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Saturday. 3.27.10 7:34 am
How to Train Your Dragon was a funny movie. I enjoyed it and I'd definitely go see it again. Some people might not like it that much, but I'd still recommend seeing it at least once. It was probably funnier to me because the Night Fury reminds my sister and me soooo much of her cat. The actions and stuff the dragon does are very similar to what her cat likes to do. Including the weird sideways walk when it's about to sneak up on something.

Anywho, last night didn't go as planned, but because we went to the movies I enjoyed myself. If I had stayed home, I would have gotten more pissed with each boring hour that passed and I probably would have ended up going for a drive. So I'm glad I got out.

Today ... who knows what today is going to bring. Hopefully something tasty and enjoyable. Wish me luck. If all goes well, there will be a blog later in the day. If not, the blog will be significantly shorter than if I have a good day.

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plans change. shit happens. life goes on
Saturday. 3.20.10 3:57 pm
I don't know about any of you, but I don't like those three particular phrases. Especially if they all happen to fall in the same sentence.

However, I find myself using them quite a bit lately. It's the quickest way to blow off whatever event just happened to make people leave you alone about the details of why you're no longer doing what you had originally planned.

I've gotten used to one of those particular phrases. Only because I know someone who uses it more often than I do. And because of that, I've sort of accepted it or gotten used to it or something, to the point where I've realized it's the truth and there's nothing I can do about it. Life goes on. It's true. Life stops for no one. Even if you die, everyone else's life that you ever associated with will continue without even so much as a pause. If someone you know dies, your life continues. Your mindset and personal world change, but your life itself moves on.

My plans seem to be more and more tentative lately. Or incredibly spur of the moment. About the only "plan" that stays constant is showing up to work at the same time every day. I'm not saying spur of the moment plans are bad, but I want to be able to make plans in advance and actually look forward to them. Rather than just hope they actually go through. Or having to keep my expectations lowered so that when the plans get canceled or postponed, it's to the point where I don't get too upset by it anymore. I just kind of expect my stuff to get canceled so when it does happen, I'm not disappointed. There was a time when I could make plans with people and it would run smoothly. Only once in a while would my plans get canceled, but they were always made up shortly afterwards. Not anymore. I've lowered my expectations and have started feeling indifferent towards the changes. Sometimes I get really affected by it, but for the most part I just say whatever.

Anywho, sorry. This is kind of a depressing post. But it's how I'm feeling at the moment. And it's been a while since my last post.

Quick side note, though. Last night wasn't too bad. My sister and I went out to the Fashion Show Mall. It's pretty confusing since there's like 4 different places under the mall to park and the levels of the mall aren't all even with each other. But it was alright. Since it's on the Strip, though, I don't plan on going there very often.

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it's been a long week
Sunday. 3.14.10 4:28 pm
It hasn't been as long as week for me as it has for a couple other people I know, but because I'm pretty directly involved with both of them, I'm feeling it too.

I'm not going to get into details. I'm far too tired for that.

The one thing I am going to briefly write about is an experience I had yesterday that I hope to never, ever have again.

I got a flat tire. Luck was sort of with me, though. The tire didn't blow; it just deflated very quickly {as in like, 10 minutes after my tire pressure light came on, it was flat.} There was a spot on the side of the road where I was able to safely pull off in order to be out of harm's way. Jacob was with me, otherwise I would have pretty much freaked. And there was a Big-O Tires less than 1/4 of a mile away {on the same side of the street.} I had a spare tire and a jack, but I couldn't find the lug nut wrench. I knew my car had to come with one, but it was hella windy and I was frustrated and I figured they would have one that we could use. It was nice of them to put on my spare tire free of charge. Once I got back to Jacob's house, we looked in the manual to see where the wrench would be located and eventually found it. So now I know for next time.

My poor car. It's all gimpy now. Unfortunately because this happened at 5:30pm on a Saturday, I pretty much have to wait until tomorrow to get a new tire. There are 24 hour tire places out here, but I'm not going to pay out the ass for a tire at that kind of convenience. I was told that if I want the same exact tire that I already have on my car, it was going to cost me $150. There's no effing way I'm going to pay that much for one tire. I don't care if it matches exactly. Just give me a tire that's the right size and tread requirement and one that will fit my rim cover so that at least that'll match. There's a Discount Tire right behind my apartment complex so I'll be going there tomorrow after work.

