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ready to laugh?
Monday. 12.27.10 10:42 pm
Then this is exactly what you need.

Hope you enjoy!

I'll be writing a belated Christmas entry about my Christmas Day happenings soon enough. I'm just procrastinating. In the meantime, this should hold you over.

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I'm a dumbasss {UPDATE}
Thursday. 12.23.10 6:10 am
So out of boredom, I now need to buy a new SIM card. Instead of looking up online what a PUK was ... I killed my phone.

I have to get up in a few hours and get it taken care of. This is ridiculous.

People, here's some advice:

If your phone is asking for a PIN of any kind that you don't know what it is ... LOOK IT UP ONLINE! This way you don't kill your phone like I did.


I got a new SIM card. My phone works just fine now. It didn't cost me anything so that was really cool news. The guy just replaced the SIM card and actually held the door for me when I left and wished me a Merry Christmas {or Happy Holidays; I can't remember} It was just really nice. I did lose a couple cute texts that I had had saved from back in the day, but I honestly don't remember which ones aren't there anymore. I also had my recent calls list erased. It's weird seeing only a few phone numbers on that list now. All my contacts are still there. I don't think I ever got around to saving them to my SIM and now I'm glad. I don't have to worry about tracking people down to get their phone number in case I happen to want to send them a text a year from now. Other than that, everything is as it was. Since I only got a SIM, not a new phone, the few pictures that I have yet to save to my memory card are still there. {I'm gonna have to save them to SIM before I buy a new phone ... or just make sure they're on my computer.}

Anywho, I just wanted to let you guys know that everything is all peachy keen now. And it only cost me the gas to get to the mall ... and the simple frustration of knowing that I had a momentary bout of idiocy.

Until next time NuTang ...

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ah! tired!
Tuesday. 12.21.10 8:08 pm
So yeah, I'm like seriously tired right now. I'm pretty sure it's cuz I didn't do dick today that's making me so tired, but who knows. I went to bed around 5am and crashed right away and then didn't wake up until like 3 this afternoon. It's good that I'm tired, though cuz then I'll actually be able to sleep before my day shift tomorrow.

Yesterday was fairly eventful, although a lot of the evening parts were spent just wandering around aimlessly. I don't remember what time we got up. I think it was sometime around 2ish. Jacob got called in to work only a matter of hours after he was told that he didn't have to work. So our plans of wandering around downtown before the movie kind changed a little bit.

While he was at work, I went to Target and did some shopping. I got my sister and Zek a gift and a card and then I got Zaidrien a couple gifts. I was supposed to send them out today, but I just didn't feel like leaving the house. So I'll be sending them out tomorrow. I also got Jacob a couple things; mostly necessities. Nothing too special, but he'll appreciate them. And I got my mom a card. Which also has to be sent out tomorrow.

After work tomorrow, I'll be coming home, showering, then Jacob and I are going to do stuff before he has to go to work. He's got to buy his mom a gift and a card and we have to buy his aunt something before Christmas.

Gotta love last minute shopping.

After getting the shopping done, I went back and picked Jacob up from work and we headed downtown to the Pacific Science Center. All the exhibits were closed by the time we had gotten there {around 6pm} and the only Tron: Legacy show that hadn't sold out wasn't until 11:40. So we had like 5 hours to kill. We decided to walk down 1st Ave. towards Belltown. On the way, I saw this sushi place that I see adds for on Facebook all the time so we decided to stop and eat. It was more expensive than Blue C Sushi, but it was tasty. We ordered too much food, as we always seem to do, but it was eaten when we got home.

After leaving Sushi Wave we continued walking down 1st Ave. I think we had walked close to a mile {I'm not sure, I wasn't paying that much attention} and turned around. I just didn't feel like walking too much further. So we headed back. Since it was still like 2 hours before the movie we basically wandered around Pacific Science Center property for the whole time. Walked over to 7 Eleven and got a couple snacks then went back. Finally they started letting people in to line up.

The movie was great. I love the sound track. And I like the fact that Daft Punk made a cameo appearance in the movie. Especially since they're the ones responsible for the sound track.

