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Books I have completed reading since January 2017:

1. Angelopolis - Danielle Trussoni
2. The Magicians - Lev Grossman
3. The Magic Circle - Jenny Davidson
4. Memories - Lang Leav
The KIss of Doubt
Sunday, April 6, 2008
I attended a free CPR course today. It was crowded with over 200 people. I waited for less than one hour for my turn. Apparently a minister came to the course as a visitor but it seems we were all oblivious because we were just tired waiting for our turn. I thought the NGO will limit to 200 people but it went over to 300.

But the course was fun.

There were 100 of us in the room and divided into a team of 4 members with an instructor. We saw the demonstration twice before we performed on our own. My team consisted of 2 men and 2 women. We were excited about doing it ourself and some of us happened to do it faster than the main instructor's step by step instructions. And there was this auntie [Asian way of referring to the female elderly] in my team insisted me to start first and so I did. When the instructor was giving instructions, she kept on asking me to go to the chest and resuscitate and I was like 'What The Hell?!' because that was step 5. The guy beside me was so damn excited and has begun pumping the chest. And the group instructor has already asking me to work on the chest and I was just astounded because I haven't even done step 3! And so the main instructor realised that we were all not following her instructions she instructed us to do all over again. I was elated. And that's where I also got annoyed. When we were going to step 5 where we are going to pump the chest, this auntie kept on telling me how to do it: showing me how I should position my fingers and such and then I just snapped "CAN YOU JUST LET ME DO IT MYSELF." Then she left me alone.

But overall it was a good course because it's free!! The course itself cost RM 130 and I got it for free!!! So happy!! And now i got a certificate of attendance for this course. Woohoo.

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Eye washer
Saturday, April 5, 2008
I came back home whining at my mum about how young girls nowadays dressed. GOD... the way they dressed is so hideous that my heart is screaming CRISIS silently. Those young girls were trying to imitate the Japanese fashion but they failed miserably in making themselves look GREAT and COOL in those fashion apparels. I cringed at the sight of them and even more at the retail shops. Those outfits were not even like or even similar to the Japanese style. And unfortunately these are the fashion that many people think it's YOUNG. People who dressed like me - Smart , Elegant, Presentable [because I'm working] - is considered as old and outdated. So girls wearing those skimpy clothes or some of us called them the 'la la mui' [don't know how to interpret but it refers to girls that like matching clothes oddly and I called FASHION CRISIS] are considered YOUNG and REFRESHING? Unfortunately yes. Many guys have even asked me to change my outfits.

I really need to WASH MY EYES. I came back flipping through my Lolita fashion handbook and realised the ones in the book are AWEFULLY much better. And I don't think myself as ABNORMAL but higher and better taste in fashion.

Yea yea... go ahead and bash me up. I don't mind that. And don't puke over the word ELEGANT. Wearing conservatively or nice covering up risque doesn't mean OLD or OUTDATED. Don't be a jerk, people.

And one more thing to the guys. If you think your girl n friends dressed so OLD and OUTDATED, have you thought of your own dressing? Are your dressing COOL and WOW? You think so? I don't. If you want to bash your girlfriends dressing, then you guys should stop wearing T-shirts with jeans. Dress something more COOL and HANDSOME. Be more stylish. And don't give me the damn that it's not the in guy's blood to dress that way. If so, who the hell say girls have to be that way too? Stop discriminating girls by their dressing. Guys should also admit that some of you have FASHION CRISIS. Are you aware that passer-by criticize couple's dressing too? If the girl dress so beautiful and the guy dress so UGLY in jeans, t-shirt and sandals, passer-by will also whisper to each other about the dressing?

