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Idle hands
Thursday. 4.21.16 9:11 am
I have a doc appointment this afternoon, but instead of taking only the afternoon off, I took the entire day; I'm kind of regretting this decision. I've been awake since my normal time, despite turning my alarms off and trying like hell to fall back asleep. I know that I should take advantage of this extra time to clean, or go exploring, but instead, I'm just complaining about being bored. First world problems, right?

I haven't heard anything from my date since Sunday. Considering how things went, and the conversations we'd been having, most of my friends are convinced that something happened, rather than he just suddenly turned in to a straight up asshole who disappeared. Like, maybe something happened with his phone, or he or someone in his family got hurt, or worse. I'm not sure how long I should wait before I reach out to him. I know it shouldn't matter and if I want to talk to someone, I shouldn't make a big deal about messaging them. If they're uncomfortable with it, that's on them, not me. But this is something I feel different about. I want a friendship to actually come from this and I'm afraid of pushing it too much in the beginning. Although, at this point, I'm not sure what this is anymore. For now, however, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

It's days like these I wish I had a puzzle to do. I've been wanting to get a globe puzzle, one of the 540 or so piece ones, that comes with a stand. I have no idea where in this tiny space I'd put it, but I'm sure I'd come up with something. It wouldn't take me long; the sphere puzzles are usually numbered, but still. It would kill at least a couple hours.

I think I'm going to try to sleep for a couple more hours. I don't have to leave for another 3 1/2 hours. And the lawn maintenance people from across the street seem to have finished making a racket so it might be a good time to try to 'nap.' It'll keep my idle hands and mind from going too crazy.

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What the shit is this even?
Tuesday. 4.19.16 5:24 pm
Yesterday was 88 degrees, today is 81 degrees. It's mid April. Seriously, Seattle? I'm not ready for this! To be frank, I'm never ready for heat, but certainly not this early in the year. Luckily, this is just a freak heat wave and we'll be back down to the normal low 60s by the weekend. It can't come quickly enough.

This is going to be a super short entry because I've been awake since 3am and I'm drinking coffee in an effort to help me pass the fuck out and sleep through until my alarm goes off. I will be working the early shift tomorrow, but this means I get to leave early so that'll be nice. Then I also have Thursday off from work so I technically have an extra hour to do whatever I please.

The date on Friday went really well. It actually went much more smoothly than I anticipated. I figured it would be more awkward, since it was the first one. We got along so well and time just seemed to pass without either of us noticing. I feel super comfortable with him. We've talked about getting together again, just not sure when so I'll update as things happen.

Saturday was girl's day. It was an inexpensive one: a walk around Greenlake (again, since walking the lake was part of the Friday date) and then sushi for lunch, before having wine and candy at her place to end the evening. Sometimes that's what's necessary.

I have nearly downed an entire venti Caffe mocha. I normally don't drink coffee because of how quickly it knocks me on my ass, but this was on purpose. I'm already starting to fade so I'll have to make sure I remember to take my contacts out before I pass out. Here's to hoping I can sleep through until my alarm tomorrow morning.

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Things and stuff
Friday. 4.15.16 5:46 pm
It's still technically this week until midnight tomorrow so this definitely falls within this week.

I've lost another couple pounds. I've dropped a total of 33 pounds so far. I have another 12-13 left to go. It feels so good and this is one of those things I don't feel overly bad about bragging about to people. I also am bragging only to the people who have seen me at my heaviest and can legitimately see how far I've come. I'm much slimmer than I was 10 months ago and I'm curious to see how much of a noticeable difference another 10 pounds will make. I'll find out eventually; probably another few months.

I'm going out tonight with a new friend of mine. We're going out for sushi (so already pretty much my favorite person) and then probably some drinks. It's the first time we're hanging out so I have a feeling I'm not going to be fully open like I am with my other friends I've been friends with for a while. It takes time to fully open up to someone. And even so, some of my friends I still haven't fully opened up to. I was going to try to take a nap before I head out tonight, but that didn't happen. I think I'm too excited about the sushi.

Tomorrow I have tentative plans to go for a walk through one of the parks here. It's a park we've both been to, but never walked through. There's several miles of mild trails winding and twisting throughout, so it'll kill a few hours if we do go. There's also a lighthouse (which is what I've been to) so we'll definitely have to make our way out to that. Afterwards, no idea what the plan is. I guess it depends on how late I stay out tonight, and how she feels tomorrow; she's been sick for the last few days.

