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Books I have completed reading since January 2016:

1. The magician's land - Lev Grossman
2. The Rest Falls Away - Colleen Gleason
3. Wither - Lauren Destefano
4. Fever - Lauren Destefano
5. Sever - Lauren Destefano
6. High Stakes - Dick Francis
7. Kau kata dadaku adalah sebuah sajak - Finn Anuar
Dry joke
Sunday, March 23, 2008
I have been looking for some counter attack opinions on a recent news which I heard it from my colleagues with my eyes bulging. Last week my colleagues who are living in the territory of Selangor were overjoyed because the new Chief Minister of that area recently declared of awarding free 20 cubic metre water to all residents. I went silent for a few moments because I could not believe this ridiculous news and I could not help myself for controlling for not slapping my colleagues who were so damn happy about this freebie. I just looked askance at their antics. I was speechless. And the one who discriminate me for not voting the opposition was suddenly in the mode of Mary Poppins- kicking her heels and wiping the dust off the office wallies - boasting the good news to the other colleagues [me and another girl]. And then she laughed at it, overjoying that the opposition is finally doing things that benefit the rakyat [citizens].

Meanwhile, my head just went silent because these colleagues of mine are just too dumb to understand the real issue out there other than being on cloud nine in their little world. (I wanted to use some harsher words to describe them but man .... they too have Buddhahood.. [ARGH!!!]) Even they know they don't realise that we are all connected. That's why scholars and scientists kept on saying that because we want to fulfil our own desire like buying car but we don't want the pollution attribute to the car-making to be at our backyard, the car manufacturer exports the pollution to another country and thus creating environmental issues and to the extent of degrading air quality overall [a rough example and it may not be accurate but you got the idea?]. I'm so kinda fed up to explain to them that the current news is not good news but indeed bad news. Bad news to the environment, not humans unfortunately and unfortunately environment is considered as 'non-living' to the majority, they don't and won't feel any effects. I'm not going to drone with that.

But my point here is there are many other things that could be beneficial to the rakyat despite paying hefty taxes but giving free resources that are finite is not one of the benefits but in fact pushing it to the edge of peril. It will only strengthen scenario of tragedy of commons [if you don't know what's this, try googling] because majority of Malaysians never appreciate things; some can't even always finish their food like my colleague even they knew food is very precious! Malaysians love freebies. Do you think we would save water? We will just splurge because we can and basically we have just awarded the license to do so. Another grave concern of mine is the news has indirectly enhanced people's thinking that environmental resources are infinite where the real scenario is they are diminishing at an alarming rate beyond scientists prediction. In my opinion, we should be given the incentive to be more water thrifty so we could work in line with the world's calling for zero-waste community.

I don't really know what's all about this water project between Selangor and Pahang [neighbour state] but it seems we get our water supply from Pahang. A friend of mine was also shocked from the news because he was thinking out loud what will happen to the people of Pahang when we basically just got the license to use water excessively.

And thank god, the President of Water Watch Penangwrote into the local newspaper about this. I fully agreed with his opinion; I'm thinking of writing in my opinion into the newspaper. But first I need to gather my scattered thoughts first.

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Young bygone
Friday, March 21, 2008
I had a fun day today because 3 people said I'm young and I look like a student. Haha. I'm just so sweeeeeeeeet.

In the morning, I went to get some free lunches advertised by someone on facebook. Given I love freebies, I agreed to meet this person and check out their free lunches. And it turned out to be a Herbalife product: soy protein powder. I tried something like that before by a competitor but Herbalife's taste good. And the lunch was kinda tasty because the maker used fruits, oats and chocolate powder to make the drink. It was good and it lasted me until 5-ish and I took it at 12.30 p.m. I felt energetic except for my droopy eyelids. But afterall I enjoyed today's lunch and will surely try to get the free lunch again. Oh well, I was invited to join for two more lunches. Haha. And you know what? My body result shows I have a body of a 17 year old even though I'm 22 already!

After that, I went to my tailor to collect my overdue clothes: a pants and a top. The top is so damn cute and it's replica top of some lolita designs I got from a catalogue. It was so cute; too cute to be worn. If possible I just want it to stay in m cupboard instead of wearing it. I can't show you guys the design because my webcam can't take photos. But worm worm said the cloth pattern is so old and it's like one of his grandmother's outfit. T__T. And Tiger/Jolenesiahcountered that he's outdated. Haha. My mum is all envy over my new outfit. I can't wait to wear to office!!

When I came back to my house the backgate of my apartment was not opened and so me and a few more ladies waited outside. This pregnant lady asked me if I were still a student. Haha. Because she said I looked young. And so another one asking the same thing.

