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a change in sleep pattern
Thursday. 11.4.10 2:09 am
It's 2:10am and I'm awake. A month ago I'd still be awake, but it would be because I would be getting ready for work. Right now, however, I don't have a sleep pattern. I just kind of sleep when I'm tired. And in doing that, it's causing me to be awake later and later into the night. Last night I went to bed around 3:30ish. Tonight will probably be the same.

Anywho, I got a part time, seasonal job at Target. The pay is less than what I was making with Allied and the hours are not guaranteed. I will still be actively pursuing full time positions while working for Target. I start on Tuesday. The one good thing about it, though, is that I'll get an employee discount.

I'm ready for Jacob and I to have our own place. Living with people is starting to get to me. I want it to be just us. I'm definitely ready for our life to begin. Officially.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I had gotten my nails done for my sister's wedding. Well, now that it's been 3 weeks, I finally took them off. I left on the two pinkie nails, but that's because they haven't started to come off on their own yet. I'll give it a couple days. The rest of them were starting to come off around the edges and having them on was starting to bug me anyway. I have the use of my fingertips again. It definitely helps with typing better. The nails aren't clicking across the keyboard and I can actually feel what keys I'm hitting. As nice as they look, I can only take them for so long.

I've finally fully adjusted to my new glasses. They don't feel weird to me anymore. So that's a good thing.

I'm loving the weather out here. Although, I do find it amusing just how much sun I've seen since I've been here. I've been here for two weeks and the sun has been out for maybe a little less than half that time. I mean, yeah, it definitely rains a lot more here than the desert, but with as much as people were telling me it rains all the time here; I'm seeing a considerable amount of sun. Hell, yesterday and today it was sunny the whole day. And today's high was 75. It was nice enough that I could get away with wearing capris.

Anywho, I guess that's it for now. Until next time NuTang. . .

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uh yeah ...
Wednesday. 10.27.10 11:12 pm
So yeah, I'm super bored right now. The one plus that Vegas has over this city is that there are plenty of things to do in the middle of the night. 24 hour buffets, cafes, casinos open all night, the Strip never closes and so on and so forth.

Here, don't get me wrong, I love it here, but in the middle of the night {it's not even the middle of the night yet,} there's nothing to do. I'm sure there are a few things that are open 24 hours around downtown Seattle and in the University district, but I don't live that close. I guess with it being the quarter after 11 at night, the traffic wouldn't be bad so it might only take me maybe half an hour, but still.

On nights like tonight, when I'm super, extra bored, I wish there was more to do here for the night owls. I suppose I could always go to Jack in the Box and get myself some mozzarella sticks, but that might wait until later ... or might not happen at all. Especially since I don't have an income, I need to save every penny I have left.

the-muffin-man!!! pinkpanther08!!! Help me! You've lived here your whole lives right? Lol. What is there to do in the middle of the night?

I suppose I could always go to a bar. Those are open at least late ... although again that would mean spending money that I don't have to spend.

Anywho, I bought myself a nice, warm, fuzzy coat. It's the first coat that I've owned since I was 10. Sure, I've had jackets; it's all I've needed in FL, NV and AZ. But out here a jacket won't cut it. The coat was on sale, half off, at JC Penny. And I absolutely love it! It's got like 4 pockets and it just really keeps me warm. It's so comfortable. I'm glad it was on sale. I wouldn't have even thought about buying an $80 coat.

I finally uploaded pictures to my computer from my trip up and pictures that I've taken on some outings, but until I figure out how to shrink them down to normal size, I won't be putting them on here. If you are my friend on Facebook, you can see them there. If you aren't, there is a link to my Facebook profile page in one of the modules on the left. You can send me a request there. Just a small request, though. If you send me a friend request, could you just let me know you're from NuTang. I don't add people unless I know who they are. Thanks!

Alrighty, I needed to get some venting off my chest about the lack of stuff to do out here for nocturnal folk like myself. And I wanted to give a small update on stuff that's happened.

Oh yeah. I have an interview on Friday for a part time seasonal position at Target. Wish me luck on that.

Okay, until next time NuTang. . .

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this will be a long update ...
Sunday. 10.24.10 1:07 pm
Well, I'm in Kirkland, WA ... it's a town that's a little northeast of Seattle. We're staying with his aunt until I get a job; then we'll be moving somewhere else. I'm not sure yet where, but as soon as I know, you all will too. I've only applied for a couple different positions at Target, but I'll be applying at the security company Jacob works at probably tomorrow. I just have to drive to the office and apply. I can't do it online. I guess in a way that's better because then they can attach a face to the name. Either way, I'll most likely be doing that tomorrow or the day after.

