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Wednesday. 10.25.06 12:42 am
... Its kind of a spinoff of the word spiffy. Don't ask where I came up with it though cuz I have no clue.

It was ever so slightly busier than yesterday, but not by much. Gary's back has been bothering him for the last week and today it got so bad that he couldn't stand or sit without being in pain. So he left work early. He was going to go to a chiropracter, but the one that Joey usually goes to was closed so he just went home. Hopefully by tomorrow he'll be feeling a little better. If not then I guess I'll be doing most of the work. Oh well. I don't mind too much.

I've been in a very flirty mood again. But only the last couple days {mostly just yesterday and today, and probably tomorrow}. I don't really know how to explain why, but its almost as if I can't help it. Whatever. Its just harmless fun. Nothing wrong with harmless fun right?

Anywho, there's absolutely nothing on TV tonight. Usually even if there's only a few things on I have the TV on, but only as background noise. Tonight, I actually turned the TV off and I have my stereo on. Its bad that there's that much of nothing on. But I guess there can't be something on all the time. There has to be nights where I'm just totally wasting money on all these extra channels. Otherwise it just wouldn't be right. Haha. Its sad that I pay money for a whole bunch of extra channels just to watch nothing. This is the world we live in though. And having lived without cable for the time that I did, being able to actaully have the option to turn the TV on and see if there's anything worth watching, I guess is worth the money.

Wow. I don't even have anything to say. My day was definately uneventful. Maybe tomorrow I'll actually have something to write about. And hopefully it'll be good.

Oh wait... I can actually sleep on my right ear again!!! And I can put the work phone up to my ear! Yay! Before I was only able to put my cell phone up to my right ear without problem, but now that its been a month, my ear is finally healed enough that I can sleep on it and put the work phone up to it. As long as I'm still careful and don't hit it, I should be good. Its spifferific!!!

Alright now I haven't anything else to say.

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Slow day
Tuesday. 10.24.06 12:58 am
Nothing too exciting happened today. It was busier than last Thursday, but it was still extremely slow. Gary sent John and David home early and then nothing else happened. There were a few customers but they didn't really order anything. They were just annoying high school kids. The only downfall about today was the fact that our Shamrock delivery was late... again. Its getting really old. Last Monday it was on time, but almost every other time before that, it was late. I missed How I Met Your Mother tonight because I was kept late again so that I could handle the Shamrock stuff. Whatever. Hopefully next Monday there won't be a problem. But I can only hope.

I was able to watch The Class, Heroes and Studio 60. The Class wasn't as funny as the last few episodes, but it was still worth watching. Heroes gets more and more addicting. And Studio 60 was good. I'm loving Monday night TV. Its after 10 and now there's nothing on. I'm watching Scrubs, but I think I've seen this one before so I guess its just background noise. Oh well. I don't have anything to say. I'll write whenever I do.

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$2... yay!
Sunday. 10.22.06 9:49 pm
I've finally reached $2!!! I mean sure, I've only been a member for close to two years, but its actually happened. There's a period of time where there aren't any entries, cuz I had moved and had no way to get to the internet. But now that I have my laptop, Nutang is definately a priority.

Today was a fairly good day. I had to manage today. I haven't actually had a manager's shift in a while, so I wasn't really looking forward. But it wasn't as bad as I thought. We were having a pretty good time. We were able to get all the work done that needed to be done, and then some to help out for tomorrow. It was actually busier than it seemed. I didn't realize how much business we had done till I looked at the numbers around 5 and it was much higher than I was expecting to see.

One of the things that got us laughing and joking was the fact that we had gotten slushies from Sonic and one of them was strawberry. And that got us thinking: why do they call it a 'Straw'berry? I mean I can understand a blueberry cuz they're blue. But then there's some weird 'berries'. After thinking of the berries that already existed, we started fucking around and just making up some. Like the weirdest ones we came up with were pumpernickleberry, and periwinkleberry. It became really funny. Ballsberry, penisberry, bananaberry and pumpkinberry were some other ones we came up with. Then I thought that we should call this one coworker {who's gay} Twinkleberry. Then Gary came in and Stephanie and Tori immediately called him Garyberry. It was pretty funny. So overall, with the exception of a minor mood change halfway throught the day, it was a good day.

Tori made us this awesome pizza. It was bomb. It had chicken, spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions. I think there was garlic on it too, but if there was I couldn't taste it. Stephanie put some ricotta cheese on her slices too. I like ricotta and garlic, but what I had was fine. Maybe the next time she works she can make it again. Or I can have John make a small one for me tomorrow or the next day. Oh well. All I know is that I'll have it again sometime soon.

We also talked about the things that we were gonna do for Halloween. We're allowed to dress up as long as it doesn't really interfere with our jobs. Like, Tori wants to be a pimp, but she can't wear the high heels that would go with the costume. I'm not going to dress up as anything, but I'm going to put some crazy colors in my hair. I told Stephanie that I would let her put some Halloween type make-up on me. She said she was going to put buy me some vampire fangs {the individual ones you put on your teeth like caps} and some dark colored make-up and sort of turn me into a vampire. It should be fun.

I'm watching a Heroes marathon. Its the last three episodes to recap what's happened so far. There's nothing else on right now and I like the show Heroes so it works. There's a new episode on tomorrow night. After The Class and How I Met Your Mother, but before Studio 60. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are good nights for TV.

So, alright. I don't think there's anything else that happened today that's worth writing about so I'll write again later.

