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Wednesday. 1.23.08 1:06 pm
I am currently suffering from a lack of money. There are things I need to buy, {such as food} but am unable to due to how much it costs and how little I have to spend. And the fact that I won't be able to cash Friday's paycheck until Monday won't help matters any.

See, ma and Steve are going out of state for the weekend, meaning I won't have transportation. And because Anthony still hasn't been able to get his car fixed, I can't rely on him to help me out. About the only way is if Anthony can borrow his dad's truck or his grandmother's car. Both of whom need their vehicles this weekend. Go figure.

Aside from food, I need to buy a foam matress cover to put under my futon cushion. I'll probably end up buying two just to be on the safe side. That's like, $60 right there. There's this bed-in-a-bag at Anna's Linens that I want/need to buy. It's all black and comes with everything from a fitted sheet to a comforter and small pillow. That is $100. I need to buy new shoes, socks and just clothes in general. I'm still in the process of paying off my credit card bill; I have my cell bill to pay for each month; and starting next month, I have to pay my mom $50 a month for the difference it'll be when I'm added to the car insurance.

At the moment I'm living on a weekly paycheck of about $250 each week. It's the same I was making while working at the restaurant, but I'd also had time to save up money and living expenses are much higher here than in Tucson. It blows being broke.

Oh! And then I have to save up money for my move in July. Fuck!

Anywho, I most likely won't be doing anything this weekend. I plan on cleaning the house, or at least parts of it, tomorrow after I get home from work. Since I don't have to work Friday or Saturday, I'll most likely finish cleaning the house then.

I got Mario's number today. He finally got a cell phone. I knows he doesn't like them, so I asked him why he had gotten one. His response was that work told him to since he never answers his home phone. That's kinda funny.

I thought I had other stuff to write about, but nothing is coming to me. I'll write again whenever.

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mmm hot, greasy goodness
Tuesday. 1.22.08 12:39 pm
I've been in the mood for buffalo wings lately, so that's what I've been eating. I don't like the burning hot ones, but the flavor that's right under the hot is what I usually get.

Recently, it's the medium buffalo wings from Wing Street. There hasn't been food in the house the last few days thus resulting in ordering Pizza Hut. Good, but greasy and not-so-healthy.

Anywho, this morning I wake up at quarter after 4, get ready for work and head out. I get up there, my boss is outside, I assume she's just taking a break ... until she walks right up to the car before I even have the chance to get out. She tells me that the truck is not going to be there today, like it's supposed to, but it'll be there Thursday instead. And because the warehouse is pretty bare, I'm not needed to work today. Instead, could I work on Thursday? I had no problem with it, but it was just inconvenient that she didn't have my number to call me about today.

Needless to say I was a little annoyed. It didn't bother me too much because I got to come home and go back to sleep, but I could have stayed up later last night. I'm just glad I didn't put gel in my hair this morning, otherwise I would have had to wait on going back to sleep.

Uhm, I don't really have much to say. No updates on Sam, Mario or J. I think I'm getting over them all. Which is good. I don't need these extra complications. The only problem? I now have to find someone to go with to see Cloverfield and Meet the Spartans.

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count von duck phish
Monday. 1.21.08 7:31 pm
I don't think I went to sleep last night until around 2am. It's probably because I got to sleep in yesterday {even though I worked} and I didn't have to get up this morning because I had the day off. I watched me some Discovery Health Channel stuff. It was stuff I'd already seen, but whatever. Some things are interesting enough to watch again.

Today I took Lotus out for a while. She curled up under my blanket ... like she always does. It's good when she gets settled because then I can just leave her. As long as I don't lean on her, or move the blanket too much, she stays there until I pick her up again. I hate having to put her back in the tank, especially when I don't always know when I'll be able to take her out again, but I have no choice.

I watched Superbad for the first time today. It was pretty funny. I'd probably have enjoyed it more if I had seen it with someone else, but I got to see it and that's all that matters. I like how on the IMDb Superbad site trivia section, they stated that the word "fuck" was said 186 times in the 2 hour movie. 84 of those times were said just by one person. I got a little kick out of that.

Anywho, I knew that Sam liked someone else, but it was confirmed yesterday. I'm alright with it, though. I've been telling myself that {and anyone else who's argued with me on it} from day one. The small part that was hoping he liked me is hurt, but it's only a small part, so I'm alright.

I need to figure out how I'm going to get ahold of J. I'm seriously considering "casually" saying something to Jean the next time I see her just to see if it clicks. The last few times I've "casually" said something about J, it hasn't clicked. And if it has, she hasn't said anything. I want to hang out with him, but I have to figure out how to get ahold of him first.

Alright, I'm sure you're wondering what the title means, so lemme try and explain. A dinner conversation led my sister to say "he needs to just suck a fish." I laughed and stated "he needs to suck a duck." We then joked that it would be funny if his boyfriend's name was Duck. I added to it by saying it's a Vietnamese guy named von Duck Phish. After a minute I added count. So the end result was Count von Duck Phish. Sorry if you don't find it as funny as I do; it's one of those where you kinda had to be there.

