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Car accident
Friday. 8.17.07 3:05 pm
Today started out really well. We were all up at a reasonably early time and were out of the house before 11. The plan for today was to get mom's check, deposit it into the bank, pay the bills, go to lunch and go school shopping for my sister. We got as far as paying 2 of the 4 bills.

As we were driving down the road, a woman was coming out of her complex and obviously didn't see us because she tried to pull across into our lane. Mom honked the horn at her and she moved back into her lane till we were passed. About 2 or 300 feet later there was a 4-way stop. We were stopped at the intersection and this same woman rams into us. Hard.

Even though we were stopped, she hit us so hard it pushed us 16 feet forward. Its a good thing we were completely stopped, otherwise it would have pushed us clear to the other side of the intersection. Its also a good thing it wasn't a major intersection and that we weren't all the way into the middle of it.

My mom is suffering from a pretty severe headache and at first, she would get dizzy whenever she stood. She seems to be doing better now, though. My sister was terribly shaken; so much so that the whole car was shaking with her. She was complaining of back pain. She seems fine now; she said all she had to do was crack her back. I seemed to have suffered the least, but I've still got a headache and my jaw is sore. The way my mind works, I've programed it over the last 10 or so years to block out any pain I might feel. If its not terribly serious, I don't acknowledge it.

We're all going to wait it out 24 hours to make sure nothing worsens. If it does, we'll be taking a trip down to UMC Quick Care {its better than the hospital} My sister and I are most concerned about mom, but she's more concerned about us than herself. I guess its a mother thing.

The car is still drivable, but the whole back right side is crunched in. Luckily the other person's insurance is going to be paying for all the damage. In the process, the brakes will be fixed as well as the bent axle. Who knows when we'll be able to get the car fixed though. In this town, it could take forever.

I still want to go out and finish off the day, but I can be patient enough to wait until we're sure mom can go out again. I just wonder when that'll be.

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Thursday. 8.16.07 7:16 pm
Today is the two year anniversary of my stepfather's death. Its not been too much of an emotional day, but I don't know how my mom has been coping when she's in her room by herself. I hope its not too bad for her.

I went to the DMV today and remembered all of the necessary documents {I forgot my birth cerfiticate last week} I took my written test and I'm scheduled to take my road test on Sept. 20th.

We stopped at the grocery store on our way home and I drove home from the store. Its the first time I've driven in about 3 years. I much prefer driving this car compared to the minivan that we had last time I was driving. However, the brakes on it are horrible. They stop the car, but they squeak and squeal. I'm going to have to borrow my mom's friend's car when I take the road test cuz my mom's car is not in good enough working condition to take the road test in. There are still a few things I need to work on, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to pass my road test. The only thing that I'll have trouble with is parallel parking.

When I took driver's ed in Florida, the instructor told us if we wanted to learn how to parallel park, we could, but we didn't have to learn. It wouldn't be a part of the road test. But here, parallel parking is much more common so it's a part of the road test. I've never even considered it so that might be an issue with me whilst taking the road test. Oh well.

Anywho, I don't really know what else to say right now, so I'll write again whenever.

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I'm so pissed right now
Wednesday. 8.15.07 1-:58 am
Fuck! I'm so goddamn pissed off right now. I left to go to the store with my mom earlier and when we got home, I noticed that the cat pissed on the couch. Which happens to be my fucking bed right now! He not only pissed on the couch itself, but on the two blankets that I use. So if I wanted to go to sleep right now, or had to, I wouldn't be able to.

There are two cats in this house, one is my sister's, the other is Jean's {the roommate} Neither of them see it necessary to clean the fucking litter box on a goddamn regular basis. Not even every other day. I'm fucking lucky if one of them decides to clean it once a fucking week.

If they kept up the care on their fucking animals, I wouldn't have to deal with this shit right now. Actually there are a lot of things that could happen to make me not have to deal with this. If Jean and Steve had found their own place instead of mooching off my mom, I'd have my own room. But no.

If they kept the cats in their rooms at night, I wouldn't have to deal with them. But no. God forbid you sleep with your own fucking animal.

Maybe I should have stayed in Tucson. I wouldn't have to deal with any of this bullshit nonsense right now. I seem to be getting fucking nowhere out here. I've been here a goddamn month and jack shit has happened in the way of progress out here.

I hate this. I want to fucking leave, but I have nowhere to go. I want to fucking scream and cry, but I can't because it would wake the people in the house. I can't go for a walk at this time of night because this town is too dangerous.

I don't think I should have ever left Tucson. Fuck!

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Wednesday. 8.15.07 7:01 pm
I don't feel good today. I was supposed to be testing my cat alarm theory, but due to unfortunate womanly events, I was just too tired for anything to wake me up earlier than my body was ready to wake. I'm 5 frickin days early, so I'm not a happy camper right now.

I got my laundry done like I planned, though. I need to take my clothes out of the dryer, but I just don't feel like it right now. Maybe I'll do it later.

