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sushi, silent movies, books and cheesecake
Wednesday. 4.20.11 6:20 am
This weekend was great {for future reference when I say "weekend" I mean my weekend, Monday and Tuesday.} Jacob and I slept in until around 1pm, then lounged around the house for a couple hours before getting ready to head downtown. This old theater downtown, called the Paramount Theater, plays movies every once in a while. This month they had what they call silent movie Mondays. This particular Monday the movie called The Crowd was playing. It's a movie from 1928. It was funny. The only thing that would have been nicer was if I could read lips better because in a silent film, not all of the dialogue is typed out.

Before the movie, since we had gotten downtown a few hours before the movie played, we decided on sushi for dinner. It was happy hour so some of the rolls were discounted and all drinks were discounted. We each got two rolls and a couple drinks each. It was nice.

After dinner, we still had some time before the doors opened so we went to the Barnes and Noble on the corner a couple blocks down from the theater and wandered around. Jacob bought a book for himself and couple for me.

After the film was over, we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dessert. The cheesecake I got was really good. But from being full still from dinner, I only ate about half and took the other half home.

Yesterday was more a relaxed day. We went to the store to buy rice and a few other things, but mostly stayed home. I've been wanting crab/seafood salad for a while so I kind of went in search of some. Unfortunately there was only one store that had it and it wasn't that good. That was pretty much a disappointment.

Everything was really good ... up until the very end of last night. When a joke kind of took a sour turn and now Jacob's texts are back to one or two words. If he even answers. I shouldn't be bothered by it like I am, but I am.

This is why I'm going to call the Behavoiral Health place today and schedule an appointment with a therapist.

It's to the point that I just don't give a shit today. I don't really care about work today. I mean, I don't much care about work anyway, but today I really just don't care. I've thought about getting a hotel room to stay in for a couple nights. That's actually something that I've been contemplating for longer than I should be. Which is really even at all. I've thought about bringing up the idea of renting a 2 bedroom apartment so that we can have some extra space, but I know that we can't afford it. Reading over my texts, you can definitely tell the difference between when we were apart and when we were together. You can tell because when we're apart the texts are loving and sweet. When we're together, he feels too crowded and talks about needing to explore the world. But then when we're apart again, he misses me and wants me around and wants to be around me.

It's not always like this, but it happens more than it should. Which is why talking to a therpist might help. I'm not sure how, but I've been told that it'll help.

Here's to hoping for something better ...

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Roller derby: part 2
Sunday. 4.17.11 12:08 am
So roller derby was awesome! It started out kinda slow, but picked up as the night went on. The Seattle teams didn't do too well, but it was still a great time. I'm so glad our friends were able to make it. Jacob loved it so much that he's going to go next month as well. I might. Depending on if I can get the night off again. If not, I'm going to aim for the bout in June.

The food and drinks were outrageously priced, but I suppose that's normal for an event like that. If you think movie theater prices are bad? Try a hot dog and popcorn each for $6 and 4 beers for $40. It was insane. But still worth it. Just the fact that we all had a good time made it worth it. Hopefully next time we go it'll be on payday, though so we'll be able to meet up beforehand to get something to eat. Or maybe go out for food afterwards. We'll have to see.

After the derby got out, I had to bring Jacob to work, but I came back and met up with the others at a pub that wasn't too far from where I work. We hung out there for about a half hour or so; I had another beer, but that was it. The other three had already been up since early in the morning so they were all tired and I was pretty ready to just go home, change into pajamas and relax for the night so we all parted ways.

I really can't wait until next time. If any of you have the opportunity to go to a roller derby, do so. I definitely recommend it. We're actually gonna try to plan ahead next time and get more people to go. Hopefully it works.

Anywho, that was my night. I have to work tomorrow {I had switched with someone so that I could get today off} and then I have my normal weekend, Monday and Tuesday. I'm already ready for it.

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Roller Derby!
Saturday. 4.16.11 2:53 pm
Me, Jacob and a few of our friends are going to see a roller derby today. We'll be leaving the house soon.

I'm excited.

