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Saturday. 2.10.07 4:44 pm
I'm really, really bored right now. I just got done watching Talladega Nights and I honestly didn't really like it. I actually liked Gary's impressions of certain points in the movie better than the actual scene in the movie. Whatever.

There's actually nothing on TV right now. There are a few movies on the movie channels that are worth watching, but I've seen them all and I'm not in the mood to watch them at the present time.

Ugh! I can't wait to get back to Vegas. Oh, mom got the house {the one that my sister was complaining about not being able to pick her own room}. Only my sister isn't complaining any more. She's now drawing out floorplans as to where all her furnature is going to go and what color she's going to paint her room. Normally with rental homes, you can't paint the walls, but this landlord is okay with it. {right now one bedroom is yellow and another is green; ick} So there's no issue with painting the walls.

I'm going to go crazy on job aps as soon as I get out there. I might start filling them out online a week or so before I even get out there. This way I can have interviews set up for as soon as I get out there. I just have to get through the next 5 months here. Shouldn't be too hard, though you can never be sure.

Zach {he also works nextdoor at PostNet} has been unusally nice to me lately. See, we had this thing a little over a year ago, that ended twice. Once, due to the fact that he moved. When he moved back, it started up again, then he got a girlfriend and he completely ignored me. I think all we exchanged {only on rare occasion} were a few common courtesy hellos. Well, apparently he and his girlfriend had broken up and in the last few weeks he's been talking to me again. Joking with me, teasing me about dumb things, etc. He's being really nice. Its kinda weird. I don't feel anything for him anymore so if he does try anything it won't happen.

Anywho, I think I might call Allie later on and see if she wants to go to the gym. We've been meaning to go, but with her school and work schedules and my full work schedule its hard to figure out time to go. I'm sure soon enough, when the water isn't so cold, we're gonna find time to go swimming. Hopefully the pools won't be too busy with anxious people wanting to so swimming.

When I get out to Vegas I'm going to try and get into the routine of going to the gym every day. I would try doing it here, but I'm not in the best part of the neighborhood and I'm not comfortable with going myself. I need to get something like an exercise ball or something small that I can use in my own apartment. I dunno. I'll figure something out.

I haven't heard from Katie in a while. Maybe I'll call her later tonight or tomorrow after work. See if she wants to go hang out for a while. Tori said that we would have to go to GameStop next time Katie and me hung out. It'd be more fun than the mall. I've heard advertisements about it, but I've never been. Oh well.

I've added some songs to my playlist. Its basically for me to listen to when there's nothing to watch on TV and there's nothing good on the radio. I fell asleep listening to it last night and about two hours later I woke up and it was still playing. What can I say, I like a lot of different songs.

Why is it on my day off, I seem to either have nothing to write or a lot to write? Its kinda weird. I need to do my laundry later and I think I might lay down for a bit later. Not cuz I'm tired, just cuz I'm that damn bored and it'll give me something to do.

Alright, I'm done. I'll write more another time.

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Off and on day
Friday. 2.9.07 10:35 pm
The morning shift was nice. The night shift not so much. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't as nice as the morning shift.

Everyone was in good moods this morning which is what made it enjoyable. One thing happened that was really funny. You may not find it as funny cuz it was one of those things that you sort of had to be here, but I'm gonna elaborate anyway. Erin when to Dairy Queen to get a few blizzards for us to chow down on. Well, Tori and I went outside to eat our blizzard and she thought it would be funny to fling a spoonfull of ice cream at Keith {Keith works nextdoor at the PostNet}. She took the spoonfull and flung it not actually thinking it would hit him. Well it splatted right against the inside of his leg. It was soooo funny. We're glad that he found it funny. We were expecting him to not be as cool about it as he was.

Anywho, once the night shift began, the mood changed to the regular Friday night attitudes. Not horrible, but more dull. I was actually happy to be out of there early.

I'm tired again. I've been exhausted the last couple days. I'm not getting any less sleep that I normally do and I'm not really exerting myself any more than I normally do. So I have no idea what it is that's causing it. Maybe its the depression. It comes and goes. And it can drain a lot out of you. Whatever. I'll have tomorrow to relax and let it pass before Sunday comes.

Alright, I was going to write something else, but I don't remember what it was. So I guess this means I'll just write again whenever.

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A hectic day
Thursday. 2.8.07 8:28 pm
Today started out with me knowing that it wasn't going to be the best day ever, but I had no idea what was really in store for today.

Steve had major issues with his girlfriend's kid so he couldn't stay. Inspectors came to do some inspecting. I would explain it they way they did, but the guy was using all these technical terms about the water and sewage systems that I honestly didn't understand so I'm going to explain it in my own terms the best I can.

There's a blockage in the sewer system and it caused a small overflow out on the main street... right in front of the high school. Its now a hazard to the kids. So the inspector people were out checking all of the food service industries that led to this specific line. Ours is one of the places that has water and such flowing through the line with the blockage. After the inspection {the guy was so annoying; he could tell I was busy, yet he kept stopping me to talk to me or to tell me every little thing he was doing} he told us that we were in violation of an important ordinance code. This needs to be fixed right away or else we'll have to shut the establishment down. That's the short uncomplicated story. And that's how the day started.

