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sick day? what's that?
Sunday. 1.10.10 1:40 pm
For those of you who have been working for at least a couple years, preferably longer, have you ever had to call in because you were too sick to go in and work that day?

Would you be able to afford to do that today?

I know I sure as hell can't. Back in the day, it wasn't too much of an issue to call out here or there, once or twice a year, because I could afford it back then.

I'm barely living on my 40-hour-a-week paychecks. How in the world would I be able to afford to take a day off just so I could sit at home and do nothing?

I understand that I won't get better as fast if I go in and work, but it's either that or I don't pay my electric bill or my gas bill for the month. It's not that easy anymore.

Stupid economy. I can't even afford to get sick for a day anymore. Let alone the few days that I've already been sick.

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stupid head cold
Thursday. 1.7.10 4:21 pm
I'm sick.

It sucks.


{yeah ... that's how I feel right now; it's not necessarily in that particular order}

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not yet
Tuesday. 1.5.10 7:05 pm
Things haven't improved. They're not getting better. Not yet.

I wish I had something better to update with, but it appears it'll still be a while before that happens.

Last year started out too good. I guess this year is making up for that. It has to compensate for the elevated happiness I felt at the beginning of 2009.

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Sunday. 1.3.10 10:10 am
This is not how I saw my new year starting out.

Maybe it'll begin improving once I go back to work tonight. At least then I'll have a distraction.

Until then, when I blog, they'll probably be very short. Such as this one and the last one.

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oh well
Friday. 1.1.10 5:22 pm
Last night didn't go as planned.

It wasn't bad. It just wasn't what I planned.

Oh well. Shit happens.

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ah, joy
Wednesday. 12.30.09 6:19 pm
Sarcasm. I'm being sarcastic in the title. Just letting you know.

Tomorrow is our Friday because we have Friday off due to the fact that it's New Year's Day.

It will be the last day off that we receive until Memorial Day ... almost 6 months from now. I'll be an aunt by then.

The plan for tomorrow night is to get drunk. Whether in public or private, I will be intoxicated.

This last week has been pretty uneventful. Since the day after Christmas, I haven't done much of anything outside of work.

I exercised yesterday. My legs are pretty sore today. Even just walking normally hurt. Squatting down to fill up my water bottle really hurt; even leaning down to pull open the dock plates sucked. Hopefully tomorrow I won't be so sore. I'll find out just how sore I still am when I walk down the stairs to go to my car.

Anywho, I won't be posting tomorrow so Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy your evening. Try not to do anything illegal. And for whatever reason, if you must break the law, do it carefully.

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