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It was time
Sunday. 5.19.13 7:36 pm
A few days ago I took off my ring for the first time since I had received it because it was getting on my nerves. At this point I don't remember why it was getting on my nerves, but it was. I figured I'd leave it off for a little while then put it back on and continue whatever I was doing. Except I didn't put it back on.

I left it off when I went to bed and continued to not wear it throughout all of yesterday and today. It's not as uncomfortable as I was anticipating it would be. Although, I'm fairly certain that it's because I was ready to take it off rather than making a forced choice to discontinue wearing it.

However, I've reached a point where part of me wants to put it back on, but because I've had it off for a few days, it kind of feels awkward putting it back on. Washing/drying my hands is probably the only thing that I will have to adjust to because I would always have to take it off to fully dry my ring finger. Now that it's not there anymore, I can just dry my hands normally.

The last time the thought to take it off went through my head, I wanted to wait until I had another ring to wear in its place because I didn't want to have a naked hand. Now is a little different. I still don't have another ring to wear instead, but I'm also not nearly as uncomfortable as I was last time; as I thought it would be without it.

I'm conflicted NuTang friends. The ring doesn't have the same meaning to me as it did when I first received it, but it still holds a strong meaning. Do I leave it off for a while longer or do I put it back on? I actually thought about buying a simple silver chain and wearing the ring as a necklace so that I could still have it close, but it would be clear that the meaning is different. Suggestions, comments, opinions are always welcome.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Impeccable timing
Saturday. 5.18.13 8:30 pm
I hate it when I make plans for something then realize that Mother Nature will be ruining my weekend by making her presence known. The timing very rarely ever plays off well. The event/plan that I make usually can't be rescheduled so I tend to just deal with it.

Today wasn't too bad. I slept in ... sort of. My phone rang at 4:14 this morning. No recognizable number and no message was left so whoever called me can go fuck themselves. Then my work called me at 6:29 this morning. I was pissed at that point because it was already light out so falling back asleep was kind of difficult. I eventually surrendered around 8:30 and got my laundry started around 9.

After that I showered, got my clothes put away and Jake and I went out. We drove up to Northgate, wandered around the mall for a bit, got something to eat then watched Star Trek: In to Darkness IMAX 3D. It was pretty awesome.

Now here I am. I am probably going to go to bed soon. I have work tomorrow and despite really not wanting to go, I need the money. So I shall go.

And that's it for today.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Another lazy Friday
Friday. 5.17.13 7:48 pm
I didn't get out of bed until 10:30 this morning. I got my errands run this morning and have spent most of the rest of the afternoon just catching up on shows on Hulu. I took an hour and a half nap and now I'm back to Hulu. I took a brief break so that I could type this up and I'll be going right back to it. There's a lot of season finales right now so it kind of sucks seeing all my favorite shows ending until the Fall. Oh well. It'll give me something to look forward to.

There's really nothing important or not important for me to write about today. I've just been hanging out inside.

Yeah, I'm gonna continue watching my shows.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Fifty percent
Thursday. 5.16.13 7:54 pm
It's already the middle of May. It's kind of hard to imagine that half of the month has already gone. Memorial Day weekend will be here shortly, then summer begins next month, then Independence Day, then the Dog Days of summer, followed by Labor Day, school starting again, my birthday, Halloween, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year.

Holy shit.

The title of this entry also indicates about how much effort I put in to doing my job today. It was my Friday and it went about as smoothly as it could have gone. I'm glad to have the next two days off.

I have some errands to run tomorrow, but otherwise I'll probably just hang out and catch up on sleep and shows on Hulu. Saturday, after I get my laundry done, Jacob and I will be going to the U-District. They're apparently having some kind of street fair so that should be fun. I think while we're out and about we will go see the new Star Trek movie. He doesn't know this yet, but I'm sure he won't object if I'm paying.

The last two nights I've been going to bed early and I have a feeling that temporary trend will continue tonight. For some reason I always end up going to bed early on the first night of my weekend. It doesn't make sense. Perhaps it's because I'm just so relieved that I don't have to work the next day that my body just relaxes to the point where I need sleep. Who knows. I'm not feeling too tired right now, but that could change in an hour.

Anywho, there's some grey clouds moving in from the Southwest so hopefully it brings some rain so that I can have a soothing night's sleep. There's supposed to be rain off and on over the next few days so we'll see how accurate the forecast is.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Please, no more
Wednesday. 5.15.13 8:25 pm
I used to be mildly annoyed by patient standbys, but when you have nearly 3 month's worth in less than a week and a half, it gets really fucking old, really fucking fast. Especially when they mostly involve frequent fliers. WTF people? If you want psychiatric help, GO TO A PSYCH HOSPITAL. . . we don't have the capacity for that kind of crowd, nor do we have the proper staffing for that kind of thing. I'm so sick of standbys.

On top of the two that we had today, there was a rather interesting incident that occurred in the parking garage today that killed an hour and a half of the shift. A person turning to park in a space had the front driver's side tire fall off. It didn't completely separate from the vehicle, but it certainly wasn't properly attached anymore. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but it was parked diagonally in the middle of the driveway to and from a certain level of the garage. I was redirecting traffic to the employee parking area. Luckily only a few people argued with me about wanting to go the direction they couldn't. I explained that if they wanted to be part of a demolition derby, then they were more than welcome to go where they wanted to. Otherwise, they had to park in a different area.

Needless to say, today was busy. It's like the complete opposite of what happened yesterday. At least it was Wednesday and my coworker is a no-nonsense, straight to the point type of guy who gets his shit done and doesn't take shit from people. I kind of wish he worked day shift instead of swing shift, but it is what it is.

After work, I came home and napped. I had a minor headache from the fact that I hadn't had time to hydrate myself throughout the shift. It helped slightly, but I had to keep drinking water once I woke up. I will actually probably be going to bed early again tonight. My computer decided to update stuff last night {even though I set it up to update only at 5am since I'm awake at that time anyway ...} so I woke up in the middle of the night with the bright ass light of my screen in my face. It took a while to fall back asleep.

Alright, I think that's it for today. It's a little longer than most of the other recent entries, or most of them in general, but I needed to rant about today. It was ridiculous. Here's to hoping that tomorrow is as calm and easy as yesterday.

Until then. . .

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Fingers crossed worked
Tuesday. 5.14.13 8:19 pm
I was hoping for calm today and that's exactly what I got. I think I had two radio calls the entire shift and it wasn't for anything important. We nearly had a standby, but luckily nothing came of it. It was a nice, simple Tuesday. For once.

I left work a little early today so that I could get home and change before having to go to the doctor. I'm glad that my new doctor is just as friendly as the last one. Apparently the family practice department had just moved to a newly renovated area yesterday so the place looked and felt really new. It was clean and fresh and fairly welcoming considering it was a doctors office. The exam went about as well as it could. I just have to wait for test results to come back, which usually takes a couple days. I should have them by the end of the week.

Two more days of work then an easy-going weekend planned. I need to pay a few bills with this paycheck, but afterward I'll actually have some expendable cash. I may buy some new shoes that I've been wanting to buy. There's also a few odds and ends things I want to buy, such as a blender ball {for soup mixing, genius idea} and perhaps some cleaning products for around the room.

Jacob and I are looking in to joining a gym again. It's failed the last three times we joined. I think the longest we kept it up was 2 weeks. We'll see if anything actually comes of it this time around. It really all depends on the price.

I kind of want to play Don't Starve again tonight, but I also want to get to bed early, like by 9, so maybe I'll save it.

Anywho, I hope the next two days of work are like today was. That would be nice to end the week on an easy note.

Until tomorrow. . .

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