People, use your brain to think for awhile. Do you actually even get my point? My point is RESPECT INDIVIDUALITY. You cannot have someone to dress or be like you or even ask the person to dress to what you like. Worse of all, your girlfriends are not your special girlfriends, what right you have to tell them what to wear? What right you have to impose a dress code on them? Do you like them because the way they dress or because of who they are? As long the person dresses appropriately for the event, it's OK. It's not like I'm wearing red for a funeral. You can tell the girls and guys to dress better but not degrading them from their current fashion status. And one more thing to ask yourself especially guys ... IS MY FASHION TASTE MUCH BETTER THAN HER/HIM? Even if you think yes, pass the message tactfully like 'Oh I think if you dress in this and this would look good on you' not "God, you are so UGLY." Because for a girl [no matter how pretty and ugly she is], fashion and appearance is highly important to her. Just imagine a girl telling a guy 'You got erectile dysfunction.' What is your response?

I need CPR. No really, I got a CPR training in 7 hours.

All comments, bashing, hate mails and such are welcome.

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May the Force Be With You
Friday, April 4, 2008
I suddenly recalled a video about vegetables when I was thinking of a scene for my scriptwriting at Script Frenzy.

Happy watching it.

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Human Tetris
Thursday, April 3, 2008
I realised I have not been updating this blog as frequent as I used to but don't worry you readers would still be reading interesting stuff from me.

I'm updating this during my lunch hours. I was just naughty. I have been looking up for information on Eiji Wentz - again. And I stumbled on a funny Japanese gameshow. It was so hilarious that my laughter infected my colleague in front of me and now she's laughing at the program on youtube. There's a few funny ones but I will only show you the most funny ones.

Human Tetris with Eiji Wentz:
Part 1 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=KM3DPELmMVw

Part 2 - http://youtube.com/watch?v=YnFqIVVjToo




Sorry guys no embeded videos.

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I want *censored*!!!
Monday, March 31, 2008
Ok ... jolenesiah definitely thought the censored part would be Orochimaru or Eiji Wentz from WaT but unfortunately it's neither. It's not related at all.

I have been listening to a lot of Japanese songs recently that prompt me to do some search on some artists like Namie Amuro's profile at Wikipedia. Gosh ... I'm so turning into some japanese music vampire except I'm a vegan.

Today I got toxicated with this Japanese group called Perfume. I listened to their songs earlier but they were not catchy enough for my ears so I just sidelined them but not after watching their live performances on youtube. Their performances are just amazing because I seriously think their dances are soooo cool. Those moves are swift and I felt my body in the office moving according to those moves. And listening to their songs for the third and fourth time... I realised their songs are unique itself since it's techno and they are good choices for dances. And thank god! I didn't delete their songs from my laptop!! I'm so in love with their songs now... that's because I love their dances. The dance moves look so futuristic and their apparels should be futuristic designs too since their songs are techno... I can't really evaluate their singing quality because their voices are digitalised but one of the members have this moe voice [sharp pitch voices that tend to make girls sound cute]. Another incredible fact about them is they started out an informal group together when they were just 11-12 years old until today. Wow. What dedication.

I hope you guys enjoy their dances too. In the first video, I think they really sang because the record and the live is quite different. The live has more energy zest like they were putting all their happy chirpy mood into the singing. Or maybe not... never mind .. as long their dances are cool.

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Buy me a partner
Sunday, March 30, 2008
It was kind of funny to recall my conversation with my colleagues from last Thursday over lunch time. I was telling my colleagues that I'm going to Penang next month for a vacation and we were exchanging stories of the food revolving our growing up times. It was actually nostalgic... Imagine the food you used to eat as a kid is no longer sold when you are older because the producer must have closed their business for good or just passed away.

So I was telling them that I'm having headache of buying gifts from Penang for some friends in Kuala Lumpur. But because I was speaking in Malay... I accidentally said 'beli buah hati' instead of 'beli buah tangan'. For you all who don't know Malay language, buah hati and buah tangan might look they have the same meaning but then don't be fooled by it; they meant extremely differently. And so the office was roared with laughter. Man ...

Ok ... buah hati means partner as in girlfriend and boyfriend while buah tangan means gifts. So I had said "I need to buy some girlfriends/boyfriends for my friends" instead of "buying gifts." Gosh how embarassing was that. My Malay language teacher who is still alive would have died on the spot listening to that.

Gosh ... worm worm ... you must be very desperate for a girlfriend Penang-mari o [hails from Penang]?!

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