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Tuesday. 12.12.06 1:28 pm
I hate the week before I leave to go on vacation. Not only cuz it takes forever, but I'm trying to cram a hundred things in around work to prepare for the vacation. And then when I think that everything is set and ready to go, something happens that makes it change.

This morning, about 15 minutes ago, {about 15 minutes after I woke up} I get a text from Gary telling me I have to work Saturday day. This is shitty for me cuz I was about to make my hair appointment today for Saturday. I'm also gonna go up to make my tattoo appointment {you can't call, you have to go in and schedule appts}. I have to work Saturday morning cuz Tiffany can't for some reason. So I told Gary to just put me back off on Tuesday. Tuesday is my normal day off, but I was going to have him schedule me to make up for some hours that I would be losing. This way I'll still have a day to get my shit ready {laundry, packing, etc} for when I leave. I'm going to go in early on Saturday morning so that I can bust out all the shit I need to do so that I can leave early. Ugh!!!

Lance never came by last night cuz his exam went on longer than anticipated. He said he'd most likely come over today. I want to call him to see when he'll be over, but I have a feeling, since its not even noon yet, that he's still sleeping and I don't want to wake him. I sent him a text telling him to call me when he woke up. I want to ask him what time he's coming over so that I know whether I have to walk to the tattoo place or if he'll give me a ride. I have a feeling that I'll end up walking either way.

Other than the obvious not being able to get my hair cut on Saturday, I also have to figure out how to make my lack of clean clothing last through till Tuesday. I can't afford to do laundry more than once a week and Saturday is usually my laundry day. This means that with working added to the other stuff I have planned on Saturday, I won't have time to do laundry then. I have to wait till Tuesday. This means I have to resort to wearing clothes that I don't like wearing anymore cuz they don't really fit propperly, but they still fit well enough to wear out. Grr!

This seems to be a themed vacation; the theme: shit not going as originally planned. You've read about the shit that just happened today, refer to Bug's latest entry to read more about what's not going to happen as planned. {It involves not going to California anymore} I just hope that some things actually go right. Or even better than originally thought.

I hate the week before I go on vacation.

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yup, its monday
Monday. 12.11.06 10:25 pm
Today was definately Monday. It was slow, there were only three of us working and it just seemed to take forever to end. Ugh.

Nothing exciting happened today. Gary was not in the best of moods cuz his night manager called in saying he was puking. In reality, he was probably just hung over. This added to the other things that he's done {or not done} and caused Gary to just fire him. Oh well. We were lucky enough that someone came in who had good experience in the restaurant business so Gary hired him and he'll be there tomorrow to start learning our ways.

I'm tired right now. And bored. I'm glad I don't have to work tomorrow. I think I'm gonna go up to the tattoo parlor tomorrow just to see how long it takes me to walk there in case Katie can't go out on Saturday. I'm pretty sure she can though. Still, its always good to take precautions.

Anywho, I don't have anything else to say at this present time. And I'm paying more attention to the TV. So I'll write more later on.

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The party
Monday. 12.11.06 12:24 am
So this morning went perfectly. I got there an hour before I normally show up, and Erin was already there. She had gotten there an hour earlier than she said cuz she was paranoid. Well, it was a good thing she had gotten there early because we would have never had the time to do all the stuff we did or as perfectly as we did it. There were more people there than expected; they ended up ordering more food than originally planned. The only issue that we had about the party was the fact that they suck at tipping!

All in all, they spent a total of $451.64. And what did they tip? $48.36. Are you fucking kidding me?!? All the effort that was put into it and how perfect everything was?! I hate people sometimes. We {me and Erin} were really pleased with how smoothly everything went either way. Since I didn't really do a whole ton in getting everything set up I didn't really get a big portion of the tip. But that's alright. I got something. And it'll buy me food for the next couple days.

Anywho, Lance finally came over tonight. He'd been studying all day and needed a break. Unfortunately I decided to put in Dane Cook so his attention was mostly towards that. Considering I've seen it I don't even know how many times, I was paying more attention to him. I wanted him to watch the whole thing though so that next time he can pay more attention to me. He's gonna be back tomorrow after his exam, and we're gonna watch the 2nd disc in the set. Its got all the extras and stuff. And since neither of us have anything going on on Tuesday, who knows where things could ... 'lead'. Hehe.

I don't want to work tomorrow, especially since I have no idea who I'm working with and the fact that I'm going to see Joey tomorrow night. He's always been a big dick, but lately its gotten much worse. Whatever. All I have to do is ignore him and its usually alright.

I'm getting my tattoo on Saturday. I can't wait! I'm so looking forward to getting it, you have no idea. And its cheaper than I had originally thought. I know I said that in the last entry, but I felt like repeating it. You just have no idea how excited I am. Its an adrenaline rush for me. The sound of the needle. The pain from the needle pressing the ink into your skin. Its great. I can't wait! Ha, alright, I'm done . . . for now.

Alright, I can't really think of anything else to say so I'll write some more later on.

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Broke... Ugh
Sunday. 12.10.06 2:06 am
So Katie ended up calling me after she got off work. We went out to the mall. I bought Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, but I have to have her take me back cuz I need to return it, or exchange it, for the Widescreen 2 disc version. I'd prefer it to be in widescreen and I really want the second disc with all the bonus feature crap.

We went to Best Buy as well so that I could buy Dane Cook: Vicious Circle for myself and for Lance as his Christmas gift. He told me that he'd maybe come by tomorrow or Monday. I hope so cuz I really wanna see him.

