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Thursday. 10.10.13 9:43 pm
I have a day off tomorrow! I called to confirm that someone else was still on the schedule for tomorrow and, despite the fact that the overtime would be nice, I'm looking very forward to actually being able to sleep in. No alarms for me tomorrow!

My friend and I are going to a wedding in Issaquah tomorrow evening. I'm her 'plus 1' so I have no idea who anyone will be, except her, which I'm totally okay with. Essentially I'm crashing the wedding without dealing with the possibility of being kicked out. Oh, and I get to dress up pretty again. I'm already looking forward to wearing my new shoes again.

We won't be staying too late because I have to be up early for my super early Saturday shift. This will actually give me the chance to get some shopping done at Sam's since I'll be getting off long before the store closes. I'm probably going to get my laundry done tomorrow late morning/early afternoon so that I won't have to worry about getting it done Saturday. This way if I want to go to bed early, I can. I do have to get quarters so that'll probably be the only trip I make out tomorrow until I leave with my friend for the wedding.

Alright, I need to eat and relax and enjoy the fact that I have no alarm to wake up to in the morning. Tomorrow will be a good day.

Until then. . .

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Wednesday. 10.9.13 9:40 pm
I decided this year that I wouldn't put up too much of a front on resisting the flu shot so I got it taken care of today. Since it's a little easier to get it this year and the communications on who's eligible is better, most of us aren't fighting it like last year. They made sure that all persons employed at the hospital, agency or otherwise, were to get the shot free of charge due to the fact that it was being required by the hospital. It was required last year, but they billed all the contract and agency staff. It was really annoying.

Tomorrow is my Friday ... sort of. Or it may not be. I'm not sure yet whether I'll be working the overtime. I won't know until sometime tomorrow. If I haven't heard by the end of my shift, I'll call to make sure that they still have someone else on the schedule then adjust my personal schedule accordingly. At this point, I'm actually hoping I don't get it because this will be my only morning to sleep in this week, but I do need the extra money so we'll see. I guess it works out either way.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Losing track
Tuesday. 10.8.13 9:40 pm
What day is it? I'm working so much that I'm having trouble keeping track of the days. How is it possible that it's already been 3 days since my birthday? I'm glad for this, however, since it means that I'm inching closer and closer to my vacation.

My ankle wasn't bothering me much today. Every once in a while it would tweak and send a dull pain up my leg, but then I would just take it easy and it would work itself out. Hopefully it stays that way.

I'll be awake for a little while tonight because I want to let my hair dry some, but that all depends on how quickly I get tired. I may just give up and go to bed with my hair wet. I've been putting off washing it the last few days and I couldn't go any longer without washing it. I'll wash it again tomorrow and the day after to make it all soft and fluffy again.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Back to it
Monday. 10.7.13 9:26 pm
All this week I'll be going in to Sam's at 4 which means that I'll have very little time in between jobs to actually sit and relax. Ugh. I also won't have a day off this week to sleep in because I'm going in for an extra 8 hours on Friday at my regular job and I'm scheduled to work early in the morning on Saturday at Sam's. I have a feeling Saturday and Sunday afternoon will be spent sleeping. After laundry is finished, of course. Friday afternoon will be spent at a wedding. Which is going to make Saturday a very long day.

I am going to finish my slice of pizza, watch maybe two YouTube videos and call it a night. I want to have the light off by 10 so that I can hope to get some sleep tonight. The last two mornings I was awake at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep before my alarm went off. This morning it was because of a dream that startled me awake and the image wouldn't go away. A zombie was attacking me and I had to stab it in the face multiple times with a butter knife. Ugh.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Not feeling it
Sunday. 10.6.13 7:32 pm
At least yesterday was a good day.

Things have turned back around again, though. I guess back to normal. I didn't sleep well last night so I've been dragging all day. I took a nap, but that didn't seem to help. It only made me more groggy. The food that I ate today tasted good, but made me feel bloated. My ankle somehow got messed up yesterday. I'm going to assume it was from walking around Greenlake in flats. . . at my normal pace. My leg was hurting for a little while, but after I slowed down some and stopped for a little bit I thought it was fine. I guess not.

I'm probably going to head to bed early tonight. I'll be working the next 4 days at both jobs. I also picked up an overtime shift at my regular job, which I actually wanted. That same night I'll be going to a wedding with a friend. She didn't have anyone to go with so I'll be tagging along. More or less I'll be crashing the wedding, since I don't know anyone, but I'm on the guest list so they can't kick me out. Hopefully my ankle is healed up by then.

I'll find out tomorrow what my scheduled for next week at Sam's is. I'm hoping that I'm working in the evening on Saturday, but Murphy's Law states that since I'll be out late Friday night, I'll probably be opening on Saturday morning. As much as I hate calling off places when I'm not sick, I may be doing that for the first time. We'll see what happens when I go in tomorrow.

I'm really hoping that I don't feel like shit again tomorrow. Especially since I won't have much time in between jobs to relax. Oh well.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Saturday. 10.5.13 11:22 pm
This was the best birthday I've had in a long while. It was relaxing; I had a great time with my friends. The weather was great. The food was tasty. The drinks were enough.

Today was perfect.

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