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Saturday. 3.30.13 8:48 pm
As expected, I was busier today than yesterday and it has seriously worn me out. I did get pho today, so that was a plus.

It was in the mid 60s today so no jacket was required for going out. It got a little cool once the sun went down, but I think I can officially stop using my heat for a while. I'm really hoping it doesn't get as ridiculously hot as it did last summer, but I have my fan just in case.

I go back to work tomorrow, which I really don't want to do. I've already taken my bedtime dose of Tylenol so it should be kicking in pretty soon.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Friday. 3.29.13 7:19 pm
Today was exactly as I intended it to be. I slept in, took a shower, took a nap and sat on my ass.

I'm feeling a little better than yesterday, but only by a little. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better than today. I will be slightly more active tomorrow than today as I have laundry to do. I will also be caring for my friend's pets again {the one that lives closer to me,} but only for tonight and tomorrow. I still have 3 doses of daytime Tylenol, about half a bottle of nighttime Tylenol and about half a box of tissues left to get me through the remainder of the weekend. I'm hoping to have this thing kicked by Tuesday.

It finally feels like Spring is here. I actually opened one of my windows for the whole day and another for a few hours. The temperature on my thermostat has gone down so the one window is closed, but the other is still open. I may keep it open all night, but it depends on how cool it gets once the sun fully sets.

I think I'm going to take a mini nap before I have to go to my friend's place.

Until tomorrow. . .

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One 16 down, two to go
Thursday. 3.28.13 10:30 pm
I'm sick, tired, sore and so happy it's finally my weekend. A 16 hour shift is hard enough on your body when you're in good health. It sucks when you're not. I will be spending the next two days doing next to nothing so that come Tuesday when I work my second 16 hour shift, I will be able to survive long enough to make it to my third 16 hour shift next Thursday.

I have taken a dose of Tylenol so it should be kicking in sometime soon.

This is all you're getting from me today.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Ah... ah... ahh... damn it
Wednesday. 3.27.13 5:59 pm
That moment when you really have to sneeze, you make the face, get all prepared ...

then nothing.

Fuck. Now my eye is watering like a damn leaky faucet and my nose is even more stuffed than it was before. Next paycheck, I'm buying black pepper. Of all the spices I have in my cabinet, I never thought to buy black pepper. Go figure. Although, with as stuffed as my nose is right now, I would probably end up snorting it than simply sniffing it.

I gave in and bought Blistex today. I've always been too stubborn to give in to lip balms and creams and stuff when I'm sick. Then again, I've also never blown my nose this much when sick. It's actually helping the raw skin around my nose. I can smile without the skin pulling. I have to admit, this stuff is pretty awesome. And it was only $1.30.

Tomorrow I am scheduled for a 16 hour shift. I may or may not complete it, but I will be doing at least 12. A coworker was nice enough to offer to work the last 4 hours, if I end up feeling too shitty to finish the shift. I will probably know around hour 10 or 11 whether I'll need him to cover the last 4 hours or not. I'm hoping not; I have enough Tylenol daytime to last me through the day, but I'll have to wait and see. With all the available overtime coming up, the next day I put that I was okay to work was Saturday, but that was before I got sick. If I'm working a double shift tomorrow with the way I'm feeling, I will not be able to do Saturday as well. I'll need at least two days to recuperate, medicate and relax. The next available day I put down was Tuesday so that should be more than enough time for me to get better, even with working my normal shifts.

This morning my laryngitis kicked in to affect. I was speaking at the level of a cracked whisper. About halfway through the shift, I started to get some tone back and by the end I was able to talk on the phone without the other person struggling to hear me. I know how ridiculous I sound when I have no voice so I had no problems with people teasing me. It's better to make light of a situation that you have no control over than to take offense to it. Hopefully tomorrow I won't be as bad.

My cough has started breaking up so that's a good sign. It sounds worse, but at least the mucus isn't just sitting in my lungs. My cough is always worse when I get sick because of the post nasal drip that I've had since I was a baby. I can get this cough even when I don't have a cold, so when I do, it's multiplied. Funny enough, even with the cough and losing my voice, my throat isn't sore. I get a couple dry spots here and there {that make my eyes water like crazy and make me feel like I'm choking} but nothing more than that.

I don't know if you can tell by the length of this entry that I'm feeling slightly better. I still feel sick, but I can also feel the slight improvements that are there as well.

Anywho, I am going to watch New Girl then take my first dose of nighttime Tylenol and call it a night.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Tuesday. 3.26.13 5:05 pm
Still sick. The Tylenol seemed to help a little bit while I was at work, but I'm still more or less an extra body. Other than that, I'm fairly useless. Walking or talking in excess causes my cough to worsen. It was easier to be sick when I was still on swing shift. Then I could hide out in the office the whole time. With the boss there during the day, I always feel awkward when I spend more time in the office.

In a couple hours I will be taking some Tylenol PM so hopefully that'll help me sleep better than the crap I took yesterday. I found the receipt so that stuff will be returned tomorrow.

Work was uneventful except that we had two new people; two floats to be exact. They are on call and work whatever and whenever they're told to. One of them had already been sort of trained; the other was being trained. This is going to be an interesting few weeks.

My nose is raw from blowing it so much. I've pretty much spent all the rest of my money on cold medication so I don't have anything left to help with the chapped skin. I guess I know what I'll be buying come next payday.

Anywho, I think I'll continue watching a few more shows on Hulu before I call it a night.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Satisfaction guaranteed
Monday. 3.25.13 7:20 pm
I think I will get my $5 back tomorrow and buy a name brand medication. Usually the generic cold meds do about the same as the name brand, but the Safeway brand of Nyquil made me feel worse. I'll take it to customer service tomorrow and see what I can do. I will be getting Tylenol Severe Cold either way; I just would prefer to get my money back on the shit that didn't work.

So that pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now. I may also have to dip in to my savings and get some soup and crackers and orange juice or something of the like to maybe aid in getting better.

I hate being sick. I especially hate it when I can't afford to call off from work and the meds I get to try to help make me feel even shittier.

My right nasal passage still hates me. It has remained stuffed probably 95% of the time I've been ill. I seriously want to cut it off.

As I continue hacking up a lung, I will entertain myself with nonsensical YouTube videos. There's some shows in my Hulu queue, but I don't want to have to pause every time I go in to a coughing fit so as not to miss anything. I'll wait until I'm no longer sick to watch something less nonsensical.

Until tomorrow. . . *cough* *sniffle* Ugh.

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