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Donation bust
Sunday. 4.19.15 12:05 pm
I wasn't able to donate blood yesterday because the girl who was checking my blood pressure and pulse couldn't get a good reading and when she finally was able to determine my pulse, it was too high. I think by that point, I was too pissed to get my pulse to lower because the first time she tried, I counted it around 89 and she told me she was getting 112. She also said that the jog I'd gone for {5 hours earlier} might have been what affected it. Which is bullshit, but whatever.

So I left Bellevue pissed off and knowing that I'd have to sit in traffic on the way home prompted me to take the 520, which has a toll ... I ended up sitting in that traffic as well, probably from all the people wanting to avoid the 90 traffic. If my blood pressure and pulse were high before, this didn't exactly help. I blasted the music, with the windows down, giving zero fucks about any of the other vehicles around me and made my way to the 5.

I decided to head north and get rid of the microwave that's been sitting in my trunk for who knows how long. I donated it to PAWS, which is the place I volunteered at a few years ago. I told them that I wanted to make sure it worked first, otherwise I'd just put it back in my trunk and dispose of it later. Surprisingly it actually worked so they kept it. I'm glad it still worked.

At least something good came from yesterday.

After that mini trek up to Lynnwood, I headed back home and chilled out. Today the only thing I've done is laundry and that will remain the only thing. I'm going to take a nap after I'm done typing this up and then probably just watch Netflix ... with it being sunny and warm outside, this is exactly the kind of day that makes me want to hermit myself up.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s ... it's probably a good thing I'll be inside for most of the day.

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Weekend shenanigans
Friday. 4.17.15 5:51 pm
I accidentally missed the entry from Wednesday ... oops. I ended up going to a friend's place immediately after work and got home much later than I anticipated.

Saturday morning after I finished laundry, I headed over to the tattoo place to look at the initial drawing for the new piece I'm getting. I've decided on the colors that I want; now to just decide on the shading style. I'm thinking a combination of stipple and traditional, to give it some contrast.

After that, I still hadn't heard back from the friend that I was supposed to meet up with so I came back home and was trying to figure out what time to go donate blood. I heated up some food, so that I'd not be donating on an empty stomach, and received a message from another friend in the group with the time and location of where to meet. So I scarfed my food down and headed out.

I met up with them at Seattle Coffee Works, which is a cafe right by Pike Place Market. After that we met up with another group of friends at Pike Place Brewery, hung out there for a bit, before parting ways and heading to get some food. We decided to go to the Pink Door, since neither of them had eaten there before, and it was just the right amount of food to satisfy the hunger.

After that, we wandered up to 1st and stopped at an Umbrella shop before heading back to the Coffee Works for more drinks/snacks. One member of our small group had to catch an Uber back to Seattle Center for a prior engagement so my friend and I started to walk around. We ended up going to Vons, which is a bar on 1st that I'd never been to, and each had a drink there. We were in there longer than anticipated because the weather took a turn {as it tends to in the spring} and waited out the sudden hail storm.

The other group that we'd met up with before messaged that they were going to a German bar by Seattle U so we decided to meet back up with them for dinner and a few more drinks. After finally figuring out which bus to take back up the hill, we finally met up with them and hung out until around 9ish.

Half the group needed to leave due to work the next day and, after saying goodnight, the rest of us made our way back to our respective vehicles. Another friend of mine who'd wanted to hang out Sunday, text me saying he was back in town early and wanted to know if I was cool to hang out then, so I called him and made my way over there.

We hung out, watched a bunch of random videos and shows on YouTube and Netflix, ate some food that he made and had some drinks. By the time we realized what time it was, I didn't feel like driving home so I just crashed there. I had to set an alarm, though, since I had plans the next morning.

Sunday morning I stopped at home just long enough to shower and change before heading north to pick up one of my friends before making our way to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Once up there, we decided to eat first and stopped at the Skagit River Brewery. The food was amazing! It was soo good! I'm definitely going to be going there again ... just don't know when I'll be up in that area. But when I am, I'm totally eating there.

