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Sick without being sick
Saturday. 1.9.16 5:15 pm
I woke up this morning feeling quite a bit better than before I went to bed, however, as the day progressed, I started feeling weird again. I can't say I feel sick, because I really don't. This stupid sinus headache/stuffy/runny nose shit is super annoying, though. It affects me just enough that I can't do my normal exercises and wakes me just often enough to not allow me to get a decent amount of sleep. Everything else? Just fine.

I hung out with a friend last night. I told him when I got there how I was feeling, but he didn't seem too worried about getting sick so that made me feel better. If he does get sick, I'll feel bad, so I hope he doesn't. We watched some comedy shows, and the movie Home, while chowing down on some pizza and beer. The food was pretty tasty; I think I helped him find a new pizza place to order from. I ended up just crashing there and came home this morning. I had a feeling that might happen so I was prepared this time and brought a change of clothes. I have a bad habit of hanging out with friends and not being prepared to stay the night, then drink too much to safely drive home and have to end up leaving wearing the same thing I showed up in. I really should just keep a change of clothes in my car. Or just stop drinking. That's a good option too.

My sinus headache is making it challenging to focus on the content of the blog so I suppose I should end it. It's also prohibiting me from comfortably being able to exercise so I have a feeling the gym isn't going to happen tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll wake up feeling miraculously better.

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Clinical side effects
Thursday. 1.7.16 8:57 pm
I've been working in this new position for a little over a month now so it's only fitting that my immune system starts to go "what the fuck... why'd we go from our cozy, enclosed little space to a clinic full of sickies?" and starts to throw a temper tantrum.

I've had a sinus headache all day. My nose keeps getting stuffy, which is definitely not helping the sinus pressure. I've been downing Airborne since yesterday and I invested in some Tylenol cold and flu to take at bed time {now} to help me sleep. I also got some Puffs w/lotion so that I could blow my nose without it going raw after only a day.

I don't feel sick, just the massive headache, so I'm hoping I've taken enough precautions to keep from actually getting sick. I'll be taking it easy tomorrow in hopes that I can still make it to the gym Saturday. I also have plans tomorrow evening and Sunday so I'd rather not have to reschedule. I hate having to bail on people, even if it's for their own well being.

Anywho, time to kill the lights and lay down. Sleep is just as important in calming a panicking immune system so I'm not gonna skimp on it. I'll probably jack some Sudafed from one of my coworkers tomorrow if the headache hasn't gone anywhere, or take some ibuprofen. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

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Shy and awkward
Tuesday. 1.5.16 8:44 pm
I've come to realize the biggest difference between how I can tell if I truly like someone compared to when I'm cool with it being a one-and-done thing. When I actually have an interest in someone, where I want it to be more than just a hook up, I tend to get really shy and awkward around them. Suddenly I'm afraid of being too forward and overstepping boundaries. When I don't want to try for a long term thing, I don't care about being abrasive because I'm not really invested in what happens long term. I'm forward, usually way more than I should be, and not afraid to say exactly what's on my mind. Another indicator that I'm in it for the long run? I blush a lot whenever they're around or when their name is mentioned, and I involuntarily smile. It's ridiculous and annoying at times. . .

Anywho, I really don't have a whole lot to say at the moment. Tomorrow is midweek and I'm glad for that. No big plans for the weekend. I'm hanging out with a friend on Sunday, which is long overdue. I need some Yoda time. No idea what we'll be doing, but I'm gonna make sure it's not something that's super time consuming. With work on Monday, I want to make sure I'm home at a reasonable hour so that I can get sleep. Monday's are hard enough even with a full night's sleep.

I still have to go shopping ... eventually. Perhaps on Friday. Or Thursday. I have a feeling I'm gonna want to just come straight home tomorrow after work. Wednesdays are always a hit or miss with the weirdos.

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Back to routine
Sunday. 1.3.16 6:12 pm
It's been nice having two three-day weekends in a row. Tomorrow everything goes back to normal, however, which means that traffic is going to be fucked and people are going to be more pissy than ever. So that'll be fun ...

It snowed today. It's the first time it's snowed in Seattle since Thanksgiving 2014. It literally didn't snow at all here during 2015. I figured it was only a matter of time before we got at least something, considering how much snow the mountains have gotten and how cold it's been. Nothing stuck, nor did it last for very long, but it was pretty to enjoy while it lasted.

I was supposed to go grocery shopping this weekend, as well as buy gifts for my family ... did that happen? Nope. I went out with a friend yesterday to see The Good Dinosaur. It was a cute movie; definitely had some feels, which tends to happen when it comes to Disney/Pixar movies. It was kind of amusing that we happened to be in the same theater as we were when we saw Star Wars. Afterwards, we went to the pub nearby for dinner and drinks. Since I was driving, I chose the drink with literally the lowest ABV in a drink that I've ever had. It was only 3%. It might as well have been juice. But it was tasty!

