. Maybe in a month or so.

While we were at Hot Topic, we saw these really cool lookin plugs. They were 1in, I believe, and they were clear with plastic bugs in them. They had other ones like that, but they didn't stand out as well as the bugs did. No way in hell am I ever going to gauge my ears that big though. I might go as far as an 8g, but no bigger than that. I'm not that crazy.

I never did pull an all nighter like I said I was going to. Since I didn't have a book or anything to read, I went to bed fairly early, around 3ish am {early compared to the last few nights}. I don't know if I'll be up late again tonight either. It all depends on if I find anything to do that will keep me awake.

I keep having these strange dreams. Most of which I can't remember once I'm awake enough to function through the day. But when the dream bubble first gets popped, I still remember them. And they are all, mostly, really weird. I think a majority of them are about the characters in the book I just finished reading. Different scenarios and whatnot. Others, I think, are about people I actually know, such as Lance {he seems to be the only one I remember dreaming about}, but I don't remember details or anything else. Oh well.

Alright, I don't think I have anything else to say. At least I can't think of anything else at the moment. I'll write more probably tomorrow.

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Gift Cards
Thursday. 12.28.06 2:14 am
I like the idea of getting a gift card somewhere so that I don't have to spend my own money. Jean and Steve got my sister, my mom and myself $50 gift cards to Wal-Mart. I am the only one who still has money left on my card. Mom bought a few books and a DVD. My sister bought some new headphones for herself and an X-box 360 game for her boyfriend. I bought one thing. The Dane Cook's Tourgasm DVD. I still have $23 left on the card.

We ended up not going to the mall today. I didn't go to bed till just after 6 this morning. My sister didn't go to bed till after 7, though I'm sure it was closer to 8. I was up just after 12:30pm, and she didn't get up till just before 2. So we lounged around for the better part of the day.

After I finished reading New Moon {which is why I was up till 6 in the morning}, I finished reading all the extra crap on Stephenie Meyer's {the author of Twilight and New Moon} website. I already know that I'm most likely going to be reading it again. And then again whenever Eclipse comes out. Once I get involved in reading, I have trouble stopping.

Now we're, for real, going to the mall tomorrow. My sister and I are going to stay up all night and then all day tomorrow. This way tomorrow night, after having been out all day, we'll be tired enough to go to bed at a reasonable time.

I'm watching Criss Angel: MindFreak on A&E. It comes on every wednesday on A&E and there are four episodes taking up two hours each Wednesday night. He's an amazing illusionist. And he's so hot. ~~> sorry, I'm just being a typical girl <~~ I would love to meet him in person. It'd be great.

Anywho, it was very ominous today. There was a slight chance of rain in the valley today so it was cloudy most the day. It started to drizzle every now and then, but it didn't last more than 5 minutes each time. It was nice, though. The air was clear and smelled fresh. I like being outside during this kind of weather.

Alright, the last show is on and I'm paying much more attention to it than the computer. Its got about 15 more minutes, but that's when I'll be starting my all-nighter. I'll be off and on the computer most of the night, but this is the end of this entry.

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Movie and Dinner
Wednesday. 12.27.06 1:23 am
I treated my mom, sister and her boyfriend to a movie tonight. I've already seen Happy Feet, but they hadn't so that's what we went to see. I wasn't as into it as before. Mostly cuz I had some annoying ass kid behind me kicking my chair the whole fucking time. I hate kids!!!

After the movie was over, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. I've never been there, although we lived right across the street from it the last time I lived here in Las Vegas {my mom's house is still right across the street, just on the other side of the complex we lived in before}, and there's one a short drive away from where I live in Tucson.

It was good. I got mozz stix, 8 boneless wings with their mild sauce {they have like 15 sauces to choose from ranging from light and mild, to holy shit! hot and firey} and I got a buffalo ranch chicken sandwich. I ate everything except 2 mozz stix, and two wings. I am full beyond full right now. I think its a very good thing I wore sweat pants {sort of, they're not technically 'sweat pants', they are lose like them though}

Earlier today, I finished working on my badges on Pogo. {http://www.pogo.com } Tomorrow starts a new week of badges to work on.

I do believe I will be finishing New Moon tonight. I still have a good 7 or 8 chapters left, but that's perfectly fine. Its not like I have to get up early tomorrow.

We're supposed to be going to the mall tomorrow in Henderson. It all depends on the weather. Mom's windshield wipers are not exactly functioning correctly, so if its raining, we won't be going out till after the storm passes. But the chance of rain is minimal, so its unlikely that we won't be going out.

There will be no mother/daughter spa day like originally talked about. We were searching prices on them, and they're just a tad bit out of our price range. Oh well. Maybe we can just go get our nails done. Or just go for an hour massage. Who knows.

I'm out of shtuff to say so I'll be ending this now.

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