Once we had our leftovers boxed up and the bill was paid, we made our way to the tulips. The variety of colors in the flowers were so pretty. If you're friends with me on Facebook, I posted the pictures there. We wandered about, but not really in the fields; they'd chopped a good chunk of them already. I'm perfectly content with the amount that I saw. And I'm also perfectly happy if I never go back again. It's not worth seeing every, single year. They're just flowers. . .

After we'd taken our fill of pictures and heard enough screaming children who could give two fucks about the flowers, we decided to head out. A spontaneous decision was made to go to Anacortes, since I'd not been out that way. Once in the city, I saw a sign indicating the ferry and asked my friend if she was up for an adventure.

We made our way to the ferry dock, decided on the San Juan Islands and chose Orcas Island. It was my first time out to the islands and her first time since she was in grade school. The ferry ride out was really nice. There was cloud cover, it wasn't too cold and there were plenty of photos {that are also on my Facebook} to be had. Once on the island, we realized that it was going to be an extra hour longer than we thought before heading back to the main land, due to the fact that we misinterpreted the ferry schedule and didn't realize the time we chose was just among the islands and would not be making a stop at the main land.

So we made our way around to pretty much the other side of the island and had dinner at the one major resort there. The place was so quiet! I'd go completely stir crazy being stuck on an island. I have no idea how the inhabitants do it. Even just knowing that we'd be there an hour longer made me instantly want to go back. Despite that little hiccup, we had a great time. I do like the peacefulness of the place and the scenery is so pretty. I just don't like the idea of being stuck on an island and having to plan everything around a ferry schedule.

We finally made our way back to the main land. The almost hour long ferry ride back to the main land, it finally hit me that I'd gone the whole day on only about 4 hours of sleep and I was suddenly very drained. I had to stop to put gas in my car before I dropped my friend off because I only had half a tank of gas and wasn't anticipating a joy ride out to the San Juans. I felt kind of bad because when I get tired like that, I become very quiet so she was talking and I wasn't terribly responsive. Next time I'll try to make sure I get more than 4 hours of sleep.

This week has been a crazy week at work. It's been busy and there have been a lot of asshole people calling in. I'm so glad the weekend is here. I only have a blood donation appointment tomorrow, but otherwise I'm in for the weekend. After barely being home last weekend, I'd like to have a weekend of not much.

I'll likely update on Sunday what I did or didn't end up doing for the weekend. I'm anticipating the entry to be short and quite boring.

Until then. . .

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Quick placeholder, of sorts
Monday. 4.13.15 8:35 pm
I did so much this weekend! I was hardly home at all!

However, due to the sudden increase in social activity, I'm super tired and unable to fully type out all the activities that occurred. In a couple days, once I've had time to catch up on sleep a little and have refreshed, I'll type out the weekend activities.

Until then. . .

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Two for one?
Saturday. 4.11.15 8:17 am
After getting out of the shower, I decided to put contacts in. I took one out of each pack, got the mirror set up and opened the first one to put the lens in. I put the lens on my finger and it slid off, in to the sink. Shit... I put it back in to the solution for a few minutes and then try again. I was able to get it balanced on my finger and in to my eye, but then it was really blurry. Well shit! I must have gotten a dud lens. So I take it out, put it back in the solution, just in case there might have been something on it that just needed to be washed off, and tried again. Nope, still blurry. So I take it out again, throw it away and go to grab another out of the pack ... when I realize ... I can see! The fuck?! How can I see? I went back to the trash can just to confirm that I had, in fact, thrown out the lens and sure enough, it was there. Uhm ... okay. So I move on to my left eye, put the lens in and voila, I can see.

What must have happened was that there were two lenses in the pack and when I put them in my eye the second time, one stuck to my eye allowing me to take the other off when I went to take it out the second time. Now that I think about it, it was really odd that the lens wouldn't stay balanced on my finger and it did actually have a smidge more weight to it, but I had only been up for an hour or so, so it didn't register that something was off. I just thought I was having issues.

Needless to say, that was an interesting way to begin my day. I have an 11am appointment with my tattoo artist to see the initial drawing for my new tattoo that I'll be getting later this month. I'm pretty excited about it. I have no idea what it's going to look like, but I know it'll be nice.