Ah. I'm so young. Hahahaha. Ok people I could treat you guys to some fresh air in the garden next to my apartment!

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Congratulatory News
Monday, March 17, 2008
I was happy to receive a news from my ex-collegemate that he's going to be a father in October 9, 2008. I was very happy for my friend upon reading the email. This must be so exciting for my friend! And somehow ... I already got a vision of his kid's gender and its future. I need to state it down so I could come back here and check if my foresight is accurate or not. Haha...

Other than that, some of my friends have already married last year and this year. I'm very happy for them. In fact, these married friends are college sweethearts. So sweet!! And now they are now all over the world; one couple in Poland, and many more in Japan teaching English.

I can't wait for a reunion and it would be great to see all those younger generations!!!

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Friday, March 14, 2008
I have had a weird month recently because all of a sudden I'm very into Japanese songs. It all started with this infectious cutie guy called Koike Teppei. I got to know him from watching a drama called Medical Dragon [if I'm not mistaken] and I find him so cute. I knew he's a singer but don't know his name until 2006 I watched Japanese NHK Music Station. And because of him, I discovered he has a group member called Eiji Wentz. Arghh!!! These two guys are so cute!! But that's not the main topic of this entry.

So after listening to their songs and did some research on them [my Japanese friend even thought my full time job is to research on WaT] ... I found some other Japanese songs too like from the Brilliant Green, Namie Amuro, Eiji Wentz, Mai Kuraki, YUI, etc. I really enjoy listening to their songs. The songs are so cool and I keep wanting more!! So I thought of getting some albums from the nearest shops. And I feel so sad at the sight of the music stores. The first one I entered ... err ... was having a closing down sale. The second one I entered had so little Japanese albums and they are sooo outdated. I asked if they could order for me but they recommended me to order online.

I came back with a sad heart. No wonder my friend in Japan was telling me that business that deals with intellectual property is on the verge of giving up. But anyway, I went online to check out some online music shops and found the albums that I want. So I'm now just saving up money now to pay off my credit bill. Hahaha.

Albums wanted:

1. The Brilliant Green Best album 97-08
2. WaT latest album releasing next month

I'm also looking out for some other singers's singles too. I'm just so excited to get my first Japanese album!! Oh .. so jolenesiah how's your gecko collection? HAHAHAHAHA.

So I hope we all also buy original albums to support these artists [yea yea I know you guys will be saying they are already rich ... we don't need to support].

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Here I come
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
This is a rather rubbish and no-sense piece of work. I don't even know if this is even called a poem or lyrics but it was created out of boredom and the midst of my colleagues talking about Malaysian politics.

Cincang = mince [but just imagining me performing some sword play]

leng chai = cute guys

mana tau = didn't expect

pakcik = old man [but in this context I was referring to my supervisor]

punya suara = your voice

tangkap = being caught

Cincang, cincang & cincang
Yesterday, yesterday, yesterday
I saw you all with a smiling face
In the office
And I thought what a wonderful day to start work

Do you all know
I feel like cincang, cincang, cincang
When you guys open your mouth
The first word came out of your mouth is about

I don't want to hear anything about it
My ears is screaming for peace
[Poor me]
But all of you are so inconsiderate
Keep on talking about those haggard looking candidates
Polluting my innocent mind
[Poor me]

Cincang, cincang, cincang
Here I come
With my trusty rusty invincible

Do you all know
Those things really hurt my ears
Thank god I got 2 ultimate leng chai pictures in my computer
To keep me sane­
Shoo shoo you old fools
Shoo shoo you old looking fools
Shoo shoo and give space to new incoming leng chai into my mind
YAY!!! YA!!! YAY!!!

But still

Cincang, cincang, cincang
Here I come
With my trusty rusty invincible

I thought I put on my headphone
I could shut you all out with my leng chai voice ¡­
But mana tau you all punya suara drown his voice
NO!!!!!!!! It¡¯s IMPOSSIBLE!!!


Cincang, cincang, cincang
Here I come
With my trusty rusty invincible

I thought my headphone will protect me
From your stupid world
But mana tau I was tangkap for your pleasure
One of you lashed your words on me like a whip
It hurts so much
And now I truly realized you are so childish­
Grow up!!!
I could not believe you showed your dislike when you thought I voted against your favourite party
At that moment I feel like

Cincang, cincang, cincang
Here I come
With my trusty rusty invincible

No wonder pakcik felt so piss off
To your dumb dumb preach
Grow up!! Grow up!!
Hey !! Hey !! Hey !!
Grow up!! Grow Up!!