The trip up was good. We left a little later than planned {6am instead of 5am}, but still early enough to get out of the city before hitting bad traffic. That and the fact that we were driving away from the city helped. The only bad thing was that we were leaving Vegas just as a sweet-ass storm moved in. I haven't had a good storm in a while and my mom told me about the storm that I had missed that evening. Oh well. It's been nice and rainy here. The sun makes an appearance every once in a while, but ducks behind the clouds again shortly after.

The first day of driving was incredibly boring. Driving up through Nevada, through all the desert landscaping, was just boring. Looking at the same scenery over and over as the miles continued to pass ... the monotony wasn't exactly inviting. We stopped a few times, to eat, use the bathroom and fill up my tank. We stopped in Burns, OR the first night. I guess our timing was perfect because the gas station we stopped at right before going to the hotel, closed as soon as the guy was done pumping my gas. {In the state of Oregon, it is illegal for you to pump your own gas} I suppose I could have waited until morning to put gas in my car, but my gas light had been on for about 10 miles so I just wanted to get it over with.

The hotel was nice and the bed was comfortable. We slept in Thursday morning. We had our alarm set to go off around 7, but ended up not leaving until 9:30am. We stopped at the McDonald's there, had some breakfast and headed out. Oh yeah, with the $100 McDonald's gift card that Jacob's grandmother had given me for my birthday, that's pretty much all we ate the whole way up. We had sandwiches the night we stayed in Burns; they were good, though. The cool thing about the gift card was not only that we ate for free, but we were able to play monopoly. We need one more piece of every color in order to win something. We're hoping for Broadway, but the odds of that aren't very high at all.

Day two was a much nicer drive. Although my car didn't like the inclines too much, for a little 4-cylinder it did pretty well. The scenery was very nice. There were a lot of trees and the ones that weren't evergreen were all changing colors. I didn't get too many pictures, only because there weren't a whole lot of places to stop and pull over. That's okay, though. I got the images in my head.

Oh yeah, the first night, just before stopping in Burns, I had an incident. I almost hit a deer. It was dark and I was driving at a nice comfortable 70mph, when all of a sudden I see a deer just calmly walked out into the road. I gently braked, swerved slowly and the deer was smart enough to run back in the other direction. I laughed, probably from nerves, afterward about what had just happened. Luckily that was the only time I had to deal with that and the other lucky thing was that I was the only one on the road. So I had the ability to swerve into the other lane.

So back to the second night. There was this one part of WA that we had to go through that's apparently a really pretty area, the Snoqualmie Pass, but due to the late start, I was driving through it at night. So I basically couldn't see anything. I could tell that the mountains were high up because their shadows were black against the sky, but that was about it. I guess we're going to be making a trip out there at some point so that I can see what it's like. It's a whole different kind of dark when driving out here. Nothing compared to even when you drive out of the city of Las Vegas. You can see those lights from 50+ miles away.

We got in probably around 8pm Thursday night. It took 23 hours of driving to get here. Driving for 23 hours will definitely tire you out. I slept pretty good that first night, but the air mattress that we have does't exactly make it so that we're sleeping in luxury. I haven't slept very well since.

Okay, so that was Wednesday and Thursday. Friday Jacob had to work in the morning, but when he got home we went into downtown Seattle. It was my first experience riding a city bus, but they're a lot different here than in Vegas. In Vegas, you're able to drive places without major traffic and there are a ton of places to park. Out here, land is limited so you're lucky if you can park somewhere without paying for it. People rely on public transportation a lot more. Normal people ride the bus here, rather than just crazy people, like in Vegas. I'm still not comfortable on the bus; I'd rather drive, but it's cheaper taking the bus.

So we took the bus into downtown and went to this sushi restaurant called Blue C Sushi. It's frickin delicious! And what makes it really cool is the conveyor system. The tables are around this conveyor belt and the sushi comes to you. You just take the plate off the conveyor and eat it. What's even more awesome is the way the dishes are priced. Each plate is color coded. The cheapest starting at $1.25 and it goes up to $5.25. All you do is save the plates at your table and when you're ready for the check, the waiter comes and adds up the colors. Between the two of us, we had about 7 or 8 plates collected and including the $12 bottle of Sake we had, the bill was still under $40. That's definitely a place that we're going to frequent if/when we have our finances in order.

