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nearly 7 hours {edit}
Monday. 7.30.07 12:23 am
Around 5pm I started up a scan from one of the sites that Ikimashokie suggested I try. It took about 7 hours altogether for it to run a complete scan and to delete the infections. And something tells me that not all of it is gone. . . just a feeling ...

As of right now my computer seems to be working fine. I'm not getting any pop-ups and all my indicators are correct {except maybe the weather indicators, and those are hardly ever correct} Its not freezing up if I click on something too quickly like it was. The biggest thing that seems to be happening right now is that my keyboard is still giving me issues when I type out certain letters. I really need to clean it out.

I finally talked to Stuart after having not talked to him for almost 5 days. He's going through some family issues right now, so I'm going to try and not bug him too often. It was really nice waking up to a text from him, though. I focused my eyes more quickly when I saw that the text was from him.

I'm not quite halfway through HP7, but in the 7 hours I was unable to use the computer {or I was afraid to use it; I didn't want anything to interupt the scan} I managed to get much farther in the book than the last two nights. When I'm reading I have a bad habit of skimming ahead and then going back and reading all the way through. I don't ever skip pages, but I can't always help looking forward onto the next page. Its something I know I should stop, but speed reading and skimming over notes in school kind of put that habit into me. Its a hard one to break.

When I get the money, I'm going to be buying a spyware protection disk thing to install in my computer so that I'll have full and advanced protection, rather than the simplified crap that I have now. I'm not sure when that'll be though, so I'm going to be extremely cautious in everything that I click.

Alright, I don't have anything else to say right now so I'll write more later on. *fingers crossed that my comp stays in check*

{edit} It is now 5am and I've just downloaded a virus/spyware protection thing that AOL provides. Its what my mom has on her computer and its been working out just fine for her. It seems to be working just fine for me, but oddly enough I'm still getting an occasional pop-up. Its really weird, but I don't know what else I can do. My computer is also running a lot smoother than it was yesterday and earlier today. BTW, my keyboard is still annoying me. ... maybe I'm on the computer too much; I'm wearing out the keys ...

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my computer is acting really weird...
Sunday. 7.29.07 3:51 am
I have two indicators to let me know that my wireless connetion is connected and what the signal strength is. The signal strength indicator shows an excellent connection and that I'm obviously connected. The other one that simply indicates that I'm connected to the wireless connection is telling me that I'm not connected. In this case, obviously wrong.

When I click on it to bring up the window listing the different connections available on my computer, the wireless connection says "not connected." But when I click on it to enable it, it only gives me the option to disable; which obviously means its connected.

I'm getting pop-ups even when I don't have IE open, but additional pop-ups are being blocked from the ones that are already open. In the case of this happening, I'm thinking that I might have a virus. I'm not sure since I've never had a virus before, but that's the only explaination I can think of at the present moment.

Another thing is that my keys don't always work. I'll be typing up an entry and I'll go to type a word, but only half the letters type. Its almost like the computer is not registering the keys that I'm pushing. It doesn't happen all the time, but more so recently. Now, my computer is only a year old; I should not be having these problems. Actually, I've never had this many problems with my computer, ever. Its getting rather frustrating.

Earlier, I was unable to post a shout because my computer would not let me. I clicked on the "post a shout" button, but nothing happened. I could go to any other page I wanted, but I wasn't able to post a shout. Thus ruining the effect of the shout that would have been posted. I don't even remember what I was going to say. Ugh!

Its 4am right now and I'm wide awake and quite annoyed. I think I'm going to end this here and go read more of HP7. I'll write up an actual entry later in the day.

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Saturday. 7.28.07 3:04 am
If you like suspense/murder mysteries, I'd definately suggest you read Skin by Ted Dekker. Its full of plot twists that you'd never imagine coming. You'll find yourself getting attached to certain characters, but then the plot twists again and you wonder if your heart is going with the right character. You're left wondering and guessing right up to the end.

Since I'm done with that book however, I'm about to start reading HP7, which arrived today. My sister is already 7 chapters into it, and I would have been, but I wanted to finish Skin first so that I wouldn't be distracted.

I'm seriously considering staying up the whole night and going out tomorrow, on foot, to the plaza area that my mom works in. Its about a 20 minute walk from here, so maybe if I leave around 8:30 or 9am I'll be able to avoid the extreme desert summer heat. I'll be able to turn in my application to Party Pro and see if Tony {who's nametag said Juan; you make the connection} was able to scrounge up an application to Big Lots. Fingers crossed.

Anywho, I took some time out today and turned the hall coat closet into my own personal closet. I was able to borrow hangers from Jean so that I wouldn't have to buy them. I did this so that I wouldn't be living out of a suitcase. It really is rather annoying having to lug a suitcase around every time you want to take a shower or do laundry. Everything in that closet now, with the exception of a few coats and a blanket, is mine. All my clothes that were hung up in my apt closet are hanging up now. Its much much smaller than the closet I had, but I'll have to make due until I get my own place.

