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total eclipse
Tuesday. 8.28.07 3:01 am
It is 3:01am and the moon is totally eclipsed. I've been watching the progress over the last hour or so. The last time I had the opportunity to see a total eclipse was back in '98 or '99 and I was living in Florida at the time. It was overcast the whole night, so I was unable to witness it.

Well, I'm living in Southern Nevada now and the sky is completely clear, with the exception of a wispy cloud here or there. I'm able to see the moon very clearly from my backyard. The only issue I have is trying to keep the cats inside. I would let them out, but I don't want to have to chase them around and wrestle them back inside.

But back to the eclipse. Its really nothing special. At least not to the untrained human eye. Maybe if I had a high powered telescope, or even a regular telescope, it might be more exciting. But since I don't, I'm not all that thrilled. Its nice to say that I was able to witness one. Now all I have to do is see a total eclipse of the sun and Haley's Comet and I'll be set. Ha.

Anywho, last night the weather was very different from the calm tonight. Last night was awesome! It actually stormed for a good few hours. It wasn't raining the whole time, but the rolls of thunder were almost constant and the light show was very pretty. They said on the news that lightning had struck a power box right up the road from here. The strike cause the pavement to crack. Awesome!

I was standing outside in the driveway for half the time just watching the lightning. When it started to rain I stayed out in it until it got a little heavier and I didn't feel like getting soaked then coming back into the cool house. By the time the storm passed, the temperature had dropped to 73! {btw, the same temp as in the house.} The sun was starting to rise just as the storm was finishing and you could see it coming through the cracks in the clouds just beyond the mountains. It was a little before 7am that I finally laid down and went to sleep.

It didn't go as planned with me having the house to myself for a part of the day. I slept through all but the last half hour of my alone time. That's what I get for staying up till 7am. Oh well. I'm going to be going to bed here shortly, if I can actually convince myself to sleep. Maybe then I'll wake up at a decent time and have more alone time. I only get part of three days a week and I've already wasted one.

Alrighty, I think that's it for tonight. I shall write again whenever.

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entry-tastic randomness
Sunday. 8.26.07 7:31 pm
I'm watching Scooby Doo right now, the first one. There are other things on, but I love Scooby. Don't judge.

I hate how, whenever I eat too much, I get tired. I always fight the urge to go to sleep ... I have to now, regardless if I wanted to or not; when I lived on my own, it was easier to sleep for a couple hours, completely undisturbed. Here, not so much.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my sister. If I get up at 7am, I'll have the whole house to myself until Jean gets home from work, shortly after 2:30pm. I think I might get up with them in the morning {at 5am; I'm sure I will regardless if I want to; the noise would wake me} Then I'll be free to do whatever the hell I want {of course within limits seeing as how its not my house.} I think I'll turn up my music and clean. Maybe ... I'll have to see how I feel tomorrow.

I started reading a new book last night. Absolute Fear by Lisa Jackson. I only got through the Prologue before I was too tired to keep my eyes open, but I have a feeling its a good enough book to keep me interested.

Ever since I uninstalled McAfee and installed Norton, I haven't been having any problems with the internet. Actully, my computer has been running like it did at my apartment when I had it directly plugged into the modem. About the only thing that's not been working is the Gruvsonic radio, but it always has its days where it doesn't work right. Oh well.

I was able to watch all but the last two hours of the Futurama marathon last night. It had started to replay the ones from earlier in the marathon, so I didn't entirely mind turning it off. I was falling asleep anyway and I wanted to start reading the new book to see if it was worth continuing.

I've come to the conclusion that Charlie and I will not be going out. He hasn't contacted me since just after he got back from his camping trip and he still hasn't called me. Something tells me that he didn't even save my number. Oh well. I've given up trying to subtly hint that I want to hang out with him and I figure if he really wants to, he'll ask me. No point in wasting my energy in trying to make something happen that isn't going to. If only it was that easy when I was working on getting over Stuart.

Hmm, I think that's about it for now. I shall write again whenever.

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Saturday. 8.25.07 7:15 pm
I had two really odd dreams last night. The people in them were the same, but the events taking place were very different.

The first one took place at night in an apartment that I had. I was with a few friends, some of whom I know in real life, others I knew in the dream, but not in real life. The three people that I knew, I know would never be together in the same place. So that in itself was weird.

I had just turned 21 a few weeks prior and we were meeting at my apartment to head out to a bar. The guy who was my boyfriend, I didn't know. Steve, a friend from Tucson, Denise, my best friend in middle school, and Ashley, Denise's sister were the three people who I knew. One of us had an 8 seater SUV, a light blue color, but I don't know exactly what kind or whose it was. Not all of us would fit in the SUV so the 4 people who didn't fit went in another car.

It skipped ahead to a few hours later. Our group had shrunk by about 6 people, but my beau, and the three friends I know were still there with me. That's all I remember from that one.

The other dream, it started out during the day. I was looking at myself in a mirror. I was wearing a beautiful white dress. My hair was done up and there were a few other girls flitting around the room, also wearing beautiful dresses. Their dresses, however, were a darker grey color. It was then that I realized I was only an hour away from getting married. I was going to get married!

