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Books I have completed reading since January 2016:

1. The magician's land - Lev Grossman
2. The Rest Falls Away - Colleen Gleason
3. Wither - Lauren Destefano
4. Fever - Lauren Destefano
5. Sever - Lauren Destefano
6. High Stakes - Dick Francis
7. Kau kata dadaku adalah sebuah sajak - Finn Anuar
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Renaye ... you are going to go deaf. For sure.

As for today, I have finally joined the majority in poking their ears with a pair of earphone attached to a mp3 player. During my debut ... I find it very troublesome to put the wire aside ... increased or decreased the volume ... turned on or switched off the mp3 players. And after listening to it for awhile I got mild nausea. I don't think I will want to listen to it again, ever, except for listening to the songs for my assignment.

Gosh ... how do those people listen via the earphone for hours??? Listening to the mp3 player for one hour I feel I'm going to go deaf and my ears felt suffocated!!

No... no no no to mp3 player. If I want to listen ... without the earphone then. Thank god my mp3 player has speaker.

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You are blind!
Monday, August 11, 2008
I made a blunder today for my appointment. I got 2 free movie tickets to watch Don't Mess with the Zohan and I misread the preview date for tomorrow as for today. It was 1.5 hour before the appointment... and thankfully another friend of mine invited me to the same movie in the cinema opposite my office!! And so my friend also managed to get another ticket for my other friend so ... my friend was really a life saviour...

The movie was funny... should watch for releasing stress though the moral of the movie is weak but a good one. I heard the Kite Runner movie makes you even cry ...

And then .... hahaha .. that's where I was really blind. After movie, my other friend and I needed to catch one of the last few trains but before I visited the toilet at the train station ... I was very happy that I don't have to pay the entrance fees and so I went into the toilet without looking at the sign... I just immediately entered after spotting the entrance ... and when I wanted to wash my hand ... I went 'huh?' after seeing a guy's back in front of me doing his business... I quickly wash my hands and went out of the toilet to realise that I entered a male restroom. HAHA... then I quickly fled to the train terminal. My friend later called me to ask for my location and I told her I was lining up to enter the train. She was very worried because she could not find me in the ladies. And she blurted saying jokingly "Don't tell me you were in the men." I laughed!

No idea what has possessed me today ... I guess it must be the boredom... be@rbrick ... foldable chopsticks and the need to go to the ladies...

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Friday, August 8, 2008
Today something unbelievable happened to me. Never happened before. I almost fainted after my vocal lesson this afternoon. I already felt lack of oxygen in my chest when I was still in office. And then when the class started ... I felt a little worse ... but that was also because I was not breathing in much air for the warm-up making my chest numb and my head a little spinning. But after singing the last song: Hero by Mariah Carey... I really nearly fainted. I did some yoga exercise for the chest but it only alleviated the numbness for a shortwhile. I ate some biscuits given by my teacher but no effect so hunger was not the reason. Just walking 10 steps out of the vocal lesson centre ... my legs became wobbly and I was forced to sit on the bench, just to rest. It was not any better and I text my colleague to inform her I will be returning late to office. I was very worried about my own safety as I sit on the bench alone because that area in the shopping mall is very quiet. So I forced myself to walk down to the ground floor where people were bustling and I talked to an insurance agent from Maybank. If not ... I'm afraid someone in the shopping mall will spot me to be their robbery victim... I felt much better after talking to the agent so I walked back to my office ....

This is so indicating me to have adequate of sleep...

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Where is my naruto doraemon?
Thursday, August 7, 2008
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Intelligence Crisis
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
I attended a free lecture by Tony Buzan, the father of mind mapping, last Saturday. Although it was just 2 hour, I absorbed many important things. I'm going to share some of the things I obtained from the lecture. The qualities to be a great leader:

1. Verbal intelligence include numerical, vocabulary, financial, etc.

2. Physical intelligence which means the leader has to be fit.

3. Personal intelligence referring to the ability to love oneself, if not you won't be able to like people and also emotional intelligence.

4. Social intelligence referring to the ability to socialise with people and animal!

5. Ethical/ spiritual referring to people tend to follow leaders that speak the truth.

6. Creativity to solve problems and create new products.

So how and what to maintain your intelligence?

Enrol long life learning lessons.

Redevelop your senses of intelligence: taste, listening, physical, etc.

Rest, relaxation and solitude

Friendship, affection and love

Diet; have proper diet; if you eat junk food, then you will have junk brain. HAHA!

I will blog more of Tony Buzan's teachings after I finished reading his Creativity Intelligence book.

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Birthday Wishlist
Friday, August 1, 2008
I wanted to update the blog yesterday but could not open it so have to do it today.

Soooo.... I received a lot of feedback about the wishlist. Actually my wishlist is only until no. 13 but my friend and I are entering a contest where we need to name a gift to a fellow blogger and this friend of mine doesn't know what to give and what worse is the selection of gifts is very limited. So I just went to the site and enlisted the items which bring to the total of 30. I hope most of you won't be shocked by the list. I know Jolenesiah is very shocked to see no.14 as a gift. Well I would be delighted to have no.14 item by the way.

Despite being far from my birthday date, I have received already 2 birthday items already. One is by Jolenesiah for treating me to an Italian meal at Sheraton Subang Hotel and the other is mp3 player which I won from a Heineken beer contest. So no. 17 will be crossed out. Stupidly I told my mum that First Prize is more impressive than Grand Prize and if that's the case why did Grand Prize winners have better prizes?? I got whacked by mum and discovered my folly.

Actually no.12 could be crossed out too since I bought a branded bedsheet for RM30; a good bargain since the original price is RM 159.

1. Gakuen Alice manga
2. Death Note manga
3. Naruto bedsheet and collectibles
4. Namecard holder
5. Gothic earrings
6. Korean instant noodles
7. Japanese instant noodles
8. Famous Amos cookies
9. Story books - fantasy bla bla
10. Movie ticket
11. Kungfu panda Shifu soft toy - other than that I will behead it
12. Bedsheet for single bed received
13. Sushi set bowls
14. Knife Set
15. Dustbuster
16. Non-stick saucepan
17. Ipod/ MP3 player received
18. Handphone
19. Shuttlecock
20. Leaf shoulder bag
21. Lamborghini ANCONA Laptop briefcase with sling strap 98044
22. Wallet
23. Elle office bag
24. Footspa
25. Hair straightener
26. Back massager
27. Phantasy Star Universe online game
28. Elderscrolls IV: Obivion Game of the Year
29. Dungeon Siege 2 Deluxe Edition
30. Prince of Persia 2: The Two Thrones

Bring it on, presents!

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