That's another unfortunate thing. The spare tire has a speed restriction. I'm not allowed to drive over 50mph. Which is crap because that means no highway. I'll have to leave my apartment about 45 minutes before work in order to get there on time by taking the surface streets. Luckily it's only one night. I'll have a new tire on my car hopefully by 2pm tomorrow afternoon.

Anywho, considering the circumstances, yesterday was a fairly decent day. Hopefully things will begin to start looking better. And soon. I don't want to have another long week.

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sushi, Sirens, a vespa, Alice and Carrot Top
Saturday. 3.6.10 10:13 am
Yesterday was not the most exciting day I've ever had, but it definitely had it's perks.

The day started out with work, as usual. It's been more relaxed over the last few days because the boss has been out of town. The guy who is "filling in" doesn't care nearly as much as the boss. He'll be back Thursday. I'm not looking forward to it. No one is, really.

After work, I came home and helped my sister do her taxes. It was pretty easy; she'd just never done them before and wanted me to be there in case she got lost or confused.

I hug with Jacob for the greater part of yesterday and we had a good time. We had lunch at the sushi bar across from his house and it was, of course, a tasty treat. I tried one of the salmon rolls this time and it was okay. I think I still prefer the tuna, but I wanted to try something new and it was worth it. After that we went up to Red Rock to buy the movie tickets to ensure that we got them before it sold out, like the rest of the shows for the IMAX had.

An incident that required him to drive past the Strip yesterday got resolved just as we were passing TI {Treasure Island} and since I'd been wanting to go see one of the free shows they offer there, it made sense to just go ahead and stop. The Sirens @ TI is a quick, but pretty cool show. The women are scantily clad and the men are all buff. Of course they all have to be good looking otherwise the show wouldn't be very popular. I really liked the girls' outfits.

After that we came back to my place to nap before the movie. Both of us were tired from a lack of sleep and a carb overload from the sushi. I set my alarm for 9 so that we could get to the theater with enough time to get in line early so we could get top choice in seats. The showing was at 12:15am and we got there two hours early ... for absolutely no reason. Two lines formed before people that were supposed to be there for the 12:!5 showing even showed up. It definitely ensured we had good seats, but we could have gotten an extra hour of sleep time in and still made it with enough time to get good seats. Oh well.

Alice in Wonderland is pretty awesome in IMAX 3D.

Oh wait! I forgot to write about the vespa. . . lol. We were driving back to my place after seeing the Sirens and we heard this noise coming up next to us. It was some dude riding a vespa. We watched as it made it's way up next to the car and then started to slowly go past the car. It was at this point when Jacob realized he was getting beat by a fricken vespa and immediately stepped on the gas to get the car back up to the proper speed limit. We laughed about that for a good couple miles down the road.

Okay, back to Alice in Wonderland. I'm probably going to go see the movie again today. I don't think it was quite that good, but I told my sister I'd use my movie passes to discount the price to take her to see Alice since the premiere had fallen through on Thursday.

While we're sitting in the theater waiting for the movie to start, I was watching as people filed into the theater. This side door opens up at one point and a few people walked through it. Nothing out of the ordinary ... except that one of the people who walked through looked remarkably like Carrot Top. I commented that the guy down there looked like him and once the two suits walked in behind him I realized that it really was Carrot Top. I think it kind of went down like this:
"hey, that guy looks like Carrot Top. . . wait, that is Carrot Top! holy shit!"

People started realizing that he was in the theater and it was pretty funny for a minute. Then the previews started and everyone completely forgot that there was a celebrity in the audience with them.

So yeah, that was my day yesterday. Nothing epic, but it was a good day.

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Sunday. 2.28.10 7:54 am
I have no reason to be awake this early. Yet here I am. I tried going back to sleep, but it was unsuccessful ... obviously.

I'll probably end up dozing off again in about an hour.

I've been attempting to write up something for the past few days, but halfway through the attempt, I suddenly lose interest and just click off the page. I'll publish this one, but it might not be any longer than this.

Yeah, this is all I've got. I'm not in the mood to write about my problems today.

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I pray for you
Tuesday. 2.23.10 5:45 pm

It's a really messed up song if you actually listen carefully to the lyrics ...

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