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Thursday. 12.7.06 8:58 pm
I wouldn't mind working on Thursday if I didn't have to worry about working with Joey. And its not even that. I don't mind working with Joey, its only when he's the manager. I despise it! He's such an asshole.

Today, there was no pie person, so he was manager and pie guy. Then David got sick and Joey became manager, pie person and driver. I guess I wouldn't have minded, but I had a new minion. I had someone that I was training. This was his second day, and the first day that he worked he was up in the pie area. So he knew nothing about the kitchen.

The one time Joey had to leave on a delivery, everything seemed to happen all at the same damn time. I had to do everything cuz Davan {the new guy} didn't know shit! I had Nic there to sort of help, but he only did one thing and that was make sure Davan knew what to do with the spaghetti.

Then, there was a sandwich to make and after it was made and put in the oven, I forgot it was there cuz I was doing four other things at the same time. So when I finally remembered, it was burnt. By that time Joey was back and instead of doing what I was supposed to do {which is just put the meat on different, unburnt bread} I just threw it out. Obviously I wasn't thinking cuz not only did I simply throw it out, but I did it right in front of Joey. This caused an explosion. He chewed me the fuck out. You've heard the expression 'he ripped my head off'? Well, he ripped my head off, threw it across the room, then kicked it around some more. After he got done yelling his goddamn head off, and cussing me out, he wasn't mad anymore. Just like that, he was over it.


I have one more day to work and then I have the day off. I dunno what tomorrow is going to bring. I hope all that it brings is good.

Alright, nothing else happened today except what I wrote about. At least not that I can think of. My Name is Earl is on right now and afterwards is an all new Scrubs and I'm not paying any attention to the TV. So I'm gonna go ahead and end the entry here.

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Two more weeks
Wednesday. 12.6.06 9:16 pm
I only have two more weeks of torture, aggrivation, and the annoyances that we all come to know as work. Two more weeks of putting up with the bullshit that goes on in the work place and the gossip that spreads faster than wildfire. Even people who have the day off find out shit when it happens. Two more weeks in this God forsaken state. Two more weeks till I get a break from it all. I can't wait.

Today was alright I guess. I wasn't pissed or feeling crappy. I was just sort of blah. I'm slowly working up from shitty, to crappy and now I'm at blah. Tomorrow I doubt there'll be any improvment cuz I have to work with Joey. And ya'll know from past entries how much of a pain in the ass working with Joey is. But I have tomorrow and Friday, then I have another day off.

Saturday Katie and I will be going out. I'm getting her and Lance their B-day/Christmas gifts as well as a couple things for myself. I'm broke and I really don't have the money for any of it, but I guess its worth it since I'm sort of benefiting from it. It should be fun though. Hanging out with Katie is always fun.

I've come the realization that I want Lance to be my boyfriend. I want this to become a relationship. I feel really bad that I don't have a car, though. I know that its not entirely my fault that I don't, but I hate that I have to rely on him to take me out and to come to me. I've spent the last few days really thinking about it and it seems as though the pros outweigh the cons. Now all I have to do is figure out how to tell him this without it being all weird. I sort of want to find out if he feels the same way. At first it felt that way. But now I'm not so sure. Maybe this weekend I'll talk to him about it; granted I see him. He's got the rest of his finals this week so I'm hoping that next week I'll see more of him. I'll figure something out.

Anywho, I don't really have anything else to write about. So I guess I'll write another time.

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I can't think of a title
Tuesday. 12.5.06 11:15 pm
My day was yet again a normal, typical, uneventful day off. I did go to McDonald's like I said I was going to do. I got a large chocolate shake and two spicy McChickens. The dollar menu is great.

I called Lance so that I could ask him if he could take me to the airport in two weeks. He said that he was about 98% sure that he'd be able to do it. He was going to do some double checking and I told him that I need to know by next Wednesday. I wanted to see him tonight, but since his mom is being bitchy, he has to stay home and put up Christmas lights. Oh well. Maybe this weekend I'll see him.

I'm so unbelievably bored right now. There's nothing on TV. I was watching Eight Below. If you haven't seen that movie, you need to. Its a very heart warming story. It's an emotional story based on true events, about an Antarctic exploring team and their eight sled dogs. There's a storm that moves in causing the team to have to evacuate, leaving no choice but to leave the dogs behind to fend for themselves. The movie is about the dogs survival alone in the Antarctic and the team's journey to get back to get them. Like I said, you need to watch it.

