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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Missing us
Sunday. 1.22.12 3:59 am
the tears
of longing ...

ARGHHH. I'm now trying to swim my way out of this melancholic pool of emotions. Maybe I should channel my emotions to writing something, but no words can really describe what I'm feeling now since I don't even know what I'm melancholic about in the first place. Perhaps I'm missing my cabin mates very much after seeing a photo of the three of us taken in Vietnam. I miss talking to my cabin mates. I miss the cheery atmosphere. I miss listening to my own boisterous laughter. HAHA. I miss seeing my Cambodian roomie getting lost in our conversation. I miss my friends. I'm missing US in a nutshell.

Sigh ... but life just have to move on.

from strangers
to friends
- fated

Arghh!! Why can't friends just quickly reply my messages so I won't suffer from missing them?! Nurse, I need a jab to numb my emotions!

Are they thinking of me too?

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beach of memories
Sunday, January 22, 2012

On 17 November 2011 ...

My host father took me and my homestay buddy to the beach. I was so excited to get down and touch the sand. The first thing I noticed is how serene ... calm the beach is. I saw this branch sticking out of nowhere, and thought it would make a good picture for my haiku. I love how it turns out with my handphone's camera.

I met some of the PYs on the beach too. We took photos together enriching our reservoir of memories together on Pantai Kenangan ...

Tidbits: There's only one beach in Brunei Darussalam, which is Pantai Kenangan. Direct translation will be memory beach. The name really suits the beach since everyone who visits there will be creating memories...

If only I'm alone, I will be lying on the beach looking away into the sky till the sun goes down on me. If only I have the luxury for a minute to not be renaye, to be free from the worries and thinking nestling in me, I would be able to read the world better ...

(and also to pick up visions of lotto numbers. HAHA.)

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Cabin mates
Sunday, January 22, 2012

The beginning of our friendship ...

Tidbits: This picture is taken on our second day in the ship. We were wearing life jackets because we were having lifeboat drill. I got no idea why is my roomie holding a packet of food... On your left is from Thailand and the other is from Cambodia.

You know I was so thrill to have cabin mates regardless of nationality. The only thing I prayed to God is we all can get along in the room, which was answered! I now can replace my bad experience with roommates back in college with the wonderful memories of my cabin mates and I created. =)

College roommates, begone!

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Tadaima~ (I'm home~)
Sunday, January 22, 2012
On 1 December 2011 ...

I returned to the ship with 4 luggage and a huge box of food. I think I frightened myself with the bags lining up in my friend's car boot... How on earth I'm gonna carry all those bags to the ship? Luckily, my team member and I were allowed to drive the car into the port, and parked right in front of the ship entrance! HAHA.

In the afternoon, I presented the Punjabi suits to my cabin mates and instantly the room is shrilled with joy. I just love to see the smiles on their face. =)

Spinoff: The bangles I bought for my Cambodian roomie is too small for her wrists. I ended up keeping them for myself. How unfortunate. Luckily, the costume is not too loose for her. Phew~ The colour I chose really suits their skin colour. Hmm... nod nod ... I have good taste. HA.

I also bought a male costume for a PY. It looks perfect on him! Phew~ My only regret is I should have bought for another friend. Ah.

Anyways, mission accomplished!

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Kaimono Ikimasu! (Shopping!)
Saturday, January 21, 2012
On 30 November 2011 ...

I spent my whole day shopping for my cabin mates and PYs from Masjid Jamek to KLCC. It was truly exhausting especially I was carrying two large bags of Punjabi suits and its accessories. However, I had fun in bargaining with the Indian sellers on the costumes. I realised I got the wrong size for my Cambodian roomie!!! But it was too late to change since I was already in KLCC. ARGHH. I should have bought another costume and keep the wrong size for myself for I love the colour myself! Coincidentally, the costumes I bought for my cabin mates are the same colour: Green and Pink! Anyways, please excuse renaye for being greedy.

I thought I will meet some PYs in Masjid Jamek, but I met none. Instead, I met a few in KLCC. I was hoping I could meet more!

Today is not only exhausting but also frustrating! That's simply because I didn't get to eat any pure vegetarian or local cuisine! I had McDonald for lunch and pasta for dinner. T.T

I was dying to eat vegetarian food!!! ARGHHH!!!

Tidbits: Yes, I'm a vegetarian, but a part-time one. HAHA. I will eat meat if I could not find any vegetarian menu. I wasn't a vegetarian when I was doing my homestay, because I don't want to trouble my host family. Despite being served vegetarian meals on board, I still miss the local ones! I should have tapau (takeaway in Cantonese) vegetarian food from my frequent place to the ship!! Perhaps, I should teach the chef how to cook instead. Sigh. >.<

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Dinner list
Saturday, January 21, 2012
On 29 November 2011 ...

Finally ... finally ... I'm home after a long cruise ... There are many local food that I wanted to eat. Cuisine that top my list is authentic vegetarian and Assam Laksa. Somehow, I decided to have western food with V. Strange right? Especially I'm addicted to assam laksa.

We headed to a restaurant called Ben's Place that serves delicious pizza and desserts. And guess who I met. I met three of my students sitting next to me. I could only remember one of their names. I thought the other two were his juniors. So I just looked at him, hoping he would notice me. HAHA. Unfortunately, he was too engross sharing something with his colleagues that I have to call out to him.

Hmm... I think I regretted for calling him out because the first thing he said to me was "Ms renaye, when can I get back the petrol money?"

ARGHH!! I'm still on leave from work! Don't mention anything about work to me!

I kindly replied that I'm still on vacation mode. One of the students was somewhat offended that I didn't acknowledge him. And the girl ... totally forgotten about me!

I apologised for not acknowledging him, because I have not seen him before in my office. But for the girl ... I can't believe she forgot I was with her during her internship stint in Malaysia at the beginning of 2011.

That night I learned I have heaps of backlog work waiting for me upon my return.


Tidbits: I had a short-lived landsickness that night. I was already looking for a drink to knock myself out, but decided not to in the name of saving money.

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