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posting for the sake of posting
Sunday. 1.6.08 7:22 pm
My day was very uneventful. Not too long ago, I was so bored that I counted every piece of candy in the bag I have. How incredibly lame.

So there's this new ... well, I guess he's not really new; he's been there for about a month ... guy at my work. I'm sort of crushing on him. We talked, through myspace messages, for about an hour last night. I didn't get to know anything more than I already knew.

I wonder if we'll talk tonight.

And I wonder how he'd take it if he found out I had a crush on him. Would he like me back? Doubtful. But I say that with every guy I like. And that's the thought that remains until I'm proven otherwise.

Haha, this is completely lame. I'm drawing a blank as to what else to write. This is the end. For today ...

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Saturday. 1.5.08 7:18 pm
I'm clueless as to what to write about.

Yesterday was uneventful. I got up around 11am-ish. Got in the shower and around noonish headed out to get my paycheck. Ma and I stopped at the bank to deposit money {I have the direct deposit paper, I just haven't gotten around to giving it to my boss} and then we stopped at Smart & Final on the way home to get water.

When I got home, I did nothing.

Today I worked from 4am to noon. I managed to get almost 3 pallets out. I probably would have gotten the remainder of the third one done, but I needed to help my coworker with what she was doing. I didn't mind though.

I'm off the next two days.

Oh!! The Carl's Jr that they were building up the road finally opened!!! It's about effing time too. We've been waiting for it to open since we found out what they were building there. Today was a training/trial period. They opened the doors for 3 hours and the food was free. It was good. If the service remains the way it was today {and if I have the money} I'll be going there more often.

Uhm, I think that's it. I'll write again tomorrow.

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yesterday in review {timeline style}
Friday. 1.4.08 1:20 pm
1:15am ~ My alarm goes off so that I can be at work by 2am. I lay there for about 5 minutes, decide I don't want to get up yet. I text ma and Steve to let them know I was going in at my scheduled time, 4am. Reset my alarm.

3:15am ~ My alarm goes off again. I reset it for 3:28am.

3:28am ~ Alarm goes off again. This time I have to get up. I get up, dress, brush my teeth and head out to work.

4:03am ~ I have my boss clock me in {because I was originally scheduled off; I need a manager to clock me in and out} and I start working on my task for the day.

6:11am ~ My sister texts me; she's been up all night, is bored and annoyed that sleep never came over her.

6:12 - 6:45am ~ We chat off and on through texts. I tell her to go in my room, get my laptop. It benefits her by keeping her busy for a while and it allows me to get back to my work.

11:49am ~ Mom texts me letting me know she's there to pick me up when I get off. I tell her okay and let her know I'd be off no later than 10 past noon.

12:13pm ~ I have my boss clock me out. I go home, change into pajamas, surf the net for an hour.

1:15pm ~ I finish surfing the net and lay down for a couple hours.

3:15pm ~ My alarm goes off again. I get up, dress, brush my teeth and wait for everyone else to be ready.

4:57pm ~ We finally head down to the Strip.

6:00ish pm~ I buy the private Gondola ride for ma and Steve. Then Lori, Anthony and I go our way and ma and Steve go their way.

6:10pm ~ Lori wants a pretzel so we stop at the pretzel place to get a giant soft pretzel. I get a jalapeno one while we're there.

6:30pm ~ The doors to the Blue Man Group open; we make our way to our seats.

7:00pm ~ The drums get louder and the lights go dark. The show is about to begin.
~~ This is my third time going to see the Blue Man Group and it was just as amazing as the first two times. The seats weren't the best, but it was still awesomely close. I will be going one more time before I move. This time I'll be reserving the seats far enough in advance to get the perfect ones. The only difference between the first two times I went and this time? I'm not completely obbsessing over the BMG.

8:40pm ~ The show is over {all too soon; something like that you never want to end} and we all file out into the lobby. Lori and I took pictures with all three Blue Men {as seen in my gallery or in the previous entry} and the BMG band.

9:01pm ~ We meet up with ma and Steve and head out.

9:45pm ~ We make a stop at Wendy's to get a couple of Jalapeno burgers. They were alright.

10:10pm ~ We arrive at home.

