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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Meowing in reality
Friday, October 22, 2010
I sometimes like to watch reality shows depending on the topic of interest. I like watching Project Runway, and currently watching America's next top model and its franchises... The reason I like watching these two reality show because the assignments given in each episode is very interesting and creative. And to be frank, I don't think I ever learned something from these programs. Maybe just some poses and tips on wearing clothes? Don't know.

Some of my friends said watching tv itself is not productive. I agree too, but I feel sometimes it's good to stay back and let time flies (at certain times) because our brain needs rest and to look at something else other than the things we are working on. Yea, we can do lots of readings and get ideas from, but that sounds so disconnected to the environment. I don't know ... I just looked at it at a different angle.

What do you guys think?

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Thursday, October 21, 2010
I'm officially pissed because my superior in the youth camp said I was giving excuses and not taking ownership of the paper I'm supposed to prepare for the camp, just because I was waiting for another team mate to pass me his layout for the paper to work on.

I'm so pissed that I feel like PULLING OUT NOW and NOT submitting any of my earlier papers that I have prepared.

In retrospect, am I giving excuses? Am I not taking ownership? I may be giving excuses but seriously I'm waiting for my team mate to get back to me on his part, because I'm so going to complete the paper overall.

I feel like crying when I read I WAS GIVING EXCUSES AND NOT TAKING OWNERSHIP. (I think I'm already crying in my heart).

Not starting a blaming game, but the coordinator of the camp has been informing committee members so last minute that it clashed with my made appointments. And on the other hand, I can't be sitting and waiting for the email to tell me when the meeting is. Time is money. My appointments are consisted of discussions involving MONEY and TIME.

One morning, my mum said I'm ARROGANT. In retrospect, am I arrogant? Did I 'show off' too much just because I have lots of experience in some things? I think my mum said I am because I keep on saying other people being stupid or commenting my ideas are better and this and that. I don't remember, but it hurts like HELL, when I was called arrogant. Is it just because you all feel inferior? And all I wanted was just to help?! Did my current boss think like that too?

I think it was extremely unfair to say blatantly and brutally that I'm giving excuses and not taking ownership of the paper I'm supposed to work on.

I called up my team mate about this matter. I told him how unhappy I were to hear this coming out from the head facilitator. We both felt it was unprofessional when ding dong among team members is common, and the coordinator was just asking about updates on the paper, which I updated the coordinator and the head. And we both felt the head was just making us his punching bag since he is now extremely busy organising three events and he had informed everyone that he is organising it alone since the people who promised to assist him are not doing so. Well ... it's none of my business if you have nowhere to throw out your frustration. Don't inflict on me. Damn you!

The arrogant part... I don't know ... but I know I'm more vocal now but also I reflect on my own actions and I don't inflict my sufferings on other people now. I have tried my best to reduce my story-telling about my problems in the house with my friends because they would get tired (or already tired) of listening to me... I'm trying my best to change myself for the better and yet people think I'm arrogant. For god sake, I work my ass off to gain knowledge and experience unlike some people who just bitch about people's capability.

And seriously, I don't take 'idiotic people as leaders' matter very well. I noticed there are so many idiotic people sitting in the leadership position. I have nothing against them but I don't look up to stupid people because it makes me look stupid. I'm not proud to be an underling of a stupid person. If the staff can notice that the boss is a stupid person, what about the public?! I don't mind wearing masks to office. And why not? Masks can be a nice accessory.

That is all for my rant.

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Saturday. 10.16.10 11:27 am
Yes!!! Beni Arashiro is releasing another single in November 24 .. and it's limited edition! You know what?? There's only 22 copies left for ordering on cdjapan website! So if you want to buy, buy it now! Because you will get a beni towel!!!

2 Face / BENI

If only I could see her cover.... How her singles like?? Then refer to the post below this as I have posted a few live concert session of hers from Youtube. Hope you like!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010
I like Beni! She has such beautiful light voice. Here's a live concert of her. And it's her first, if I'm not mistaken.

I particularly like this video because her fans were sporting in waving their hands. I have seen a few of her tour videos and I caught myself laughing in a silly way ... because in one particular video (which is the last segment) she was singing a few parts and then put the mike out to the audience hoping they would sing along, but there was no echo at all. You know like some concerts ... the fans will just sing when you show them the mike but no ... her fans didn't .. and she did that for three times and there was no echo. HAHAHA. But for the above video, you can see the unity of the waving hands. That was cool. It made me wanted to be at the concert.

Here's another video for you all:

Her voice is so mellow and beautiful (to my ears) in this song. I guess she finally found the right producers because all the songs she sings suits her voice very much. But does that say her voice is only suitable for slow pace songs? Don't know. And oh yes, she is a mixed. She can speak English and Japanese fluently.

Here's the intro of her tour:

I really hope she will continue to sing good songs. I would really love to see her becoming more famous. And it's so hard to get info on her. Her full name is Beni Arashiro.

Have fun watching ne~ And tell me what you think.

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MC = meowing chit
Monday, October 11, 2010
I was on MC today because I'm having conjunctivitis. Today is my third day. I actually wanted to go to work today but stopped by mum because this illness usually takes 3 days and above to recover and it's not even passed three days.

On one hand I really wished my illness didn't recover so fast so I could stay at home for another day but on the other hand I really wanted to go to work because I got heaps of backlog work to do. And there is no second liner for my position. There is only me and myself. So if I don't do it today ... and I don't finish it within a certain period, I won't get my bonus. In fact, I won't be eligible to apply for my bonus. Bloody hell. Why the hell do I need to APPLY for a bonus. I deserved it. No BUTs.

My eyes are pretty OK now. If you strained your eyes, you could see some few red lines on my both eyes. It started with my right and somehow it spread to my left. I don't consider it very serious because I detected it at its early stage. But it was pretty frightening to wake up to see one RED eye looking back at you in the mirror. If both eyes are red, I would definitely snap a photo and identify it as I HAD A DATE WITH A VAMPIRE BUT I DON'T REMEMBER.

I consulted a doctor on the day of my previous entry. I offended the doctor somehow. But you can't blame me when I was merely questioning his professionalism. I was sitting in the clinic with my sunglasses on at all times. Then suddenly there was this dirty looking guy wearing a pair of green cheapskate slipper walking into the clinic and entered the doctor's room. Then a few minutes later, it was my turn. I was surprised to see the dirty looking guy sitting at the doctor's seat. I asked if he was a locum or a doctor. He asked what difference. I said I was merely curious because I didn't know why I just didn't tell him I mistook him for a labourer. He is not a Malaysian because he speaks with an accent. And he was not friendly. He doesn't even smile.

I was smart to ask him for MC but unlucky that I got this illness on last Saturday not today. If not, I would have enjoyed a three day mc.

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Short of meowing
Sunday, October 10, 2010
I have never asked myself this question: How long have I been meowing? I don't know. Who knows?

Today, I finally get the chance to my youngest cousin in NZ. I was elated he was online and got kinda depressed that he is already 14. Not because he is now taller than me or less chubby, but I was lamenting how time flies. Was it so long I left NZ? I just felt it was just last year. How can time flies that fast?

Yea, time flies, meow. And I need to finish those backlog reports before I get to go for holiday in peace.

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