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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
We called the rain?!
Thursday, February 23, 2012
On 22 October 2011 ...

We were told to set up a mock exhibition corner to display the cultural items we are bringing to SSEAYP exhibition session.

We set up the table within 30 minutes and awaited judgment to be given by our seniors. The long rectangular tables were decorated with array of items. We were somewhat satisfied with the selected items. In fact, we were so afraid that the items we had were not enough to introduce our culture to other participants. Because of this, I introduced a few local aborigine items since I happened to know the director of a NGO that helps to sell indigenous crafts. Items that I bought were 3 music instruments, 300 handwoven bookmarks and 3 IQ games.

I'm not entirely sure if my contingent mates were thrill to see the indigenous crafts, but I were especially the music instruments. I somewhat have a knack in collecting music instruments. One of the music instruments that caught the attention of my members is the rainmaker. It is made off shells. They love playing it.

My seniors can't stop playing with it during the exhibition corner. And do you know what happen? Yes, it's predictable. It rain. HEAVILY. After 10 minutes of playing.

Since then, we dare not play it anymore... So how does this rainmaker look like?

Spinoff: It could be a total coincidence that it rained, but we knew it was bright and sunny the 10 minutes before my senior played it vigorously. I thought it was convenient to call for rain when I'm on the ship.

This instrument is called Kiromboi made by the Bidayuh. It comes with a long stick (a longer toothpick version; it's not in the picture) , and you just push the stick in between of the shells. It sounds exactly like a frog croaking. Amazing tool.

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For 2013?~
Thursday, February 23, 2012
My colleagues are now a little cranky because our office is gonna be swamped with students next week onwards. I don't think they are looking forward to the new semester, because they seemed rather down when we were talking about the students for this year.

So what did they do to de-stress?

Right. One of my colleagues mimed a sad heartbroken song whenever her favourite radio station plays it. And then pass the air microphone to the colleague sitting beside her. And me ... sitting in front of them got no freaking idea what song they are singing or what the hell they are doing. They wanted to pass the air mike to me, but I wasn't up for it - because I don't mime I sing - so I gobbled it. (Yes ... just imagine renaye opens her mouth to eat the microphone, ok?)

They said they are gonna sing that song for our company dinner in 2013. I commented that is a rather sad song and our director is gonna raise his eyebrow. They have already danced to the Wonder Girls 'Nobody' for 2012, and that has raised question marks on colleague's faces. (Oh well, let just say my colleagues do not really enjoy such entertainment. One colleague listens to classical music everyday ... so what do you think?). I personally thought the performance was pretty cool since we do really need to do something outside of our comfort zone. Surprisingly I had my emotions in check. Usually, I will be very upset when I am not notified to join such performance because all administration staff were involved except me. Anyways, who cares?

So ... I suggested my colleague to change song for 2013. Recently, I'm very into Tiffany Alvord's cover, and I got to know Selena Gomez's song: Love You Like a Love Song. Coincidentally, my colleague commented that that song is nice to sing along in karaoke. I added why not sing it for 2013? Since you guys have brazenly danced to Wonder Girls, so why not another bubblegum song?

She agreed! Ha!

Anyways, here is Tiffany's cover for the mentioned song.

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Weird affair
Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Today is such a weird affair.

Not coincidence at all.

I took mc from doctor yesterday because I am not feeling well - still not as I'm typing.

I woke up today feeling very happy with the thought I would be home alone. While I was doing my morning prayers, I heard my sister's handphone rang. I thought my sister has not left the house for office, but it's already 8 am.


So I open the room door, and spotted my mum and sister still sleeping. Apparently they too taking mc.

Haha. My whole family took mc today.

What a weird affair.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012
How sad.

I switched off the tv because I could not tolerate those drama between the Glee members in its season 3 episode 3. Why can't the members just focus on singing in their happy club instead of clawing at each other?

Glee is my favourite TV series but not anymore even though I love their cover versions. Sigh.

On the positive side, I may have more time to read more than 12 books for 2012.

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Cucukla!!! (Pokela!)
Thursday, February 16, 2012
I'm a very impatient person, but I have improved over these years. However, there are still times I'm very demanding where I say I need now means NOW. There are times I cannot comprehend why we have to push certain jobs to other people while we are able to accomplish them on our own.

There was an event today in collaboration with another internal department. I was fortunate that my boss pushed 80% of my responsibilities for organising the event to our partners so I could concentrate working on other things.

Anyways, the funniest thing happened during the event happened in a lecture hall. The projector automatically went into sleeping mode due to inactivity for over 20 minutes since the speakers were not using the huge screen. Later, my boss requested to use the screen. My colleague went into panic mode upon listening to my boss request over the microphone. I was walking down the aisle. She ran up to me and say "Faster call I.T.!!!" I gave her a blank look. "Quick call IT to turn on the screen!"

HUH? Why need to call?? She was holding a pen so I took it and went below the projector and pushed the ON button. The huge screen appeared a few seconds later.


Before that I was told off by this colleague's superior that I SHOULD know my position and role. I gave a blank look. I was just clearing the cups and saucers left by the participants. The superior tsked and told me to get the cleaner to clean the tables. I was totally OK to clean the tables maybe because I had worked as a waitress before.

I certainly find the whole thing ridiculous. It's never easy to find a cleaner in my block. They are usually performing their task somewhere in the building. I work in a huge building, mind you. I wonder did this superior think before she tells me to get a cleaner to do the job? In order to find the cleaner, I have to walk to the end of the event venue, turn right and then turn another right and walk pass all 10 rooms just to locate ONE cleaner. If the cleaner is not in any of those 10 rooms, then I have to climb another floor.

Excuse me. Why should I spend such precious time to look for a cleaner when I can clean those tables in just 10 minutes? To walk from the venue back to my office takes 4 minutes. Wasting time!! Another reason is there are birds flying around the block. Just afraid they come pecking on the leftovers. That look unimpressive.

When I finally found a cleaner, she told me she cannot say YES to clean the tables because that job may not be in her job scope. HAHA. Good answer! So dear superior, if you think that cleaning is not part of my and your job, don't think it's the cleaner's job just because she is a cleaner in the building! It's supposed to be the caterer's job, but the staff were not there as they have to deliver food to another event in another internal department. Why worry so much of position and status?

Just because some of us are ranked higher, does that mean we can order people around? I think there are times these superiors have to switch positions with midgets like me.

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I heard that
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
I was in my colleague's office today to discuss about some ungodly changes to a schedule.

She was on the phone in the midst of our conversation. I picked up that she was talking about the Malaysian retirement fund, and then in a frustrating tone she complained that whoever was handling the case is INEFFICIENT. She noticed my expression and she immediately switched to Tamil.

I wasn't offended whatsoever. I was just laughing silently. Who the heck is she to call other people inefficient when she belongs to that group too? I guess she terms herself as somewhat inefficient, and that is of course a hierarchy higher than inefficient.

Where do I lie? No idea. I used to be very efficient until the arrival of FB and youtube in my life. HA.

Boss, I'm innocent. Blame it on FB and Youtube.

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