Anywho, I had to cut even more into my vacation money so that I could get these DVDs, but I guess since the vacation money is for Christmas, and these are Christmas gifts, I guess its okay. I'm about two hundred dollars short of what I had originally planned on saving, but oh well. I can't get what I want all the time.

Oh, we stopped at the tattoo parlor to get an estimate on my tattoo. They said that it would cost about $150-200. Which is about $100-150 cheaper than I had originally thought. So I'm gonna try and get it next weekend. This way I'll have it spent and I'll know exactly how much I'll have left over to bring with me and spend when I go to Vegas.

Anywho, I should be heading off to bed. I have to get up earlier than normal tomorrow morning. I'll write tomorrow and I'll let ya'll know how the order went.

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so bored
Saturday. 12.9.06 5:49 pm
Well, since it's Saturday, my day off, I'm yet again spending another day at home really bored. I'm supposed to be going out tonight with Katie but I haven't heard from her so now I'm not so sure. Oh well, I guess.

I need to go out later either way cuz I have to go to work and pick up my keys so that I can open tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow cuz we have a group of about 70 people coming in first thing in the morning. I wouldn't mind so much if I had a good crew, but I don't tomorrow. Erin is going to come in first thing in the morning to help out so that should be alright.

I've got my laundry in right now rather than later tonight {like I normally do} just in case Katie does call or just show up. This way it'll be done. Besides, I'm bored and that at least gives me something to do.

I'm thinking that going after Lance is a not so good idea anymore. I'm just about to give up. I think I got him at the wrong time anyway. So whatever. It just wasn't meant to happen.

Alright I just left to go put my clothes in the dryer. I opened the door and got sun right in my face. The sun is at the point right now where its about an hour away from sunset so its all bright and shit. I was not prepared for that! Hopefully by the time my clothes are done drying, the sun will have set enough that it won't affect my vision.

So there's nothing on TV right now. I yet again have the TV muted and music playing on the comp. Eight Below is what's on right now, but I'm flipping back and forth between a few different movies on the movie channels.

Anywho, I'm out of shit to write right now. So I shall write again probably later on tonight.

Till then, I leave you with this, the best sticker ever:

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One long ass day
Saturday. 12.9.06 12:18 am
This morning I was actually in a pretty good mood. When I got to work, I was told that we had 6 pizzas to make, which isn't too bad. Also that we were probably gonna get our asses handed to us just simply cuz its Friday. About 5 minutes after I got there, Ameri-Schools called. {they're this prep acadamy that we do catering orders for} They ordered 24 pizzas. Which at their discount is still a good $270. And they've also been told about ordering that many pizzas without a 24 hour advance notice. So that meant that we had sold 30 pizzas 20 minutes before we had even opened. This was going to be one long ass day.

The Ameri-Schools order went almost perfectly. It was about 5 minutes late getting there, but that's fine considering the circumstances. It went very smoothly. Erin and I made 4 batches of dough in record time. We had them mixed, cut, rolled and put away in less than an hour. What can I say, we kick ass. One of the only reasons it went as smooth as it did was because our in-store business wasn't bad. There was hardly anyone who came in during this time. Although after that big order was out, people started coming in. It was busy the rest of the day.

I noticed on the schedule that I was the second person in the kitchen tonight. Which I guess I don't mind, but having been there all day and it having been busy, I was tired, sore and just wanted to go home. I got there at 20 after 10 this morning and I didn't clock out until 8:30 tonight. I was there till 9 only because I wanted something to eat. The only thing I had eaten all day was some fries. I was so hungry I ate a slice in less than 4 minutes. {our slices are huge. they come from a 34 inch pie} I ate, changed out of my uniform shirt and came home.

I called Katie to see what time we were going out tomorrow, but since she didn't answer I just left her a message to call me back and let me know. I called Lance too to see if he was going to come over tonight. He didn't answer the phone either, so I just sent him a text asking him to call or come by later on. I haven't heard anything from either of them.

I'm pissed right now cuz I need to go up to the store on my day off tomorrow so that I can get Gary's keys so that I can open on Sunday. Jeff still hasn't brought me back my keys and its pissing me off now. The first day he forgot them, I was like okay whatever; don't forget them again. But that was Tuesday. This is Friday. Its not cool anymore. And instead of bugging Jeff to get them back I'm going to start bugging Gary cuz I know that the more I bug Gary the quicker he'll make sure Jeff brings them back in.

Another thing that was bothering me tonight was the fact that Tiffany has to use a British accent in her upcoming drama performance, so she has to practice for it. So she decided to practice on it tonight at work. I don't mind the accent when someone is actually from that country, but if its obvious that its fake, I hate it. I used to play around with it when I was younger, but I'm not anymore and its annoying. I just hope the play comes and goes fast so that she doesn't have to do it anymore.

I wish that there was some way to actually get ahold of Lance and have him come over cuz that would definately put me in a better mood. But I dunno if its gonna happen. Actually I doubt it very much. There's always hope though. I guess at this point all I can do is hope that tomorrow is better. Its already good cuz I don't have to work, but I don't know how good its going to be.

Alright, I think that's it for now. I still haven't decided on which tattoo design I should go with. If Katie and I do go out tomorrow {like we're supposed to} I'm gonna see if we can stop at two tattoo parlors so that I can get an estimate on how much its going to cost. I aslo might get another set of balls for my tongue ring so that I can have a Christmas-y one again since last night the green ball broke. Now both green balls that I have for it are chipped and lemme tell ya, chipped plastic on rubbing on your tongue hurts.

Anywho, now that I've written much more than anticipated, I guess I'll end it.
~~>BTW if you're curious as to the design I'm trying to chose between for my tat, go to Blackfire and you can see the sketches I did of them on there.

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