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A day of nothing
Tuesday. 3.27.07 7:43 pm
Basically the title says it all.

I appologize for the boring entry. So here's something to brighten it a little.

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Grr, ugh!
Monday. 3.26.07 8:23 pm
Today has been a non stop day. Even after I got home, I still had phone calls to make, bills to adjust, purchaces to make, etc.

I think maybe now I can finally relax. But only for a day.

Today was not busy customer-wise, but I had so much prep to do. I got most of it done before I left. I'm so glad that I don't have to work tomorrow.

I had a whole entry planned out, but now I have nothing. My brain is racing with all kinds of stuff, none of which is what I had originally had in mind to write about.

Its been four days since I dropped my phone in the toilet and there's no obvious hint that it had been dropped in water so I decided to try and turn it on. Well, the screen is damaged too much to work. The phone turns on and I heard it do its start up so the battery still works, but the screen is still nothing. No images, no light, no nothing. Apparently there was too much water damage to the screen. So I had to buy a new phone. Thankfully I was eligble for an upgrade, so I was able to buy a $230 phone for free. I had to pay $50 up front, but there's a $50 mail-in-rebate so basically its free. I needed a new phone anyway. The only downfall is the fact that I lost all my phone numbers and all the pictures that I had on my other phone. I can get the phone numbers back, but I only uploaded certain pics from the phone onto my computer. Oh well. I can only hope that maybe sooner or later my phone will eventually start to work so that maybe I can save some of the pics.

Anywho, man I don't even know what to say. Stuart is out of jail, I haven't actually talked to him yet, though. Just through text messages.

Tonight is just not a good night for blog writing. I'm gonna browse some blogs, maybe comment and then ... I dunno. I'll find something to do.

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Sunday. 3.25.07 11:22 pm
Oh my good gracious {edited for those who are religious}. Tonight was really slow when I got there and it stayed that way until about 7:30pm. I was thankful for the slow night, but I kinda wanted some business so I got it. . . later than I wanted it.

I ended up having to stretch and now I know how Gary feels when he has to stretch pizza. I was covered in flour by the end of the night. And the managers' shirts are the type of material that absorb everything so I couldn't come close to even getting half of it out. I felt gross. I usually feel gross when I finish a day or night at work, but with the flour caked on, it was elevated.

I was afraid to touch anything once it was cleaned. I was afraid of leaving behind flour. And I know how much I hate having to clean up after Gary when he's left flour everywhere in the kitchen so I didn't want to have to put anyone else through that.

I'm so tired right now. I have to be back at work in a little over 10 hours. But then I finally have off on Tuesday and trust me, I'm gonna be doing some definate relaxing.

Sorry, I'm not awake enough to read through blogs so I'll comment tomorrow.

Goodnight NuTang!

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What a day
Saturday. 3.24.07 8:57 pm
Again, I was working on my day off, but since it was Prom for the high school, I had no qualms about it. I was doing them a favor. I'd have been told to work it whether I wanted to or not, but I didn't mind.

It was much busier than the last Saturday that I worked. It was apparently a normal Saturday. Man it was crazy busy. For the first few hours it stayed fairly slow; slow enough for us to get a majority of the prep done. That was definately an advantage for us.

At 4:45pm, a party of about 25 people came in, {they called ahead so it wasn't a total surprise} but it didn't stop with them. It got so much busier afterwards. All of a sudden, there was a line out the door and almost every table was full. It was crazy! It kinda felt like yesterday. Yesterday the numbers ended at $3600. I'll find out tomorrow what the ending numbers were for today.

It wasn't bad, though. People were in much better moods today than yesterday. Yesterday was just a bad day for everyone. Today was better. It made the crazy rush go by easier.

As a result of working a ten hour {no break} shift today, I was unable to get home in time to do my laundry so I'll just have to get up a teensy bit earlier than I normally do tomorrow. No big deal.

Anywho, Stuart called me around 11:30pm last night. He was drunk. It was kinda funny though. He was supposed to be booked at 7:00am this morning and is due to be released early Monday morning. I guess I still do like him cuz I was happy about hearing from him last night. And I sort of defended him when Gary started cracking on him earlier today. Oh well. I guess its not as easy to get over someone I actually like as opposed to just a silly crush. Whatever.

Alright, I guess that's it. I don't really have anything else to say. I'll write some more tomorrow.

