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Before bed
Monday. 3.18.13 10:28 pm
I'm pulling a quick turn around at work {just got off at 10, have to be back at 6} so this is going to be very short. I just didn't want to miss another day.

My knee isn't bothering me as much as it did yesterday and the day before, but I'm not going to push it. If there's still pain on Wednesday, I'll buy some Tylenol. If the pain still doesn't completely subside by the end of the week, I will find a doctor.

I will write about my St. Patrick's Day evening in tomorrow's entry. I need to get some sleep before my shift in the morning.

Until then. . .

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Happy St. Patrick's Day
Sunday. 3.17.13 9:52 am
I missed yesterday. . . damn. But! I had a reason. Here's how my day went:

I left my house around 8:30am yesterday morning and didn't back until 2:30 this morning. It was a fun day, for the most part. Toward the end of the night I was tired and cranky and the alcohol in my system was amplifying the emotion.

The day started out like any other normal Saturday. I completed my laundry around 11 and was about to head back upstairs to rest for a few hours before Roller Derby, but Jacob realized that it was getting close to when the parade was about to start and he wanted to go. I kind of wished I had stayed home and just enjoyed my quiet abode, but I decided to join him. I showered, got my laundry put away and we headed Downtown.

The parade was okay. I'm not sure how much of the beginning we missed; we got there about 30 minutes after the parade started, but we were at the point where it ends so we might not have missed much. It was okay. Nothing special. I can't watch firefighters in uniform walk past me without me tearing up. I blinked them back quickly enough that no one saw, but I need to work on getting past that. I guess it was cold and windy enough that I could have just blamed the tears on that if anyone had seen, but still. I should be able to keep the emotions in check.

After the parade, we still had about an hour and half before we were supposed to meet up with a friend so we stopped at this place called Lil Woody's. It's a small burger joint and it's delicious. It's fresh like In'N'Out, but there's more options. I'll have to go back at some point.

After that we killed a little more time in a convenience store looking for an energy drink for Jacob and I got a snack in the form of peanut butter M&M's. We still had half an hour, but we told our friend we were coming over anyway. We hung out at his place for a little bit before heading back Downtown for the Derby bout.

The bout was good. It was a lot better than last month's with the Canadians. Eesh, that was a sad bout. The score still made it clear that Rat City has a home advantage, but the game was a little more exciting. Port Angeles got in to their groove in the second half and tried to make a come back, but they just didn't have enough time.

After the bout we went to this place called McMenamin's not too far from the arena. It was completely disappointing. I don't think we'll be going back there any time soon. We had good memories from about a year ago when we discovered the place, but it's definitely changed and not for the better.

Since the guys were still in the 'stay out and drink' mode, we headed to a gay bar closer to home. It was around 11 at this point and places were pretty busy. We got drinks and took over a pool table. I feel like I should get used to going out and interacting with strangers, but I just don't have the motivation to do so. It took me a while, a couple drinks and a very nice stranger to get me more comfortable with being in a bar {it didn't matter to me that it was a gay bar; it's still a bar with a large crowd of people in a very small space.} The stranger is a professional pool player, has won money in tournaments and is very good at the game. He was sharing some tips on how to get better shots and it did help. Next time we all agreed that we will be going somewhere less crowded, more quiet and more pool tables. After a few games someone else wanted to play and he was good, but not very polite. I got pissed pretty quick which made me lose my buzz. Also hence why we're going to play pool somewhere else next time. Less chance for some random ass to come take over our table.

As I said, we didn't get home until 2:30 in the morning. I was in bed around 3 and slept until a little after 8. I laid in bed until almost 9 and decided to put some food in my stomach. I need to ingest a lot more water and eat something else a little while from now. We will be going out again tonight, but I think I'm going to stick to beer. I'm not that hung over today, but I don't want to deal with this feeling two days in a row.

Good for you if you managed to get through this whole thing. I know it's a bit much, but I did a lot yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow's entry won't be so long. I guess it all depends on how tonight goes.

Until then. . .

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Walking around
Friday. 3.15.13 7:53 pm
Jacob and I walked in to town today so that he could take care of some errands. We stopped at this hot dog stand and got what's called a Mad Dog. It's a polish sausage on a sesame seed hoagie with cream cheese, caramelized onions, spicy mayo and BBQ sauce. I got mine without the BBQ sauce because I didn't want to get sick. {It does bad things to my system.} We went inside the pub that it was in front of and he got a glass of Guinness.

