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Books I have completed reading since January 2016:

1. The magician's land - Lev Grossman
2. The Rest Falls Away - Colleen Gleason
3. Wither - Lauren Destefano
4. Fever - Lauren Destefano
5. Sever - Lauren Destefano
6. High Stakes - Dick Francis
7. Kau kata dadaku adalah sebuah sajak - Finn Anuar
Mind your tongue
Monday, May 26, 2008
Mum shared a true story with me today while we were on the way home. It was told by one of her colleagues from India. A foreigner in India used the word 'shit' while talking to a policeman when he broke the traffic law. And you know what happened next? He was landed in jail for a year just for his curse word.

So beware and be sensitive to other people's culture.

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Weekends tea~
Saturday, May 24, 2008
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Smoke in my eyes
Thursday, May 22, 2008
I decided to dig up my old unfinished poem. And I have thought of the ending for it.

Saw you once
I fell in love with you

Saw you twice
My heart is yours forever

Saw you thrice
I will make your heart mine too


Previous is as below:

Saw you once
I fell in love with you

Saw you twice
My heart is yours forever

Saw you thrice
I wanted to ask if you like me too

When I look into your eye
I don't even have to ask ...
for I recognize you as
my Soulmate

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The right to choose ...
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Does anyone have the right to choose who deserve to live? Myanmar or China citizens? I was asking around my office people if they want to donate since I'm going to meet an officer in a reputable NGO that uses the money to buy medicines. Some colleagues of mine demanded the money to channel to China instead of Myanmar relief fund. Does it matter where the money goes knowing your money could save even a life? The same thing happened in a conversation between me and my friend online. I asked why not to Myanmar? Because Myanmar junta is refusing all assistance. Fair enough. But do you also know China government told international assistance to hold their horses in assisting the earthquake victims? My friend ended up saying not donating at all.

But do you get my point? I was so embarassed when I was talking to the fundraising officer on the phone about "Can I channel all my donations to China instead of Myanmar?" Trust me. She sighed on the phone and told me the same thing I told to my friends. And trust me. I don't mind where my money goes as long I know my money is well spent and could save a life.

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Thai Basil Chicken
Monday, May 19, 2008
My favourite Thai food.

Fresh Basil Leaves
Mince chicken, pork or beef
Lots of fresh garlic
Fresh green or red chilli, or mix
Fish sauce (very important and a MUST)

1. Chop chillie and garlic and then mix together and leave it aside.
2. Heat wok with oil and fry the chopped chilli and garlic.
3. Add mince.
4. Put basil leaves last and dash some fish sauce.
5. You can add sugar if you want to.

Serve with rice.

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Books Consumption
Monday, May 19, 2008
I finally finished reading Life of Pi. I'm sooo relieved. I started reading that book since January 08 and I have taken almost 5 months to finish it. Blame the beginning for being boring. Throughout the whole book, I admire Pi's courage to not letting down his guard when he was with the bengal tiger. Pi intelligence and calmness cannot be underestimated too. It's rare for people not to apply their brain in survival situations. Usually the emotions tke reign but not in Pi's case.

Another book I managed to finish within 4 days is DarkAngle part 2. It was damn boring. All drama and no actions. I was extremely elated that the book is not thick at all if not I would just abandon the book. And now I'm onto part 3. Wish me luck.

As I was reading books, it struck me of a story book I picked up from library during college days. I remember the book cover being sticky and not interesting at all but the synopsis is. And don't know what made me to turn back on my steps just to retrieve that book and rushed to the counter to borrow. That was the sudden urge. Unfortunately I don't remember the name but the story itself is interesting and you guys would just comment it as 'ridiculous.' Want to know what's about? OK... here we go.

A 14-year-old was abducted all of a sudden from her backyard by some alien's time machine. Just imagine Star Trek "now you see now you don't" teleportation's technology. And so she was brought back to the alien's world. She was confined in a windowless room. She got a sort of a psychologist alien to communicate with her using a machine that translate the alien's language into English and vice versa. She was confused and she kept on wondering why she MUST be the one being kidnapped. Why not the others? The psychologist assured her that they would return her to her own world and the exact time after they are done with her. And the alien wanted her blood or DNA or something like that because they need it as a cure. And the aliens have to do it within a few days before she starts growing.

So far so good in her confinement until she escaped from the room by crawling into the air conditioner system. When she got out of the building ... she happened to be kidnapped by another alien! And so she was brought to an old building and she slept with the other aliens. She tried talking to them but they won't answer her. And when she was in the building she recognized it as an old medical facility that has the word EXIT on the door. Later ... there was a fight between the aliens and she was brought back to her room.

At this moment she bursted into tears questiosning bout the EXIT sign in that building and questioned where were all the humans. Th psychologist told her that they need her because they are trying to look for a cure for the aliens. They were once humans but evolved into 'aliens' because of a virus and they are trying to reverse that. He also explained that she could not see any trees on the way back to the alien facility because the world is no longer hospitable caused by the devastation activities of humans and yes... they are on Earth. They didn't mean to kidnap her but the kidnap team was instructed to kidnap the first human they spotted and she so happened to be the only human there. After listening to the explanation, she was solemn and gave full cooperation with the aliens.

The aliens kept their words and she was sent back home. She vowed that she won't let her world to end up like the future...


This story kinda struck me that humans could evolve into aliens... who knows? Dinosaurs could evolve into present cute animals... why not humans? If we could evolve from chimpanzees that is... With all this global warming and polluted air .. never know how our body gonna evolve to adapt the changing climate.

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