Anywho, they decided to keep Bryce in the hospital with nurses and doctors that he knows and that know him rather than bringing him home with a hospice nurse that doesn't know him and he doesn't know. They decorated his room with lights and a tiny tree. He's got a stocking and Christmas bed sheets. It's really festive-looking. But he's comfortable. Which is what's important. We're all still praying for a Christmas miracle.

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hey guys, I need your help
Sunday. 12.19.10 12:06 am
My cousin Amy's son Bryce has cancer and it has reached the point where it is no longer treatable. At this point they've got a hospice nurse who is there to help him try to be comfortable in his last days.

No one should have to go through this, especially a child.

What I'm asking is that you just say a little prayer for him and his family. We're all hoping for a Christmas miracle. But this will probably be his last Christmas, granted the cancer lets him live that long.

You can read his story here:

Bryce's story

It's free to sign up, or if you have a facebook, you can just connect to it through there.

It would mean the world to me if you could add Amy, Bryce and their family in your prayers. Light a candle, make a wish, do whatever you need to do, but ask for a miracle.

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Wednesday. 12.15.10 11:57 pm
I'm kinda missing the old days right now. The days in Tucson when I lived in my own place and had a small, but great group of friends. The days of going out and having someone buy alcohol for me because I wasn't old enough to do so. Hanging out at the mall because that was the only thing there was to do in that town if you were broke. I don't miss the job I had there, but I won't deny that there were definitely some fun times.

Even further back, I miss the group of friends I had in high school. The 4 of us getting together just to chill at Downtown Disney. We'd kill a whole day that way. Or getting all 6 of us together and hanging out in Old Town.

But mostly I miss the closeness that my sister and I had formed when I moved back to Vegas. It went away right around when she had the baby. I miss the random texts that didn't mean anything, but we both understood them. The adventures in Wal-Mart at midnight or later. Wandering around the Strip or in the malls just for the sake of killing time.

I love Jacob dearly, but I need friends. I need to meet people who I can go hang out with on my days off. I need to be with people other than Jake. I also need to start going out on my own and doing things. I'm just working on my confidence in doing so. It's hard to find friends at this age. Unless you're in school or a frequent bar-goer. Of which I'm neither.

Even though I never really had a home, specifically, I guess you could say that I'm homesick for the "good 'ole days." I'm not really sure which place I lived in that I would call home. I guess it's a toss up between Kissimmee or Tucson. The wide abundance of stuff to do in FL versus the complete independence I had in AZ. If only there was a way to combine the two.

Anywho, I just needed to get that out of my system. I'll probably write again in a few days. Tron comes out Friday. I'm really excited for it. Hopefully after all the bills have been paid, there'll be enough to go see it.

Until next time NuTang...

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the last entry was not about the movie, btw
Monday. 12.13.10 1:27 pm
It was about a bunch of rain that we were supposed to get, but didn't ...

It rained all day Saturday, got harder Saturday night, eased up Sunday morning, but it was pretty much done by 3pm Sunday evening. Supposedly it was supposed to be raining hard all day. I don't mind that the rain let up. It made patrolling the parking lots a lot easier. And dryer. But I thought it was funny that they made such a big deal about heavy rainfall and nothing that bad happened. The amount of constant rain did flood some of the rivers in WA, but nothing by us. Oh well.

I really have nothing to write. It's my weekend. I've got a few errands to run tomorrow and then Jacob and I will be meeting up with his aunt to see the holiday lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. It's normally $5 per person, but during December there are a few free nights and tomorrow is one of them. Jacob was lucky enough to get the day off so that we can go together. I would have gone anyway, but I'm glad he's able to go.

I don't have anything planned for Tuesday. I just know that I need to be up kind of early {like before noon} so that I'll be tired enough to sleep Tuesday night for work Wednesday morning. It kind of sucks in that it cuts my weekend short, but working day Wednesday and not having to be back until swing Thursday kind of gives me an extra night.

Enough about work. I've only been working for a few weeks now and I'm already sick of it.

I guess that's it. This is no more exciting than my last entry, but there's a few links in it that should be clicked on. Just saying lol.

Until next time NuTang ...

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