After the sushi, we walked down the street about a block or so to the AMC movie theater to catch the movie RED. There was a Regal literally across the street from the sushi place, but it wasn't playing RED. That was a funny movie. We enjoyed it.

The cold is going to take some getting used to. I only have 5 long sleeve shirts and a jacket. Which was all I needed in Vegas. Out here, I'll need to buy myself a coat. Hopefully it won't get that cold until I've got a job and can afford to buy a coat.

Yesterday, while Jacob was at work, I drove a little ways up the street into this place called Woodinville and explored the Barnes & Noble there. They have a few of the puzzles that I've been wanting to get and they also have a bigger selection of puzzle balls than the few stores that were out in Vegas. I know what I'll be buying as soon as I have the expendable cash. Other than that, though, I just hung out at his aunt's place.

Today, same thing. Jacob is working swing again today. He'll be home around 10:30 tonight. I'm doing laundry today, but once that's done, I'll be showering and driving into the city again. Just to do a little exploring. Even though the parking is limited, it's still nice to know where you're going. This way when you take the bus, you'll recognize streets and know when you need to get off.

Anywho, that's it so far. Jacob is off work tomorrow and Tuesday so we'll be going into the city to do some real exploring. We'll have the whole day, rather than just the evening. I'm looking forward to it. Still not keen on the buses, but like I said, it's cheaper and quicker than sitting in traffic. Especially with all the Park and Rides around here. It makes it easier. You drive there, park your car and wait for whatever bus you need to get on. They all stop at the Park and Rides. Then when you're done for the day, you just take the bus back to whatever Park and Ride you left your car at and drive the short way home.

Yeah, I told you this was going to be long. I had a few days worth of stuff to make up for. But I wanted to let you all know that I made it safe. It's very different here and is definitely going to take some getting used to, but I like it here. Alrighty, I shall write again soon.

Until next time NuTang ...

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last one for a little while
Tuesday. 10.19.10 1:49 pm
So I leave for WA tomorrow morning. I will be completely without internet on the way up and even though his aunt has internet at her house, I don't know how long it'll be before I get the time to get on the computer. Mostly it'll be to fill out job applications. But I promise I will be getting on at some point soon after I get there so that I can update you guys and let you know I made it alright.

I'm going through some personal family issues right now ... I'd rather not talk about it now. Maybe in a password protected entry some other time.

Alrighty, here's to a good trip.

Till next time NuTang. . .

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everything is so clear!
Friday. 10.15.10 6:10 pm
So after 7 years, I finally bought new glasses. They're definitely going to take some getting used to. The frame is black and it's more squared off than my last ones. I'm used to looking straight down and still being able to see out my lenses, as opposed to these where I have to actually turn my head own in order to still be looking through the lenses. They're so clear, though! It's almost like the lenses are special, color-enhancing ones because everything is really vivid compared to when I take them off. I'll get used to them, but it's going to take a while.

Alright, I promised more details about the wedding, so here they are. It went well. I didn't really know anyone there, except maybe 5 people, but everyone was nice. My uncle came out for it; I haven't seen him in like 12 years so it must have been an experience for him seeing both my sister and me all grown up. But it was really nice seeing him.

The ceremony itself was rather short, but the stuff afterward took a while lol. Pictures needed to be taken, the cake needed to be cut, the bouquet and the garter tossed. It was all pretty funny stuff. I said goodbye to my friends and sister, wished her luck and hopefully everything works out well for her. I am very happy for them.

Anywho, today was my last day at work. It was bittersweet because I went around saying goodbye to all the people that I'd been working with for the last two years. I am really happy to be out of that place, though. I'm so excited about moving up to WA and starting my new life. Tuesday is the day to look forward to because that's the start of it all.

Alright, I'm tired from having worked the early, 3am shift all week and being busy didn't help in attempting a decent amount of sleep. So I'm gonna go nap.

Till next time NuTang ...

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wedding! {not mine, but just as special}
Thursday. 10.14.10 8:35 pm
My sister got married last night. It was a beautiful wedding. Everything went really smoothly and the baby didn't fuss once.

Zaidrien has gotten really big too! And even more adorable now that he smiles all the time. He's almost 5 months, but he's already got a huge personality. I wonder what he'll be like in a couple more years.

I'm going to pause here ... keep you all in suspense. I need to go to bed so that I won't be dead on my feet for my last day of work. Oh yeah!

I promise I will write more detail about the wedding tomorrow. Promise.

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