After we finished our food and drink {I just had water} we headed toward his bank and made another pit stop at the Cupcake Royale and got two Irish Cake Bomb cupcakes. They were pretty tasty. I've never been to that bakery before, but the other options they had looked rather tasty so I will have to go back at some point ... next time I happen to find myself walking through the Pike/Pine corridor.

We made it to the bank without making any more pit stops, but once we were at the ATM, this crazy homeless person kept asking "got any money, young people?" Of course we have money; you can clearly see that we're taking money out of the ATM. Fucker. We ignored him and he went chasing after some other people asking the same thing.

We crossed the street to this local thrift shop called the Red Light. They have a lot of very uninteresting things. Well, interesting enough to look at, but not to buy. It's also not very well priced considering things are used. Goodwill is cheaper. The reason we stopped there was so that he could maybe find a pair of cheap black shoes for work, but nothing stood out as appropriate for work. Also the prices were a bit much for something that was used.

After an unsuccessful trip to that store, we went to this barber shop that he likes to go to so that he could get a hair cut. I hung out and watched the TV; they had NASCAR qualifiers on. It's been a long time since I watched NASCAR. . . Tony Stewart was still sponsored by the Home Depot the last time I watched.

We were only there for maybe 10 minutes and headed home after that. I was considering going out a little later, which I guess I still could, but once I got home and sat down, instant laziness kicked in. The place I wanted to stop at is open till 11, but I will probably just go some other night.

I baked up my pizza biscuits again, but this time instead of Colby cheese blocks, I used ricotta and mozzarella mixed together. I also added more pepperoni this time. It came out very melty. I ate 4, which was a bad idea because now I'm over stuffed. I'd forgotten how filling they are.

Anywho, that was my day. I slept in and didn't get out of bed until 10. I will probably be going back to bed soon, even though it's only ten after eight. I'm tired, but it's my weekend so it doesn't matter. If I go to bed early and wake up in the middle of the night, I won't have to worry about whether I fall back asleep or how long it takes me because there's no alarm to go off.

I love weekends.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Slow day
Thursday. 3.14.13 10:15 pm
For the math nerds out there, Happy Pi{e} Day!

I didn't hide out as much as I usually do on my Friday, but also did very little toward being productive. Especially toward the end of the shift. I think I took an hour lunch. The boss didn't seem to care though.

Here is my weekend schedule as follows:
Friday - nothing.
Saturday - morning: laundry, evening: Roller Derby
Sunday - morning: nothing, evening: St. Paddy's Day related stuffs
Monday - morning: sleep, evening back to work.

There was supposed to be some stuff after Roller Derby, but it looks as thought that's not happening now ... which means I didn't need to take Sunday off and lose a day of pay. However, it'll be nice to have that extra day to just lounge around and not have to worry about waking up to an alarm. We will be using some mad convincing skills to make our friend hang out with us afterward with would make taking the day off worth it.

Alright, I haven't anything else to write.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Wednesday. 3.13.13 7:14 pm
Thirteen is a fun number to write. Don't ask me why. I just feel it is.

Only one more work day and then a three and a half day weekend. I can't wait. Even if the plans don't go as planned {they rarely do} I will have the extra time off to enjoy some me time. Sleep is definitely on the agenda.

I've typed up three paragraphs so far and have deleted all of them. My thoughts aren't in proper order for me to write up something of any length. I thought I would have more to write today than yesterday, but alas that doesn't seem to be the case. It's still too early for me to go to bed, but I will probably lay down in an hour.

Maybe with tomorrow being my Friday at work, I'll be more awake and coherent.

Until then. . .

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Sleepy post
Tuesday. 3.12.13 9:15 pm
Apparently the time change effect has caught up to me because yesterday and today I've been way more tired than normal. I've also been sleeping a lot more than normal. My naps don't usually last more than 2-3 hours ... between yesterday's nap and today's, I got 9 hours total. And I'm still really tired.

This is all I'm typing for today. My eyes are wanting to close again.

Until tomorrow. . .

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