Cincang, cincang, cincang
Here he comes
With his 007 and women charming skills
Cincang, cincang, cincang

And thank god at 5 p.m.
You all have stopped talking about politics
And thank god my Peter Petrelli is waiting for me at home
If not I really

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Election is already OVER!
Monday, March 10, 2008
I'm so glad elections is already over because my ears is yearning for peace about all this politic stuff. It's not like I'm not sporting at all and closed minded whatever - mind you I also studied international relations - but it's just most of us forgot that each of us has different opinions when comes to political issues; each of us supports different parties and different manisfestos and different ideas of leadership. That's why sometimes I prefer not to discuss!!! I have my own ideas and they might clash with yours! And don't forget Malaysia is a multiracial country and we have different racial parties and different manifestos!!! And that's my main concern!!! And worse still... there's no such thing as right and wrong opinion. I may deem this particular person's political idea as plain dodo but maybe wonderful to another but at the end of the day leaders only have two objectives: i) be a leader to lead the people for the better of their future or ii) bring the country to destruction because of selfishness.

So that's why I rather sometimes keep my opinions to myself. And even if you have ideas ... why want to publicise? Just keep it to yourself la. Listen more than you speak. And when someone has opinions detesting against yours why want to fight back?? Gosh .... that's why we have fights la.

Whatever the result is from the recent voting, I got no problem because I'm confident that business still goes on as usual.

Last week I posted my thoughts on voting on a Malaysian youthpoll. I don't remember what I wrote but I wrote something that I got no confident in the present leadership because of all current political issues that we get to read in the dailies... and I'm looking for leadership in protecting the environment. Is there anything wrong with it? Nothing wrong right? It's my opinion isn't it? I got a lot of comments about my statement ... never expected ... someone said

"As Dr. M said before, in life we always need the opposition to remind us of what is our mistakes and how we actually can benefit from it. Being a Malaysian makes us proud as we have more stabilize politics as compared to those in Taiwan. As we can see, there is no party or alliances that is consist of oen race. So, we are proud to be MALAYSIAN in a way. And, guys, let's grow up. Whatever happening in the campaign now is known as POLITICS. What you expect to happened?

In another mean, just ensure that there are sufficient people to be talking in the parliament and brain storming do happens there.

We cannot measure or determine someone is good or not even as voters. All we can do is we just vote based on which party we wants to win. It is not measurable if we wanna determine who is better and who is not.

Whoever is the candidates, just read their manifesto and go for their campaigns, there will be MILLIONS of promises and how much of the!

m actually REALIZED? I believed, voters do understand right...

I am going to vote for DAP but not because I wanted them to win, but again we need the opposition to be there and reminds the ruling party, what they might did wrong."

My reply = I'm already grown up and I want capable leaders to lead especially in the brains. And I know what is Politics. Thank you for the reminder. I got something else to add but I don't feel like it. Say whatever you want.

"I think that the oppositions promises on reducing inflation is attractive but they will have to do it at the cost of our taxes and that will hurt the economy. Subsidies are never good in the long run. they destroy the competitiveness of economics and force the people to have a "subsidy-dependent" mindset. Guys, we have to remove the subsidy and face the real thing or else we will suffer in the end of it all."

My comment = I don't agree to petrol subsidies. Why can't we just move on to greener fuel? Or can't we have cleaner technology? Why do we act at the eleventh hour? Gosh ... we take things for granted. The government should provide more efficient public transport.

"we are still a developing country. green lovers are good but if we put environment first, we could be jeopardising our country's development coz' it takes money to educate the people and start up facilities and just as well our industries have to cut back to meet the green quota. i support environmental causes but our country is not up for it just yet."

My comment = Hmm.. are you saying we still need to sacrifice our environment in the name of development? If yes, what's our ministry of environmental and natural resource for? Excuse me? Have you ever heard of Sustainable Development? And do you know we ractified a lot of MEAs? Find out yourself if you don't know what's MEA. And my definition of putting green issues into the political agenda is as simple as preserving forest reserve instead of transforming them into development parches. So you telling me cannot?? If cannot, then please execute a revival plan for all those slum buildings. Do you know what the hell am I talking about in the first? I'm talking about urban environmental issues.

We simply can afford all those green technology and facilitate those green education because we have the financial means but we all know where those profits went to. I won't use 'fresh air' as example. I will use seafood instead. Do you want to eat fish now and forever? Yes? Good then bloody think of the environment because we are going to run out seafood resource from the wild soon because some countries have been overfishing.

I will only put three comments I received. I actually received like 20 comments but they almost quite similar. Have fun. And I don't want to talk anymore about politics because I want to stuff my brain with Scrabble vocab now.

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