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Sunday. 3.2.08 7:44 pm
I attended my first Slot Tournament today. Didn't win anything, but I have 5 more chances this month. Didn't win anything at bingo either. Came close, but no, nothing.

It seems Dave didn't know that NuTang was down until I messaged him asking for the free forum URL he made when NuTang was down for that month. That's the second time I've notified him of downtime that he didn't previously know about. Weird.

Anywho, I got called in to work today. I wasn't happy about being woken up early, but I need all the hours I can get, so I headed in. And I probably would have stayed an hour longer than I did, but ma and I hardly make plans with each other anymore, so I didn't stay that extra hour. Maybe I can get more hours another day.

It was busy today. Busier than I would think for a Sunday. Part of it was because the stripped the floors this weekend {meaning they power, power cleaned the floors} so everything that was loose on the floor had to be brought back out from the warehouse. It didn't help that customers were everywhere and being rude and ignorant. There was this one customer, ooooh I just wanted to punch her in the face. She was such a bitch.

Alright, on to a different subject. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything. So I shall write again tomorrow.

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leap day
Friday. 2.29.08 5:50 pm
This is the day I wish I had been born on because then I would have only had to celebrate my birthday once every four years. I'm not a fan of my birthday so it would have been good for me. Besides, I would be able to tell people that I was 4 or 5. As a matter of fact, I would have been celebrating my '5th' {20-yrs-old} birthday today if I had been born on leap day back in 1988.

Anywho ma and I went shopping today. I spent a little over $100, but I bought quite a bit. Thank you Wal-Mart Supercenter. I did spend more than I had to, but snack stuff is necessary.

There's a Slot Tournament every Sunday in March at the Texas Station Casino & Hotel. My mom and I got free entries for each day. I think we might actually go. At least this Sunday since I'm off. I don't know about the rest of the month. I'm not terribly good at poker, but hey, it's free and who knows what could happen out of chance.

I don't have a whole lot to talk about today. Nothing special happened. I guess that's it for this leap day. Maybe there will be something more exciting happening on the next leap day in 2012.

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Friday. 2.28.08 9:38 pm
I got to work at 3:58am. Got clocked in at 4:02am. Had to work on a Dawn display for a bit before I went back and started pricing. Between Andre and I, we got about 4 pallets priced. I guess you could count it as only three because some of the boxes were big so it just took up space. I was clocked out at 9:04am and was home by 9:15am.

I was going to stay up and go down the Strip with ma and Steve to watch the NASCAR big rig parade, but I was just too tired. To briefly explain, the NASCAR big rig parade was just all of the big rigs driving down the Strip before heading back to the highway on their way to the Las Vegas Speedway. Nothing terribly exciting. Which is why I didn't go.

I didn't have my movie marathon day, but I did get some things done that I had planned on doing. I bought these corner shelves, that didn't require tools to put up, and I've had them up for the last couple days, but there was nothing on them. Well, today I dug into my 'fragile' box {candles, glass statues, etc} and put stuff up on the shelves.

I got the trash up off my floor {I really need to buy a trash can for my room} and straightened up everything else that's on my floor. I also cleaned Lotus's terrarium. I've had the bedding for about a week, but I was never able to do it with ma home all the time. Today, I took advantage of her not being home, took Lotus out for a few hours, and changed the bedding in her terrarium.

Tomorrow is payday; I have to cash my check, buy more water, chocolate and probably dinner. I need to make a payment towards my credit card and I still need to do my taxes. Ugh. I've had my paperwork for almost a month and it's been sitting on my floor the whole time. I'm such a procrastinator.

Anywho ... did I mention that all of the scratches on my leg were healed, except the three puncture wounds? Well, if I did, I'm going to say it again. If not, then yeah, they're healed. I was able to shave over all of them except, of course, the three puncture wounds. I've stopped putting peroxide and ointment on them and I haven't covered them in close to a week. They're still itching like crazy, but they're getting smaller so hopefully soon they'll be healed enough they won't itch anymore.

My sister and I finally went to Target. I've been wanting to go for the past week and a half. I finally went tonight. I saw a couple bathing suits I like, but they 1) are expensive and 2) don't look good on me. Oh well. I'll find one sooner or later.

K, my entry has gotten long so I'm gonna end this here.

