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Sunday. 5.6.07 7:59 pm
I was sore today. My legs hurt, my arms hurt, I still have a headache; my whole body is sore. I'm glad that it was slow today. I didn't have to push myself too hard.

I actually cooked food tonight. Like, not in the microwave. I have the recipe for my mom's spanish rice and I decided that I wanted to make it. So I did. And it turned out just like my mom makes it! Its absolutely delicious! I might have to make it more often.

Anywho, I've decided that I'm done with Stuart. I'm not going to stop talking to him, but I'm too into Justin now {even though I was trying not to become that into him} I don't want to do anything to hurt him. I've actually been with Justin for at least a month if not more. I think its been more. But I haven't seen Stuart in like 2 1/2 weeks and I'm sick of waiting and hoping. So I'm just done with him.

Alrighty, I'm gonna go enjoy my spanish rice and watch some TV. I'll write again whenever.

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Saturday. 5.5.07 10:59 pm
I'm so glad that I was able to go. We didn't go till later so we missed the first two bands. They weren't that good anyway so it didn't matter that we missed them. The Bravery was the band that played when we first got there and the only song we knew was An Honest Mistake. They weren't that good either.

The next band, however, was fucking awesome! Sum 41 kicks ass! The whole group of us were right in the middle of the crowd. People were surfing and moshing. It was insane! But it was insane fun!

Chevelle was up next. They were pretty good. I only knew a couple songs, but being in by the pits and throwing around surfers it was awesome.

Chris Cornell was last to come on. {It was supposed to be The Used on last, but they fucking canceled, which is bullshit, but whatev} Chris played some of the songs off his solo album; they were really good, but a little slow for this type of concert. He had a band with him, though, and he sang a bunch of songs that he did with Audioslave and Sound Garden.

I got hit in the head with a fucking shoe! I had a girl who was surfing fall on my head and another person surfing kicked me in the head. People were throwing around water bottles and beer cups {some of which weren't empty so I ended up with beer on me} I got stepped on while jumping and I'm gonna have a nice bruise on my arm from being elbowed. Its the most fun I've had at a concert in ... actually, I think that's the best time I've had at a concert. I'm also glad that I went with Caitlyn, Sarah and their friends instead of Katie. I would have never had that much fun.

My throat is sore from yelling and screaming. So I have a pretty bad headache and a sore throat {all completely worth it} Work tomorrow is not going to be fun. I'm not going to give a shit. I don't even know who I'm working with. I hope that I'm not working with idiots, cuz I don't really want to have to follow everyone around making sure they're working.

Anywho, I need to go to bed. I wanted Stuart to come over since Justin is out of town for the weekend, but its not going to happen so I'm off to pass out for the night.

Today was fucking awesome!

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WTF?! {edited}
Friday. 5.4.07 10:22 pm
Well, I am going to KFMA Day, but not with Katie. Not with Justin either. A couple girls that I work with are going and I'm going with them. That's about the only good news I got today.

I'm supposed to be having a nice evening with Justin right now, but he got a phone call from his mom during dinner telling him that a couple tornadoes ripped through his home town and his grandparents are missing. As soon as we left the restaurant {which wasn't even that good; we're not going back} he dropped me off at my place and left to rush home.

I think I'm making a mistake. I'm starting to fall for him. I'm starting to get attached. Ya know how I know this? I started crying cuz I was hoping tonight would be a good night. I was sincerely upset that I wasn't able to spend the time with Justin that I was anticipating.

I can understand that his family is uber important to him. And I hope that his grandparents and his friends are okay, but ... I dunno. Is is wrong for me to want to spend time with him right now? I know that he probably wouldn't be much company. Maybe I'd understand better if I was as close to my family as he is with his. I still want him to be with me right now. There's absolutely nothing he can do about his family in Kansas when he's here in Arizona. Why do I feel like its wrong for me to be thinking this way?

My eyes hurt right now. I know its from crying. I can't even cry anymore. My eyes are all dried out. I didn't even cry that long.

Ugh! I hate being a woman sometimes. We're too damn emotional. I'll update later if {and when} I find out about Justin's family.

Justin's family is all okay. His grandfather was the last person they needed to get in touch with {he doesn't have a cell phone so it was proving a bit difficult} They finally got in touch with his grandfather though, at the senior citizen home helping out people. Justin said that over 70% of the town was destroyed by the storm.

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So much for a good weekend
Thursday. 5.3.07 10:03 pm
Katie calle me and told me she wasn't going to be able to make it to KFMA Day. That she has so much homework, she doubts even with the whole weekend, she won't be able to get it finished.

I have no one else to go with.

This blows. Fuck the way this world works sometimes.

{Edit}: I don't even have any chocolate to chow down on cuz I ate it all earlier.


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Wednesday. 5.2.07 1:07 am
Justin took me out to IHOP tonight. There weren't too many people there and the food was tasty. Afterwards we came back to my complex, but we didn't get out of the car. We sat there for a minute just looking up at the moon, when apparently something clicked in Justin's head and we suddenly were driving again.

We started driving out into the middle of nowhere. We drove past the State and Federal Prisons onto a dirt road that I'm not sure where it led to. About 5 minutes down the road we pulled over to a spot that was obviously used for underage drinking {the empty cases and beer bottles kinda gave that away} For about half an hour we sat there on the bed of his truck just talking and looking up at the stars and the moon.

It was cooler out there in the middle of the desert and it was really nice just being out there with him. A few cars drove by while we were out there, but no one seemed to notice we were even there. It was probably just people that lived at the end of wherever that dirt road led to.

Just after 10pm, Justin decided that since we both had to work in the morning we should probably get going. I wanted to just stay out there, but I knew he had to be up much earlier than me and he actually needed the sleep more than me. So we came back to my place and hung out for a bit before he left.

One night when we're both off the next day, we're going to drive back to that spot and hang out there for a bit without having to worry about getting up in the morning to work. I didn't want to leave that spot tonight, but we couldn't stay. Damn work.

Alright, its quarter after one in the morning and I need to be up in about 6 hours so I'm ending this here. I'll write again whenever.

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This Saturday
Monday. 4.30.07 9:51 am
When: Saturday, May 5th

What: KFMA Day; the largest outdoor concert event in Southern Arizona

Who: Authority Zero, Silversun Pickups, Chevelle, Chris Cornell, Sum 41, The Bravery, The Used

I've been wanting to go to a KFMA Day for the last two years and now I'm finally able to go.

I'm excited.

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