11:15pm ~ Lori brings in the camera so that we can upload the photos to my comp so that I can nuTang/myspace/facebook them.

12:30am ~ I pass out for the night.

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BMG = amazing
Thursday. 1.3.08 11:47 pm
** Lemme just warn you, I look goofy in these pictures. I was laughing and smiling at the same time so it turned into a goofy ass smile.** ~~ Go to the gallery for the captions. I'm quite tired so I'll write up an entry tomorrow, but here are the pictures ~~

~ a Blue Man and me

~ the entire BMG band and my sis

~ another Blue Man and moi

~ my sis, Blue Man {with amazing eyes} and moi

~ me and a couple of the BMG band members

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sleep on it. okay ... but when???
Wednesday. 1.2.08 12:33 pm
Okay, real quick review of today. The truck came today {it was scheduled for tomorrow} and we weren't planning on it till tomorrow so we had a skeleton crew. The truck was full, over half of is was summer shit. Most of which was heavy and did cause some injuries. One of which could be a bad sprain or a minor break/fracture. I didn't get hurt worse than a bruise on my leg and a couple smashed fingers between boxes. We didn't get any of the stuff planned for today done. Stupid ass truck. Other than a 'played-by-ear' day, it was tiring as usual.

Anywho, there's a new boss at ma's work and because of the recent decrease in employees, they're hiring. About 5 minutes after we were introduced, he offered me a job. It's a graveyard shift and he said it would be part time {Friday, Saturday and Sunday.} I'd be getting $10/hr. I told him I wasn't sure because my hours are very flexible at Big Lots. He told me to let ma know within a week if I wanted it.

When I told ma that she told me to sleep on it and let her know later on. When the hell am I going to be able to do that?! I had to be at work today at 4am; it was originally my day off. When I got home, I needed to put laudry on; I'm about to put the clothes in the dryer when I'm done with the post. When I'm done with laundry, I still can't sleep cuz I need to keep Lotus out till at least 3pm; I haven't taken her out of her tank for a week. I'll be able to keep her out longer because ma won't be home, but I do want to nap for a little. Especially if I'm going in to work at 2am.

Tonight, I'll be eating dinner, probably napping for another few hours. Tomorrow, I do in to work at 2am {or 4am} and work for 8 hours. I'll come home, nap for a few hours, get up around 3 or 4ish and head down to the Strip. We'll be wandering for a bit before we head back to the Venetian for the show. The show should get out around 9:30pm and I have no idea what we'll be doing after that. When I get home from being out, I'll be passing the fuck out.

I'm off work Friday, but when I get up I have to go out and get my paycheck. I need to cash it and buy food. When I get home, I'll probably nap again for a few hours before dinner because I have to be at work at 4am Saturday morning.

So let me ask again ... when the hell am I supposed to "sleep on it?"

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obligatory first post of '08
Tuesday. 1.1.08 10:08 pm
I spent the day at work. It was pretty slow. We closed at 6 for the holiday, but we go back to normal hours tomorrow.

I was only scheduled to work 3 days this week, but I've been asked to work on two of my days off, so I'm pretty much working a full, normal week. I'm okay with it because this means my paycheck will be normal.

It was a decent day. I got everything done that I was asked to do and I got it done in a timely fashion. It was all easy stuff.

Anywho, there's this guy at my work: Sam. He's been there for a month{?} give or take a week or so. He's very quiet, nice, smiles often, kinda cute ... 20. I have a small feeling he's gay, but I don't think he is. It's just a very small feeling. I also feel like there's so much more to him than meets the eye. He seems too ... good. Like he's got a past or he does something outside of work that's completely opposite what his outward appearance gives off.

I mean, sure, I give off the appearance that I'm 'innocent,' 'good,' and for the most part it's true. I have secrets {that only a very select few know} and I'm definitely not normally as happy as I appear at work, but I don't have a crazy life outside of work. I just want to get to know Sam more. I would love to know what he's like outside of work. But how do I go about finding that information out? How do I go about finding a way to hang out with him without seeming ... pushy. Or too interested? Ugh. I'll figure something out. And if I don't, I guess I'm just left to wonder.

Alright, this was a decent post. A little less lame than the year end post. And I'm tired so I'm off to bed.

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