I'll write about it later on tonight probably. I don't know if there'll be pictures. My phone sucks at taking pictures. Especially from a distance. Which is where we'll be sitting.

Still excited, though.

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compromise reached
Wednesday. 4.13.11 10:30 pm
So after discussing things today ... without me getting mad, angry, upset or really any "normal" reaction that usually comes from a situation like today, we came to a compromise. Our lease is up at the end of this month and for the last few months we've been bouncing back and forth between staying another 6 months or moving. Well, a few days ago, the decision had been made that we extend the lease. Then this morning Jacob tells me that he's been looking at apartments in the city and thinks we should consider them to move in to ... when our lease is up ... in two weeks.

I actually did get pissed off because I didn't think the decision would change again, especially with it being so close to the end of our lease. So I pretty much started looking at every cheap apartment that there was available downtown and getting more and more pissed off every time I saw how expensive the apartment was compared to the tiny size of them all. That and the fact that we'd have to pay for parking and we'd not have our own washer and dryer any more. Needless to say, I was pretty pissed for the greater part of the shift.

On my way home, I had to calm myself enough that I wouldn't flip out over the situation. That I was going to discuss my feelings with him as calmly as possible. The fact that he was in a much better mood today compared to yesterday made things much better in the discussion department.

I'm slightly proud of myself for not having an overblown, way out of proportion reaction like I tend to have when I deal with a sudden change conflict.

With me actually going to school starting in June, the school that I'm going to is not very far from here, where we live now. I'm also going to be filling out a volunteer application at this place called PAWS, which is a wildlife rehabilitation center. That is also up in the northern part of the region. A good half hour drive north of where we live right now. If we were to move to the city right now, we'd actually be spending more money, rather than saving simply because the money we'd save from only having one car and not having to drive a distance to and from work or his school would be used up with me going to school and volunteering.

We've agreed to sign another 6 month lease, but at the end of that lease, we will be moving into the city. It will be closer to my work and his school. By then I will have already gotten used to the new routine of school and volunteering. I won't be getting used to living in a new place, going to a new school and getting used to a new "job" all at the same time. I want to have some sort of familiarity.

It was nice today. I'm still going to look into a counselor, for myself and the two of us, but for now, we're still hanging in there.

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it's been nearly a year {p/w}
Tuesday. 4.12.11 8:08 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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supersonic hearing!
Thursday. 4.7.11 9:45 pm
So I went to the doctor yesterday. Very nice lady. I felt bad because I was running a little late. I'd never been to that part of the clinic before so I didn't know where exactly to go to check in. But I was only about 5 minutes behind so I was still on time enough to not be turned away.

I can hear again!!! Except that since it's been months that the ringing has been going on and the clog has been there, my brain had adjusted to try to allow me to hear through the clog. But now that it's gone, I feel like everything is echoing on that side of my head. It feels like I have supersonic hearing. What happened was that I just had a build-up of ear wax so the nurse flushed my ear and got rid of the plug. It's so nice being able to hear again and to not hear the constant ringing. Makes falling asleep a little better.

I also had to get a Tetanus shot since I couldn't remember the last time I had had one. It was fine getting it, but today my arm hurts like hell. The muscle is so sore. Oh well. It's necessary and thankfully I don't have to get another one for another 10 years.

The third thing that I had done was a blood draw. Something I've never had done before. I actually laughed at the feeling of the blood coming out into the vial. It felt funny. I told my doctor about the thyroid history that runs in the family so she wanted to test the levels of hormone. I also mentioned my seemingly constant fatigue so she wanted to test for possible anemia.

You know what I discovered from my test results? I'm a very lazy person. My results on both tests came back normal. Which means that the 163lbs that my 5'2.5" frame is carrying around is all my doing. I need to seriously fix this. Screw the slim fast diet. I'm just going to stick to fresh fruits and vegies. And lean cuts of meat. Watch my sugar intake as well.

So yeah. That's what's going on with me right now. I've got about 4 more minutes before work is done for the night. So I'm going to end this here. If I have more to add I'll do it later on under an "edit" section and I'll also put edit on the end of the title so you'll know if I've added anything.

It's so nice to be able to hear again.

Until next time NuTang. . .

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