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Friday. 5.9.08 10:00 pm
I forgot to tell someone that I was expecting a package so when they tried to deliver it today, no one was home to accept it. Fuck. Now I have to wait even longer until I can read The Host.

What I don't understand is that the last time I ordered through Barnes & Noble, they didn't require a signature. They just rang the doorbell and by the time I got to the door, they were pulling away; the package was just sitting at the door. This time, it didn't say on the order e-mail that a signature was required, but apparently it did. Otherwise I'd have my book right now.

Instead I have to wait for the slip to come in the mail and then find a UPS store so that I can go pick it up. Fuck.

Anywho, I had every right to be worried about Jacob ... after not hearing from him in two days. Jake's phone has been off the last two days because it had died and he couldn't find his charger. But him being in the hospital was one of the last, yet first, things on my mind. I was actually able to get the car today so I decided to go up to his work and suprise him. Well, when I pulled into the parking lot, his car wasn't there. I had a bad feeling that it wouldn't be there, but I was hoping that's all it was. Unfortunately the bad feeling was correct.

I went in, asked about him and got a very vague answer: "he's still not feeling well so I'm covering for him today." It worried me even more when he said, "have they not told you?" I felt my heart skip a beat. Everything that could possibly go wrong went through my head in about 5 seconds.

I drove over to his house thinking he'd be asleep, but would be okay with me waking him up. When I got there, I saw his car was there, but not his mom's. I figured this would be even better. I could sit and cuddle with him for a while before having to explain to his mom why I was just randomly there.

I knocked. I rang the doorbell. Nothing. That's when I started to freak out. I calmed down a little bit when he called me. But only a little bit.

He was also supposed to get out of the hospital today so he wasn't even going to tell me that he had been in. But the fact that I was up there ... he kind of had no choice. His phone held enough of a charge for him to tell me where he was and how to get there. So I spent a couple hours with him up in his hospital room.

Hopefully he'll be able to go home tomorrow like they're telling him he should be able to. I'll be taking the car again to go see him. Either at home or at the hospital; wherever he's at. I'm hoping for home because I hate hospitals. They make me very uncomfortable.

Now that I know what's going on with him, it's relieved some of the physical stress. Unfortunately my pounding headache is back. I'm not sure if my headache was always this bad and the physical stress overpowered it or if the headache subsided and is now back. Either way, my head hurts.

Now that I've written a long ass entry and my headache is worsening by the minute, I'm going to end it here. I'll write again probably tomorrow.

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coinsidence? I think not {completed}
Friday. 5.9.08 8:42 am
This is the 4th morning in a row that I've woken up sore. Sleeping wrong the first night, even possibly the second night, would have been plausible. But to have it happen two more times? Something isn't right.

My headache seems to have also branched off down to my stomach. Yep, my stomach aches are back. I thought I had taken care of those; apparently not.

Blah! I need to go, but I'm not even close to finished.

To be continued later ...

Alright. I can't exactly remember where I was going with this earlier, but I've got crap to add to it.

It's hot. Plain and simple. I'm not looking foward to when it becomes freakishly hot {meaning up in the 100s during the day.} Hell, I'm not looking forward to when it's really hot {the 90s} and that's just around the corner.

I'm seriously beginning to have doubts about the whole moving thing. If I don't get something figured out, and soon, I'll be stuck moving with my parents regardless if I want to or not. It'll be like I'm a minor again without a say in what's happening. I can't afford to live by myself otherwise I'd already be there. And I don't have anyone who I can stay with out here if I want to stay when my parents are ready to move.

This situation sucks.

I guess I don't really have anything worthwhile to write about. This seems to be just an ongoing rant. I shall save you guys the trouble of having to read more by ending it here.

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*your choice*
Thursday. 5.8.08 6:59 pm
I can't think of a title.

Today was different. I confused a few people because I worked a later shift today. It's rare that I work any time past 1 so being there until 4 caught some people off guard. I don't mind those days every so often because it means I can sleep in and shower before work, rather than waiting until afterwards.

It was fairly slow today. I wasn't in the mood to do any kind of work, yet I managed to get out maybe 3 pallets of stuff. A lot of it was big and bulky, though, so it took up more space on a pallet. Oh well. I got done what they needed me to do.

Tomorrow is payday. I don't have any idea how much will be on my check. I'm hoping for more than $150, but who knows. I forgot how many hours I worked last week so I can't even guestimate.

I need to buy some more water while I'm out tomorrow. I'm already starting to get dehydrated today and I've still got a couple bottles left.

Saturday and Sunday will be a little confusing for people again, because I'll be there until 2 and 3pm, repsectively. I go in at 8am both days so I'll still be able to shower before work. Granted I actually get up in time to shower before work.

Jacob wants to take me out Saturday. I'm going to see if he can pick me up straight from work. This way ma can take the car and no one has to worry about picking her up when she gets off work.

The neighbor's cat had kittens. They're a few weeks old; their eyes are open, but they're just starting to walk around. They're doing that drunken-hobbling type thing. Lori brought one over for a few minutes and now Booffer won't stop meowing. I guess Boof wants to be a big brother. He'll have to wait until Lori moves out though.

