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ha, yep, I was expecting this
Saturday. 12.12.09 10:28 am
It's Saturday ... I planned on packing today. Do I want to? Not at all. Maybe I'll get up the motivation to do so later.

I'm a little upset with Wendy's right now. I ordered their $4 Bold Buffalo Wings and didn't get them. I got, instead, their Honey BBQ Wings. The problem? I don't eat BBQ. The sauce messes with my stomach and I feel sick for a day or so. I was pretty disappointed. If that had been the only thing I ordered, I would have gone back and gotten different ones. But I had ordered a sandwich too, so I just ate that and gave the wings to Jacob.

I went to Opportunity Village's Magical Forest last night and I actually had a pretty good time. I didn't ride any of the rides, but being the broke person that I am, I couldn't have even if I wanted to. It was pretty cold out there, but we warmed up a little once we were out in it for a while. Either that or we just became too numb to feel that we were cold. I got some pictures; I'll put them on my computer in a day or so. I probably wouldn't have gone if I hadn't gotten free tickets for participating in the Santa Run.

That, btw, updated their site with the tallied total of people dressed up like Santa ... there was a lot! But not enough to break the world record {12,965} which is held by some town in Ireland.

The issue that I'm having with not getting the wings from Wendy's is that I'm still wanting them. The problem now? I spent all my money on the food last night. I don't have the money for it now. It's lame. Oh well. That's the sacrifice I make in order to pay for all my other bills. I just don't eat.

Okay, I think I'm gonna take a nap before I work up the motivation to start packing.

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waiting it out
Thursday. 12.10.09 5:31 pm
I have one week and one day until I move in to the new apartment. I plan on packing this weekend; I'm going to spread it out between both days. I have so little with me, it could actually all be done in one day. I could always just procrastinate, like I'm known to do, but I know I'm not going to be wanting to pack during the work week and I don't want to be rushed on the 19th.

Right now I'm just waiting it out.

I'm still pissed. I was easily agitated at work today; stupid little things pissed me off. Like the off-loaders getting jackets ... really? I got pissed at that? The trailers are freezing. They're like going into refrigerators so of course it makes sense for the off-loaders to receive jackets. It's probably got to do with the fact that we're getting ours taken away from us. We got jackets because standing by the open docks for hours at a time tends to get cold. Then supposedly people {the coworkers} started bitching that we had jackets and technically jackets aren't allowed in the warehouse {cuz we could steal something by hiding it in the pockets ... even thought the metal detectors we have are as sensitive as the ones at the airports} We're getting fleece jackets instead and, although I'd much rather have one of those, it's the reason behind why we're getting them that pisses me off. That just tells you how inferior contract security is compared to the actual warehouse coworkers {in-house security included.}

Anywho, it's supposed to be colder tonight than it has been all this month. Joy. Don't get me wrong, I do prefer the cold, but its usually helpful when I can stay warm in the cold. I can only layer on so many clothes before it starts to get uncomfortable. I really should go to Wal-Mart and buy some thermals. Maybe with this next paycheck. Right now, however, I have on either one or two shirts {one short sleeve, one long sleeve} a company provided sweatshirt and the company provided jacket. I also just bought gloves to wear. Even with all that on, it still cold. I would love to have a thermometer in the warehouse one day just to see exactly how cold it actually is.

I'm tired. I took a nap earlier, but I'm still tired. Maybe I'll go to bed early again tonight. It seems I've been doing that all week. I usually am laying down around 8pm. This week the latest I've gone to bed was just after 7pm. I don't like going to bed early because I feel like I'm wasting the time. Even though I have nothing to do during that time, I still feel like it's being wasted on sleep. Oh well. I'm just weird like that.

Okay, I think I've ranted enough for the day. Until next time. . .

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I'm a little aggitated
Wednesday. 12.9.09 5:38 pm
I don't actually have a specific reason to be pissed; I just am.

People are pissing me off. I hate how no one seems to have any kind of confidence in me. I say I'm moving and I'm immediately told that "no, there's no way you're leaving. it just won't happen."

Thanks people. Thanks for your support and confidence in my decision. I really fucking appreciate your feedback that I never asked for in the first goddamn place.

As I sit here eating my ramen noodles, I'm thinking about how much I rely on technology. I stopped the habit of watching TV on a constant basis. I hardly even watch shows online anymore. But I can't go anywhere without my phone nor can I even simply turn it off for an hour or more. I could probably go longer without my computer than my phone, but even that would bug me.

I just want to get away from this place. The people here {and when I say that, I mean the people I work with} just get under my skin. They're either lazy, incompetent or just plain, flat out bothersome. Some of them don't know when to shut up. It's a warehouse full of controlling drama.

I'm sick of being tired all the time. It seems no matter how much sleep I get I can never seem to get away from this tiredness.

Fuck. I'm just pissed off. This half-assed rant is pissing me off. I'm just going to finish my noodles and probably head to bed. See if I can sleep. Part of me wishes I hadn't brought and left my Jager at Jacob's.

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I'm not one for cuteness, but this I had to share
Monday. 12.7.09 5:43 pm

btw, if anyone still has ideas on a good horror movie, I'm still open for suggestions. see entry below for more details.

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suggestions please! {EDIT}
Sunday. 12.6.09 2:11 pm
I just watched 1408 for the first time {I know, I'm really behind} a couple days ago and that has put me in the mood for Horror films. Here's the problem. I don't get these moods very often so I haven't a clue as to what's good.

So if you could help me out that'd be great. If you know of any good Horror films, recent or not, doesn't matter to me, I'd greatly appreciate suggestions.


{EDIT} I have committed the ultimate blasphemy ... I joined Twitter. if you feel up to it, you can follow me @saboof. Ugh, what have I done?

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back to normal, unfortunately
Saturday. 12.5.09 7:29 pm
Here I am, sitting at home, doing nothing productive. At least not right at the moment. I was working on my Japanese some more; something that I haven't done in about two weeks.

For the most part I'm working on it because I truly want to learn the language. But there is a slight ulterior motive behind it though. And it's probably not a very good one. Oh well.

This morning I spent a few hours walking around with at least a thousand other people dressed up as Santa. It's this thing called the Santa Run where people gather in one area dressed up as Santa and either run or walk a certain, specified distance. There are vendors and sponsors there selling and giving away stuff. It wasn't exactly fun, but it wasn't boring. It basically wasn't a big deal. Registration involves the Guinness Book of World Records. If enough people registered and it beats the record from the last time, then my name, amongst many others, will go in the book for the world record: the most Santa's in one area. Or something of the sort. I highly doubt there was enough people to beat the record, but I guess we'll see. They should have something in the paper tomorrow.

Ugh, I guess I'll go back to working on my foreign language. Or maybe I'll sleep. Something to pass the time.

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