After that, the business was slow, but I was far enough behind that I was frustrated every time I was intereupted by anything {such as Joey, my coworkers, customers, etc}. I ended up getting through the day alright though. Now I only have to get through whatever tomorrow throws at me.

Anywho, its hot outside again. Its been in the 80s the last couple days. Ugh. At least its not over 100 like it probably will be in the next couple months.

Alright, I've got a headache and I'm not really thinking clearly enough to write any more. I'll write again probably tomorrow.

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Steady day
Wednesday. 2.7.07 10:26 pm
Now that I'm home and have taken a shower, I'm a little more relaxed, but my feet are sore from standing on them all day.

Today wasn't busy, but it was steady. It was almost non-stop. There were small breaks here and there, but not too long and not too often. There were only three of us today cuz Steve told Gary he didn't have to worry about coming in. Its been slow the last few Wednesday's so the need of a fourth person wasn't there. Well, due to the lack of the fourth person, we jynxed it and it was busy. Not overwhelming though, so whatever.

I have to open tomorrow for Steve. His girlfriend's kid has an appointment and Steve is going with his girlfriend to the appointment. Its a long complicated story that's really none of my business, but I figured I'd help him out by opening in the morning. This will also give me an extra hour which is much needed money.

Anywho, last night I ended up watching The Covenant. Its not the best movie in the world, but the lead actor is sooooo hot! It made me a little jealous even cuz he's one very sexy actor and he's my age. His name is Steven Strait. He's not a well known actor, but OMG, I'd give just about anything to be with him . . . hehe, sorry.

Ya know who else is a hot actor? Johnny Knoxville. I'm watching The Ringer right now, which is what brought it up. It's a pretty funny movie. I'd recommend watching it whenever you have the time or whenever you have nothing else to do. I'd also recommend Chicken Little. Its a funny movie. My favorite character is the little orange baby alien.

I don't really know what else to say right now so I guess I'll end this here.

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Tuesday. 2.6.07 7:39 pm
I finally got the package that my mom sent. I was expecting just a large envelope, but I got a box. When I saw the box I knew it wasn't just paperwork that she sent. When I opened the box, there was a fleece blanket that my sister bought for me, the hair clip that I left at my mom's {I always forget something when I'm packing my suitcase}, the lighter that I couldn't take on the plane and the magnetix that I bought while I was out there.

When I was out there, I was borrowing my sister's fleece blanket cuz it was cold and that was the warmest blanket she had. I wanted to bring it back with me, but I couldn't. So I guess this was her {very} belated gift to me for Christmas. I like it. Its a light blue color. Not baby blue, but more like sky blue. I like it.

I'm glad I have my lighter back. I have no use for it, but its looks really cool. Its basically for show like my mini Bud Light bottle lighter. And the flame turns green so that's cool too.

Anywho, I've got on The 40 Year Old Virgin. Its a hilarious movie. Later on I'm probably going to be watching one of the movies that I rented. I rented Talladega Nights, Interview with the Vampire {I just finished reading the book so I'll be watching that soon} and The Covenant. I'm not sure which to watch first. Oh well. I'll decide.

I was awake until around 4 last night. Most of the time I was just reading. I wasn't really tired anyway. I was going to post something in here then, but I couldn't think of anything to say. I also wanted to go for a walk, but I ended up not doing that either.

Alright, I don't really know what else to say so I'll write again whenever I do have something to say.

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Monday Post
Monday. 2.5.07 9:13 pm
As normal, this Monday post will not be that long due to my attention to the TV for the latter of the evening.

I was sore today. My abs hurt every time I turned a certain way or lifted something {and its not from working out too hard cuz I don't work out}. Both my wrists hurt. I can understand why my right one hurts {I broke it when I was 5 and it bothers me every now and then}, but I have no idea why my left one hurts. My back is sore, but that might be attributed to the fact that I haven't cracked it in a few days. I'll need to do that later tonight. Ugh. Oh well.

I've managed to find a new way to keep my mind off of things that piss me off. I'm thinking about how my apartment is going to look {or at least the things I want to buy for it} once I get out to Las Vegas. I'm going by the floorplans for the apartment that I'm going to move into when I picture where things are going to go. I'm sure it'll change slightly once I get out there and see the apartment for real. And it also depends on what I can afford. It keeps me going here. It keeps me focused on the money that I need to save up for the move.

My mom went to the post office today to see what she could do about getting it redelivered and getting her money back, but since the delivery had been attempted {regardless of the fact that it was the wrong day} she can't get her money back. They also told her that she couldn't have a redelivery scheduled; that only the recipient could reschedule. They gave her a 1-800 number for me to call so that I could work something out. I called and I'm going to have them deliver it tomorrow. I'm off work tomorrow so I'm not going anywhere until after they deliver it. Fucking USPS. Piece of shit people who are dumb! ... Sorry about the language. I tried not to use it, but I started to get pissed again.

I'm broke beyond broke. I am almost out of food in my apartment and I don't get paid till Thursday. I'm not going to ask my mom for any more money {she doesn't have money either} cuz I already owe her. So I guess I go without food tomorrow. Oh well. Its not like I've never done it before. And one day is not going to kill me.

Anywho, I'm not paying any more attention to the computer so whatever I was going to write originally is gonna wait. I'm gonna end this here.

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