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On a whim
Sunday. 6.7.15 9:34 am
After the way that I was feeling Friday, I decided to just say fuck it and go for a drive anyway. I don't like driving south, for some strange reason, so before I left the house I checked for alternate routes that I could take if I didn't feel like driving south any longer. Kind of like how I've yet to leave the state while going north, I felt it would be the same way while driving south.

In looking at the map, I actually saw something that kind of made the decision for me and determined that I would definitely be going west instead of south. So around the Olympia/Centralia area I took the SR101 exit and began my trek west. I made a quick pit stop in Aberdeen to get something to drink and use the bathroom. I thought I got lost in Hoquiam, but it just was a strange turn in the road. That's the problem when you're joy riding on a road that turns in to a main vein that cuts through a town. Although, if I had gotten lost, it would not have taken me long to get back on the road I wanted.

Continuing on, I kept following the signs for the Ocean Beaches. Ocean Shores is a pretty popular area. There's hotels and touristy things to do, but that was not my destination. Turning down the road that pointed to where the beach attractions were, I saw a sign that actually determined exactly where I'd ended up. Initially it was just the town I was aiming to go to, with no real end destination.

When I saw the turn off, I made my way slowly around to the entrance of Ocean City State Park. When I saw Ocean City on the map, I knew I had to go there and I actually looked to see how far away it was from Ocean City, MD. 3003 miles, according to Google Maps. I thought it would be interesting to go to the same city, that far away from the only other one I knew by that name.

Upon turning in to the park entrance, however, I saw signs stating that a permit was required and I'd forgotten all about the fact that going to any National/State Park, you need a pass. Until I drove closer to the booth, was it then I saw that it was free day. What are the odds that the one day I randomly choose to drive out to a state park is the day that I don't need a permit to be there? It's like the world was shining down on me and knew that this was something I needed to happen.

It was the first time I'd ever seen the Pacific Ocean. It was amazing. Awe-inspiring. It had been so long since the last time I was at an ocean beach that I'd forgotten just how vast it really is. There was nothing around except the beach and the ocean. There were quite a few people there flying kites and having BBQ's and just hanging out. I took off my flip flops and walked through the sand to the wake. I stopped a little before where the water stopped and took pictures, then proceeded to hold on to my sandals and phone and walk toward the water.

I stood in the wake for a little bit, letting it wash over my feet, feeling the sand move underneath as the water pulled back out. I didn't think of anything other than being there. I walked a little farther out, letting the water come up to my knees and walked down the beach a little ways. I didn't go very far, but it was so calming. Being in the presence of the open ocean like that, even with people around you, reminds you just how much to appreciate the things around you. And how, even with chaos, there's still a way to remain calm.

Usually I don't like being somewhere like that alone, but yesterday felt just fine. I didn't feel any kind of discomfort at all just being there by myself on the beach. Even walking down the path that led from the parking roundabout to the beach, I didn't feel strange. Yesterday was meant to happen that way.

On the drive back, I was quickly reminded just how much cooler being on the beach is and the heat that was waiting for me when I got home. The sun was blaring in through the driver side window and actually gave me a small burn on my left shoulder. Go figure ... Luckily it's not a bad one; I can still lay with my arm over my head without my shoulder hurting. The tiny spot on my left chest that got burned isn't even enough to leave any kind of tan. It'll just fade back to white. I have a lovely seat belt mark ... so I guess it proves that I'm a safe driver?

Today is going to be even hotter than yesterday. And tomorrow is going to be even hotter than today. I'm going to just reserve my shower for later and I'll wait to wash my hair until tomorrow; I'll just throw it up for work. I really should go grocery shopping today, but I honestly doing feel like going out in to the heat. It's not horrible right now, but the sun makes things uncomfortable quite quickly. Besides, my clothes are all in the dryer at the moment and I'm not going anywhere until they're done.

So I guess here's to trying to stay cool today.

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No pants is best pants
Friday. 6.5.15 9:30 pm
After the day I had at work, I needed a drink by 9am. I was in a funk and the volume of calls and annoying people didn't help. I finished off the few beers I had left in my fridge last night so I was going to stop by the store before I came home to replenish, but then I just came home.

