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Sunday. 1.14.07 9:10 pm
Nothing exciting happened after the meeting was over. I layed down for a bit, but I never got to sleep. It took me about half an hour to get comfortable, but then people kept calling. First mom, then work, some text messages ... ugh.

After the movie that I had on at the time ended, I decided that I might as well get up again. I had to go back up to work, cuz this morning I wasn't awake enough to remember that I had to get my apron from Tiffany. So instead of waiting for her to get off work and hope that she remembered to drop it off at my place, I just made it easy and went up there to get it. I hung out for about half an hour, got some food {cheesy rice and chicken that Erin cooked up} and left.

Today didn't feel like Sunday, but since I've been back from Las Vegas, no day feels like the day it actually is. I guess its cuz I just stopped keeping track. The days go by easier and I'm not waking up with expectations of the day. It seems to be working out fairly well.

Anywho, I got this music player and put it up on my site. I already have a player on one of my other names, and I decided that this name needed something. So I added a player to this name. Its nothing special. I just picked a few of my favorite songs that I could think of off the top of my head and added them. I'll be making other playlists as I think of songs I like. This way too, I won't have an extremely long playlist and I'll be able to add different playlists depending on the mood I'm in.

Alright, I'm doing laundry, watching Anastasia on HBO, and about to get something to chow down on. Not sure what I'm going to eat, but I'll think of something. Its sort of a debate between brocolli and cheddar lean pockets, spaghettios or lean cuisine roasted garlic chicken pizza. All three are good, so I'm not sure yet.

I'm out of stuff to say so I'll write again most likely tomorrow.

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The meeting
Sunday. 1.14.07 1:16 pm
I literally woke up like 5 minutes before I had to leave my apartment. When I got to work, I clocked in {as instructed} and sat down in the area where the meeting was being held. Erin told us that we had to write down 3 things we liked about our job and 3 things we disliked. Having just woken up, my brain was not turned on, so this meant I had to actually think.

It was just as difficult as I expected to find things I like about the job. I very strongly dislike my job, yet I've been there for two years... go figure. I found more things I disliked {they were all legit, nothing dumb; though some people did write down some dumb stuff} than stuff I liked. Though I did think of a few things I like about my job.

Overall the meeting lasted much longer than necessary. The things discussed were mostly stuff we already knew, but weren't enforcing. I somehow doubt it'll all be enforced immediately. Even though people are more than aware of the rules, they'll all still complain regardless.

It was sort of fun though. We were all being serious, yet we managed to joke and have fun. Some people were more annoying than others. People who think they know all, who think they're funny, when in reality they're nothing close to either *coughLancecough*.

As much as I like having special privelages {seeing as how I'm a manager} I don't like when the other, lesser employees feel they do too because they've been there longer, or because they 'know more' about the place or for whatever reason. Lance was all about thinking he can get away with other stuff cuz he was here in the time of Marcus. Back when Marcus was manager, he and Lance were friends so sometimes Marcus would give in to certain things. Well since Marcus has been gone, Lance feels that he still gets those special 'privelages' and its not fair to anyone else. Ugh... okay minor rant over.

Anywho, my plan of going up there in PJs went through. I wasn't the only one so I didn't stand out in any way. But my plan of coming home and going back to sleep didn't work out too well. Once I'm up and have been up for a time, I have trouble going back to sleep. I'm too conscious to go back into unconsciousness. Oh well. Maybe I'll nap later.

Ha! At this time two days ago the temperature was already close to 70 {its 11:35am right now} but today, right now, its only about 34. That's funny, cuz I wore capris to the meeting this morning, and then it wasn't even 30 out yet. {I wore a hoodie don't worry, I'm not that crazy...} I love the cold! I don't like, however, the way the temperatures rise and fall as quickly as they do in such a short amount of time. It could be highs in the 50s one day then the next day it'll be close to 80. It gets really annoying when you're planning out what you're going to wear. Whatever. Its one of the many downfalls to living in the desert.

Alright, considering I haven't been up for that long, I seem to have found a lot to say. I'm going to end this here and probably write again much later on tonight.