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Saturday. 10.21.06 7:41 pm
So you learn very quickly that you're going to make a lot of mistakes in your life. I already have one of my mistakes on my mind {the Jose/alcohol thing}. Now I'm thinking I made another mistake. I wrote about it under another name, but unfortunately you won't be able to read it. What's kind of weird about it is the fact that I felt perfectly fine about it afterwards, but now I'm not so sure. I kinda feel like I'm not the only one who feels this way. Its almost like he feels the same way. I dunno. It doesn't really bother me too much. Its just a thought. But its a thought that I'm trying not to let affect me as much as it wants to.

Anywho, I went up to work today, but when I got up there I decided against making the pizza. John got to see me with my hair down though. He called me a hippie. It was kinda funny. Its not the first time I've been called a hippie, but that's only cuz of how long my hair is. Oh well. I like my hair and its length. If people don't like it then they can get over it.

I don't have any other plans for today. Laundry is the only thing that I need to get done. Man, I want to talk to him about it, but ... whatever. Just as long as I don't make it weird between us, I guess that's all that matters. Alright I don't really know what else I have to say. I'll write again most likely later.

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It was a good day
Saturday. 10.21.06 1:07 am
Today was a fairly good day. I know that I usually come on here and complain about work and just bullshit in general, but I don't really have anything to complain about today. My ribs hurt, but I'm pretty sure its from all the laughing I did today. We were not too busy, but there was more work to do today than yesterday. Tori, Erin, Joey and I were all pretty much having a good time. We got all our work done too. It was nice. I don't even remember half the things that we were laughing about. All I know is that it was all funny.

Gary wasn't in the best mood tonight, but it didn't really ruin any of our attitudes. None of us are quite sure what exactly it was that's bothering him, but I have a good feeling as to what it is. He was talking about how some of the other employees were not working up to par. Oh well. As far as I know he doesn't have a problem with me so its all good.

I'm off tomorrow. The only sure plan I have is that I have to do laundry. I'm thinking about going up to work and making this pizza that I got from my mom. Again its from a cookbook, but its really good. Its called Tuna Melt Pizza. It doesn't sound that appetizing, but if you like tuna casserole then this is basically the same thing; only instead of noodles, you have it on a pizza crust. Its really good.

Today was a good day.

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Results may vary
Thursday. 10.19.06 9:45 pm
I'm not completely out of the water yet, but I'm no longer in as deep as I was. Alright, here's what happened yesterday and the current outcome.

Yesterday was going just fine. Like I said I hadn't gotten a very good night's sleep, but I was in a fairly good mood. Around 3ish, Gary takes a break cuz he was going to be there for the greater part of the night shift. While he's on break, I simply remind Jose that he still needs to do the Sicillians {one of the types of dough we make}. I don't tell him anything other than that. Now the way that his fucked up, issue filled mind works, he misinterprets what I said. To him it sounded like I was telling him to drop whatever it was that he was doing {which was nothing mind you}, to ignore the orders and the customers and that he wasn't moving fast enough for my liking. ~~> Mind you this is a guy who thinks you're mad at him or that he did something wrong if you just say 'hi' to him <~~ So anywho, that apparently triggers something in his head and he just started going downhill. When Gary got back from his break, Jose had a few orders that he somehow managed to fuck up. And he made like 3 mistakes in a row within like, a matter of mintues. When Gary confronts Jose {he doesn't yell at him, he just simply askes him why he messed up} it became to the point that he was now dangling off the cliff. He broke down into tears. And then he walked out of the shift. He didn't leave the restaurant, but he quit. Then he bought some alcohol and decided to get drunk.

This is the part where I come in and why I'm in the water in the first place. I'm the one who sold him the alcohol and it was a little more than the legal amount for one person to have. Now, I've never gone to an alcohol class so I wasn't completely aware of what the legal amount was. Thinking back, it did seem like a bit much for one person. But what's done is done. And just thinking of the consequences that I could be paying, is enough to make me never do that again. So back to Jose's downfall.

Jose now feels that its okay to start drinking there even after he had walked out of his shift. Gary was now pissed cuz he had to pick up the slack. Jose continued to get drunk and after a long talk with Joe, he just wouldn't leave. I left around 6 and he was still there. About an hour later, they called the cops on him. Gary called me and from the gist of what I was being told, Jose went to leave and ran his bike into the driver's car. According to the driver, the dent is pretty big. I had already left and I wasn't about to go back. I didn't want to get involved in any more of a way than I already was. So I'm not completely sure as to how the day ended, but I know that the mistake I made I'm definately not going to make again.

As of right now, Jose was in jail this morning. I'm not sure if he still is or not. All I know is that he kept calling all day wanting to talk to Joey and Erin. Joe, nor Joey, blame me for what happened because Jose is just really fucked up in the head. However, they and I admit that I sort of contributed to it since I'm the one who served him the alcohol. But they've both talked to me about it, and its been made extremely clear to me. But until the driver gets the dent in his car figured out with the cops, I'm not out of the water.

I'm trying not to freak out. I was so scared this morning as to what could happen today that I was shaking. I was really upset by it last night too. But today was actually not bad at all.. I was talked to again, but like I said, I'm not being blamed for what happened. Other than that it was an unusually slow day. We literally had barely any business. Oh well. Tomorrow is Friday and I have no clue what its going to bring. The only thing I can do is hope for the best.

Now that this entry is officaially the longest entry I've written in quite some time, I'm going to end it here.

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