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Saturday. 3.5.16 10:56 am
A coworker of mine and her husband are renovating their basement in to an apartment to rent, and it was offered to me for a very reasonable price. I will have to go look at it first, before I make any solid decisions, but right now the only qualm about it is that it's farther south than I was wanting to live. In all fairness, it's about the same distance from work as the places I was looking at farther north, but still; I have this weird aversion to south, remember?

It's going to be several months before they'll be finished and ready to have any tenants move in, so I have some time to think on it. I'm still working on paying off the debt that I owe {I'm so close to being done!} and I have two vacations this year that I need to save more money for. Definitely something I'm seriously considering, though.

I skipped Thursday because I wasn't feeling well. The two potlucks I went to, I overstuffed myself with carb-loaded foods and stuff that just isn't generally healthy and I paid the price for it. I've been eating healthier for long enough now that when I put crap like that in my system, I notice almost immediately. Don't get me wrong, the food was tasty, but I did not feel well shortly after. I skipped the gym and the exercises and ended up in bed by 8. Yesterday, I took it easy. I only ate what I normally would eat for the day and by the end of the work day, I felt back to normal. I combined Thursday's and yesterday's challenges in one and will be going to the gym tomorrow to make up for the lost time this week.

I've been thinking about donating some of my extra shoes and clothes to Goodwill... I have plenty of stuff that I just don't wear anymore; they'll likely throw out the stuff they can't sell. I just have to gather it all up and get rid of it. It'll be better than just throwing all of it out, when someone could use what I don't anymore. It's just a matter of actually motivating myself to do a full clean. If I'm going to be moving in the next few months, it'll have to be done anyway.

No plans for this weekend. Next weekend is going to be busy; I have my hair appointment and it'll be the first paycheck of the month so it'll be girl's night as well, granted my coworker is feeling well enough to go out by then. She's been sick for a week and finally went to the doc yesterday. Hopefully the stuff he gave her helps.

I'm hoping to get in some good reading and possibly more coloring this weekend. The whole plan it to just take it easy. It's really nice outside today so I have my windows cracked to let in some fresh air. It's definitely Spring time here. Everything is blooming and the weather has no clue what it wants to do half the time. I wouldn't be surprised if it starts pouring later, despite the fact that it's sunny right now. This time of year it just kind of comes out of nowhere.

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Back on track
Tuesday. 3.1.16 7:09 pm
After splurging on take out all weekend, including yesterday, I've managed to get back on track with my food intake. I went grocery shopping after work last night so now I am set until the next payday. I also spent enough to keep me from buying anything unnecessarily until then, and prevent me from eating more than a portion size at home as well. I need the food to last me the whole two weeks.

Things were back to normal at work today. We were busy, but patients were back to their normal level of dickishness. It's totally our fault that traffic is fucked and we are fully to blame for the fact that they went to the wrong building and we didn't come find them to tell them where to go and blah blah blah.

The weather was all over the place again today. It's definitely getting close to Spring. The trees are beginning to bud and the weather is about as bipolar as you can get. Sunny one minute, pouring the next, dark, light, windy, calm. All in the span of about an hour. And repeat. As much as I'm hoping for a cooler than normal summer, I have serious doubts that it'll suddenly change the pattern of getting hotter and hotter each year.

Either way, I'm sure this pattern of weird ass weather will continue for the next month or so. It'll start to settle out in to more sunny days to rainy days as we move in to April, then it'll be farther and farther between rainy days until we finally head in to our drought for two months. Then the relief of Fall will finally come. It's not even technically Spring yet and I'm already ready for Fall...

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Leap day weirdness
Monday. 2.29.16 8:01 pm
Most Mondays are annoying in general, but this one there might as well have been a full moon. However, because today happened to also be leap day, if there had been a full moon, it would have been highly advertised. Since it was not a full moon, it was only marginally as weird as it could be considering it was the extra day of the year. Why did the extra day have to be a Monday?

People were either overly rude or just way more strange than we're used to. There was a lot of looks exchanged between coworkers and even the medical team was experiencing it. I'm not sure if the call center was dealing with it as well, but most people I interacted with, on the employee side of things, definitely noticed it was way weirder than a normal Monday. Oh well. The fact that it was leap day kept me in a decent mood despite the fact that patients were acting asshole-ish and strange.

Tomorrow starts a new month and I'll be starting the 30 day challenge over. I kind of fell off the last few days of this month so I'll be redoing it, plus adding a push up challenge. I need to work on upper body as well. It's the "easy" challenge. Fewer per day, more rest days, but I need to start out simple. I also have the regular one for April. I'll work my way up, little by little, so that I don't destroy myself trying to get in shape.

4 more years before we have another February 29th... I'll be just as excited about this day as I am now. Every year it occurs; it's probably my favorite date.