After that I'm supposed to be meeting up with a friend of mine to wander about downtown, but I haven't heard back yet on where I'm supposed to meet her so if I haven't heard from her by a certain time, I'm gonna go run errands and possibly donate blood. Either way, it'll be a busy day today.

Tomorrow I'm excited about going to the tulip festival. I've seen pictures and now I want to go take my own. Hopefully the weather holds out and it doesn't rain. Taking pictures in the rain is not really ideal. I don't care if it's sunny, I just don't want it to be raining. However, knowing where I live, it's entirely possible that it might be raining.

Anywho, I need to finish doing my laundry before I have to head out. Until next time. . .

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Every other day
Thursday. 4.9.15 8:43 pm
This pattern I have going of writing something every other day has it's definite advantages. I usually have something to write about when it comes time to write again and it makes it so that there's time for people {whoever you are, hi!!!} to read the entry before it gets lost to the next one.

The one disadvantage that I've noticed is that sometimes the odd dates fall on days when I have plans and I struggle whether to write before I do anything or wait and hope that I'm back near a computer in order to write something before the time changes to the next day. That issue is going to come up on Saturday. I'll likely write something early in the morning and then on Monday update on whatever did or didn't happen. Then again, if I risk it and don't write anything I may end up getting involved in some awesome shenanigans that would keep me out, having fun, past midnight. Who knows. I guess we'll find out when the time comes.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so glad it is. It's also payday, but I'm going to be careful on the money I spend this weekend because I'd like to still have some money in my savings after I pay for the tattoo. I get paid again the Friday before the tattoo appointment, but that's the rent check so I have to be cautious when spending. It should be easy enough. I do need to buy some toiletries this weekend, for sure. I'm running low on a lot of stuff. Although, with the plans I have for this weekend, I haven't a clue when I'm supposed to go to the store.

I'll be up for a bit tonight because I opted to take a shower at like, quarter til 8, which means that my hair will be wet until closer to 11. Oh well. I can go to bed early tomorrow night without having to worry about whether I wake up in the middle of the night or not getting enough sleep for work the next day.

Time to dive in to some shows to kill time while I wait for my hair to dry. Until next time!

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Same thing, multiple memories
Tuesday. 4.7.15 7:44 pm
There's a movie that I have seen twice, a huge blockbuster hit, that I've watched in the company of two individuals; with one in the theater, the other at home on DVD. Both times have created very distinct memories so whenever I hear the title of the movie, or a song from the soundtrack, I instantly think of both memories. The part that intrigues me, is usually when you have this type of situation, one memory is good, while the other not so much. This isn't one of those situations. Both memories are good so it's strange to have such distinct ones tied to the same movie.

Anywho, after last weekend going exactly as planned, with nothing happening, I'm very ready for this coming weekend. I have plans Saturday and Sunday and I'm trying to figure out if I want to do something Friday night. I guess it'll see how the day goes. I may end up just coming home and going to bed early.

I'm supposed to be meeting up with a friend after work tomorrow; not sure exactly where we're going. He suggested coffee ... which doesn't exactly help narrow it down here. Oh well. It should be fun either way. I don't drink coffee, but luckily coffee shops offer more than just coffee. Or ... I may actually get coffee so that I can knock out comfortably for the night... hmm.

I'll likely be going to bed early tonight. My hair has probably another hour before it's completely dry and by then my phone will likely be dead so I can plug it in and crash.

Yep, life is kind of just moving along at the moment. I heard from someone, out of the blue, this morning. I haven't talked to this individual in a couple months and we didn't exactly end on the greatest terms so I was quite surprised to wake up to a text from them. All it was was them asking how my new job has been and if it was better than my security job. I responded and haven't heard back since. Such a weirdly random thing to happen. Either way, I'm not thinking anything of it beyond what's being typed up here. I am curious to see if I ever get a response. If not, oh well. I stopped initiating conversation with them back then and this is definitely not the time to start up again.

I think that's it... here's to tomorrow going well!

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