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Feb. 2
Saturday. 2.2.13 4:06 pm
I went to the Veggie Grill earlier this afternoon to grab some grub ... and totally forgot to mention that I was there for PAWS ... See, if I had actually said something about PAWS, 50% of the money spent would go toward this charity. It's the whole fucking reason I went in the first place and I completely forgot to mention it. Apparently I was just too set on ordering the food that it clearly slipped my mind. Ugh.

On my way home, I stopped at Trader Joe's and got some dark chocolate peanut butter cups and they were giving away left over Christmas cookies so I took a box of those too. Now I have snacks to get through the rest of the week until payday. Also, now that I know the Trader Joe's has a free parking garage, I may be shopping there more often. It's on the way home, after all.

My annoying ass neighbor just got home so of course the first thing he does is turn on his Godawful music and blasts the fuck out of the wall. It's one thing when you can hear the bass coming through the wall, but most of the time I can hear the lyrics clearly as if I was playing it in my room. And I put up with this bullshit why? Because in order to get him to turn it down, it would mean having to speak to him. So I suffer through the shit that he plays just so that I don't have to ever come in contact with him.

I got my taxes done last night, but because of the whole school thing, apparently there will be a delay in when it's funded. Which sucks because I could really, really use the money now, but I guess it's just the procedure with school funds. At least I know that I have the money coming. According to the email I should get it sometime the beginning of March. I am hoping for sometime sooner.

Anywho, I think I've written enough for the day.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Challenge: day 1
Friday. 2.1.13 5:33 pm
The Friday in between paychecks. AKA: lazy Friday. I got dressed, but only just. I grabbed a spaghetti strap and sweatpants and threw those on after my shower. At least I'm wearing a bra and underwear, which normally doesn't happen on lazy days. Pajamas also stay on, although what I'm wearing could technically pass for pajamas.

Anywho, I baked up some pizza biscuits {yes, I'm stuck on a pizza kick.} They're pretty tasty, but I need to add more pepperoni next time. They are incredibly simple to make and thanks to the biscuit part, they're filling. The rest should last me at least a couple more days. If you want to try them, the recipe is on the Pillsbury recipe site.

I don't know what I'm going to be doing for the remainder of the evening. I've watched all of the shows in my Hulu queue and it's dark out now so the puzzle is kind of not an option ... not that I've been working on it lately anyway. The motivation is kind of gone.

Perhaps I'll try to unlock more ships in FTL.

Alright, good luck to everyone on the February challenge!

Until tomorrow. . .

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Finally {my} Friday
Thursday. 1.31.13 8:12 pm
Thursday at 2pm never comes fast enough and when it finally does come, 5am Sunday morning comes way too quickly. The weekends are never long enough.

I went for a double jog today. Covered just over 3 miles again. I was having a harder time today, but I'm not entirely sure why. I do know that at one point, I took too deep of an inhale right behind a smoker. That actually burned my lungs and I had to stop for a few just to catch my breath. It sucked. But I was able to keep going and toward the end it got a little easier.

Afterward Jacob and I went out for some sushi. We actually got just the perfect portions this time. Usually when we go to the conveyor belt sushi places, we always get too much because it's easily accessible. Tonight, however, we ate in the bar area because it was happy hour and some of the rolls are discounted. Since we had to order off the menu, we got what we wanted and it was just perfect. An appetizer and four rolls each. I'm actually full and not overstuffed.

Tomorrow is my lazy day. I have no plans for the day. Saturday I have to get laundry done and I'll be making a trip out to a vegan restaurant to get some lunch, but that's about it for my weekend.

Even though it's only quarter after 8 right now, I'm pretty tired from the jog, the food and the fact that I've been awake since 4:30am. I will most likely be in bed sometime in the next hour or so. It'll definitely feel good not having to wake up to an alarm tomorrow.

Until then . . .

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Wednesday. 1.30.13 6:51 pm
This will just be a quick one.

Work was just as annoying as ever. I can't wait until I have a job that I can be excited about.

I've been getting these pains in my left leg over the last couple days. The back side of my upper leg and the pain shoots down to the back of my knee. There have been times where it almost feels like my leg might just give out. If it continues, I may have to use my new insurance and get it checked out.

Bed will probably be early tonight. Tomorrow is a running day and I'm in the mood for a double. I'll need my sleep.

Nutang once-a-day challenge starts Friday. I'm excited to see how everyone does with it.

Until tomorrow. . .

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No more sandwiches ...
Tuesday. 1.29.13 7:08 pm
... at least not from the refrigerated section of the Safeway deli. Freshly made is still okay.

I didn't go jogging today thanks to this sandwich. I actually ate two of them, which is usually fine, but today? Not so much. My system rejected said sustenance within an hour of consumption. The sharp pains I felt in my stomach/abdomen area were far worse than any of the cramps I've had in recent years. Luckily I was nearly done with work so I was able to come home and lay down; after my system rejected the rest of the sandwiches, of course. I couldn't just deal with suffering once. That would be too simple.

Should my stomach behave itself tomorrow, I will make up for my missed jog then.

My innards have stopped making angry noises for now, but I am still feeling weakened from my earlier stint. I will probably go to bed early tonight, thus the reason for the earlier-than-normal post.

Two more days of work to get through and finally the weekend again. Weekends are never long enough. Perhaps one day I will be working a 4-10's job and the satisfaction of always having a three day weekend will make up for that fact. Until that happens, however, weekends are never long enough. At least there's only two more days.

Alrighty, I think I am going to play a little FTL before calling it a night. I finally got to the boss level ... and died almost right away. I must work on a different strategy for future game plays. I also have two new ships I can try out so hopefully that'll help.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Pizza couscous
Monday. 1.28.13 4:12 pm
I made my friend's pizza couscous again. It's just as tasty as it was the last time I made it. I may actually ask her to make her's again the next time I'm there so I can take notes and compare.

I fell asleep last night around 6:30, woke up around 9:30, fell back asleep a little after 10 then was awake at 4 and dozed for an hour until my alarm for work went off. Clearly, I was tired. I just didn't realize just how tired until I slept half the day/night away.

There's nothing going on today that's worth writing about.

Until tomorrow. . .

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