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Saturday. 1.13.07 8:49 pm
First off, I must start out by talking about how I got a nice surprise when I got home and turned on the TV. I turned on Fuse {which is usually what's on} and the person I see ... it just makes me freeze ... and smile one huge ass smile.

Max Green is the bassist from Escape the Fate. I went to high school with him. I only had one class with him, but it was one of the easiest and most fun classes I ever had. I helped him cheat on most, if not all, of the tests we took. At the time he was in a band with a couple of his fellow classmates {the band was called Almost Heroes}. He was always talking about making it big and after I moved, I would wonder from time to time how he was doing and if his dream ever came true. Well, via myspace, I found out that he was in a band touring in the Warped Tour this past year.

To make the long story short, it was made even more definate when I turned the TV on and Max's awesomely hot face was on it talking about his tattoos. He was there with his band {Escape the Fate} on Fuse's Tattoo Stories. I just couldn't help but smile in awe. I can't wait to see them live in concert.

Anywho, as much as I hate working Saturday, I wasn't all that mad today. I guess it's just because I stopped caring. And the fact that every day feels the same. Its that one day running into the next thing I'm going through right now. Whatever.

It was slow and boring. We got everything done and in good time. It was just like any other day.

Tomorrow is the store meeting. Its at 9:30am. I have tomorrow off. This means I have to wake up early on my day off. Oh well. I can come home and go back to sleep. I'm going in my PJs and I'm not going to pay that much attention. I already know what's going to be discussed considering I proofread Gary's notes. Its nothing that I haven't already heard about or know. I just hope it won't run on forever; like the manager's meetings have a tendency of doing. If it does it does though, and there won't be anything I can do about it.

I know that yesterday I wrote about how I was going to stay up most of the night and then only work on four hours of sleep. Well, I decided that since I've already seen the show so many times before and I was already falling asleep, I went to bed around 2ish. I got about 6 hours of sleep. More than enough for a work day.

I'm watching Scrubs right now. I love that show. Its not easy paying attention to the comp and what I'm writing while watching this show. So I'm going to end the entry here. I'll write more after the meeting tomorrow.

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Random thoughts
Friday. 1.12.07 10:56 pm
Today was yet another day in the fog, but I seemed to be able to focus more clearly on what I had to do. Not sure why, but I'm not complaining. We had two extra people there today and it was slow, especially for a Friday {today was Friday right?} Due to the extra people there, most everything got done rather quickly. I ended up taking two breaks. I didn't mind. I was bored. Although it would have been nice if I were able to get paid to stand around and talk. Oh well.

So earlier I had this really strong urge to make out with someone. I wasn't really thinking of anyone in particular, but I wanted to kiss someone. I had one person on my mind, but it was someone from a dream; someone I didn't know in reality, but in the dream world I knew who it was. Oh well.

I have to work tomorrow. Usually I'm off Saturday, but Erin had something going on so me and her switched shifts. I'm managing tomorrow and Erin is managing Sunday.

I'm not going to get much sleep tonight. Two reasons. One, I'm not used to working on Saturdays so I'm usually up later on Friday nights. Two, cuz Dave Attell's Insomniac Tour is on the Secret Stash on Comedy Central. That's fine, I can function on four hours of sleep. If I get off early enough I can come home and sleep. And then after the meeting on Sunday {which is at 9:30am; you'll hear more about it tomorrow} I can always go back to sleep. I'll manage somehow.

So I'm watching this movie on Disney Channel right now called Jump In. The main character is played by Corbin Bleu. I hate it when actors are cute and they're younger than me. It makes me feel all weird. Whatever. He's an actor; a famous person. Someone I will certainly never meet. So I guess its okay. When he pulls his hair back, he looks so much like this friend I had in high school. Oh well.

Anywho, I am pretty focused on the movie so I'll end this here. I'll write again whenever. Probably tomorrow.

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In a haze
Thursday. 1.11.07 10:45 pm
This morning when I woke up I felt like I was in such a fog that I couldn't think clearly. I couldn't quite focus on exactly what I was doing, but I had no issues actually performing tasks. I feel like the days are just ... slipping by me and I'm living them without knowing. Sort of like ... I'm in such a routine that I only have to be conscious to do what I need to do. I don't seem to have to concentrate in order to complete a day. That's how the first part of my day was.

