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Monday. 5.27.13 7:30 pm
Even if a change occurs that doesn't directly affect me, but still affects me, I like knowing ahead of time so that I can mentally adjust. I guess this is just the next step in moving on. I hate change. Even small ones. You'd think with all the fucking changes I've been through in my life, I'd be used to it by now, but no. I hate them even more. Which in a way makes sense because of how much I've had to deal with change. I want something to stay constant for once.

I bought a book today. Half Price Books was having their Memorial Day sale and I decided to take advantage. I will probably start reading it once I'm finished with the other one.

I had more, but I'm distracted so I'm going to try to lose myself in the book for a while. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have more.

Until then. . .

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Sunday. 5.26.13 7:36 pm
Apparently when I bring in a home-cooked meal for my lunch at work, I'm not supposed to eat it at work. This is not the first time I've brought food in from home and didn't get the chance to eat it because shit hit the fan at work and my lunch break never came. I end up having to bring the food home and eat it there.

Just to test karma, I'm not going to be bringing home cooked food with me tomorrow. I do not want two busy days in a row. Especially not if they're both like today. I will probably wait until at least Tuesday.

I'm more than halfway through the book that I started reading a few days ago. I would probably be finished with it by now, but I think I skipped a day. I will probably have it finished before the weekend.

Tomorrow is a holiday at work. The clinics will be closed, but due to this, Urgent Care will be super busy. It always is on holidays that occur during the week. And guess who will be spending half the shift posted at UC? Yeah. Joy. You can feel my excitement through the screen.

Alright, I am going to make an attempt at being in bed early tonight. We'll see what happens.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Might as well
Saturday. 5.25.13 7:01 pm
Today didn't feel quite as rushed as I was afraid it would, but I still wish I had another day to sleep in. That's the only downfall to working overtime on my day off.

I stayed in bed until around 9. I was awake a handful of times before then, but I refused to get out of bed that early. I got my laundry done, took a shower, put my clothes away, did the dishes and headed up north to get some gas.

I had $1 off per gallon rewards with Safeway that I needed to use and use them I did. It felt pretty good filling up my tank for under $30. I also have a full stock of groceries in my place. Something that I haven't had in a while. All that shopping I did has multiple rewards to go with it.

After I got home, I baked up some French's Fried Onion crispy chicken. It came out rather tasty. I also put together a couple simple turkey wraps. All that's on them is turkey and chive and onion cream cheese. I used regular and spinach tortillas. It's a good finger snack. I will probably be making more of them tomorrow. I'm kind of cooked out for now. Oh, I also cooked up a pasta salad. I ate some of it. The rest I will probably take to work with me tomorrow.

Anywho, I am going to continue reading while I still have the natural light. Once the sun goes down, I will probably go to bed. I'm definitely not looking forward to working tomorrow. At least it's Sunday. The day should {hopefully} be fairly laid back. Then Monday is a holiday so that will also be a fairly simple day. After that I'll have three days to get through before the weekend again! I already can't wait.

Until tomorrow. . .

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Way too early
Friday. 5.24.13 8:23 pm
Waking up to an alarm to get ready for work on your day off is never how anyone wants to spend the first day of their weekend, but that's how I started mine.

I woke up at 5 with my alarm, hit the 15 minute snooze, woke up at the 5:15 alarm and reset another alarm to go off at 5:25. I didn't really care if I had to sort of rush to get dressed. I really didn't want to get out of bed. The first, probably, three hours of my shift I was just dragging. I don't normally get up until between 8 and 9 on Friday so my brain was questioning why it was having to function earlier than that. My body was also mad that we were wearing the rather uncomfortable uniform instead of pajamas.

I started to 'wake up' sometime around 9ish, but only just. My pace quickened to the normal speed and my eyes were fully open, rather than the half open they had been, but my brain and body were still questioning my decision to work this overtime. My wallet will be thanking me next payday, though.