I don't even have food to eat so I will need to go back out at some point, probably tomorrow, to get at least food. I don't like drinking alone, but I guess the hope that I had to get together with someone for drinks isn't happening. Which is fine; I was pretty sure it was going to play out that way anyway. With last weekend being as active as it was, I'm actually pretty okay with this weekend being a lazy one.

I contemplated going to Portland for a day. I've never been and in doing some research, there's a few parks that would be amazing for photo taking. But I really need to start saving up my money and I'm doing a horrible job at it. Another reason why I'm not buying alcohol this weekend, despite wanting to have it to calm my nerves.

I'll have to work up the motivation to actually leave my place tomorrow. I've gotten very good at ignoring the growls emanating from my stomach. Perhaps sleep tonight will help eliminate the funk that I've been in all day.

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Four versus three
Wednesday. 6.3.15 7:38 pm
Because of the every other day of writing, there are some weeks where I end up writing 4 times and others only 3. I'm perfectly okay with this ... most of the time. Some weeks, I just have nothing interesting to type up. Other than the random outings that I have, nothing terribly exciting happens that I feel is worth writing about.

I'm not terribly keen on writing much about my job. It would mostly be me bitching about the day anyway. It's not that I dislike my job; I actually still quite like it, but whether it's good or bad, it would still be repetitive. There's also HIPAA to worry about. I didn't have to worry about that as much in security because I didn't really deal with anyone's information. This is a bit different.

My social life has slowed a little, despite the adventurous Memorial Day weekend and this past weekend. Those are a couple of exceptions that have occurred recently. The last few weekends before that, if I remember correctly, were pretty mundane. This coming weekend is looking to be about the same. It's the rent check payday so I won't have much in the way of finances after. I'm also trying to save up as much as I can for my trip.

Part of me wants to get a second job, but with the Monday through Friday 8-5 schedule that I have, I'm not sure what kind of job I'd be able to do without losing my sleep time. And I'd rather not sacrifice my entire weekend. I think I'll just be spending sparingly on groceries from here on out.

Alright, time to jump back in to videos/shows until bed.

Until next time. . .

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Adventures and reminders
Monday. 6.1.15 5:34 pm
This past weekend was a busy one! I helped a friend move on Saturday. It took about 3 hours for the 4 of us to pack up the truck and less than 2 hours for the 3 of them to unload it. I was quickly reminded of how sore moving can make you; by the end of the night, my arms were sore.

While they were unpacking, I was sent to the store to buy drinks to go along with the pizza. Only two of us indulged in the beer that was already in the fridge so we had some to take home. I spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and resting my muscles.

Yesterday, I met up with a friend of mine and we went hiking. It was my first time hiking in Washington state and it was so much fun! In total we hiked 7.5 miles. We only went way up once, and it was exhausting. I'm so glad I did it and that my friends were understanding. They even offered to let me take the dogs to help pull me up the inclines, but with as thin as the trail was in some spots, I didn't want to risk losing balance and having all of us tumble downhill. They have experience hiking with the dogs.

The views were amazing. Photographs don't always give you the correct perspective of just how high up you are. It still allows for beautiful views, but it's never the same as actually experiencing it. I took less than 100 pictures, which isn't bad considering we were out there for about 4 hours. I was actually taking the time to enjoy my surroundings. And the pictures that I did take, I didn't review until I got back home. I'm not the type of person to immediately make sure that the photo came out correctly. At least not in a situation like that.

We remembered to bring sunscreen, which ended up not being needed, but we forgot to bring bug spray ... and we got eaten alive by mosquitoes. I have counted at least 9 bites; I'm sure I have more that just haven't made themselves known yet. It's been so long since I was in Florida that I'd forgotten how annoying those little bugs are. Definitely remembering bug spray next time.

My legs aren't terribly sore, but I can tell that I did a lot more walking than normal. My arms are still slightly sore from lifting everything from the move on Saturday, but that pain is subsiding as well. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back to normal.

