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Thursday. 11.28.13 9:30 pm
Work was boring, as it should be. My coworker and I basically followed each other around for most of the shift, avoiding the office because the boss was there. Normally on holidays we just hang out in the office and respond to where we need to go from there, but since he was there today that plan was kind of kaput. Oh well.

Thanksgiving dinner with my friend's in-laws was good. The food was really good and everyone enjoyed themselves. We all pitched in with clean up so it barely took more than half an hour to get everything back the way it was. I'm glad I went.

I get to sleep in tomorrow and I will be taking full advantage of it. I'll probably be in bed around my normal time, but I won't be waking up to an alarm tomorrow. Hopefully that'll be enough to help heal me some. I haven't been able to kick this cold yet and my nose is still all stuffy. I'm really hoping that a day of rest will do me good.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Wednesday. 11.27.13 9:54 pm
My nose decided it wanted to join in on the sick game and has been stuffy off and on all day. Being on a plane is already hard on your sinuses. Being on a plane when you have a head cold is much, much worse. I really need to kick this thing before I take off Tuesday morning.

I only have one job tomorrow and I'm thankful for that. Afterward I'll be spending time with my friend and her family. Then Friday I'll be sleeping in. Oh man am I looking forward to sleeping in. Hopefully the roads aren't too crazy since I do still have errands to run, but with it being Black Friday, who knows how it'll be.

Alright, I'm going to sleep with my hair wet tonight because I got home a little later than I expected to and thus got in the shower later than planned, but I'm super tired already so I'll just take the annoyance of sleeping with my hair wet.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Pity yo-yo?
Tuesday. 11.26.13 9:36 pm
I'm supposed to be getting a sweatshirt as a reward for achieving a goal that was given to me {you may remember from, like, a month ago when I was given a credit challenge that I don't think my manager believed I could win and I won} and it hasn't arrived yet. He said that I am still getting one, but it takes time depending on when it was ordered. I asked if I would be getting it before I left and when he said no, I kind of felt bummed and told him I was hoping to bring it with me. I think I pouted or sounded bummed enough that he went in the back and got me a yo-yo ... I know it's not the same {not even close,} but at least I got something...? I think he gave it to me out of pity. Either way, I'm still pretty bummed that I won't be able to get the sweatshirt in time to take it with me.

If work was as crazy tomorrow as it was tonight, then I'm definitely not looking forward to tomorrow. It's the day before Thanksgiving and with Sam's Club closed, people will definitely be in there for last minute shopping. At least when it's busy, the time goes by quickly.

Alright, nothing else of consequence occurred that I feel needs to be typed about. Here's to hoping that tomorrow goes by quickly and smoothly.

Until then. . .

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Monday. 11.25.13 9:41 pm
I really have nothing to update on. Work was work ... at both jobs. Nothing too crazy, but not as slow as I prefer it to be when I'm not feeling well. I guess it's better than super busy.

I'm really wishing that I could wake up tomorrow and instantly feel better, but this stupid cough and cold sore won't go away overnight so I'm stuck with them until they decide to leave me on their own. I'm just really hoping to be over everything by the time I leave.

My week is as follows: tomorrow and Wednesday - both jobs, Thursday - one job and dinner with my friend's in-laws, Friday - errands {it's payday} and relaxing, possibly packing, Saturday - one job and laundry, possibly packing, Sunday - one job and definitely packing, Monday - both jobs and last minute shit and a nap. Tuesday next week - vacation!

Until tomorrow. . .

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One week, one day.
Sunday. 11.24.13 8:11 pm
I leave next week, guys. I've been counting down since June and the fact that I can now say I'm down to my final week, it feels kind of surreal. I'd probably be more excited if I wasn't sick.

On top of being sick, I'm now getting a cold sore forming on my lip. Fan-fucking-tastic. Hopefully the Blistex that I'm using will help make it heal faster. I don't want to have to deal with them in the first place, but I really don't want to go on vacation with one. It's not exactly an attractive look.

I didn't get any Tylenol PM, but that's okay. I didn't really have an issue sleeping last night and I'm hoping that I'll sleep okay tonight as well. I'll make sure not to push myself too hard tomorrow and with the shift at Sam's only being 4 1/2 hours, I should be okay. I'll just have to keep water with me and ensure that I keep hydrated and sanitized. I only have to work both jobs 3 days this week so as long as I can push through, I'll be fine. Thanksgiving will be an easy shift to work since the clinics will be closed and I'll have a day and a half off before going back in for an 8 hour shift at Sam's on Saturday. If I'm careful, I should be back up to at least 75% by then.

Alright, I think I'm going to try to finish the book my friend let me borrow: Hyperbole and a Half. It's pretty amusing. If you haven't heard of it, check out the website. There's a lot more to explore there. The book has some extras along with some classics. After that I'll probably get to bed early again and hopefully get some sleep.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Worth it
Saturday. 11.23.13 5:05 pm
I called off Sam's in person yesterday. I knew that they wouldn't be able to hear me over the phone and I knew that I would be in that area anyway, so I stopped in and told my manager that I wouldn't be in for my shift today.

I picked my friend up from her work and we stopped in at Sam's. I saw that my manager was standing at the podium so at least I wouldn't have to talk to anyone else. One of the other managers came up and I waved, then in barely above a whisper explained that I couldn't talk. He laughed at my failed effort to speak, but wished me well before walking away. My manager joked that since I work in a hospital, I should be able to access the good stuff, but I explained that nothing would work to get my voice back in time to work my shift. I apologized and thanked him for his help. My friend agrees that he's adorable and is a pretty funny guy.

After we left Sam's, we stopped at Marshall's and I was able to buy a suitcase. My packing cubes have been ordered and shipped and should be arriving some time Monday or Tuesday. I'm down to the final stretch and it's becoming even more surreal that it's actually happening. I've been counting down for so long now that I'll probably have to be on the plane before I realize that this is actually happening.

When we got back to her place, she fixed me up some tea that had lemon, ginger and honey in it. I'm not sure if it did anything to help, but it tasted nasty so I'm glad I only had one mug. She fixed up some dinner and we watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Netfilx. I'd never seen it before so that became the choice movie. I can now say that I've seen the movie. I'm not sure if I'm ready to deal with the chaos that ensues during a theater/stage production of it.

I got home last night and took the two Tylenol PMs that she gave me and I ended up sleeping for 10 hours straight. I woke up to use the bathroom around 9:30 and went back to bed and slept until sometime after noon. I finally got up around 1 and began my day of relaxing and laundry. If simply doing laundry exhausted me like it did, there's no way I would have been able to work a full 8 hour shift as a cashier. It would have made it much worse. With having a couple days of rest, I might actually be better enough to be able to fully enjoy my trip.

Alright, I have one more episode of season 3 of The Walking Dead and then an episode of Bones to watch on Hulu and I think I'll call it a night after that. I want to make sure I get a decent amount of sleep before work tomorrow. I'll probably get my own supply of Tylenol PM before I come home tomorrow so that I can at least have it for tomorrow night. Then Monday-Wednesday I have both jobs. Hopefully resting tomorrow will be enough to make me okay to work all those shifts.

Until tomorrow. . .

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