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Issues, BS and more...
Friday. 3.23.07 9:31 am
I have no idea how long this entry is going to be so be prepared for a rather long one.

Today started out alright. I was a little surprised when I got to work to see Theresa there. She normally doesn't work Friday, but she had to this time. No biggie, though, cuz stuff got done and she's {almost} always fun to be around. {No one is always fun to be around} So about two and a half, three hours into the shift, the first shitty thing happened.

I went in to use the bathroom, and as I was leaving, I picked up my cell phone and it slipped out of my hand and fell right into the toilet. FUCK! Obviously, due to all the water, its not working right now. And its, of course, going to take a while to completely dry. Even after it dries, a lot of water got into the screen and I have no idea if it'll still work. I can only hope so. Luckily, I had another phone from the same company that I got over a year ago and kept. All I had to do was switch out the SIM card from the wet phone into the older phone. Unfortunately I didn't save my phone numbers to the SIM card, so I had to try and remember them all by heart. Not an easy task, considering I get the number and put it right into my phone. Normally I don't have an issue memorizing numbers, but I've had no reason to.

As the day went on, it kept busy, and I was trying not to focus too hard on the fact that I had no phone. {at the time I hadn't thought about the fact that I had another phone and all I had to do was switch out SIM cards} The evening rush came and Tiff was going to be late. But that was all settled anyway cuz Theresa was staying to cover her till she got there. I wasn't needed. Until 6:10pm, when Stuart didn't show up and he hadn't called. I was told to call him and find out where he was and why he wasn't there yet.

This is where the BS comes in. Now I knew that Stuart was on probation for street racing and something else {not drugs; he is one of the few who doesn't do them out here}, but I can't remember what. Supposedly the issue was that he had violated his probation for getting caught underage drinking. There was a much longer and more detailed explaination that he gave me, but I don't know a whole lot about the legal stuff, so I'm not going to try and elaborate. So basically, he wasn't going to be able to make it in to work.

This pissed off Gary and Tori and pretty much every other person who was involved, including me. I wasn't as pissed off as they were {cuz a small part of me still likes him}, but I ended up staying for an extra hour and a half helping with the dishes and answering phones. I did't mind so much cuz it meant some extra money for me. And doing dishes really aren't that bad. You can keep to youself and not have to deal with really anyone {except annoying ass customers when the phone rings}

Now, due to this incident, its basically been confirmed that if there even was a small chance that Stuart and I could be a couple, its 99.9% gone now. Like I said, a small part of me still likes him, but I'm pretty much done. Maybe if something happens or he does something incredible, I might change my mind, but otherwise I'm over it. He's done working up at the restaurant so the only way I'll be seeing him is if he calls and asks if I want to go out, or if he just randomly shows up. And even then, I might be hesitant. Oh well. I asked for a sign as to whether this was going to go anywhere and I'm pretty sure this a big sign pointing to no.

I have to work all weekend. I don't normally work Saturday, but tomorrow is Prom for the high school, so all the high school kids that work there are going to be at Prom. I guess I don't mind; its more money, cuz I'll be working 6 days this week instead of 5.

Okay, this is definately long enough, but I did warn you. Kudos again to whoever reads through the whole thing and comments. Tis much appreciated.

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Eh ...
Thursday. 3.22.07 1:53 pm
Its raining right now. And I just witnessed a lightning bolt strike less than a mile away. It was awesome. I wonder if it caused a fire.

Today is not looking out to be as good as yesterday. I woke up around 10:30am {after a 12 hour night of off and on unconsciousness} and I felt really blah. Not bad, just blah. Also, no text message from Stuart. I wasn't expecting it, though. That'd be too good to be true; two mornings awoken to him texting me? Heh.

Anywho, it was sunny when I woke up, but shortly afterwards the clouds moved in and its raining now. Its also much cooler outside. So that made my day a little better. I only wonder what tonight will bring. Hopefully it'll be worth going to work for. . . like last Thursday. . . only I doubt I'll be drinking again. . . at work.

I don't really have a lot to say right now. Nothing has happened yet today, except the rain. Maybe I'll write later tonight, but who knows. It all depends on what happens. Hopefully, if I do write later, it'll be about something good. If I don't write at all, then you'll know that nothing happened that was worthwhile.

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