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7 1/2 days
Wednesday. 2.27.08 1:27 pm
Towards the end of the truck today, everyone was becoming goofy. We were all just so ready to be done with it, it was unreal. After a full truck Monday and a full truck today ... not fun times. {just to inform, a full truck means that the 52' trailer is filled more than 3/4 of the way.}

I was originally scheduled off tomorrow, but that changed today. I won't be working a full shift though. Only half a shift; because that's all Monica was allowed to do with the hours she was given. That's what the title means. In total, I will have worked 7 1/2 days straight.

I don't know if I have any plans for tomorrow after I get home from work. I may just go back to sleep. Ma wants to go to the mall so, depending on how awake or tired I am, I might go with her. Who knows.

Friday I have to go get my check and cash it, but other than that, I have no plans. Then Saturday I might go out, but nothing is definite.

Maybe tomorrow I'll watch movies. I've got the Ocean's Trilogy and Good Luck Chuck. The only one I haven't seen is Ocean's Thirteen, but I want to watch the whole series in order. Kind of like what CineMax did a year or so ago with the Star Wars Saga.

Blah. I should probably sleep now, but I wanted to take a shower when I got home, instead of waiting till later. My hair is soaking wet so I have to wait until it dries before I can lay down. Otherwise it won't dry properly.

K, I'm done for today. Till tomorrow ...

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Tuesday. 2.26.08 7:27 pm
I still have to do my taxes. I'm not going to say when I might do them because the last 4 times I've said that, it didn't happen. So as long as I get it done before April, I'm good.

I can't seem to keep my right arm scratch/scar free. It was just about healed and I go and scratch myself at work today. Go figure.

I haven't updated about my leg in a while so here it is. The infection is going away. Slowly, but surely. I can walk normally and I've not had to cover it in a few days. The scratches across my foot are basically just very obvious scars. I should be able to shave across them all, except the three bite wounds that were/are infected. The itching is driving me crazy still.

I've been napping quite a bit lately. Not actual sleeping because with my schedule, it doesn't seem possible. Unless I went to sleep at 7 or 8pm, in order to get a full 7 or 8 hours, and that's just way too early for sleep. So I nap when I get home and then I nap a few hours before I have to go back to work. Only when I'm off the next day do I get more than a few hours of sleep at a time.

I'm stressing out quite a bit about home issues. About things that I shouldn't have to be worrying about unless I chose to. My tough headaches are going to come back if things don't change like, immediately.

Watching The Moment of Truth last night was hard. The episode was originally not supposed to air because of the intensity and severity of the questions and answers being given. This woman admitted, on primetime television, in front of her husband, parents and siblings, that she would rather be married to her ex boyfriend and that she had cheated on her husband. This was admitted along with being fired from a previous job for stealing money, knowing that her parents were, in fact, not proud of her. Being a surrogate mother for her sister and not stealing money from her current job, even if she wouldn't be caught, were two of the very few good questions that were truthfully answered. It was the most uncomfortable the host had ever been.

Alrighty, this entry has gotten long quite quickly so I guess I'll end it here. I'll write more tomorrow.

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bowling last night
Monday. 2.25.08 7:57 pm
I was debating not going, but I'm glad I went. This time, though still not under the influence of alcohol, I had a lot more fun. For some reason, there was no cosmic bowling, but that's okay.

There were 7 of us, to be later joined by two others; Jean, Sam, Ed, Amber {Ed's girl,} Mario, Anthony and myself. Tristen and Shaun came later on, but didn't bowl. I played two games and the second game I actually beat my all-time high score of 114 ... by two points. Not a big achievement, but I was happy about it.

I left after the second game; the rest of everyone paid for a third. If I didn't have to be at work at 4am, I would have stayed for the third game. But, though for a short time, I did need some sleep. I got home shortly after midnight and I think I was asleep before 1am. My alarm goes off at 3:30am, my mom texts me to make sure I'm awake and I get up to start getting ready for work.

The truck wasn't too bad today. Probably because I knew there was food waiting afterwards. And the fact that I would be pricing and not working on the floor.

When I got home today, I very briefly browsed the net {mostly sped-read through some NuTang blogs} and layed down to sleep. I slept 5 hours, almost straight through. I think I woke up once, but for such a short time, it doesn't really count. I'm still tired so once my hair dries, I should have no problem getting back to sleep.

Two more days and I'll be able to sleep in.

Alright, I'm done for today. I'm doing my best to keep up with everyone's blogs and comments. I hope I'm doing alright.

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