Even though I don't have to work tomorrow, I think I might go to bed at a reasonable time. I've been tired the last few days. I just can't seem to catch up on my sleep.

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silly myspace
Wednesday. 5.7.08 12:55 pm
Myspace is trying to be like Facebook now. It's got all the same kinds of applications as Facebook has. It's dumb. And I can almost guarentee that the people who don't have a Facebook, but have a Myspace, will be excited about the new applications available.

It amuses me a little, but only slightly.

Anywho, I spent time with Jake up at his work yesterday. He was supposed to stay over last night and tonight, but he's still sick. I'm a little bothered by it, but I'd rather he stay home and get better than come here and have his illness keep kicking his ass.

I'm pretty sore today. I think it's because I slept wrong last night. If it's not that, then I have no clue what would cause me to be this sore. It's not focused in any specific point on my body; just all over.

My headache has been coming and going today. When I'm sitting still, it doesn't bother me much, but as soon as I stand up or go to move around, my head starts to pound. I'm thinking about taking a short nap. Maybe that'll help my head. But if sleeping wrong was the reason for being sore, I doubt more sleeping will help the soreness.

K, that's all I have for today.

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attempting to relax
Tuesday. 5.6.08 1:53 pm
The truck was horrid today. I joked saying that the truck didn't just suck today, it blew. Someone then decided to add to it asking me if there was a difference. I said yes, of course. One's more intense.

Work got a little better after truck. There was some good food waiting for us for when we finished truck, I didn't have to work on the floor and the person I was {sort-of} training was picking up on things pretty quickly. He'd already worked at another store for a short while so he kind of knew what was going on. There were slight differences in certain things, though, that he had to learn. But he didn't have to be told more than once how to do something.

Anywho, my migraine has diminished some. It's back to a normal headache. It started to go away after I ate something. I'm not sure why it got worse after I ate yesterday, but whatever.

I'll be sleeping for more than 4 hours tonight so maybe that'll help out in keeping the near-constant headache at a dull minimum. Something I'm pretty good at handling.

I ordered The Host today. I also ordered The Hollow by Nora Roberts for my mom for Mother's Day. I don't think I'll be able to afford to take her to Olive Garden as planned so I need to compensate. It's the next book in the series she's been reading and it's something she wants so it works.

Alrighty, that's it for today. I can't think of anything else worth writing about.

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hmm {edit}
Monday. 5.5.08 3:16 pm
I worked a full shift today. Which means my hours are up over 25 for the week. It's still incredibly lame because it's not 40, but 27, 28 is better than 19.

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. Which is only about an hour less than I normally get when I'm working, but when I woke up it felt like I had only gotten 30 minutes of sleep. So when I got home from work, I layed down for a few hours.

I'm still tired. And now I have a headache.

One of my friends from middle school got married at the end of April. He finally put the pictures up on myspace. They're a beautiful couple. They both look so happy. Then again, I would assume most people would look happy on their wedding day. Their wedding was held place outside in a garden-like setting. All the plants and stuff made it look a little crowded, but it was still nice.

The only reason I'd have mine indoors {besides the fact I think the sun is evil} is because I want to get married in the late fall. Somewhere where there's snow. It'd be too cool outside to be wearing the sleeveless dress I have in mind.

Anywho, my sister is pretty badly sun-burnt. She used sunscreen, but it doesn't do much good if you fall asleep while you're outside tanning. She stayed home from school today because of the severity. When she gets up later I'm going to see if she wants me to put Aloe on her back. I'm a little jealous because once her burn is gone she'll have a nice, dark tan. Me? I burn and go right back to white. It's a little lame.

I got my goverment check. It was direct-deposited into my account today. I was going to take it and get contacts, but now I'm thinking about just saving it. Either withdrawing it or depositing it into my savings so I won't touch it. Something tells me that the eye doctor will be more than $300. Ugh. I need to go though.

There's so much I need to do and I don't even have close to enough to do it with. A few of the things I say I 'need' are more of a severe want, but the things I just 'want,' I can live without for a while longer. Examples: I need/want clothes. It's not that I don't have any, but I have so few that I can wear, I'm doing laundry more than once a week. I need/want a car. I was going to go up and chill out with Jake for a few hours tonight, but they won't let me take the car.

This whole not-having-enough-money-to-do-jack-squat is really getting on my nerves. The fact that gas prices are at $3.60/gallon {unleaded} makes the want to go out and do stuff a harder decision than it rightfully should be. I remember complaining when gas prices were up at $1.87. Now I'm pissed cuz where my friend lives {in Illinois} gas prices are $3.09. WTF?! How lame is that?

Blah. I think I'm done ranting for now. Till next time.

{EDIT} I haven't been watching TV much lately. It's been off more often than not. I'm not really sure why I have a sudden lack of interest in the TV, but I guess it's good for me. And it saves some energy. Maybe it's just because there hasn't been anything on that's worth watching.

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