After that, he didn't want to go home quite yet, so we stopped at a bar that was closer to home for him and had another drink. This time we both ordered a winter warmer and had some fries. It was nice being able to catch up; we hadn't hung out in months. Hopefully it's not months before we hang out again.

Today I had every intention of going out and doing stuff, but I didn't even do my laundry. The fact that I didn't have any quarters to do laundry helped with that ... but I could have easily gone to the store, gone grocery shopping and gotten quarters all in one trip. What did I do instead? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I opened my blinds when people on Facebook started posting things about snow and waited for it to come my way. I did do the dishes so I suppose I did something that could be considered productive.

I'll have to take care of all my errands and whatnot during the week. Perhaps I'll be more motivated to be an adult if I'm already dressed and out. I'll have to sit in the shit storm that will be traffic, but hey, that's part of being an adult, right?

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A continuation
Friday. 1.1.16 6:44 pm
I figured out why it doesn't feel all that strange for it to be 2016. Due to the fact that I worked in a scheduling department for a majority of the year, I regularly scheduled appointments weeks or months in advance. I still schedule appointments, it's just not my primary objective anymore. However, because of this, I've been intermittently writing 2016 for at least the last two months. That's why this doesn't feel all that different.

Today was nice. I hung out with a friend whom I've not hung out with {outside of work} in probably about 18 months. We met up for breakfast at this place called Patty's Egg Nest. The food is decent and reasonably priced. The portions are massive... I've only had snacks since breakfast and I probably could have managed even without those, I'm still so full. I have left overs for tomorrow and will likely be just as full as today.

Afterwards, we made our way out to Snoqualmie Falls. It's a New Year's tradition that she's been doing for a few years now so I just happened to tag along this time around. It was bright, sunny, windy and cold there. It wasn't super crowded, which was nice, but enough people had the same idea as us. If she'd been wearing different shoes, we probably would have gone down the trail... definitely gonna happen next time.

Once we got back to the car, we decided to drive over to the outlet shops in North Bend and wander around to kind of walk off the food we'd consumed. There were a lot of stores I'd never heard of. I did end up buying chocolate; it's hard to resist the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Once we were done there, we drove back to where my car was and parted ways.

Tonight will be much like last night, hopefully with less fireworks. I went to bed early, after watching the live stream of the ball drop in NYC. The fireworks woke me up at midnight, since someone was setting them off right in front of my place, and I heard the noise from the celebration at the Space Needle, but I was asleep again by quarter after. It's not even 7 yet and I'm exhausted.

I'll be going to the gym in the morning and then meeting up with a friend to catch a movie in the afternoon. He said he might have some other friends going with him so it's possible it might be a group thing. Either way, I'm mostly in it just to see the movie. That and I haven't hung out with this friend in months, with the exception of him being part of the Star Wars group. Which is another movie I plan on seeing again sometime this month. The friend I invited to see it with me opening night, myself, and another friend of hers, will all be going to see it at the Pacific Science Center IMAX. I'm excited about that.

Sunday the only plan is laundry, which I'm perfectly okay with. I have plans next Sunday and possibly Saturday, but I'm not sure about that day yet. I'm waiting to see what my friend says in the way of what she's doing. If she's not busy, we'll probably go hiking. If not, then I'll just be chilling out at home.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the guy to text me ... it is after the new year, after all. Positive vibes...

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Thursday. 12.31.15 6:57 pm
It's stranger to think about the fact that this is my last entry with the date 2015 than it is to think about how tomorrow will be 2016. I'm weird like that.

Uhm, so I meant to write the last couple days, but that just didn't happen. Obviously. Nothing terribly exciting happened over the last few days, really. I found a game on my computer from back in the late 90s that I've been playing. I was obsessed with it back then. It's a brick breaker called DX-Ball. I held every one of the high scores, the highest of which was over 110,000. My goal is to beat that score. After that? I'll probably lay it to rest for another 15-20 years.

I need to go out picture-taking again. I haven't really gone anywhere since I've gotten back from Vegas and I'm itching to go wander. It's a little more challenging because I don't have chains for my tires so I'm restricted on how far east I can go. But that's fine. I can travel north, or go as far as I can before chains are required. My little car doesn't like going through the mountains anyway. I just know that I need to get out.

I'll likely put on the live stream of the NYC celebration here in the next hour or so, watch the ball drop, say something about the near year for the East coast people and then call it a night. I'm pretty damn certain I'll be asleep before midnight. There's only one person, at this point, who can get me to go out and that won't happen so I'm golden for going to bed early tonight.

Anywho, I guess this is it for the year. Have a safe one guys.

Until next year. . .

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