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Curiosity on hold
Saturday. 2.27.16 2:47 pm
Well, I ventured out of my comfort zone and met up with someone from Tinder last night. I'm really not surprised it went the way it did. I knew pretty instantly that it wasn't going to work out, but I did what my friends suggested and went with the flow of things. I knew going in to it that we'd not have much in common and it became painfully obvious almost right away. We both kept up the pleasantries, but in the end we both knew it wasn't going to work. I didn't like how he rushed the end of the "date." It made me quite glad to get back home and almost happy when he text me this morning saying that it wasn't going to work out.

It was only one bad date, but it was enough to remind me that I was right in my original plan to stay single for a while longer. I'm just not really ready to be involved with anyone at the moment. I'm sure it'll happen when I'm least expecting it, but now is not that time. So I've put my curiosity back on hold and will be continuing as I have for the last couple months: just hanging out and doing whatever I want without restrictions. If I want to sleep until 11:30 on the weekends, like I did this morning, completely not on purpose, I will. If I want to go out with people until later than I should, I will. If I want to shut myself in and not talk to anyone for 3 days, I will. No restrictions or having to answer to anyone as to why I've suddenly vanished.

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I'm being lazy today. I will do my adulting tomorrow. I will probably order take out for dinner tonight from the cafe that's next door. This way I can save on delivery, but still have delicious food that doesn't require any prep on my part. It'll be my splurge for this weekend. Although, I'm really thinking I might get sushi tomorrow. I'll be going out that way anyway... we'll see what my finances look like after I've done all the necessary things.

I finally watched The Martian last night. Not as good as the book, but still good. I get why they left out some of the parts. I'll watch it again at some point; I own it now. Amazon had it on sale for $10 so why not. It's one thing I can buy on Amazon that I don't have to worry about shipping woes.

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Maybe allergies... again
Thursday. 2.25.16 9:02 pm
Apparently tree pollen is really high right now because we're transitioning over to Spring. It was warm today, 61 was the high. I was also far more sneezy than I normally am. It was kind of like that weekend a month or so ago when I was super sneezy, sniffling like crazy and couldn't breathe through my nose. I took Claritin so maybe that'll do something. Who the hell knows. If not, I may have to be buying more tissues this weekend.

Tomorrow is Friday! It actually feels like this week went by really quickly. It wasn't a short week, but it weirdly feels like it was. I have to keep asking myself if it was a short week. I think it's because so much has happened with work this week that it's just flown by. Not complaining, just weird. Normally the weeks just drag on and by the time Friday comes, it feels like it's been an eternity since the last.

No plans for the weekend. Mostly because this is the rent check so I have to keep an eye on spending. I am meeting up with someone tomorrow after work. We're meeting at a Starbucks, {I know, super specific here in Seattle} but no idea after that. It could be just that. I'll find out tomorrow.

I went to the fitness center tonight. I didn't push as hard as I usually do, but I also left my place later than I normally do on a work night. I'll go again this weekend and make up for it. I'm really going to try getting to that 3 mile mark in 35 minutes. I'm pretty damn close now. We'll see what happens.

Short entry. . . just felt like I needed to write something so that I wouldn't miss another day.

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Just what the doc ordered
Sunday. 2.21.16 7:06 pm
My therapist told me that it was good to have alone time. It helps one become comfortable with themselves and learn to appreciate how good it can feel. After last weekend, and this past work week, alone time was exactly what I needed.

I went to the fitness center yesterday to get in my cardio. I pushed it just a little and got my best time yet, even if it was only by .01 miles. I'm inching my way closer to that 3 mile mark. Once I can to 3 miles in 35 minutes, I'll push for the 10 minute mile. Who knows, I may achieve that by the year's end. I think I'll go twice this week, during the work week. Perhaps it'll help to keep the stress level down to a more manageable level. I'm thinking Tuesday and Thursday? We'll see how it goes.

After the gym, I came home, showered, and stayed in the rest of the day. One of the YouTubers that I watch on a regular basis was doing a charity live stream for the DBSA, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. He's managed to raise over $275,000 for them and all of the money goes to support the DBSA. While I had that on in the background, I broke out my coloring book and began the tedious, but relaxing task of making it look pretty. Later in the evening, I started the new book I bought, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I'ts much heavier than Sarah's Key, but still good all the same.

Today was laundry day. I was supposed to go visit a coworker who is in the hospital right now, but that ended up not happening. I feel bad for feeling relieved to find out he wasn't up to company. The reason he wasn't up to company was because he was in pain not not feeling well, but I didn't want to be the person to bail on someone in the hospital. I just needed to have this weekend completely by myself. I colored more in the book today and I'll be reading more later tonight, probably for a couple hours before bed.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow, but the bills don't pay themselves, and I want to be able to save money for my vacations this year. Hopefully tomorrow isn't like most normal Mondays.

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