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the undead
Sunday. 1.20.08 4:01 pm
I didn't write anything yesterday because I had nothing to write about. It would have been my typical "boring, uneventful day" type thing.

I worked today, but for only 5 hours. I got to see Sam, though only briefly. He was my relief.

I'm off tomorrow, then I work at 5am Tuesday and 3am Wednesday. Unfortunately, I'm then off the rest of the week. I can't afford to not work. And I didn't need the whole weekend off; I asked to be put on the same shifts as Cindy so I'd have a ride to and from work still. Whatever.

Since I have so much free time I told Sam to let me know when he wants to go see Cloverfield. He's got work and school this week so it's up to him when he's got the time.

Uhm, that's about it for now. I have no idea why I titled this entry the undead... maybe because I haven't written anything in two days.

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bowling =]
Saturday. 1.19.08 2:15 am
Today started out alright. I finally got to sleep in. Having to wake up at 3am for 7 days straight took it's toll on me towards the end. I was awake at 7am today, but I dozed off and on until about 11am.

I got up, took a shower and waited for ma to get home from running her errands so that I could go out and get my check. Finally around 3ish, she got home, picked me up and we headed back out.

I got up to work, got my check, joked around with Jean for a minute, went back and said hi to Ed {who I hardly see anymore} then went into the breakroom to see if the new schedule had been posted. I knew it hadn't, but my intention was good.

Sam was chillin out in the breakroom, so I stayed in there and joked around with him for a few minutes. Haha, that's kind of the reason I went in there, but shhhh. You don't know that.

Anywho, Jean and I had been planning on going bowling Saturday night, but we ended up going tonight. It was fun. I haven't been bowling in over a year and it definitely showed. I already suck at bowling, but the second game I managed to score over 100. I got a whole, big 102. That's basically because of J {one of Jean's friends} who helped me out a little bit. I did all the bowling, but he told me to stand in a certain spot and it actually worked. I was also drinking, so that might have had something to do with the suckiness of my bowling. I know that if it had been helping, I would have scored higher.

It's a shame Sam isn't 21 yet ... we could have hung out longer. Though something tells me he probably would have gone home anyway. He worked today and is understandably tired.

He picked me up and dropped me off. The way he went was a longer distance from the way I usually go and I was happy to have the time with him. Not gonna lie. I felt myself starting to push my luck towards the end, though. I hope it didn't affect him too much. I really do want to just chill with him. He's a cool guy. But I always seem to screw it up somehow. I'll have to see what happens.

I suggested we go to the movies together at some point; seeing as how we both want to see Cloverfield. He's cool with it, we just have to figure out when we're both off work and have time.

I need to go up to work tomorrow to check my schedule and see when I go in Sunday. I really hope I'm off; I could use the third day to just catch up on sleep and relax, but something tells me that I'm not going to be so lucky.

TMI section coming up. Feel free to read, but don't complain afterwards.

I really need to get laid. It's been 6 months. There are 3, maybe 4 guys who I honestly wouldn't mind getting it from. The question is, will it happen? Probably not. I say maybe four because the guy I met tonight was really nice. And kinda cute. The odds of ever seeing him again? Probably about as high as actually geting laid from one of the other 3 guys I see on a more regular basis. Gah! I hate that I'm testing my will power. I want to just give in one night.

Alrighty, I do believe this post is far long enough. At least it was actually something to talk about rather than the usual "I'm bored. The day was uneventful" bullshit I write about.

Oh, I had a weird dream last night. I was being chased in a mushroom factory. I woke up just as the creepy-ass guy caught up to me. I hope I never have that dream again.

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entry for today
Thursday. 1.17.08 6:03 pm
Alright, I napped for a little bit, but due to my stupid addiction, I was up at 4 to watch It Takes a Thief. Damn addictions.

I'm off for the next two days! Yes! I have every intention on staying up later tonight {in hopes of actually talking to Tiffy} and sleeping in tomorrow. I do have to go out, but I will not be getting up early just to get things done. I can't cash my check at the Texas anymore {lame} so I don't have to worry about fighting a huge ass line. If I go out too late, the line at the bank will be kinda long, but I'd rather wait on that one than the one at the casino.

The plan Jean and I were working on for Saturday was to get people together to go bowling {since she knows a hell of a lot more people than I, it was basically up to her} but she hasn't been able to find anyone. The only other person who was going to go was Sam and he's sick. So it's looking like I'm not gonna go out ... again. I've lost count of how many times I was "going to be invited" and not. Or I was, but got a call saying the plans were canceled ...

Anywho, I haven't eaten anything yet today. I've been up for about 15 hours and have had no food. I've only had one 16oz cup of hot cocoa and 1 litre of water. It's not healthy, but whatever. It's not like I've never gone without food before. And I'll be eating dinner in about an hour.

Uhm, I had something else to say, but I completely forgot. I was going to do a pwp blog on my bug account, but I ended up not doing it. I didn't use any names so I should be good.

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