Last Comic Standing is on tonight. I hope Matt stays in the competition and that Doug goes home. I don't like him.

I'm reading Eclipse again. I'm not quite over the hype of the book yet, so I'm reading it again so I don't go crazy. My sister is finally finished with it so I can talk about it with her now. I just have to be careful with what I say when her boyfriend is around cuz he hasn't read it yet.

I should eat something, but I'm not hungry. I haven't had anything to eat since last night. No, I take that back; I had a brownie about 5 hours ago.

Ugh. I'm going out tomorrow. Hopefully my cramps and aches are gone by then.

I need a job. Then my entries will be more interesting ... I've become more and more boring as the month has gone by.

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Monday. 8.13.07 3:24 pm
~~This entry will contain some things that are "girly" so here is a precautionary warning for those males {or even females} who don't want to read about it. ~~

I finished Eclipse last night! Oh my, it was awesome! I'm seriously debating reading it again. There are parts in that book that made me actually laugh out loud. Its a good thing I was reading it at night whilst everyone was asleep otherwise I would have gotten strange looks. OMG, it was amazing. I need to find out when the next book is coming out; the suspense and patience I'm going to have to extrude is going to kill me.

While reading the book, two thoughts crossed my mind, one which my sister brought up to me. {this is where you might not wanna read} She came out and asked me, "Since Bella is a normal human girl, and she spends all her time with Edward, what do they do when she's on her period? Wouldn't that make the scent of the blood even stronger?" Its a valid point. I'm actually sort of glad Stephenie Meyer didn't go into the details of that, but it does make me wonder.

The other thing that came across my mind {this is a spoiler, so if you haven't read the book and are intending on doing so ... skip over this section} is the act of sex. I had thought about it occasionally when I read the other two books, but in Eclipse when Bella came to the conclusion she wanted to and Edward agreed {under specific compromises} my thought became more pronounced. If, to achieve an erection, which requires mostly blood, how would it work with Edward? He's, in a matter of speaking, dead seeing as how his heart is no longer beating. How would he get the blood flowing in order to properly achieve an erection? Maybe he'd have to be freshly fed, I don't know. But the curiosity has got the better of me right now.

If you read through that and were in any way disgusted or irked, you can't say I didn't warn you.

Anywho, I was rudely awoken again this morning. This cat is really starting to get on my nerves. It wasn't the same yelling and screaming of yesterday. Instead it was obnoxiously loud yelps and barks. Twice this morning it happened and altogether, I got maybe 5 hours of sleep. I was ready to punt the cat out the window. . . Not literally, but you get what I mean.

Charlie is back from his camping trip, but he hasn't called me yet. I'm having a strong feeling that he won't, but I really, really want him to. Then again, I think he just got back today, so maybe I need to give it some time. I don't want to wait, though. I've been waiting, since I gave him my number. Ugh!

Alright, that's all that seems to be coming to my mind so I shall write again whenever.

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Rude awakening
Sunday. 8.12.07 2:45 pm
There's this outdoor cat that the neighbor's have that likes to wander around our house. Its a male cat whose name is Tank. Apparently this morning, he sprayed the front door ...

Booffer is my sister's cat, also male. He is strictly an indoor cat; I think she lets him out in the backyard every-so-often, but other than that, he stays indoors. Well, he's not fixed yet, and although its what makes him go crazy over the {fixed} female cat that also lives here, it also means that he can spray too.

Around 8:50am, this is when Booffer realizes that Tank sprayed the front door because he can smell it on the floor right by the base of the door. He starts to yell. Not meow, but literally yell at the top of his lungs to alert everyone of the incident. The fact that we have tile floors, rather than carpet, didn't help the echo. His obsurd yelling woke me up.

My sister finally woke up {I somehow doubt anyone would have been able to sleep through the cat's horrific screams} and she came out to investigate. I pointed it out to her that he was going crazy at the base of the front door and after a few minutes she went outside to clean off the door. Once she sprayed some stuff on the floor, cat-deterent if you will, he quieted down some. I was considering just getting up for the day then, but I ended up dozing off again before the decision was made.

His cries and yelling were worse than cats fighting.

Anywho, I haven't written in a few days, but nothing interesting enough has happened that requires a full entry. I started reading Eclipse; I'm well into the book right now. I wouldn't be suprised if I finish up the last 14 chaters tonight. I know, though, that once I hit a certain spot in the book, even if I'm tired, I'll force myself to finish it.

I went to the DMV last Friday, but only after waiting in the long ass line for half an hour did I realize that I forgot my birth certificate. The time spent there was wasted. I'm unable to go back to the DMV until Thursday, at the earliest. This process is starting to be more of a pain in the ass than I was hoping to have to deal with.

I'm still jobless. I've been here for a month and I still haven't gotten a job. I realize that part of it is my fault for not putting forth more effort, but ... ugh. I need a job.

At this point in time I can't really think of anything else to say so I'll write again whenever.

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