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Friday. 11.15.13 7:55 pm
I got my bills paid while I was at work and I was able to stop at the bank before I headed home, but I haven't bought the bags for the trip yet. I'll probably do it tomorrow, but we'll have to see. I may be putting it off until next Friday, which is cutting it close, but still enough time to get things shipped to my house with the 2 day Prime shipping on Amazon.

Today was really uneventful, but I was exhausted. I took a nap when I got home and didn't wake up until around 7. Which means that my sleep for tonight is probably screwed which means that my attitude for tomorrow is definitely screwed ... and in a customer service job like Sam's, I'm going to have to work really hard to keep from being rude to people. Saturdays are always busy so that makes my attempting friendly customer service that much more challenging. Ugh.

It wouldn't be so bad if I could at least sleep in. Waking up to an alarm every single morning for two weeks is rather annoying. It's a sacrifice I am well aware I made this time around, but that doesn't mean I can't still bitch about it. Especially since that's what this blog is for, essentially; to get my thoughts out of my head and on to 'paper.'

Alright, me and my awesome smelling self will be watching videos for the next couple hours and hopefully I'll be tired enough to fall asleep at a reasonable hour so that I'm not super cranky in the morning.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Thursday. 11.14.13 9:51 pm
I'm exhausted, but at least I smell good. I started using a new body wash tonight and it smells pretty awesome. It's called Coconut Island Quench from Softsoap. I have to admit it kind of makes me want to shower more often.

I guess I'm kind of, but not really, halfway through my super long week. After I get through the shift tomorrow, I think, is the halfway point. It's going to be a long day. I was going to bring a change of clothes with me so that I could be more comfortable when I go to the bank/store, but I think I'll just deal with doing it in my uniform. I want to get home as quickly as possible and having to deal with bringing a change of clothes requires too much energy on my part right now.

Until tomorrow. . .

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It's all in my head
Wednesday. 11.13.13 9:23 pm
The amount of time I spend at work really isn't that much. The commute to and from the second job takes a bit of time, especially since I never know what traffic is going to look like so I can't really push it like I can with the regular job. I know exactly how long it takes me to get there in the mornings so I know how far out I can push it before I'm late. I keep thinking that it's super exhausting working all these extra hours, and even though it can be, it's really not too bad. I still usually get a solid 6 hours of sleep a night, which is what I was getting before I got the second job.

It's the amount of free time that I'm sacrificing that makes it seem like it's more work than it is.

Also, I'm trying really hard to convince myself that my manager bumping in to me at work today was just a coincidence. He was walking behind me and pushed past me to get to something in front of me and bumped in to me in the process. No excuse me, no nothing {probably because he really needed to make that phone call} and it sent shivers down my spine. I had to actually work to not smile from ear to ear. *insert an 'omg, he touched me' moment* There's no way he would have done that on purpose ... right?

No, it's all in my head.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Feeling short
Tuesday. 11.12.13 9:30 pm
I felt shorter than normal today. I'm not sure why, but every once in a while, there are days when I feel taller than I am or shorter than I am. Today was a short day. I just felt like everyone and everything was way taller than me. I mean, I'm only 5'3" so I'm used to being short, but today just felt shorter... I know it doesn't really make much sense, but that's how I felt.

I decided to sacrifice my one day off this week by signing up for some overtime at my regular job. I could really use the extra money and with it being a day shift I will still have the afternoon to get my errands run. It's a payday so I would have had to leave the house anyway. I might just bring a change of clothes with me, though, so that I'm not tempted to just go home and stay home. If I have the clothes to change in to immediately after work, I'm less tempted to avoid my errands. The extra money will be on the last check I get before I leave for my trip so that'll be nice.

Alright, time to watch some videos and let my hair dry some before calling it a night. Hopefully the next two days go by quickly and smoothly. And having this extra day might make time appear to be moving quicker. I'll be dead on my feet by next Friday.

Until tomorrow. . .

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I feel I may crack
Monday. 11.11.13 9:25 pm
That feeling you get when you work so many hours that your days just tie together and you forget what day it is. You know the date because you have to write it down on stuff and tell people when they need to write it down on stuff, but the day itself is beyond you. I'm having issues with time this week, apparently, and it's only Monday ... right?

My manager turning me down for a date is only making me want him that much more. It's almost like I've been challenged and I must win. It's ridiculous, I know, but it equates to when someone tells you that you're incapable of doing something and suddenly you want to prove them wrong. I've still got it bad.

I'll probably be going to bed early tonight. Hopefully I'll have the lights off and the rain playing before 10. I have half an hour to get this accomplished and with as tired as I am right now, I'll probably succeed.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Wait, what time is it?!
Sunday. 11.10.13 7:08 pm
Reason number 7 about why napping on a Sunday afternoon is bad: when you wake up at 6:35{PM} thinking it's 6:35{AM} because it's just as dark at that time of night as it is in the morning and you panic because you think you're late for work by 35 minutes. Then you realize that it actually says PM on your phone and panic again thinking that your phone somehow froze and doesn't work anymore so now you have no idea what time it actually is.

Then it changes to 6:36pm and you realize you've panicked for no reason and should probably change your phone to military time to avoid future issues with being able to tell time when waking up from naps that shouldn't have been taken in the first place.


Today started out like any normal Sunday, but quickly turned in to a rather interesting, albeit annoying, day. We had a non-typical standby that consisted of a person coming down off some kind of drug. She was screaming nonsensical stuff at the top of her lungs and it was freaking out the other patients. We had to restrain her and it did nothing to quiet her down. It's sad, really, but there was only so much that could be done. This is why you don't do drugs, kids.

Now that I'm awake from my jaunt with not being able to register time of day correctly, I'm going to continue watching The Walking Dead. At least until I need to get to sleep for work tomorrow. 4 more days this week of working both jobs. Come on vacation. I knew this month would take forever, but it's taking longer than I expected.

Until tomorrow. . .

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