As the day went on I seemed to surface from the fog, but not enough to be completely out of it. I still feel like the days are just overlapping into the other and that there's no separation. Like I'm just re-living one day over and over with very few differences. Am I making sense? I know how it is in my own head, but I'm having trouble putting it into words. Oh well.

Anywho, I worked for maybe an hour before I finally tried to focus on the stuff I was doing. Vinnie's minion came in to get some soda for himself and the boss. This meant that Vinnie was sitting outside in his truck, like always.

~~> let me give you a real quick insight into who Vinnie Sr. is. Vinnie Sr. and Joe Sr. own the reastaurants {there are three locations, all here in Tucson} and their kids run the individual stores. Vinnie deals mainly with the construction needs. Joe handles the money. Vinnie drinks. And smokes. He's crazy. But he's nice... unless you piss him off. People are scared of him at first cuz he can come off as creepy, but you just have to learn to let whatever he says in one ear and out the other. Once you do that, you're good to go. {Okay so that wasn't short, but I think you get the basic idea} <~~

Shane {Vinnie's minion} is a cutie. I like whenever he comes in cuz its something that makes me smile. The thing I don't like about it is that Vinnie is the one who brings him. Oh well.

Seeing as how I wasn't busy and it would give me the chance to keep looking at and talking to Shane, I walked out with him to say hi to Vinnie. He was the same as always. Weird as ever. But it gave me a few more minutes to look at Shane while I was conversing with Vinnie.

But the inevitable had to happen and I had to get back to work. It was back to the fog, but it wasn't as thick as in the morning. I finished my prep work and chilled out for a while. I was clocked in the whole time so I guess it was alright. Soon enough it was time to go home. I had to stop by the store so that I could get some food. {I'm eating again ~its been three days~ so I felt I should have some food to make up for the lack of nutrition}

Hmm. I need to figure out when I'm going to get my tattoo touched up. The only thing I need touched up is the heart. Its not as dark a red as I want it so I'm going to have him make it darker. Touch ups are free so I don't have to worry about having the money. I just need to figure out when I'll have the time to walk up there. Maybe next month I'll see if Katie wants to go to the mall and we'll stop by the parlor beforehand or afterwards. Its not like its out of the way or anything; its on the way to the mall.

Alright, I'm running out of stuff to say. I guess its a good thing though cuz this was kind of a long entry. Sorry to all of you who've read all the way through it. Its not very interesting. Oh well. I'll end it here.

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Feeling a little better
Wednesday. 1.10.07 7:18 pm
I woke up this morning and I felt a little better. I still sound all congested in my own head, but I can breathe easily through my nose. I'm still coughing a little, but not like I was before. I'll probably be perfectly fine again in the next couple days.

I went to work this morning, like normal expecting to work the whole day. It was really slow and everything got done quickly. I had help today so it was expected to get done in a timely fashion.

Our business was slow due to the not-so-good weather. The cold front moving in from the north is starting to drop the temperatures and drop some hints of rain. Nothing out of control though. There's supposed to be snow on the mountains tonight and tomorrow night. I wish it would snow done here, but that's almost out of the question. At least if it does snow down here, its still too hot for it to stick to the ground. Oh well. I can dream right?

I have to work with Joey tomorrow. I guess it won't be too bad. As long as I stay in the mood that I've been in for the last week, he'll leave me alone for the most part. He told me that I haven't been 'myself' since I came back from Vegas. I'm just using the fact that I've been sick as an excuse. Its not the reason, but I'll let them believe it.

Its depression, but they don't need to know that. So I'll just use different excuses once I get better. I only have to deal with it for the next 5 and a half months, and then I'll move on to make all new problems. Haha. I'll be moving on to start another life elsewhere. Elsewhere being in a place I know better than Tucson, and closer to family: Las Vegas.

*sigh* Alright, I need to take a shower, and I'm going to watch some TV {if there's even anything on} and then probably read a bit. I want to finish rereading New Moon so that I can start this other book series I bought while I was on vacation. The series is called The Vampire Chronicles. Its four books written by Anne Rice. I became very interested in vampires while reading Stephenie Meyer's books so I found other books about vampires. I can only hope they're good. According to my sister they are, so hopefully I'll feel the same way.


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