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Conscious decisions and the regret that follows
Monday. 7.29.13 7:35 pm
I buy something from Pizza Hut less than once a month, but when that less than once a month instance occurs, I immediately regret the decision. It's just so bad for me! However, when I'm craving pizza that's about the only pizza place that delivers to my house. Considering where I live, most of my options are different types of Asian food. Not exactly helpful when you're craving pizza.

My legs are less sore today and will probably be less sore tomorrow. I'll have to jog on Friday to kind of kill off some calories. Hopefully by then my legs will be healed enough that I won't kill myself jogging through the neighborhood.

I guess I could be making worse decisions, but this was just a bad idea all around. I feel like I need to purge and throw it all up. That's not healthy either, but it can't be worse than what I just put in my system.

I need to get in to that mindset where I'm actually willing to work toward losing some weight. I have about 35lbs to lose and it shouldn't take too much if I actually put my mind to it.

I haven't heard back from Sam's Club yet about scheduling my orientation, but I'm not surprised. That might have been the missed call I got earlier, but there was no voicemail left, so whoever it was must not have been that important.

Alright, I'm going to wallow in self-regret until it's time for bed.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Sunday. 7.28.13 10:39 pm
I almost forgot to write something today.

I got to sleep in this morning because a coworker of mine wanted to swap shifts. I was awake around 9:30ish, but I didn't get out of bed until after 10. My upper legs are super sore today. Walking down stairs and sitting down is a bitch. Hopefully they'll be a little better tomorrow.

The shift didn't go as I had hoped it would, but it was still incredibly boring. Typical Sunday.

It's time for me to get some sleep for my shift in the morning. I'll probably have more to write tomorrow afternoon.

Until then. . .

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Long day
Saturday. 7.27.13 10:38 pm
I tried writing this earlier before I left for the 5K, but NuTang wasn't working so I had no choice but to leave it. I'm glad that I'm home in time to make sure I write something before midnight. This way it still counts toward not missing a day.

The morning started early. I was up at 8 to get my laundry done. It was done around 9:45. I hung out for probably half an hour before leaving to get my final stuff done at Sam's Club. I made sure that I drank plenty of water all morning so that when it came time for my drug test, I could easily pee in the cup and move on with my life. Know what happens when you're prepared? Shit. That's what happens. Not literally, but the place I went to informed me that their machine was broken and I would have to go somewhere else. At this point I had to go so badly that I couldn't sit down anymore so I had no choice but to relieve myself. Which meant that I no longer had to go enough to make peeing in a cup easy.

It took me probably an hour longer than it should have to get my drug screen done, but once I got it done, I was out of there. This is now about 1pm. I stopped at Fred Meyer to get new windshield wiper blades. It's the only place besides Auto Zone where I know carries 13" blades. I just wish Rain-X carried them in sizes that small. Oh well. It's the passenger side blade so it's not quite as necessary and can be crappy without me really knowing for a while.

After the task of buying wiper blades was complete, I headed home, picked up Jake and we headed back up north to Target. I needed to buy toilet paper and he wanted to get a coffee maker. The one Downtown was a little too difficult to access easily due to the blockades for the parade this evening, which is what prompted me to go back up north ... exactly where I had just come from.

Once the shopping was complete, I came back home, rested for about an hour before leaving for the Torchlight 5K. I'm not sure if I beat my time from last year, but it was definitely close. I believe that I finished the race in about 42-43 minutes. I was not prepared and I knew that. I did get more jogging in than I did last year, but not much. The sun on the Viaduct is just brutal. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to keep myself okay for that period of time where it's just beating on me. It also doesn't help that it's 2 miles in and reflecting off the water. Is it too much to ask for some clouds for next year?

The last lick of the race I was going to try to jog it and get it out of the way, but I just couldn't do it. My muscles were too fatigued and at that point I think I was starting to overheat slightly. I kept getting chills.

Overall, it was a great race. I bitched a few times about the sun being too hot and had to keep from panicking, but it was worth it and I'll be doing it again next year. Seriously hoping for clouds. Or a cold front. Or rain. Rain would be awesome, but cold air or clouds would suffice.

After the race, Jacob, my coworker and I went to our regular go-to sushi place. It was a good meal and gave us some time to relax. Once that was done, we all headed to our respective residences. And here I am now.

I took a shower right before I started typing this so I'm going to be up for at least a little while so that my hair can dry some, but I'm starting to really feel the tiredness kicking in now that I've been sitting for a while. Luckily one of my coworkers wanted to swap shifts with me so I'll be working swing tomorrow. It'll be nice having an extra day to sleep in. And sleep in I shall.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Almost there
Friday. 7.26.13 7:31 pm
The 5K is tomorrow. I'm about as prepared as I'm going to get, considering I haven't gone jogging in who knows how long. Probably a couple months, give or take. It'll be fine though. I'm still looking forward to it and the shirt this year is pretty fantastic. It's a black shirt {not good for the heat, but at least it's a dry fit shirt that breathes} with simple writing on the front and the themed pirate head with the sponsors on back. It's my favorite shirt so far.