No plans for this coming weekend, but I'm sure that could change at any point. If it doesn't, then I shall enjoy a quiet weekend at home. If anyone wants to look at the pictures I took, they're on Facebook. Facebook fucks them up somehow and the clarity is nowhere near what it is on the phone itself, but I don't know how to change that so I guess you get sub par photos of some really cool nature stuffs.

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Quite the turn around.
Wednesday. 5.27.15 8:01 pm
Shortly after I posted that blog on Monday, things took a turn for the better. A friend that I'd been trying to come get sushi with me for a while finally took me up on my offer ... and then added to it! He suggested we take his motorcycle to the sushi place. Of course I said yes! I've been wanting to get back on to the back of a motorcycle for the better part of a decade; this is just the first time the opportunity has presented itself since.

It was amazing! I was honestly kind of sad once we pulled off the freeway because I knew that meant that we were closing in on our destination and the ride would be over soon, but once we parked, I realized how hungry I was and that sushi was the reason we'd stopped.

The sushi was alright, nothing special, and inexpensive, but it was in good company so that helped. The ride back was just as nice as the ride there and I was sad again once it was over. I'm not sure when it'll happen again, but I'm hoping it's soon. I don't even really care where we go, just as long as it's on the bike.

Getting back in to my car after the ride just didn't feel quite right. I mean, I love my car and I don't plan on giving that thing up for several years to come, but there's just something about being on a motorcycle, out in the elements, wind surrounding you, roar and vibration of the engine below you that you just can't beat. It's such an exhilarating experience!

After sushi we hung out for a bit; I think we both ended up dozing off for a while thanks to the abundance of sushi consumed. After that I headed home. It was a fantastic way to finish off the three day weekend.

Yesterday at work it wasn't as crazy as I thought it would be considering it was the day after a three day weekend, but that didn't make the phones any less annoying. Today it wasn't as bad. I'm hoping the next two days are about the same. I have some work that I need to catch up on and I'd like to do so before the weekend.

This coming weekend I have at least one set plan: on Saturday, I'm helping a friend move. Sunday has tentative plans, but I have a feeling nothing is going to come of it. Which is fine; I'm used to it by now and I know it'll happen eventually. If nothing happens on Sunday, then the only thing I'm doing is laundry.

Here's to hoping the excitement of this past weekend continues to linger over the next few days.

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Mini hiatus
Monday. 5.25.15 9:33 am
I haven't been feeling terribly social lately. It's entirely possible that I'm not as okay with my plans being canceled for this weekend as I originally thought I'd be. I did go out Friday night, but that was it.

Saturday I sat right here where I'm sitting now and watched an 8 hour live stream that one of my favorite YouTubers was doing to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation. It was hilarious and awesome and I enjoyed the fact that I had the time to watch the whole thing, as well as contribute.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to the store to buy groceries... that didn't happen so it has to happen today. Around 3:30 the fire alarm started going off again {I'm just glad it wasn't in the middle of the night, like it has been the last few times it went off and didn't stop} so I got dressed and headed out. I hopped on the freeway with the plan to stop at the store and head back, but I just couldn't bring myself to stop driving.

As I was driving, I was trying to decide between whether I wanted to go all the way or to just stop somewhere along the way and the time of day is what made me decide. I got lost around Bellingham, stopped to use the bathroom, put gas in my car and get my bearings on which direction I was facing. In looking at the map, I saw that there was a small park right on the water, not far from the University, so I aimed myself in that direction and got turned around only once while trying to find my way there.

It was a beautiful little park. I only took a few pictures and stayed for no more than 10 minutes. I was tempted to stay until sunset, but that was still a few hours away and I was getting tired. The hour and a half drive home isn't too bad, but when you're tired it's not fun.

I did stop at the store on my way home, but only bought trash bags {something I was in desperate need of} and headed back. I ended up not going to bed until after 1; apparently I wasn't as tired as I thought.

The only plan for today is to actually go buy groceries. As much as I would like to go the next two weeks without eating, I know I can't.

At least I don't have to work today.

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