Anywho, I have nothing else to say. I'm bored. I want to see Lance. I don't want to work tomorrow. Yeah I think that's it. I'll write again whenever.

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Up early
Tuesday. 12.5.06 12:10 pm
I've been up now for about 45 minutes. I woke up right around the time that I usually get up for work. Normally, when its my day off, I sleep in. But I'm not used to having Tuesdays off so that's probably the reason I'm up as early as I am.

I called Erin at work to let her know that I forgot to do a produce order yesterday so that she can do one. Even she asked what I was doing up so early. Oh well. Maybe I'll take a nap later.

I don't feel pissed off anymore. I still feel crappy. But I guess its better than yesterday none-the-less. My crappy feeling is mainly cuz I have cramps. Hopefully they'll be gone later in the day as long as I don't over exert myself.

Lance stopped by last night like I asked him to. I sent him a text asking him to stop by after he was done playing his game. I didn't care what time; I just told him that I could really use company. He did stop by and like I told myself, I didn't keep him. He was here for maybe 20 minutes. It was nice. . . I guess. When he left I told him hat I was off today so he said he'd probably come by again. I dunno when though.

I'm gonna go to McDonald's later on today cuz last night I was really craving a shake. I haven't had a shake in forever and since I don't have a Sonic right by my house and Arby's or Jack-in-the-Box are my only other two choices for a shake, I'm going to McDonald's. I forgot to buy milk at the store yesterday; I even thought about buying some, but I thought I still had some here. When I got home and started putting stuff away, I realized that I should have gotten milk. Oh well. That's another reason I'm going to get a shake. It'll fulfill my dairy craving.

Anywho, I think I'm gonna watch some TV and play on the net for a bit. I know that I hate writing two entries on the same name in the same day, but I figure it'll be later tonight so it'll be alright. I'll be off and on Nutang to leave the comments that I didn't leave yesterday.

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Pissed off
Monday. 12.4.06 9:16 pm
Have you ever had a day when you woke up pissed off? There's absolutely no reason, you just wake up in a bad mood. Well, that happened to me today. I woke up pissed off. That didn't make the day good at all. I was in a really bitchy mood the whole day. Even right now, when I should be happy that I don't have to work tomorrow, I'm still pissed. I should be getting in a somewhat better mood for all of about an hour when Heroes is on, but I doubt that I'm gonna be able shake the mood. Oh well.

Today was just a long day. There was nothing really bad about the day, it just sucked. I appologized to Gary before I left for being really bitchy towards him. I didn't mean it, but I have the ability to say sorry and make it sound like I mean it. The only other person that was there was Diana and she wasn't really around that much. So Gary got the worst of my attitude. Whatever. At this point I really don't give a shit.

Alright, I'm watching TV and I'm since I'm not in the best mood ever, I don't want to start ranting. I'll write again whenever. Hopefully I'll be in a better mood the next time.

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Business + hours = more money for me :)
Sunday. 12.3.06 10:53 pm
Today was much busier than anticipated. There were people waiting at the doors when we opened. Then, people just kept coming in every so often that when we finished the last orders, we got more. We barely had time to keep up on prep. There were only a few things that hadn't been done before the night shift began, but with all the business that we had to deal with, I'm surprised that we got as much prep done as we did.

I got there at 10:30 this morning {right when I was supposed to be there} and although I was supposed to leave around 5:30, I didn't get out of there until 7. See, how it works at my job is that there's a set time when you have to be there, but there's no specific time that you leave. If its slow, then you may be sent home early. If its busy {like it usually is on the weekends} then you'll most likely be kept later. I like when I'm kept later only if I have no prior plans. It gives me the opportunity to make more money. And at this point I need it.

Anywho, Lance will probably be coming over tomorrow night to watch the last episode of Heroes with me. And then since I don't have to work on Tuesday, I'm gonna see if I can keep him from going home too early. I'm glad that he's not coming over tonight cuz I'm just not in the mood for company.

But alas, I must end this entry here. The secong half of the Dog Show is on and I'll be paying more attetion to that than the computer. They're so cute!

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