Tomorrow will be a tad busier than I anticipated. I pretty much got hired on as part time at Sam's Club. I have to go in tomorrow to fill out the final bit of paperwork and go in for my drug test. I already know I'll be working Saturday, but I'm hoping for Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday. I want at least three days per week, but no more than four. We'll see what happens. I'm glad, though. It's exactly what I need to save up the money for my vacation in December. I'll ensure the manager that I will be there for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I have no problems working the holidays if they need me to. I'll be celebrating the holidays with my family in between.

The worst part about getting a new job, however, is the drug test. Not because I'm afraid I'll fail. There's no chance of that. I just hate, hate, hate peeing in a cup. I already don't like public bathrooms. I especially don't like being pressured to pee. And unlike the men, I can't just point and aim. Peeing in a cup is the absolute worst. I'd rather they drew blood. Prick me with a needle, attach a vile, I don't care. I'd rather do that then pee in a damn cup. However, it's cheaper to test urine and apparently more effective so I just will make sure that I have plenty of water before I head up there.

I'll be getting up bright and early tomorrow morning to get my laundry done before I head up to the store. I need to make sure I'm not late, but I also don't want to be super early so I'm aiming to be there about 10-15 minutes before 11. If someone has already commandeered the washer, then I guess I'll just be getting my laundry done when I get back home.

While I'm up in the area I'll also be getting the remainder of my errands run. I have to buy toilet paper, windshield wipers and put gas in my car. I got my oil changed and my radiator flushed today. I also got to the bank and paid off people that I owed. It was productive enough.

I'll be spending the rest of the evening trying to keep cool. Around 8, when the sun dips behind the high rises, I'll be taking a shower and hoping that the cool, wet hair sitting on my neck will help with the cooling off process. I'm also hoping that some kind of cold front moves through tonight so that it's not in the 80s tomorrow evening when we're all out jogging through Downtown. Sure, the first part of the route won't be too bad because the sun will be behind the sky scrapers, but the second part of the route is right on the water. It's the worst part to get through and I'm determined enough that if I can make it through that, the rest of the race will be easy.

Alright, I have about 15 more minutes till my shower. I'm going to watch a video on YouTube to kill the time.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Go away dreams!
Thursday. 7.25.13 6:52 pm
More particular, at least for this entry, just one type of dream. I can handle the annoying busy dreams, the bad ones that leave me concerned for my friends or family, the nightmares that leave me gasping for air ... actually, those are probably the worst. Those can go away as well.

The particular type of dream that I'm referring to today is when you imagine yourself in some kind of weird situation with a person you know: coworker {specific to this dream,} friend, acquaintance, or even an individual you don't much care for. Lucky for me, this coworker is someone I can actually stand so it didn't disgust me. However, the downside is the same reason I'm lucky simply because now I'll picture it in my head every time I see him, at least for a while.

I'm not sure where we were working, but a good chunk of the people involved in the dream were people I know from work. I was hiding in an area, like I would never do at work and this particular coworker caught me in that area, which is no big deal. I'm not the only one guilty of it. I just have never been caught. So we are both alone in this area, joking around, when the jokes kind of take a turn. They become more suggestive, details getting more personal. We make eye contact, he comes toward me, pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me. Passionately. It becomes fiercely passionate and we really start getting in to it. Hands are moving around, touching, feeling, exploring.

And that's all that happens with it. We both get startled out of it by a noise and we have to leave, but it was rather intense and quite enjoyable and it's messing with my conscious mind.

The dream then skips ahead to someone wind surfing on a large, inflatable pool island and after cheering him on from the rooftop of the building, I wake up.

Now, I'm off the next two days so hopefully this is long enough for me to convince my conscious mind that this dream will NEVER come true and when I work with him again on Monday {I'm working a different shift Sunday} it shouldn't be too distracting. At least I can only hope that it won't be.

Here's to hoping that dream doesn't repeat itself.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Just in case
Wednesday. 7.24.13 4:12 pm
I'm going out to meet a friend for dinner in a little bit so I'm writing this now in case I'm too tired to write it when I get home.

I'm so glad that tomorrow is my Friday. I've been waiting for this since last week. If you can't tell, there's a pattern when it comes to eagerly anticipating my days off...

After work I headed up to Sam's Club for an impromptu interview. It was probably the shortest one ever. He quickly scanned my resume, asked me a few questions about when my availability was and told me he would be in touch Friday or Saturday. It wasn't a scheduled interview because a coworker of mine is friends with the manager there and told him that I would be by today to speak with him. I'm hoping I get it, but I'm not dying for money so I won't be too put off if I don't get it. We'll see what happens.

It's hot outside. According to my phone's weather it's 83 and the breeze is warm so that doesn't help much. I'm really hoping that it cools off for Saturday's 5K. I don't want to get heat stroke from jogging in the heat. It will also slow me down if it's that hot out. I want to actually complete this thing in under 40 minutes {even if it's 39 min, 59 seconds} and I'm afraid if it's too hot that won't happen. My fingers are crossed for some kind of cool air to move in. Or clouds. Clouds would be even better.

Alright, I am going to browse the net a little bit before I head out.

Until tomorrow. . .

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