Most of the shift went well. We had a situation in the Labor and Delivery section of our campus, but if anything happened with it, it happened after the shift was over so as long as it's been resolved by Sunday, I honestly don't care.

I came home after work, changed and went back out. I wanted to continue grocery shopping and get the things that I didn't have the money for on my previous shopping trip {I finally got my sick pay that I had been shorted on the last check.} Because of the awesomeness that is the Safeway App, I quickly earned some reward points for gas and now I have enough to get $1 per gallon so that's awesome, considering gas is at, or above, $4/gallon again.

The problem with working overtime on my days off, besides not being able to sleep in, is that with the one day left that I have, I feel rushed. I hate feeling rushed. Even if I know that all I have to do is laundry, having only one day in between work weeks just isn't enough to reset the system. Which is honestly why I would prefer working a 16 hour shift on a normal work day than sacrifice a day off. Oh well. Overtime is overtime. It really doesn't matter the form in which it comes in.

Alrighty, I'll probably be up for at least another hour or so. My unexpected 3 hour nap that I just woke up from at 8 has left me groggy. I could totally have just gone back to sleep without even thinking twice about it, but I wanted to come on here and update for the day.

Until tomorrow NuTang. . .

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Opposite ends
Thursday. 5.23.13 7:40 pm
A couple weeks ago, Seattle was super hot, broke records for that day and was tied for the hottest major city in the US. Yesterday, Seattle was cold, broke a record low for the day and was briefly tied with Portland, OR for the coldest major city in the contiguous 48 states. Welcome to a Seattle spring.

It wasn't nearly as sunny as it was supposed to be today, which I'm okay with, but it was a bit warmer today than yesterday. This will be the second night in a row that I'll be sleeping with all my windows shut. It's spring time so I'm going to try avoiding turning my heat on, unless it gets super cold. Leaving them shut at night and open during the day seems to be a good combo for now. Soon enough, however, the windows will be open all the time and the fan will be going.

This isn't going to be very long. I want to read some before I go to bed and I also want to go to bed early since I picked up an extra shift tomorrow. It sucks not being able to sleep in on your day off, but I could use the extra money.

Actually, I think that's it for today. Depending on how busy work is tomorrow the entry might be longer.

Until then . . .

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Slight spontaneity
Wednesday. 5.22.13 7:26 pm
Hi guys. I did something spontaneous today. It was a little something, nothing major. But it was a first for me.

I made my first ever shoe purchase online.

This may not seem like a huge deal to you, but it is for me. See, I hate buying shoes. Like, really hate buying shoes. I've worn the same kind of shoes for like 6 years now. Before that I just wore the off-brand version of the shoes I wear now. I've owned two pairs of high heels. Each of which I had worn twice, for about an hour each time. Even my mom hated taking me shoe shopping because it was such an unpleasant experience. The one time she brings up was back in early high school, she took me to 7 different stores looking for a pair and I ended up buying a pair back at the first store we had stopped at. After that, mom said she would just give me money and I could go myself.

Second reason why this is a huge deal is because I so rarely buy wearing-type things online {ie: shoes, clothes, jewelry.} I'm the type of person who would rather see it in person and try it on before buying it. I have such a lack of a sense of style that I'm always afraid something won't look good on me so I would rather just err on the safe, boring side.

So I bought two pairs of shoes from the Payless website: These and these . I also want to buy these or these when the store calls me to let me know my order had arrived. I really want to get out of wearing plain, flat simple shoes so that's why I'm going with heels. I also need a new running shoe because the old pair, I realize now, isn't made for running which would explain why my feet hurt after using them too much.

Anywho, I picked up an extra shift on Friday. I'll be working the day shift so I'll still have my Friday afternoon to myself. I just won't be able to sleep in. The extra money will be nice, though. It will be on the rent check so that'll be helpful.

That's about all I have for today.

Until tomorrow. . .

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