Nothing terribly exciting otherwise. Sunday will probably be just a chill day, also laundry day. No set plans for next weekend yet, but I have a feeling I'm just forgetting what I'm actually supposed to do. I know I'm busy two weekends from now. Then another two weekends after that I'm busy, then the following weekend is Alaska weekend so I'm pretty busy from now until June. I'll just have to make sure I throw in a few days for just hanging out at home and keeping to myself, otherwise I'll have another panic attack. Not exactly something I need any time soon.

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Well, that didn't last long
Monday. 4.11.16 6:14 pm
I had every intention of blogging more frequently this month; even after the last entry I was ready to write again a couple of days later. Then it just didn't happen. Oops. Oh well. I've kind of just been coming home after work and diving in to mindless videos and shows. I haven't even been reading the book that I still really do like so far. I've also been coloring a lot more lately, with either Pandora or YouTube playing in the background.

On the weekends, I've either been out and about or just home, avoiding human contact. I think the happy-go-lucky attitude I have to maintain for the patients' sake keeps me from wanting to keep being that way once I'm out of work. It's clearly not affected my social life a whole lot, but still. It's making me enjoy my alone time even more now, so I guess that's a plus? Who knows. I haven't killed anyone yet; I have snapped at a few people when I really shouldn't have, but they're friends so they've forgiven me.

This is going to be really short; I've already gotten sidetracked a couple times just since starting this entry. It's taken me way longer to write it than it normally would for something this short. I will try to write again this week. We'll see how things go.

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Back to it
Sunday. 4.3.16 3:13 pm
I was finally able to go to the gym again on Friday and get back to running. I went after work, after putting gas in my car. I pushed almost as hard as I had been the week before, which isn't bad considering I hadn't exercised really at all in nearly a week. I did go to the gym once during the week, but only did light exercises between the elliptical, sit down bike, and treadmill. I'd barely broken a sweat from doing those.

I was supposed to meet up with a friend this afternoon, but he had to bail due to family stuff. Which is fine. I took advantage of that and slept in later than I planned. I went to the gym again this morning and pushed harder. I'm so close to the 3 miles in 35 minutes goal. I think next time I'm at the gym, I'll be able to get there. Or at least by this time next week, I'll have reached that goal.

Yesterday was spent indoors, as is today (with the exception of the gym this morning) just kind of lazing about. I colored a bit last night and again today. I finally finished the picture I'd been working on for a while now. It's very intricate. It was nice taking a break from electronics just to focus on that.

It's been really nice outside lately. I haven't had my heat on in a few days and have had my windows open to allow some fresh air to blow through. It's supposed to rain again tomorrow so I have a feeling I'll be shutting my windows before I head to work, just in case it wants to be windy while raining. I don't need to come home to my stuff soaked. But then by Thursday we'll be back up in the 70s. If only it would stay that way and not go up in to the 80s.

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Spring has sprung
Thursday. 3.31.16 8:59 pm
Today was the first day since sometime in October that it was over 70. It felt really nice all day. I'm normally more for colder weather, but it gets cool overnight still, which is what makes the warmer day okay. I have a feeling I will be intermittently turning my heat off/on along with opening/closing my windows for the next few weeks.

After that last post, I haven't been able to exercise due to a random pain in my hip and back. It wasn't for a lack of trying, but I didn't want to push because then I'd have to just completely stop for longer than I want to. Today is the last day I'm giving it a rest though. I want to get back to the gym this weekend and push to see if I can make it to the 3 mile mark in 35 minutes. I'm a tenth of a mile away from reaching that goal.

I'm not sure exactly what caused my hip to suddenly hate life; I'm thinking it was just sleeping on it wrong. However, due to limping for a full day, I ended up with a sore back for a few days. It finally started feeling better yesterday and I was going to head to the gym tonight, but my friend ended up in UC so I spent the evening keeping her company.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so ready for it to be here. No plans for the weekend and I'm perfectly okay with that. It'll be nice to have a weekend with nothing going on. I'm broke anyway so it's a good reason to stay in. I will need to put gas in my car, but that's something I'll likely do after work tomorrow so that I won't have to go anywhere this weekend {aside from the gym, but I don't count that.}

It's supposed to be a mirror image of today's weather tomorrow so that'll be nice. It'll be a good way to end the week. Hopefully the work day goes by quickly.

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