It skipped ahead again, and I was at the alter. The guy I was marrying was the same guy who was my beau from the other dream. Steve was one of the groomsmen; Denise and Ashley were two of the bridesmaids {my sister was the maid of honor and will be in my real life wedding.} I was done saying my vows and was about to say my "I do." I took a look around at all the people who were attending, thinking about the things that got me to this point in my life and then I looked back at my almost husband ... that's when I woke up.

I sort of wish I knew what these dreams meant, but I know they have no significance. Oh well.

Anywho, I seem to be getting more and more boring. I'm not getting many comments. Again, not that I care ... I just like seeing proof that people actually read what I write.

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Saturday. 8.25.07 12:15 am
As much as I want to boycott food right now, I seem to be unable to resist, especially the munchie food. Why am I boycotting food you might ask? Well, lemme tell you.

I have a wisdom tooth trying to push its way through my gums ... for the umpteenth time in the past few years. It hurts to chew anything solid. Even something as soft as a Hostess cupcake or macaroni. I've dealt with this pain before, but I don't remember it being this bad before. The last time I had to go on a "liquid" diet was just after I got my tongue pierced and I had a bad burn blister right by the new piercing. {that shit hurt worse than this}

But you may ask "why don't you just chew on the other side of your mouth?" I can't. The other side of my mouth is screwed up to the point where I can only have it fixed through surgery. The only thing I'm able to chew on the left side of my mouth is gum. Other than that, nothing.

The thing I'm not liking about the wisdom tooth trying to push its way through, besides the pain, is that most people I know got them much earlier in life. Then again, I know some people never have to deal with wisdom teeth. I wish I was one of those people. I deal with enough pain on a regular basis, with the constant headaches, the hip problems and my joints hurting until I crack them, that I don't need any additional, unnecessary pain.

Anywho, I've applied at a few more places in hopes that someone will call me. I really, really need a job. My money seems to be running shorter and shorter by the day, even though I'm not spending it.

The car still isn't fixed. Its putting a slight strain on me working towards getting my license. I'd really rather not drive the car in the condition its in, {check out my gallery if you want to see what the car looks like} but if I have to I will. I really hope it gets fixed in the next week. If not, I'll have to start driving it in its current condition.

Uhm, I think that's it for now. I can't think of anything else to say so I'll write again whenever.

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Friday. 8.24.07 4:41 am
I'm not very happy with the whole computer/router/internet thing right now. We started having problems again and I've just spent another 4 hours of wasted time on trying to fix the problem. I'm not sure if its completely fixed, but it seems to be working better.

I'd hate to jinx it by saying that, but I'm taking the risk.

I have two indicators stating that I'm connected to the internet. One is telling me that I'm connected with excellent connection. The other one is still saying that its 'acquiring a network connection.' I'm gonna go ahead and believe the one that's saying I'm already connected seeing as how I'm ... well ... connected.

I just needed to get that out of my system. Its quarter till 5am and I'm going to attempt at getting at least a few hours of sleep.

BTW, I didn't get any comments on my last entry ... not that I really care ... I'm just saying it'll give you something to read other than this.

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Odd feeling
Thursday. 8.23.07 1:45 pm
I feel really weird right now. I'm not quite sure why or exactly what it is that I'm feeling, but its not right. Like, I'm emotionally not into it today. I feel more down than usual. I hate to say that this is the type of thing that occurs right before something bad is about to happen. I had this kind of feeling a few days before the car accident we got into last week. We really can't afford to be in another accident.

But its not just a bad feeling either. Its a feeling ... I dunno ... almost that I'm completely alone? Or maybe feeling unloved? Not necessarily by my family, but just in general. I have no one out here at all. I feel kind of like the last time I was out in Vegas. The only difference is that I'm not freshly out of a bad relationship and my heart hasn't been freshly ripped into a million pieces.

But just like the last time I was here, I have no one and I'm searching for a job, but am having no success. This really is starting to get to me.

All they hype that I had about my birthday is gone now. I care as much about this one as I have every other birthday that has passed. I realize that some of it is due to the fact that I have no friends out here and the possibility of spending it alone has crossed my mind more often than not recently. Whatever. It would be just like any other birthday that I've celebrated. I think the last one that I actually celebrated, was my 17th b-day. And before that it was my 13th b-day? I don't remember exactly if it was my 12th or 13th. So I seem to be celebrating my birthdays in 4 year intervals. . . except in this case.

If that were the pattern, then I should be celebrating my 21st with much enthusiasm. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be happening that way. Huh. You know what I just realized? I had wished that my b-day was on Feb. 29th so that I'd only have to really celebrate it once every 4 years. And oddly enough, even though my b-day is on a normal, regular day, it seems to be playing the way that I wanted it. Again, making this upcoming b-day the exception.

Even if I got a job tomorrow, I'm a little over a month away from turning 21; would I make a close enough friend to acually enjoy going out with to celebrate the illustrious day? I'm leaning more towards no right now.

Ugh, this is turning into an entry about how depressed I am about my b-day. But that's not the reason I seem to be carrying this burden of emotion. I just ... I dunno. I just hope this passes soon. I hate being like this; it seems that it adds to the depression.

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