I didn't have any weird dreams last night, and I'm sort of thankful. I don't know if I could handle two nights in a row of oddly crazy-weird dreams. Only one dream in particular stuck out in my mind as a possibility that it could maybe happen: the one about Charlie and I. All it consisted of was us on a beach walking together in the sand. It was evening, not quite sunset, but close enough. The waves were gentle, and there were few people on the beach. It was warm and there was a nice breeze coming off the water. Our hands were interlocked as we were walking, but nothing was being said. It was really the most peaceful dream that I've had in quite some time.

Alright, its 3:20am and I'm going to start on HP7. I shall be back at some point later in the day.

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Thursday. 7.26.07 9:27 pm
We didn't get up early-ish like we planned. Actually, we ended up not going out till after 3pm. My plan of staying up the whole night lasted till around 6am. My mom woke me up at 11:30am and I dozed off and on till almost 2 when I decided that I should actually get up.

We went to the DMV first. The one that's closest to us only does commercial vehicle tests. So I wasn't able to take the test today. Whenever its convenient for my mom, we'll be going to one of the other locations. I'm not looking terribly forward to it, but its a necessary thing.

After that we went over to the Party Pro shop by my mom's work. I got an application for there and we wandered around for a bit. We left the party shop and walked down to the Big Lots. They said they weren't hiring right now, but one of the regular customers at my mom's work works at Big Lots and he told her that he might be able to get me an application due to a possible opening soon {which pretty much means someone is either about to get fired or on the verge of quitting} I'm crossing fingers that that happens.

We were going to head down to Target afterwards, but it was getting late and we still needed to get home and fix dinner. So I didn't get too much done today.

Tomorrow I can't go out anywhere until after UPS gets here. Tomorrow is the arrival of my HP7 book! I'm excited. It definately means that I won't be getting a whole lot of sleep this weekend. I'm imagining it will be just as addictive as the other 6 were; I just won't be able to put it down.

Since I finished HP6 last night, I'm going to be reading a book tonight called Skin. The author's name is Ted Dekker. My sister recommended it and said that as soon as the first person was killed I'd be hooked. So I'm going to try and read it all tonight so as not to interfere with HP7.

So with that ... I'm off to read Skin.

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Another day of nothing
Wednesday. 7.25.07 10:27 pm
The title basically explains what I did today.

Last night was the first night in a while that I went without talking to Stuart. It bothered me, but there's not really a whole lot that I could do. I'm determined to not be the one to contact him first. I want him to want to talk to me. And not to talk to me simply because I want him to.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I don't know how long I'm going to be out, but I do know that I will definately be going out. We're aiming for around 11 or 12 so we'll probably be gone for the greater part of the afternoon. I'll be sure to elaborate about my day tomorrow night when I get on.

I'm so confused about the whole Stuart thing. Its starting to drive me crazy. Its really odd that the bathing suit I wear now used to make me think of my ex. Its been almost 3 years now, though, so my ex is no longer the one it makes me think of. Instead, I wore this the night that Stuart took me to the pool so it now makes me think of that night. Even reading HP6, there was a part in that book that made me think of the night at the pool. There seems to be no escaping Stuart.

Anywho, I was hoping that Charlie would have called me by now. I kinda wanted to hang out with him this weekend. He told me that he would call when he wasn't busy. I've decided that I'm going to wait for him to call, but if I still haven't heard from him in a week, I'm going to message him and see if he'd be up to hanging out next weekend. I really hope he calls me though. I do want to see him. Its been about 5 years.

Alrighty, that's it. I can't think of anything else to say. I'll write tomorrow.

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Son of a B
Tuesday. 7.24.07 4:48 pm
So I was told that my final cable bill would only be about $50. Well, it is; its $54 and change. However, since I was unable to return the cable box, they're charging me the $225 for it. I don't have the $279 to just simply cough up. I have until the 12th of August to pay it, but I don't know if I'll have the money by then.

This is going to screw up my credit. I've never made a late payment, ever. I need to get a job so that I can pay this, but even if I got one soon, I don't know if I would receive my first check in time to pay it and if it would even be enough! Fuck.

I really hate how shit works sometimes. Its fucked.

Anywho, I was up till around 6 this morning. Stuart texted me at 4:30 asking if I was going to come back from being idle {refering to myspace IM} so I woke up my comp and talked to him for a bit. After about 15 minutes of not talking, I decided that he was busy and that I was going to go to bed. When I told him this, he started talking to me again; I think he was trying to keep me up longer. He kept telling me that it was only 5:30 and there was no point in going to sleep yet. I finally convinced myself to get off the comp and lay down. I didn't get up till a little before 2.

Its overcast right now, but there's no sign of rain yet. It drizzled for a few minutes last night, but nothing more than a few drops here and there. Nothing even close to remotely resembling actual rain. The clouds out there right now are dark and resemble rain clouds, but its not going to happen so I'm not getting my hopes up.

Gah! I'm so frustrated right now. Its partially my fault for not confirming that the office picked it up, but I mean come on. I can understand them throwing out the furnature that was left there, but a cable box? That's not trash!

Meh. Wish me luck in finding a way to come up with the almost $300 in the next couple weeks.

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