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Saturday. 10.27.07 1:21 pm
I got about 4 hours of sleep the night before last. I woke up at 8, went to the interview at 9 and 20 minutes later, had the job. It's only seasonal, but it'll be a check.

After we left, we headed way out to the far side of town {about an hour drive away} to pick up ma's settlement check. Then we came back and cashed the check. We left the bank and headed out to the Texas so that ma could pick up her free gift.

Then we came home and I slept for about an hour, took a shower and the three of us headed out around 6.

We parked at Caesar's Palace, but only because I miscalculated the distance between there and the Luxor. We wandered the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace for a bit, then headed out on the over-a-mile long treck to the Luxor.

I wanted to go see Criss Angel's store there ... and I got the surprise of my life. He was there, live, in person, filming!!! Oh my god, I was ecstatic! I didn't get a picture with him; there were too many people around him. I did get a couple pictures of him in his production office though. They're not very good because there was people all around me and all around him. But OMG!!!

When I was done fawning, I headed out. All of a sudden, I realize that he's walking right behind me!!! So I get up the courage, appologize for interrupting the conversation he was in and told him that I admire his work, or that he's inspirational {I can't remember exactly what I said.} But he smiled at me and said, "thank you so much. I really appreciate it." He talked to me! Gah!!! I was already a big fan, but now I can say that I've met and talked to a celebrity. And he's sooooo attractive. Man. The image in my head will never go away.

That was the highlight of my night. He's amazing. The encounter was amazing.

By the time we got home, my legs and feet were killing me. I hadn't walked that far in a long time. But seeing and talking to Criss made the whole night wonderful. I'm even more in love with him than I was before. And now I know what tattoo I'm getting on the back of my leg.

Alright, here's pictures:
I hate camera phones. Criss is in the middle:
You can't really see him, but he's the one with the hat on:
This obviously isn't him; it's the door of a lambo:
This is the front of the lambo. It was hand painted by Lassen:

We also watched the Bellagio fountain through one song and we stopped by a store in the Forum Shops so that Lori could say hi to a friend.

I started work today. I was hired for cashier, but didn't even go near the registers. It was too busy and they didn't have anyone to train me. I'll probably start learning on either Monday or Tuesday.

I have other stuff to write about, but I just don't feel like it right now. Maybe later. Besides, this entry is long enough. I did warn you though.

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yay! real quick...
Friday. 10.26.07 9:19 am
I got a job!!! Finally. I start tomorrow at 9am. It's only a seasonal position, so even though I'll be getting paid the same as I was when I left the restaurant, I'll be working only half the hours.

But it's still a job. And if I prove good enough, they'll look for a more permanent position.

More to come later.

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tomorrow ...
Thursday. 10.25.07 5:37 pm
... is going to have a long entry. There's stuff going on that I'm not going to mention yet. You'll find out about it tomorrow. Probably late because I'll be gone pretty much the whole day.

Anywho, our wrecked car is no longer in our possession. Ma turned it in and got a check for it. I wonder what kind of car she'll be buying on Saturday.

I really, really want the movie Transformers. I find it funny because when I first heard about the movie, I had absolutely no interest in seeing it. Even after it came out and everyone was talking about it, my interest still wasn't peaked. Then Tiffany wanted to see it again and asked if I wanted to go with her. I said sure; the worst that could happen was I spend an unnecessary $9. When the movie was over, I was glad she asked me to go with her. It is now one of my favorite movies, ever. I'm going to buy it as soon as I can.

My dreams are getting weirder and weirder every night. I'm no longer having dreams about people I know personally. Most of them now invovle some sort of celebrity, even the ones that I'm not fawning over. And if it doesn't have a celebrity, I'm with people that I know in the dream, but have no idea who they are in real life. It's strange.

K, I'm done for today.

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Tuesday. 10.23.07 10:20 pm
I announce that I might be taking a hiatus from Nutang and get a bunch of comments. I come back to blogging daily, talking about everyday life and get one or two comments, if I'm lucky. I find that funny.

Anywho, I do believe that ma got the car issue figured out. She's going to be turning over the car, getting a check and the insurance company will be providing her with a rental car for the weekend. On Saturday, she'll be buying a new car. No idea what kind, but it'll be small, like the one she's got now.

Charles's birthday is on Friday. I'm going to wish him a happy birthday and message him asking if he's got any plans for the "special" day. I don't expect an answer. It's sad, but oh well.

I helped Lori out with a project that's due tomorrow. She's been working on the research for a while, but tonight she had to put it all together. I drew and cut out the bubble letters that were used for the titles of each section. It took me a couple tries, since it's been a while, but I think I did a fairly good job. It's about the only thing I can draw aside from stick figures.

I was thoughtful about the California wildfires, but I wasn't too concerned about it ... till I remembered that I have a good friend who just moved to San Diego about a week ago. He posted a bulletin on myspace that his town was evacuated earlier this morning {like, around 3am.} I tried calling him, but I got no answer. It's a little late to call now, but I'm going to call again tomorrow. If I still don't get an answer, I'll leave a message. I'm sure he's doing okay, but I don't know about his stuff or his home.

Alright, that's it for today.

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Monday. 10.22.07 5:25 pm
So the interview wasn't an actual interview. It was a preliminary interview. The person asked me about 10 questions on why I want the job, what I would do to contribute, how I'd handle customers, etc, blah, blah, blah. The person took record of my answers and then they'll be sent to the higher-ups, the managers. They look at my answers and they decide whether or not I'm worth calling back in for a second interview.

In my opinion, I did well. I answered the questions truthfully and promptly, with very few uhms. I dressed well and was smiling and polite. I don't think I could have done better, but I still have the sinking feeling that I'm not going to get a call back. Those types of jobs usually require some sort of prior experience, but how do you get the experience if they don't hire you in the first place? Ugh. Maybe I'll get a call from Big Lots.

There's an issue going on with ma's car. I'm not really sure of the details so I'm not gonna go into it, but it doesn't seem good. The car is still working, but its financial issues involving the accident and the insurance company of the person who hit us. It's just really complicated. I just hope it all gets figured out soon though. I'm not going to be able to make my rescheduled road test and I after that I don't know when I'll be able to take it. I'm hoping soon, but that's not looking good either.

On a better and much happier topic {for me, at least} Chuck and Heroes is on tonight. Last night there was a rerun of last week's Life so I got to see Damien Lewis shirtless again. Unfortunately, I was so into the show that I completely forgot about watching an all new episode of Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil on the adult swim. Oh well. It's only 15 minutes and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to catch up on next week's episode.

Alright, dinner is almost ready so I guess this ends today's entry.

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I can never think of a good title
Sunday. 10.21.07 7:53 pm
Tomorrow I have an interview at the Texas. I really hope I'll get the job. No one called me though. I had the interview scheduled as soon as I was done filling out the application. But maybe that's good. They can't just judge me by looking at my application. I need to dress up though. I don't mind it so much, but I hate walking around in the heels that I have. I need to buy new ones, but I need money to do that. And I need a job to get money. It really is a vicious circle.

My sister got me watching So You Think You Can Dance. It was a rerun of season 2 and I fell in love with two of the dancers. Benji and Travis. Even though I knew before hand that Benji won, I still had trouble deciding who I liked more. After watching both the second and third season, I actually like the second season better. I have no idea if they're'll be a fourth season, but unless there are people who are better than the second, I won't really care.

I am quite bored and I don't really know what else to say. I guess I'll write later.

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